Birthday Retreat!

I realised I have been spending my birthday abroad for the past 3 years and birthday trips have become a norm for me by now! This year, my trip was forced to be brought forward due to NDP starting earlier this year~ But in anyway, it’s still a birthday wish fulfilled! 😀

Had a few places that I wanna visit which include Cameron Highland and Malacca, but in the end it was settled on the paradise again! Just needed somewhere affordable and nearby, and most importantly, relaxing!!! But I took even lesser photographs this time because I was really busy relaxing…hahaha! Such a oxymoron~

Day 1

 photo 20160322_063118_zpsq4c68bys.jpg

Early morning flight @.@

 photo 20160322_070348_zpsi70fsqxc.jpg

Waiting for take-off~
(Flight is just our neighbour)

 photo 20160322_093938_zpsjbglswag.jpg

The beautiful sky (:

 photo 20160322_094033-1_zpsclik4sbu.jpg

世界那么大~ Still have a lot to be explored!

 photo 20160322_110112_zpswahh2vef.jpg

Same welcome drink! YAY!

 photo 20160322_115703_zpsajyxbfnq.jpg

Same bed layout (missing of rose petals though)!

 photo 20160322_115718_zpsdvl0sukr.jpg

Same swans x 2!

 photo 20160322_115507_zpslijlren4.jpg

Hello cute swan!

 photo 20160322_140252_zpsgocci4of.jpg

The same private pool (:

Of course also because everything is the same, hence I took less photos…haha~ So famished but waited a long time before I could settle on the lunch choices! Lunch in bed while watching TV is such luxury ❤ Oh I happened to watch a few episodes of Descentants of the Sun there!

 photo 20160322_134432_zpsrxjbjz0s.jpg

Miss the vermicelli!!!

 photo 20160322_134444_zpsw03j2g3n.jpg

Pasta was a bit bland~

Slacked till evening again before heading out to explore! Wanted to find the shopping area where the driver passed by in the morning on the way from airport, but mission failed after trying out different routes. Decided to postpone mission to the next day as it was dark already~

 photo 20160322_193531_zpsvr8qwyjs.jpg

First try on JCO yogurt!

 photo 20160322_205024_zps5ntg7idc.jpg

The same place to dabao dinner back!

 photo 20160322_231657_zpsu2zm2fdw.jpg

And the must-have vodka whenever I am in Indo! (:

Day 2
Slept in late since ours is customised breakfast, so don’t have to worry about breakfast buffet running out 😛 But so sad that there wasn’t any keropok this time –CRY!!!– I was so looking forward to it!

Chose the same vermicelli but unfortunately, I think it was a different chef this time and I thought I was chewing on rubber bands. Other than that taste wise it’s still nice (:
 photo 20160323_103558_zpsr2hw5lpi.jpg

Wanted to have a good massage after lunch but it was only available in the late afternoon~ Decided to nua a while back in the room before taking the villa’s shuttle service to that shopping area that we were trying to find! Figured that it would be easier if we take the transport there and have a good look on the route again so that we can walk back from there.

 photo 20160323_132545_zpszfd6uzrj.jpg

Gai gai loh~!

Finally got to the big supermarket! Unfortunately, there was not a single bit of aircon inside and I think it may be my first time sweating in a supermarket ._. But went so far, of course must buy some snacks and drinks back!

It was much further than I had expected so we had a pretty long walk back under the hot sun. But ain’t complaining because at least we explored somewhere new that I had not during the previous trip! 😀

Taking a break during slipper-shopping and guess who’s the happiest? Of course the one who gets to sit! LOL.
 photo 20160323_145826_zpszpdtoqew.jpg

Found another eatery that is on my list but sadly, there wasn’t as many choices. Settled for dessert and drink instead since it was still too early for dinner~ Never appreciated aircon and comfy sofa so much before!!! xD

 photo 20160323_154903_zps7c8ob0ph.jpg

Fresh berries juice after a sweaty walk! Shiok~!!!

 photo 20160323_154659_zpsqomtydyk.jpg

Vegan chocolate tart! (:
Nicer than I had expected!

Continued the journey back and finally reached the villa! Dived into the pool right away because it was so damn hottttttt~

 photo 20160325_183256_zpsjdluktxf.jpg

Skinny-dipping before 27, checked!

 photo 20160323_210916_zpsckplpnln.jpg

The same nice pizza for dinner!!!

 photo 20160323_222620_zpsw8cexpx0.jpg

Ending the night the sweet way! Hehe!

Day 3
Had a BIG breakfast because I was famished! The pizza the previous night was pretty small~ Or maybe I was just somehow perpetually hungry there…HAHAHA.

 photo 20160324_102247-1_zpst71ivk28.jpg

Starting with cereal + chocolate milk! (:

Tried the mee goreng this time but perhaps the staff saw me having my starters (cereal and some vermicelli from the buffet), he decided to give me a small portion of the noodle only! CRY~~~ I was hungryyyyyy mahhhh x.x
 photo 20160324_103700_zpstuxwcnnu.jpg

Finally went for a massage and it was the same twin sisters masseurs! The only difference is that one is pregnant now and somehow it got me worried how is she going to massage for me with such a big belly…haha! Surprisingly, she still did a good job and I had a good massage! ((:

Wanted to catch the shuttle service to visit the Kuta area where the shopping malls are, but the driver wasn’t back in time. Got a cab in the end instead and it took us like 1 hour to get there~ The traffic jam is really bad there and not all the cab drivers there are honest apparently.

Nevertheless, finally explored more new places like the Discovery Mall! 😀 It’s the biggest mall in that area though it actually ain’t very big luh. But still damn happy when I spotted A&W!!! Hehe!
 photo 20160324_165737_zps9h4h3m7a.jpg

 photo 20160324_171109_zpsng7iugpm.jpg

The must-have waffle!
This is their latest specials (:

吃饱饱,shop shop time~! Managed to cover 3 malls, though one was accidentally chanced upon when we walked the wrong direction…hahaha! Did not really buy anything but I still didn’t mind just walking around and exploring~

 photo 20160324_185814_zpssasgzn2b.jpg

Wa xi lin lao peh~

The cab journey back was like half the price and half the duration! Makes me wonder if we were conned or it was really the traffic…hmmmmm. But either way, I am definitely damn impressed by the skill of the drivers there!!! Very scary but very pro!

 photo 20160324_224501_zpsopswtmyv.jpg

Dinner in bed! ((:

Day 4
Wasn’t that hungry for breakfast because the bowl of noodle the previous night was pretty filling, so I had cereal and some breads instead~
 photo 20160325_103334_zpsoheajcjx.jpg

Booked for massage again but because the masseurs were only available in the late afternoon, we decided to slack and enjoy the last bit of our paradise!

 photo 20160325_172258_zpsefun56af.jpg

Soaking time again!

 photo 20160325_172244_zpsiajlebz9.jpg

View from the room~

 photo 20160325_173955_zpsanluzyvz.jpg

Cocktails by the pool!
Miss the cheap alcohol there so much!!!!!!!!

Enjoying every bit of this luxury ❤
 photo 20160325_172358_zpspjoxylbh.jpg
 photo 20160325_172821_zpskjwupcwl.jpg
 photo 20160325_173555_zpswg756vah.jpg
 photo 20160325_173629_zpss58alnnl.jpg
 photo 20160325_173006_zpsim2jdiit.jpg
 photo 20160325_173110_zps89glihtm.jpg
 photo 20160325_173151_zpsejuxcesj.jpg

Off for a shiok massage before heading out in the evening! Saw many bars during the previous trip but didn’t really explore any and I’m glad I finally managed to check out the staircase bar this time! 😀 Walked past it so many times but never got the chance to be up there~

 photo 20150810_203815_zpsmcqfpmmu.jpg

Picture from previous trip! Hehe!

 photo 20160325_204044_zpsnlxwkvtm.jpg

Fanciful-looking cocktails!

I got attracted by this cotton candy cocktail right away when I saw it in the menu!
 photo 20160325_204023_zpstysuejfw.jpg

Interesting combination and I love cotton candy, so I love it! But can get a bit messy when the cotton candy started melting xD
 photo 20160325_204147_zpsuqyeqmzx.jpg

 photo 20160325_204358_zpsanft4gg3.jpg

Happy with my drink!

 photo 20160325_212534_zpsiythpuwn.jpg

And happy to be on the stairs! 😀

 photo 20160325_203236_zpsebpmv7qz.jpg

View from the stairs (:

Ordered some food and they were all yummy!!! Forgot a picture of the tofu because I was too obsessed with my lava cake! Hahaha!
 photo 20160325_204924_zpsnvgvjufx.jpg

It was so so so goodddddddddddddd~ YUMS!!!
 photo 20160325_205108_zps7scqx4zq.jpg

 photo 20160325_212757_zpsoukzyhdu.jpg

Staircase bar mission accomplished! ((((:

Day 5
And even though it was a slightly longer stay this time, it was still soon the end of the trip 😦 Had one last villa breakfast and somehow the portion was not only much bigger, but the taste was also much better! Haha! What a nice farewell meal!
 photo 20160326_082145_zps4n4ljubg.jpg

 photo 20160326_094506_zps63tn5ykq.jpg

Spotted at the airport!
畅销书??? I bet they copied and pasted that!

Did not have a good flight back because I was given a faulty seat even though I paid for the seats! Tsk! Had to endure the whole flight with my seat upright -.- Not forgetting the annoying kid crying and screaming at the top of his lungs…Zzzzzz.
 photo 20160326_112938_zpstme4k5qv.jpg

Overall, it has still been a good trip! Although everything is more or less the same, including some habits *cough*, there were still new experiences and new places explored! And I am definitely happy to have my birthday wish granted! ❤


4 thoughts on “Birthday Retreat!

  1. Hi VivianBee,

    Chance on your stay in Bali. The villa looks fabulous and romantic. Do you mind sharing with me the name of the villa?

    Warmest regards,

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