Very HAPPY Birthday! ❤

Took the day off because it’s MY BIRTHDAY! 😀 Although I have no plans for this year since I’m spending it locally, it will still be damn sad to spend it working. I know a lot of people think that it’s just a birthday, there’s no big deal, but IT IS a big deal to me!

It’s a special day worth celebrating that you are still here, because not everyone gets the chance to be. I know many think that birthday happens every year anyway, but you really never know if next year will come. Not being pessimistic, but just being YOLO 😛

So happy to wake up to them! Can’t help but cam-whored again…hahaha!
 photo 20160330_095456_zps8hixzuvv.jpg

Decided to make use of this special day to go to somewhere I had been wanting to go and to see someone that I had been wanting to see! And that is the River Safari!
 photo 20160330_142509_zpsobvok6nu.jpg

It’s like the whole world has seen Kai Kai and Jia Jia already except me~ But yet it’s expensive to go because you know the main attractions are just them. Thankfully, you can get complimentary ticket on your birthday, if you still didn’t know…haha!

 photo 20160330_112202_zpsjyrez10i.jpg

30.03.16 (:

The River Safari felt a bit like the S.E.A Aquarium because it mainly consists of different kinds of fish or sea creatures~ If not, it would be really tiny insects or creatures in a small tank and you gotta strain your eyes to try to find them. Sometimes if you can’t find it, you will wonder if the tanks are actually there just for display…hmmmm.

Only took photos of some weirder fishes/animals and the ones that I like~ This ugly fish is the Alligator Gar!
 photo 20160330_112833_zpsjiedgorm.jpg
 photo 20160330_112841_zpsf5yvzkpa.jpg
 photo 20160330_112858_zpsmcswtpdj.jpg

Another fish with weird long mouth – Mississippi Paddlefish!
 photo 20160330_113104_zpszjy2qjqa.jpg
 photo 20160330_113110_zpsrju5xhqc.jpg

 photo 20160330_113438_zps5oxj5v57.jpg

A school of fish!

 photo 20160330_113420_zps6cbprhxn.jpg

Giant puffer fish!
Quite pretty actually~

And this is one of my few favourite parts of the park, because I finally see something BIG! Hahaha! Crocodiles are ugly, but these Indian Gharial were quite entertaining because they like to suddenly freeze there, looking like statues xD
 photo 20160330_114356_zpsxxnuaicl.jpg
 photo 20160330_114430_zpsmzwldwkk.jpg
 photo 20160330_114439_zps1fadelub.jpg

And this froze there for a really long time, that some visitors actually thought it is fake!
 photo 20160330_114501_zpsgr0euwpi.jpg

 photo 20160330_114601_zpspzas4wl0.jpg

Posing there as though asking for a kiss~

 photo 20160330_114607_zpstb4lq8n4.jpg

Don’t you wanna kiss me?

 photo 20160330_114953_zpsptn0nwk6.jpg

Finally found something to cam-whore with! Bleah!

 photo 20160330_115029_zpsjjyadi3j.jpg

Birthday kiss from the frog crocodile prince! xD

And another favourite part of the park is of course my cute little bunkeys!!! Okay to be exact, they are macaques. But still, they are so cute! It’s always such a joy watching the monkey family…hehe!
 photo 20160330_115517_zpsvgmljjc0.jpg
 photo 20160330_115542_zpswjooy337.jpg
 photo 20160330_115614_zpskiasqgdl.jpg
 photo 20160330_115624_zpsrbnfz7ig.jpg

So flexible! Definitely a great yogi! 😀
 photo 20160330_115818_zpspchsmmca.jpg
 photo 20160330_115821_zpskajk4oip.jpg
 photo 20160330_115834_zps4ispkzm1.jpg
 photo 20160330_115839_zpsnvxfn6za.jpg

Another big aquarium area~
 photo 20160330_120242_zpsjpb7cnbl.jpg
 photo 20160330_120248_zpsz7s28fkn.jpg

 photo 20160330_120435_zpspppvnf0x.jpg

Huge stingray!

 photo 20160330_121337_zpsptbstgbq.jpg

Beautiful and relaxing! (:

And then finally, I have come to my favourit-est part of the park and also met the two that I had been looking forward to see!!!
 photo 20160330_122448_zpssgn4qi2p.jpg

I was really, really lucky because from those who had been to River Safari usually said that the pandas are always sleeping, so there’s not much to see. I was a bit worried because I wasn’t there very early either. But I managed to catch both of them while they are awake!!! Though they were both just busy munching away on their bamboo leaves…haha!

Munching non-stop! 😀

With the Kai Kai that is buried under his leaves…hahaha!!!!
 photo 20160330_122546_zpspya5fbon.jpg
 photo 20160330_122619_zpsn8ukfwkf.jpg

They are so so so cute that I just couldn’t help and really spammed photos of them! ❤
 photo 20160330_122735_zpsnezjkmh6.jpg
 photo 20160330_122756_zpse8spwose.jpg
 photo 20160330_122828_zps6d6famac.jpg
 photo 20160330_122827_zpse51iypzn.jpg

These are all photos of Kai Kai; he has this sharp little onion head on top of his head xD
 photo 20160330_122958_zpsb2fts5fx.jpg
 photo 20160330_123017_zpstulqwcju.jpg
 photo 20160330_123020_zpsbfgbh3jp.jpg
 photo 20160330_123024_zpsswxfxdpe.jpg
 photo 20160330_123102_zps5xijpnzx.jpg

Endless supply of food!
 photo 20160330_123110_zps5pgbwzfu.jpg
 photo 20160330_123218_zpsmg4u63wl.jpg
 photo 20160330_123224_zpswr6nhfee.jpg
 photo 20160330_123231_zpsx65ns9lj.jpg

And right after eating, he suddenly got up and crawled forward. Then he just “collapsed” onto his side and started having his nap! Hahaha! Cho~ cute one!!!
 photo 20160330_123251_zpseyq3cpgu.jpg

Napping right after eating! How to mate like that?! xD
 photo 20160330_123309_zps3lmswjeq.jpg

Managed to catch the super cute scene of him “collapsing“! Oh, Kai Kai also has the tendency to shake his legs before napping…hahaha! So cute! 😀

Next, it was time to visit Jia Jia! Not surprisingly, Jia Jia was also busy eating away~ Hahaha!
 photo 20160330_123537_zpsmbbbv5jn.jpg
 photo 20160330_123604_zpsohzofm4e.jpg
 photo 20160330_123607_zpsrf12krsj.jpg

Then she started moving as well and I thought she was also going to take a nap…
 photo 20160330_123707_zpsnbsedlcq.jpg

But no! She just moved to another area and continued eating!!! xD
 photo 20160330_123748_zpsrwmvhfvx.jpg
 photo 20160330_123738_zpsukgusyph.jpg

Crawling to another field of bamboo leaves~

I don’t know why I did this pose but it felt like a bear pose? Hahaha!
 photo 20160330_123900_zpsiseubqxj.jpg

Do you envy the life of a panda? Or would you rather not live like that? Hmmmm.
 photo 20160330_123930_zpsr1bbqxdv.jpg
 photo 20160330_123937_zpswvgdd21w.jpg

 photo 20160330_123942_zpssslaxxkd.jpg

Oh no~ My tummy is getting bigger and bigger!

 photo 20160330_123945_zpsgzjouuek.jpg

But who cares~
*Continues eating* xD

 photo 20160330_124050_zpsxsboqhv5.jpg

One last shot with my cute friend! (:

 photo 20160330_123457_zpswtegxk2v.jpg

Panda x 2! @.@

Took a break and sat down to enjoy some air-con, coffee and buns!
 photo 20160330_125544_zpsk39hgdja.jpg

 photo 20160330_125808_zpsyvrq05sg.jpg

Panda coffee!

 photo 20160330_130040_zps8xwpiruw.jpg

Finally tried the panda buns! Hehe!

 photo 20160330_125733_zps02rjnt2j.jpg

With my cute panda red bean bun (:

 photo 20160330_131133_zpsijojqa0r.jpg

Complimentary ice-cream for the birthday girl!

 photo 20160330_133635_zpsbuqbizgk.jpg

Good bye, pandas!

Continuing the journey with squirrel monkeys! Even though I said earlier on that all monkeys are cute, somehow I don’t really like these because they look pretty ugly and weird… And they just don’t seem as smart as the other monkeys!
 photo 20160330_134827_zpsonvye8cd.jpg
 photo 20160330_134830_zpscazriqy9.jpg
 photo 20160330_135201_zpsul52fdqh.jpg
 photo 20160330_135002_zpsnnei2ana.jpg
 photo 20160330_135003_zpsd5ta0qgq.jpg

 photo 20160330_141923_zpsimb9vqgo.jpg

Cute otters suntanning!

Happy to have finally made my virgin visit to River Safari and happy to have seen the cute pandas! ❤ Definitely made the birthday a more fulfilling one~ Off to sing K after that and got a big suite! Or at least a big comfy sofa! Haha!

 photo 20160330_183245_zpsvyfvp9hn.jpg

Feeling like the queen xD

Birthday night was spent at one of my favourite chilling places! Love the sofa, love the view, love the serenity of the place~
 photo 20160330_194626_zpspqz7ohwh.jpg

Always fascinated by the pretty bridge! Hehe!
 photo 20160330_194614_zpsfyh5loup.jpg
 photo 20160330_194928_zpsuypmqkdp.jpg

 photo 20160330_195142_zpsp6s5xqeb.jpg

1 for 1 Moscato! Weeeee~

And then I had another surprise for the night! ((((((:
 photo 20160330_195938_zpsncdxp6uh.jpg

Hope my life will be so ever-sparkling and the sparks will never die off!
 photo 20160330_195926_zpsnre657tw.jpg

Thank you for creating the sparks in my life! ❤

And to sum this year’s birthday up, I definitely had a very happy one because I could see all the effort that I have been hoping for! It’s as though making up for last year’s and also the previous special occasion~ Anyway, that just reminds me that I still have my Europe backlogs to clear and it’s been a year!!! Hahaha! Gonna set it as one of this year’s resolution – to finish up my Europe entries! xD
 photo 20160330_200145_zpspnfcbhgr.jpg

Officially left with just 2 more years to the big THREE! x.x


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