March Babies

Was on 2 days MC hence there wasn’t much for this short week 😦 Fever even hit 38.7°C on Monday and that’s like high fever already I think? Thank goodness again, I wasn’t feeling much pain but just plain drowsy from the medicine. Felt like a baby, sleeping all day long – morning nap, afternoon nap, you name it I took it. Yet I was still feeling damn tired~~~

Was feeling hungry yet no energy at all to go out to get food, luckily I had kway tiao soup delivery! Felt much better on the second day and managed to head out for a short lunch with Mommeyyyyyyy, who is back for a short while again (:

Had work awaiting on the first day back at work already, so I gotta give my long-craved soup a miss…CRY! Was feeling so damn drowsy the whole day…Zzzzzz. Doesn’t help that the propaganda video is so damn boring and OMG I really hate history. Which was why I was trying so hard to finish as much as possible so that I can suffer less days with it.

Celebrated Ping’s birthday in advance before she went on her birthday break~ Can’t wait for mine! I mean the birthday break, not the birthday…haha!
 photo IMG-20160309-WA0010_zpsddhc4ahu.jpg

Luckily there are a few new cafes and restaurants near our office with the opening of a few new hotels there; I was totally not aware of her birthday leave and hence the celebration was a really last-minute one!

 photo IMG-20160309-WA0009_zpsldcoegcn.jpg

Joey’s face speaks everything about us asking him to hunt for a cake! xD

 photo IMG-20160309-WA0006_zpsjejl5nku.jpg

Family photo @ our cozy living room!

 photo IMG-20160309-WA0005_zpsfyyqvp4b.jpg

This could be a gif image!

 photo IMG-20160309-WA0004_zpstjojc7ma.jpg


 photo IMG-20160309-WA0008_zpsp3rhbgp0.jpg

Become 白痴…ROFL.

Finally, finally, finally could have my long-craved soup!!!
 photo 20160310_135404_zpsm7nvq8v7.jpg

 photo 20160310_135431_zps3g4rwlqa.jpg

病人’s strongest crave~~~ ❤

Decided to go for Hot Stretch class to sweat out all the toxins but apparently, I think my body is still too weak for it! Or rather, the Hot Stretch class was too xiong for my recovering body! This is my very first time out of all my classes that I actually STOPPED halfway during the class! Was feeling really breathless, giddy and weak T.T

Nevertheless, could definitely feel some difference after sweating out~ And maybe it’s also because I haven’t been eating much lately. It’s always porridge or soup, so finally had my first sumptuous meal of the week after the IT fair shopping!

 photo 20160311_203824_zpsalt8qg4v.jpg

Finally get to have my mushroom with pumpkin sauce again 😛

 photo 20160311_203827_zpswjxyyupw.jpg

All-time favourite vegetable – kangkong!

Checked out the new bars near office after dinner and spent the Friday night chilling out in one (:
 photo 20160311_213757_zpswwuxhdve.jpg

It was one of the rare days that I wasn’t in a cake mood because my wisdom tooth was hurting (the side that I haven’t removed). They have pretty good chocolate cakes though~
 photo 20160311_214110_zpslzsrkirl.jpg

I think this March hasn’t been very nice to me. 2 weeks ago it was stomach flu, then it was fever last weekend and now toothache this weekend?! Zzzzzz. Please be good to me on my last 2 weeks of being 26 😦

And because of the toothache, I was actually craving for porridge (again) in the morning. Then just nice, one of the Saturday’s special was ‘duck‘ porridge!!! This is one big time when simplicity is happiness man~~~
 photo 20160312_123134_zpsgfftug3j.jpg

Off to MINDS for a special event! We had organised a mini Sports Day for the residents and I was part of the organising committee this time~ I would say that it’s a rather last-minute event, because we spent too much time trying to get the location, but luckily everything still went quite okay in the end (:

Did not have time to take a single photo because I was busy setting up upon reaching, then gotta explain and demo the stations as well. It was a small-scale event though because we did not have all our residents with us. But I think this was a rather good experience to plan for a bigger one next time! Haha!

Sports shoe-shopping again after that~ And sadly, my tutu kueh was sold out! CRY!!! But still had a happy and fulfilling shopping from Queensway > Anchorpoint > IKEA! 😀

 photo 20160313_150659_zpsezj9rpqh.jpg

Sundate with loves @ TCC!

 photo 20160313_150723_zpsmq6pun6m.jpg

Because it’s my birthday month! 😀

Decided to try the signature pasta but it was a major regret. Expensive and not nice~ Wasted even with 50% off! Sigh.
 photo 20160313_151202_zpsobypn1zn.jpg

Had an interesting first visit to the vet to fetch Diamond and Pringles! It’s funny to watch the tantrums yet scary when just a scratch from the paw can cause so much blood!!! Looks damn painful already! >.<

Mahjong session again and I lost back everything I had won last weekend. Boohooo~ Seems like you need to be sick to gain some luck. Sigh. But the night came with a surprise! Was really surprised because it was still early…haha! And surprised by the look of the cake of course…LOL.
 photo 20160313_211049_zps2t1neklf.jpg



 photo 20160313_211324_zpslrajpeyt.jpg

Thank you!!! ((((:


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