Starting Monday morning with my favourite soon kueh! It’s so good that it’s always sold out! Went down early in the morning to grab 2 of them~ With 1 packet of chilli for each soon kueh 😛
 photo 20160412_1112521_zpsaulm6iko.jpg

Went down to Wala Wala again to support the cute drummer! Hahaha! It wasn’t my idea okay~ Enjoying the first band first because good things must wait xD
 photo 20160412_2040481_zpsnr644bt7.jpg

 photo 20160412_2005211_zps5dviqcxa.jpg

Munchies & drinks!

Ordered the same jalapeños stuffed with cheese and I never knew jalapeños can be that nice! ❤ On the other hand, fries/wedges/potatoes always make me so bloated ._. *burppppp~*
 photo 20160412_200529_zpsqwvlwcko.jpg

Finally the next band came around and I think the cute drummer caught me staring a couple of times. HAHAHA. I was just admiring his drumming skill~
 photo 20160412_231555_zpsqa5asjyy.jpg

Now you have a reason to visit Wala on a Tuesday! xD
 photo 20160412_231559_zpsyk2dlbbp.jpg

Promised Ping a video of him drumming away, because we both like drummers!

Met up with PPGs again for a proper dinner because the previous meetup was too short and impromptu! My first time at Rakuzen and Nad picked most of the dishes because she is a regular there!

The recommended salad~ I like it so much that I ate like half!
 photo 20160413_200515_zps5yyj3hnu.jpg

Tamago, sushi and quite a number of other sides to share! Somehow I didn’t capture all of them…oops.
 photo 20160413_200225_zpsgsosjppc.jpg
 photo 20160413_201713_zpsgwaxnxbn.jpg

Nad even brought a good red wine along! Although red wine definitely does not go well with Japanese cuisine, it was still a nice one on its own (:
 photo 20160413_212030_zpsy0kwlcit.jpg

And thanks to Nad again, we got complimentary desserts even though we were all damn full already! Hahaha! I think it’s one of the rare times we all resisted finishing ICE-CREAMMMM! They are really nice!!! But we are just way too full~
 photo 20160413_212857_zpshwdxl6ma.jpg

My favourite banana milk all the way from Korea again! 😀 I am really blessed to have friends not only remembering that I like them, but even brought along newspaper for their trips just so to wrap the milk and keep them cool during the flight! So touched by their thoughtfulness! Thank you Shuning this time round ❤
 photo 20160413_2259070_zpszpas20k1.jpg

Suddenly felt like doing this before and after thing with half of my face makeup removed! Hahaha! Right is without makeup and left is with. I know lah… Can’t tell from this picture but the main difference is dark eye ring and eyebrow~
 photo Photo on 11-4-16 at 10.25 pm_zpstg5pspph.jpg

 photo 20160414_135041_zps8yykscvz.jpg

香椿 pasta – 好久没吃了! ((:

 photo 20160415_152529_zpsxwar4gcn.jpg

Souvenir from client! So sweet!!!

Had a sudden craving for my tutu kuehs again so I came up with a random idea of trying to google for pasar malam locations! It turned out that there really is a Facebook page where pasar malam lovers share the locations of ongoing pasar malams!!! Hahahaha! Gonna love that page from now on because right away, I was teleported to Tampines for my tutu kuehs ❤_❤
 photo 20160414_201945_zpswoyizsjl.jpg

Finally tried the ice-cream rolls as well! It’s popular at pasar malams these days but I never got to try~ Since my stomach had some space, I decided to give it a try! Yum yum! 😀
 photo 20160414_201924_zpsdy8vfvay.jpg

Faster eat, we still have one more place to go~” ❤_❤
And then I was teleported to a cafe bar tucked under the blocks of shophouse –  Burp Kitchen & Bar!
 photo 20160414_214626_zpsmcrxnrju.jpg

 photo 20160414_212007_zpsyxwwn4ek.jpg

Lychee Caprioska & Tiramisu Cocktail!
Guess which is mine???

As much as I am always having a sweet tooth, tiramisu cocktail just sounded like insomnia to me. So mine is this sour pick instead! 😛
 photo 20160414_211833_zpsq2u58ro2.jpg

Tried the salted egg yolk tofu fries and OMG it was so niceeeeee~ I admit that I am a big fan of salted egg yolk stuff so I hardly dislike any salted egg yolk dish (unless they give me too little gravy). But this tofu fries just tasted so much less sinful than potato fries (less bloated too) and more importantly, they are so generous with the gravy! So shiok~~~!!!
 photo 20160414_212418_zpsaqo2s3k6.jpg

So the 3 musketeers hit JB again and my main aim apart from stocking up Vitagen, is this! Mille crepe cake, checked! 😀 But of course still not anywhere close to Lady M‘s standard~
 photo 20160416_124526_zpsnqwiekak.jpg

Did some shopping in City Square and I was the empty-handed one again ._. But 没关系 because we still have 1 more destination to cover! Off we go to Sutera Mall!
 photo IMG-20160418-WA0008_zpstfwcyd8y.jpg

Despite having a very full lunch, we just couldn’t resist RM1 ice-cream! RM 1 you know?!?!
 photo 20160416_162900_zpsv4gispkz.jpg

Finally bought stuff and ended up with 大包小包 again~ Done with shopping, off for dinner! The place we wanted to try was closed, so we went back to the same shop where the tom yum soup was damn shiok~ But who knows, the staff said they are closing too! –CRY!!!

Almost missed our last chance of having a proper dinner! Luckily with the mighty power of 3 x 可怜 faces, the boss sitting outside rekindled our hopes by asking the lady boss if we could still order takeaways, and the lady boss decided to take us in as the last few customers for dine in! YAY!!!

Even though this super spicy (but super shiok) Tom Yum soup made Lyn and I rushed home to lao sai, it was totally worthwhile! No regrets for a burning ass! xD
 photo 20160416_212158_zpsxz8dbc0l.jpg

Sundate with my cute participants! It’s our first week doing formations at the field and I was afraid that they would forget their positions the next week, hence I snapped a picture of them! Hahaha! I am glad the 17 of them that are under me have been cooperative so far (:
 photo 20160417_170619_zpsp7uebmmm.jpg

Finally explored Creatures after practice and rewarded ourselves with the signature durian cake!
 photo 20160417_195925_zpsurmtzqmu.jpg

Apparently, one piece wasn’t enough, so we ordered a second one! Hahaha! It’s the only thing we could afford, cause laksa costs 24 bucks there O.O
 photo 20160417_200759_zps7xqxtcje.jpg

Went for a cheaper dinner over at Swee Choon after that and we had a dim sum feast! ^^
 photo 20160417_204748_zpscr8efqwl.jpg


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