Birthday Week! :D

Have been pretty busy since I was back and now I have so much to clear again~ Partly also due to my very siao-on spirit; I only managed to take a short nap, had not even unpacked my luggage and I was out again in the evening for Mahjong! Hahaha! Earned myself 30 bucks xD

Had our second audition on Sunday and it’s so nice to see participants from my group last year telling me that they wanna be in my group again! Hehe! So sweet of them~ But if only I can pick and choose my group members too!

Rushed off for birthday lunch with Clique and I finally had my very first 海底捞 experience! The guys had been talking about it all the time and they had it so many times too, so they were damn shocked to learn that I had not tried before.

But they also mentioned that it’s not worth eating with them because it will be unfair for me to share the cost for their big appetites (which is so true!!!), hence I had asked to have it for my birthday treat! 😛 Although it was buddy who treated all of us for the $300+ meal~
 photo 20160327_133454_zpsf4aadil7.jpg

Hmmmm…overall review? You need to be a meat-lover to really enjoy it. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s nice but I am just not a meat loverrrrr; I prefer a variety! Haha! Love the free beancurd and ice-cream though! 😀

Went to play escape room at Room Raider again and we were all concerned about Queen’s safety actually, but I think she was rather excited to play too…haha! So in the end we chose the S.W.A.T theme which is relatively safe according to the staff~

There was only one room again with all the clues inside, which I think is more difficult because you don’t know which clue solves which puzzle. But basically we were supposed to find all the clues in order to find the key to escape and also to denote the bomb before escaping.

One of the clue involves looking at the opposite building via a binoculars and buddy and I tried a long time on it, but couldn’t see anything! In the end we realised it’s because we are both short-sighted…Zzzzz! Waste our time…tsk.

A lot of funny things happened in the room within that 45 minutes. Like first, the blur Winnie started turning this locker around for clues when there was actually a paper pasted beside the locker saying, “Do not move the locker.” LOL! Then she started tearing some poster off the wall for clues behind, which shocked all of us again, because there also was a note on the wall saying, “Do not remove any posters” and she missed it!!! HAHAHAHA! She was really so blur yet enthu at the same time xD

I think some of the clues were really ambiguous like there can be many ways to interpret the clue and only the person who set the clue knows the way he/she wants the clue to be interpreted. Especially the last clue which was what that caused us to fail to denote our “bomb“, it was pretty lame in my opinion. And we didn’t know we were only supposed to press 1 button to denote the bomb, we thought it was a sequence of buttons.

Yea so in the end we managed to find the key to escape, but we still failed our mission because we bombed ourselves before we could run. Nevertheless, it was a good bonding game! And definitely a very good chance for Shrine to redeem himself for the stupid mistake he made (holding on to the torch that we needed!) during our previous game…hahahahaha!!!
 photo 20160327_165833_zpsj7rozkbr.jpg

 photo 20160327_171318_zpslqevrddu.jpg

Trying to show Winnie her vibrant hair xD

Queen mentioned about playing mahjong again and they started saying that I have been playing with the others but not with them, so I decided to play with them this time! Haha! The reason why I did not play with them was because I was super super super beginner back then, like don’t even know the proper rules at all and of course I was also super slow. Not that I am very fast now, but at least good enough to prevent any complaints from them anymore 😛

It was a stressful game because they play really regularly and are all pretty pro~ So luckily I have buddy beside me as my consultant! Hahaha! Furthermore, their playing style is loser has to pay for all the losses, which is good and bad, I would say. Because at least most of the time I don’t have to pay (but still damn nervous!), until Queen suddenly 自摸五台!Faint~~~

Left halfway for my next mahjong session! Lost a bit this time round, but earned myself my favourite caramel pudding all the way from Taiwan!!! 😀 Don’t you feel so blessed when friends remember what you like when they are overseas? YUMS!
 photo 20160331_145133_zpszrleq2e5.jpg

 photo 20160328_130401_zpscg7kilj5.jpg

My Stylo-Milo colleague

 photo 20160329_102924_zps3fyht9vi.jpg

Birthday at work!

So I was making breakfast at the pantry first thing in the morning and suddenly, I heard Ally’s voice singing, “Happy Birthday to you~” I didn’t react right away because I thought it was a prank or something, like how she usually randomly sings or says something. But when I turned around, I really saw a cake and everyone else gathering around it! My immediate reaction was, “什么 sai?!?!” And I really blurt that out! LOL!

 photo 20160329_103010_zps86inuzrs.jpg

So happy with my BIG cake! Hehe!

 photo 20160329_103004_zpsfxmlhxys.jpg

Celebration on birthday eve!

Bosses happened to come in and we took the chance to grab a photographer…hahaha! And also a birthday treat! 😀 Boss just suddenly declared that with effect from this day, there will be company lunch for everyone’s birthday! Hurray~!!!
 photo 20160329_111745_zpsxtkjkieu.jpg

But guess it’s gonna be our last birthday group photo together~
 photo 20160329_111711_zpsuil1zvt5.jpg

 photo 20160329_111838_zpsere6yzjt.jpg

Sister from another mother planet!

Checked out Symmetry cafe as recommended by one of the colleagues and we had a feast!
 photo 20160329_134254_zpswmo68xta.jpg

 photo 20160329_134244_zpsmcl5oy7d.jpg

Eyed on this Hokkaido scallop starter right away!

 photo 20160329_134249_zps5mcncwjk.jpg

Truffle fries!

 photo 20160329_134036_zpscbv1jokb.jpg

Going Gothic with squid ink sauce xD

 photo 20160329_135155_zps1fbx7zj1.jpg

Big Breakfast shared with Ping!

And chicken! But I was actually starting to feel full after the big breakfast ._.
 photo 20160329_135203_zps5iq5wn0e.jpg

 photo 20160329_135214_zpsdvzizm9d.jpg

Our $270 lunch.

 photo 20160329_143620_zpsu3ongcrw.jpg

Lemon Minions! So cute!!!

Made a surprise visit to Wala Wala! Surprised because the place holds some memories for me and it’s been some time since I was there ((:
 photo 20160329_202616_zpsvozcgovf.jpg

 photo 20160329_200049_zpsdtsauttm.jpg

Midori Sour is never boring for me xD

The second band came and rocked the whole place! I am not a rocker kind of person but the band really brought the song alive! Some of the songs they sang were even nicer than the original, in my opinion..hahaha! Not saying it just because they have a really cute drummer 😛

 photo 20160329_214431_zpsfemrvfdk.jpg

P.S. I even found his Facebook right there and then! Super proud! HAHAHA!

Had a really happy and surprised birthday eve!!! ❤ Surprised by the beautiful bouquet, surprised by the place, and surprised by the bill (our food was on the house!)hehe! Actually surprised would be an understatement. It’s more like a mixture of surprised, touched, jubilant, loved and many more feelings altogether!

 photo 20160329_231543_zpsqbe9dafw.jpg

Cam-whoring starting from the lift! xD

And the endless cam-whoring that followed because the bouquet is just too pretty!!! ❤ Can’t stop looking at them!
 photo 20160329_232007_zpsssm1htqx.jpg
 photo 20160329_232024_zpsb1qfvlk3.jpg

I think although girls usually say they don’t like flowers and it’s a waste of money and etc, you will still be happy when you receive one 😛 It makes you feel special somehow~ Now it’s time for everyone to 羡慕 me back…hahaha!
 photo 20160329_232118_zpsnjo4dcsh.jpg

 photo 20160329_233915_zps9cywtfuz.jpg

First (:

The best surprise of the night that definitely caught me off guard ❤
 photo 20160329_233716_zpsgwaw3zyy.jpg


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