Farewell & Birthday

March has always been a pretty busy month on my personal schedule so it’s really hard to catch up on my posts! Finally kicked start to our new drama project but unfortunately, it has been pretty boring so far >.< Only incentive is being able to see my Hanwei’s face everyday again! Hahaha!

I seldom complain about our projects being really boring but this time round I agree with everyone else. I got so bored that I started doddling away along with some Facebook posts teaching you how to draw. I think I just got even more demoralised with my drawing skill T.T
 photo 20160315_182001_zpsddzmcbua.jpg

But I seriously think the sheep is not bad? It’s called Sean!
 photo IMG-20160315-WA0008_zpskmioi6w5.jpg

 photo 20160318_161739_zpsnqmczju2.jpg


Had a mini farewell party for my crazy angmoh colleague which was postponed from last Tuesday due to my MC~ Went for a crazy K-session again! xD
 photo 20160315_222308_zpsazxyxlwg.jpg

 photo 20160315_222248_zpsrpqylwe2.jpg

The crazy duo~

Oh must fade out! Must fade out!” LOL!

 photo IMG-20160316-WA0005_zpswxud1xbt.jpg

Photo while Joey and I were singing! Tsk!

And while I was very 投入 in my 我怀念的~ It’s one of my favourite songs, how can I be distracted!
 photo IMG-20160316-WA0006_zpsdzposjtk.jpg
 photo IMG-20160316-WA0004_zpsc3slakbi.jpg

And finally some proper ones!
 photo IMG-20160316-WA0003_zpsws1qndup.jpg

 photo IMG-20160316-WA0002_zpsk33m6qrg.jpg

Wefie by the wefie king~!

Gonna be the last night hearing the crazy duo rap!

Even though we were not very very close at work because we were stationed in different offices, she has always been very friendly and sociable, so we did have some fun, bitching bitchy, crazy memories together! She never fails to bring us so much entertainment and laughter! ❤ All the best to you and enjoy touring the world! (Yes, she’s going to 环游世界~)
 photo 20160315_232352_zpsfefgyejj.jpg

Went to Chinatown to run some errands for the upcoming birthday trip and I had my first bingsu after that! Hehe!
 photo 20160316_205605_zpstkwlnbwr.jpg

Actually it was Ping who kept talking about it (she pronouced it as 饼酥 xD) and it’s apparently like the “in” thing now, so I just wanna try it before her! HAHAHA!
 photo 20160316_205629_zpseojazhjy.jpg

Anyway the bingsu turned out to be pretty yummy! I like it!!! But it’s indeed pretty pricey for a dessert~ Still glad that at least I have tried it once! 😀
 photo 20160316_205723_zpsnbaapujg.jpg

Trying out the makeup app that Ping highly-raved to everyone and now I’ve got red hair! Not bad right?! Maybe I should really consider being a red-head again~
 photo IMG_20160317_110147_zpszfj2ymyp.jpg

Was having a major soon kueh crave but the soon kueh below our HQ is so nice that it’s always sold out! So this morning, Ally satisfied my 3 days crave all at one go! I ate like 3 because Mr 118 was off and I had to eat his share! Not that I mind though. HAHAHAHA!
 photo 20160317_111953_zpshdfislso.jpg

It’s been so long since I last ate olive rice! I still love it of course, but I just don’t like the bloated-ness after eating rice. I am really not a carbo person ._.
 photo 20160317_131705_zpsjx5vbpo0.jpg

Went Big Box-shopping again and chanced upon this Taiwan banana milk!
 photo 20160318_204446_zpsunx5sbko.jpg

Was hoping it would be a good replacement for my Korean banana milk, but it’s not really anywhere close~ Oh well, at least I get a taste of Taiwan even though I can’t be there! Hahaha!
 photo 20160318_204518_zpsczqnagpy.jpg

Went in to JB again and I am so glad that now there is 1 more “new place” or option to go! Hehe! Finally tried the Beyond Veggie in KSL which we didn’t get to try the previous trip and it was such a satisfying meal! Too bad Singapore’s has officially closed down, so it seems like the next nearest is across the custom~

 photo 20160319_123453_zpslq9uwsxc.jpg

Still give in to Tom Yum in the end 😛

They have like so many different kinds of mushroom and I actually wanted to skip the main to try more sides. But settled on this salted egg yolk mushroom in the end and it was so so so good that I couldn’t resist even though I was already so so so full!!! Hahaha!

 photo 20160319_122834_zpsduakxzie.jpg

I can feel the taste lingering in my mouth now! xD

Caught Allegiant there and I actually think it’s notttt baddddddd, but would have enjoyed it more if I had watched the first part~

Did not buy much for myself because I had gotten most of what I need during the previous trip, but I ain’t complaining because I still enjoy seeing people going home with lots of 收获!Shows that it had not been a wasted trip! 😀

Woke up early on the Sunday morning for our very first NDP audition this year! Thankfully I managed to skip it again this year (for now); I really hate that nervousness, stress and stares of going through the audition! It’s like I’m here to de-stress and I end up getting stressed…Zzzzz.

 photo 20160320_140058_zpsyuooju3x.jpg

Birthday cakes without candles from Eric! Haha!

And then off for my real birthday cake celebration with Sis and family! I actually just wanted to use up my remaining TCC birthday discount and wasn’t really expecting a celebration or birthday treat! >.<

But anyhow, finally tried my mille crepe that I was too full to try the other time! Hehe!
 photo 20160320_194212_zps3xestziy.jpg

 photo IMG-20160321-WA0019_zpsemnojyli.jpg

Happy Birthday to moi~!

Sis took so many nice shots of le loveboy and me and it’s rare because usually it’s hard getting Isaac to pose properly, or even smile properly! But this time he didn’t give his signature fake smile, only a cute ah peh smile! xD
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0034_zpsfsxgdxnt.jpg

So we were doing this peace sign when he suddenly said I am 1-year old (because 1 candle), not 2…hahahaha!
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0033_zpsdzpwfs5n.jpg
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0032_zpsyfjo0osn.jpg

So yes, I am 1 year old!!! 😀
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0029_zpsbvgcafal.jpg

He always looks so cute when he’s making wish! Like more excited than the birthday person! xD
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0030_zpsksdh82nh.jpg
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0022_zps7vf4sxwr.jpg
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0021_zpswjszeluf.jpg
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0026_zpszmhj8lfa.jpg

 photo IMG-20160321-WA0024_zps7l9bendc.jpg

May our wishes come true! ❤

 photo IMG-20160321-WA0028_zpsvieuiqri.jpg

Funny candid shot after he blew the biscuit off the cake! LOL!

 photo IMG-20160321-WA0035_zpsgs3xrfut.jpg

Goofing around in Uniqlo after the very full dinner!

We made him pose for this hilarious shot and he actually does look quite handsome in this shades, doesn’t he?! Hahaha! ❤_❤
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0036_zpsmck1gpoi.jpg

 photo IMG-20160321-WA0027_zpsei7ytcug.jpg

Hip aunt & nephew! 😛

And the day is not over yet because like I said, March is just a really busy month! Not that I haolian, but the birthday celebrations alone will usually last for at least 2 weeks already, because I have too many groups of friends! Well, I’m not complaining of course, since I love cakes and celebrations mean 有 cake 吃!xD

But this time round I was really, really full from the dinner at TCC, which I kept emphasising to PPGs~ So they got me a small cake instead…haha!
 photo 20160320_214614_zpsjwzk5qkx.jpg

It was a simple celebration at Yinning’s place and we had a good catch-up session, especially about Nad’s work drama~
 photo IMG-20160321-WA0037_zps6ucmqfw5.jpg

 photo IMG-20160321-WA0040_zps8zovs6p3.jpg

祝我幸福快乐 ((:

Oh here’s a super throwback video of the cheeky boy that Sis made during CNY period! Hahaha! Gonna post it for memory’s sake!

Off for advanced birthday retreat~! 😀


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