James’ 1st Birthday!

So my Saturday night continued to buddy’s house, where I spent the whole night playing with this cutie pie! 😀
 photo 20160423_193908_zpsop13z8gs.jpg

I had been longing to see him ever since the first time I played with him. Back then he was still the chubby smiley baby, but now he’s already a walking toddler, celebrating his 1st birthday! Not as chubby anymore, but still adorable~
 photo 20160423_200050_zpslsmmz9mx.jpg

The reason I wanna attend the party was purely so that I can meet this 稀客 again and take all the cute pictures of him…hahaha! So get ready for the spam 😛 Opening my pressie! Hehe!
 photo 20160423_200517_zpscjcfkfnv.jpg
 photo 20160423_200558_zpslmzqou4h.jpg
 photo 20160423_200530_zpsrnnts21l.jpg
 photo 20160423_200544_zpsc81giho5.jpg

I think kids just have fun tearing stuff xD

Bought him a 2 in 1 piano + telephone because I remember buddy telling me that he loves to play with the house telephone! Now he can have fun playing with his own telephone! 😀
 photo 20160423_2012460_zpsyttgikw7.jpg

 photo 20160423_201247_zpsnqsluure.jpg

Legendary 口水王, ever since baby! Hahaha!

 photo 20160423_201102_zpsk2sfcnbm.jpg

Happily pressing away~

 photo 20160423_201244_zpsrouvwajo.jpg

Oh those heavy cheeks!

And then it was time to give out the 红鸡蛋 to the guests! The greedy boy kept wanting to eat the egg himself and ended up with red lips…LOL!
 photo 20160423_201614_zps9n7q3n5t.jpg

He looks so delighted giving out the eggs!
 photo 20160423_201617_zpshv4x6umt.jpg

So handsome and cute ❤_❤
 photo 20160423_201644_zpsemcmu09z.jpg
 photo 20160423_201645_zpseb921bk6.jpg

Caught a cute video of him giving red egg to Queen! Still such a 笑佛~

Then finally, the cake-cutting time!
 photo 20160423_204909_zpshq9o8i1c.jpg

I think he was quite loss when everyone gathered around him. But he sure enjoyed that attention!
 photo 20160423_205054_zpsvatcpv4l.jpg

With Daddy & Mummy!
 photo 20160423_205155_zps38e2has1.jpg
 photo 20160423_205203_zpsizh90tqf.jpg
 photo 20160423_2052030_zpsqz2ccgx4.jpg

I think it’s just difficult to take a proper photo of kid + cake. Because they will always be more attracted to the cake than camera! xD
 photo 20160423_205241_zpscwrcwot9.jpg

 photo 20160423_205249_zpslkpxc46f.jpg

Gong gong look~

 photo 20160423_220231_zpsjctzv81k.jpg

A selfie to end off! ^v^

Off to Sis’ place for stayover and to babysit babysleep Isaac while they were out for movie~ Haven’t had time for my loveboy for so long! Bought a new toy for him while I was in JB and we spent the next morning building it together! Hehe!
 photo 20160424_095622_zpsydgz1lej.jpg

We built a playground! 😀

Off for NDP practice but of course, not before having a good lunch first! After much brainstorming and detouring, finally settled for Cafe Salivation for a sinful meal!
 photo 20160424_124416_zpsomlu7fln.jpg

 photo 20160424_124428_zpslhao2hcu.jpg

My very first lasagne! (:

 photo 20160424_154849_zpsjbhjn97r.jpg

Working off the calories~

But before I could join in the dance, I had a more important mission which is to hold my own “audition” and pick my star members. It was really a tough one because I have quite high expectation…hahaha! Cannot have any mistake one 😛
 photo 20160424_155635_zpsgtr0jscu.jpg

It was a longer practice this week because we didn’t have tea break in between. The last 2 hours was spent under the hot sun and I provided special service with my USB fan! 😀 Best buy ever!!! Hahaha!

Impromptu Mahjong session after the smelly practice and I thought I would donate money again, but I won 5 bucks! Yayyyyy~ Never lose 就 happy liao! Hehe! This is call 知足常乐~!

It was a slightly more busy week this week but yet it also felt like a pretty short one. Maybe time just pass faster when you are busier. 但忙归忙,still have to find time to relax! Decided to catch a movie on Monday and use up my birthday voucher!

But first, made a visit to the Fortune of Wealth for some good luck first! (:
 photo 20160425_185506_zps6j849avb.jpg

It’s actually my first time walking around the fountain and touching it! But a pity I didn’t have time to buy any 4D after touching it…haha~
 photo IMG-20160426-WA0013_zpsnd36gpk7.jpg
 photo IMG-20160426-WA0028_zpsd3kscgk1.jpg

 photo IMG-20160426-WA0031_zps6pquyxw4.jpg

Thank you, my dear photographer ((:

Watched The Jungle Book which honestly speaking, wouldn’t be my choice of movie if not that my voucher is expiring and there are limited free listing movies. But it actually turned out pretty nice and justified the good reviews! Not the kind of really kiddy movie that I had imagined~

 photo 20160426_084834_zpsqsvzd06m.jpg

My sunflower is on its way!!!

A throwback list when I was trying to jot down all the stuff that I don’t eat, because many have called me a fussy eater, so I’m just trying to prove that I’m not~ It’s not a lot right??? =X
 photo 20160426_084640_zpsudzejwer.jpg

Finally tried Patisserie G! Walked past it a dozen of times and could only look at the cakes lovingly~ This time round I finally decided to step in! 😀
 photo 20160426_185845_zps8lst5e6b.jpg

Very nice and also beautiful chocolate mousse cake with alcohol inside! Love it!
 photo 20160426_185737_zpsmxcpdjle.jpg

Off for the real alcohol session at Paulaner! Not the same band this time, but still the same love for this place (:
 photo 20160426_214612_zpsr3dfpgbs.jpg

 photo 20160426_194307_zpsbqfurtcg.jpg

Tequila Sunrise!

 photo 20160426_194236_zps2pwkpjp5.jpg

First try on their pizza!
Not bad, but still prefer thin crust…hehe.

Thursday wasn’t my day because the whole world was throwing a tantrum at me, even the server. All our computers were hung and it doesn’t help that it was the day client and I were racing against time…Zzzzz. But also “thanks” to that, boss granted us all half day on Friday, because the server problem just couldn’t be fixed. Yep, so extra long weekend for us! Woohooo~

 photo 20160428_203000_zpsyfzdrnwj.jpg

The only good thing about Thursday.

 photo 20160428_203055_zpsa3hvkdux.jpg

Ice-cream sandwich; my weakness.

P.S. Finally cleared all my backlogs! FUCKYEAHHHHHHHH!


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