Belated Birthday Meals!

Started the new week with souvenirs from Japan again!!!
 photo 20160418_170943_zpsjfz2i36m.jpg

This time round it was from the super sweet Uncle J~ Really sweet of him to have saved a box for us! And he even bought a belated birthday gift for me! Hehe! Crashed his office space table over at lunch time because he’s super near us now! Definitely miss our dear lunch kaki! ((:
 photo 20160418_171157_zpsiiqlmxaj.jpg

Long-awaited Marche dinner with Kai Bin & Co! 6 girls with busy schedule, and we finally, finally fixed a date~ It was Kai Bin’s turn to decide the eating venue and she “stole my idea” when I mentioned about craving for Marche during our previous meetup! Tsk tsk. Hahaha! But thanks to her, I finally satisfied my crepe craving! xD
 photo 20160419_194023_zpsr9w2shq7.jpg

And because the girls ordered some pork knuckles, the closet 酒鬼 – Kai Bin revealed her true self and suggested getting a beer! This marked the official first time we are drinking together! Haha!
 photo 20160419_195437_zpsoy4qq8re.jpg

Have always loved the interior of Marche (:
 photo 20160419_220802_zps2aftmn7u.jpg
 photo 20160419_220702_zps2hpljcmb.jpg

And as expected, the girls had a belated birthday celebration for Kai Bin and I! 😀
 photo IMG-20160421-WA0004_zpstnc6mgus.jpg

 photo IMG-20160420-WA0003_zpspykj4nir.jpg

Yayyyyy got birthday “cakes” again! Hehe!

 photo IMG-20160421-WA0001_zpsqq0ti0r9.jpg

Happy Birthday to 两个很不一样的 Aries! xD

And because Kai Bin always finished her wish before mine and even peeped at me during my wish-making last year, I kept peeping this time to see if she’s peeping at me! LOL.
 photo IMG-20160420-WA0005_zpsq50o7l66.jpg

Hope to celebrate many more birthdays together! ((:
 photo IMG-20160420-WA0002_zpsovkyzmmc.jpg

Actually we got to choose our own ‘cake‘ and of course lemon meringue was my pick!
 photo 20160419_220916_zpsyryhvzed.jpg

Everyone was a little surprised by Kai Bin’s choice of cake because prune tart just doesn’t sound like an appetising dessert…LOL! But it’s so Kai Bin I think! And it was actually not bad xD
 photo 20160419_220900_zpscjgt80cj.jpg

又有礼物拿咯~! Korea & Japan souvenirs from Shuning and Kai Bin respectively!!!
 photo 20160419_223554_zpslpmpu9ci.jpg

Belated birthday angbaos! 😀 One from PPGs and one from Kai Bin & Co!
 photo 20160419_224006_zpsufhnfpet.jpg

Got to know that there’s pasar malam in Ghim Moh through the Facebook page again and so it was tutu kueh time again! Hehe! Bought like FIFTEEN this time round because ten wasn’t quite enough for 2 the other time. 15 is not a lot right? It’s just like 7.5 each? ._.

Anyway, the auntie is so generous with the fillings!!! So in love with her! And her tutu kuehs of course! Hahaha!
 photo 20160420_214014_zpssdpayftc.jpg

Skipped yoga for an impromptu dinner with Mr Ow and Yinning on Thursday because the latter is so busy flying lately, so it’s hard to catch her~ I was in sloppy outfit because I wasn’t expecting to be going out, hence I requested to meet at more “secluded” places…LOL.

Had Sushi Tei at Gardens as my belated birthday meal! 😀 I realised whenever I am asked to choose a dinner place, it will usually be Japanese cuisine because they have more ala carte choices~ I seriously can’t eat a proper meal for dinner!
 photo 20160421_202936_zpsvtgaildi.jpg

 photo 20160421_202045_zpsl7cks2nm.jpg

Long time since my last sake! (:

 photo 20160421_212640_zpsvejbxlzd.jpg

Desserts despite being very full again~

Friday night was spent for NDP meeting and I ended up doing my “homework” there, because I know I will not have time to do at home! (I am hardly at home! ._.) Yea so it was back to 眼花缭乱 + tired eyes days doing up all the 168 positions D:

 photo 20160422_231730_zps4sgoalec.jpg

Chillax time after all the hard work!

 photo 20160423_004707_zpssvsnx9fo.jpg

Friday nights should be pretty like this~

Checked out a newly-discovered pasta stall for Saturday brunch and I think it’s my first time having pasta in a hawker? Not bad! Quite a satisfying meal~
 photo 20160423_114333_zpsmfhjygue.jpg

Oh the unsightly thing on top is actually pancake roll! Even though I was already planning to get my tutu kuehs from the pasar malam beside, I couldn’t resist buying the nostalgic snack. My dad used to buy that for me whenever we visit the hawker near Tekka market and the roll just brings back much memories! It’s so hard to find it now; most pancakes are the round or slice kind but not rolls anymore. I know Jollibean has similar ones but I mean the traditional kind like this 😦

 photo 20160423_140419_zpsjrzwui10.jpg

After pasta + pancake roll + 3 tutu kuehs

Back home early to do some gardening before heading to buddy’s nephew’s birthday party! 😀 Shall cover that in my next post~ Meanwhile, please pray for my sunflower to bloom soon!!!
 photo 20160423_171451-1_zpsyijalgom.jpg


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