Alive Museum (Part 2)

Finally got the Alive Museum pictures from Chii Hian! 😀 But photos are in random order~
 photo SAM_4500_zpsa9casqdk.jpg

 photo SAM_4511_zps25cxptjf.jpg

Bikini photoshoot again!

From bikini babe to cry baby T.T
 photo SAM_4515_zps85ebkhch.jpg
 photo SAM_4516_zpsug3no3at.jpg

 photo SAM_4509_zpswsecjpj0.jpg

Hail to the Queen! xD

And then we went to the Underwater World! Shooting for 美人鱼 part 2 😛
 photo SAM_4517_zpswv2j8hww.jpg
 photo SAM_4525_zpsctkyt6ba.jpg
 photo SAM_4523_zpsjzxewyaa.jpg

 photo SAM_4527_zpsimwie8u5.jpg

Under the sea together! 😀

 photo SAM_4536_zpsdo2ipl79.jpg

Pissing into my mouth D:

Because the 3D effect there is really not so realistic, it required even more acting skill from us…hahaha!
 photo SAM_4548_zps37y4gtvl.jpg

 photo SAM_4538_zpsuhtkyzlv.jpg

Limin, 不要死!!!

Chii Hian looks so happy to be saved…hahaha!
 photo SAM_4541_zpsyzfxtjis.jpg

This pair looks totally reluctant to save/be saved by each other…LOL!
 photo SAM_4544_zpsmst50oxo.jpg

 photo SAM_4549_zpsl1omlath.jpg

Thirsty Hippo!

 photo SAM_4551_zps9di93g9g.jpg

因为家里又没还水电费 D:

Love this pretty disco-feel area!
 photo SAM_4553_zpsa0q380un.jpg
 photo SAM_4555_zpsgvyroxtl.jpg
 photo SAM_4558_zpsefmvtet6.jpg

 photo SAM_4557_zpswp9drlfr.jpg

Group shot from top view!

 photo SAM_4585_zpsmrykcslq.jpg

Abby took over Emma Stone! xD

This shot which is Chii Hian’s idea looks like a typical wedding photo with the brothers & 姐妹’s!  Haha!
 photo SAM_4592_zpsl6zrfw9q.jpg

Limin enjoying all the posing! 😀 This shot is cute…hahahaha!
 photo SAM_4583_zpsibwlblpv.jpg

 photo SAM_4593_zps2ojelfdl.jpg

人字 Limin!

 photo SAM_4594_zpsdmiwifkk.jpg

Half half!

 photo SAM_4597_zpsyrds1gdb.jpg

Hour glass Shuning !

 photo SAM_4598_zpse16r44ov.jpg

Double me! =O

 photo SAM_4599_zpsjlc2o44e.jpg

2 + 1 photobomber 😛

And because everyone was very 尽力 in posing, Kai Bin got “forced” into posing as well…LOL! But the 3D effect really cannot make it~
 photo SAM_4602_zpsalghlxiu.jpg

 photo SAM_4610_zpsyffqud1l.jpg

Because we have no idea what’s this.

Failed group shots~
 photo SAM_4618_zpspxaa2c5w.jpg
 photo SAM_4619_zps7oowcr2t.jpg

Decided to take our shoes shot instead! 😛
 photo SAM_4614_zps0hazdrc2.jpg

 photo SAM_4604_zpsrht6gwcq.jpg


 photo SAM_4621_zpsfj7s6gea.jpg

Fist bump!

 photo SAM_4667_zps35ujasib.jpg

Cover girls xD

 photo SAM_4628_zpsqeucirx6.jpg

Limin pole-dancing on top of the world!

 photo SAM_4624_zpsw7bg8cfu.jpg

Getting the hang of posing…hahaha!

 photo SAM_4638_zpssuifjwrc.jpg


 photo SAM_4633_zpsz6s9clzh.jpg

Scary passenger with a floating head!

 photo SAM_4640_zpshgcn1rbt.jpg

Abby enjoying her kayak!

 photo SAM_4662_zpsyjrtyq0w.jpg

Chii Hian NOT enjoying her cycle xD

Tsk tsk tsk. First this Chii Hian tried to seduce Shuning…
 photo SAM_4680_zpszhqdroyi.jpg

Then now she’s kissing Abby!
 photo SAM_4679_zpsgfjoqluk.jpg

More shots from my favourite part of the museum, with a candid shot of Kai Bin losing her balance from her E! LOL!
 photo SAM_4695_zps751fbzic.jpg
 photo SAM_4686_zpsxfsk2dwf.jpg
 photo SAM_4688_zpscghstn09.jpg

And I guess this has to be crowned the best shot of the night!
 photo SAM_4671_zpsga9ztanx.jpg

P.S. Shuning fits those legs perfectly! xD


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