Goodbye, Pringles.

 photo 20160404_103147_zpswwew9sle.jpg

Japanese goodies from le colleague! ^v^

What do you do when you have an abnormally big candy on a boring Monday? Cam-whore of course!!! xD
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 photo 20160404_111950_zpsmtgoqv5c.jpg
 photo 20160404_112950_zpsyu1xpl41.jpg
 photo 20160404_111845_zpsjoouvztb.jpg
 photo 20160404_112412_zpskcczpuad.jpg
 photo 20160404_113202_zps4b3kswgf.jpg

 photo 20160404_112928_zpsdnjmllj8.jpg

Random ‘artistic’ shot of the ceiling~

Extreme hunger is a good excuse for a sinful meal! 😛 It’s been some time since I last ate curry okay~
 photo 20160405_131822_zps6ajh4sjk.jpg

Caught Long Long Time Ago 2 and although it felt like it was a “squeezed outrojak – anyhow piece together to make a part 2, I was still touched by some parts. Still very angry at the ridiculous brother – Mark Lee in the show, but also thankful at the same time that I don’t have such asshole brother.

Guess my Sis would feel even more from this sequel since there was a part that focused on the eldest sister’s sorrow. Also the part that made me started tearing~ As much as I had hoped to have younger siblings (because I like taking care of people), I do know that I am very blessed to be the youngest (:

Caught Batman VS Superman as well the previous week, which I forgot to mention, and I still find it ridiculous as to why they wanna fight against each other -.- Guess they are just trying to squeeze the most out of superheroes movies. Still enjoyed some of the excitement, just find the plot too …

Anyhow, no more otah, so N.O.M as replacement! I have been craving for cakes anyway after I have no more birthday cakes to eat! Hahaha!
 photo 20160404_205028_zpsatkywpxp.jpg

 photo 20160406_142406_zpsr3clxlpi.jpg

Milk & Honey yogurt after meal!

 photo 20160405_090034_zpsltavozhx.jpg

Le pig brother’s love ((:

Brought our coffeeshop lunch up to our air-conditioned chilling area in Pictures because there were no seats plus it was a really hot day! xD
 photo IMG-20160407-WA0006_zpspf9oj7eu.jpg

Sadly, Alicia wasn’t at her best for both shots because of the photographer’s impatience 😦
 photo IMG-20160407-WA0007_zpswx9rssqn.jpg

 photo 20160407_165352_zps80yqs6lg.jpg

Recent splurge!
If only strawberries are cheap~

Bought some fruits for the Uncle downstairs too! He was always there to say goodbye to me almost every day after work, but lately he is not outside his shop anymore. Got to know from his staff that he has hospitalised 😦 Made a card for him too, since there isn’t any bookstore around~ Hope Uncle can get well soon!!!
 photo 20160407_151052_zpsp4lfgvyw.jpg

Friday was spent meeting up with ex-colleagues from Sentosa – Daniel and Herb~! Can’t believe it’s a decade since our Sentosa days?! OMG~ Had Japanese food again and it was a great catch-up session with the 2 chaps! Forgot to take a photo together so here’s a photo from 10 years ago! Hahaha!
tt's dAnieL n mI copy

That’s the half-Korean Daniel who used to bully me a lot! Tsk. Decided to put a pig head on my face in the end because I still cannot face how I used to look. LOL. I hope I won’t feel as disgusted in future looking at my current photos ._. Anyway, our next meetup’s gonna be Korean! Looking forward!

Finally had my long-awaited Tom Yum noodle! It was postponed since the Saturday I was having stomach flu, followed by fever and etc and 我终于等到了!!! It wasn’t as thick as the one I had, but a shiok enough replacement after that has closed down~
 photo 20160409_102216_zpsdx0xiqws.jpg

Off to MINDS and since I arrived pretty early on this rainy day, I was asked to be one of the group leaders. We were supposed to choose our own members aka the residents, but the other leaders decided to make it into a popularity contest and let the residents choose us instead! LOL.

I admit that I had zero confidence in the “contest” since my attendance is pretty irregular ._. But luckily I still saw residents running over to me…yayyyyy! Hahahahahaha!

Off for dinner and a short card game with the volunteers before I left for my overnight Mahjong session~ Brought 好料 over from Lola’s Cafe! Because I was craving for cakes/desserts again! HAHAHAHAHA.
 photo 20160410_013125_zps7cinajfa.jpg

Very shagged session; lost 😦 Worse still, felt like everything wasn’t worth it at all the next day~ Tired like mad.

Decided to go for K-session after practice and we were so lucky to get this VIP room!
 photo 20160410_225207_zpsyzsgqs3g.jpg

 photo 20160410_225203_zpsbmqro9cr.jpg

Photo-bombing at a whole new level -_-“

For only $10 nett each, we got free flow drinks and snacks (supposedly ice-cream too but the machine was spoiled 😦 ), 2 hours of singing and this huge room with huge screen and even pool table (but without the balls)…hahaha!
 photo 20160410_225133_zps54d5dk6p.jpg
 photo 20160410_225126_zpscpequkms.jpg

Reason being – of course because we are VIP lah! 😛 It was definitely pretty shiok to sing in front of the big screen because I have the tendency to move around when I sing somehow, so with the big screen I won’t miss the lyrics anywhere! LOL.
 photo 20160410_205448_zpsqhz86p9z.jpg

 photo IMG-20160410-WA0020_zpsbu0ulsre.jpg

Why must wefie when I singing -.-“

 photo IMG-20160411-WA0001_zpskmtnbhqy.jpg

Proper wefie!

 photo IMG-20160411-WA0000_zpsmeel3sf8.jpg

不舍得 leave after 2 hours~ Hahaha!

 photo IMG-20160411-WA0002_zpsdmbxmiew.jpg



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