Lyn’s 25th @ Studio M!

Even though it’s a short work week, I was looking forward to the weekend already! 😀 But still gotta enjoy each and every of the remaining days before the weekend comes! Hehe!

Went to Café Insadong to enjoy the 1-for-1 bingsu offer! There was no queue, surprisingly, but we still waited quite some time for a seat, and waited even a longer time for our bingsu -_- I thought it was a really good deal since bingsu is pretty expensive, but totally wasn’t expecting to wait like 1 hour for it!

We are not fated with the mango bingsu somehow, so opted for the Oreo one and the signature Makgeolli (rice wine) one which the staff recommended. She said it’s more fruity, hence a good replacement for the mango bingsu, and it’s not bitter. NOT bitter, I emphasise.

But upon our first try, all of us cringed. It’s BITTER pleaseeeeee, and it definitely tasted weird with all the fruits. The bitterness of the rice wine just doesn’t go well with the fruits at all, and yet this bingsu alone is already $19.80 –CRY!!!– Total disappointment and regret for not ordering the Baileys one T.T
 photo 20160504_210321_zpsgqk1fqj1.jpg

Thank goodness the Oreo one was still okay… But it tasted kinda normal and I think the Oreo crumbs are not generous enough. Somehow I feel that my first bingsu try at Bibing cafe is much nicer 😦 Generous topping and there was even nice brownies inside! This Oreo one is just too … mainstream. Sigh. Wasted time and money~
 photo 20160504_205751_zpssfxkteww.jpg

Off for drinks at Burp Kitchen & Bar again! 😀 But alcohol-free okay~
 photo 20160504_221339_zps2ftykggl.jpg

I was more looking forward to the salted egg yolk tofu fries actually  ❤_❤
 photo 20160504_221554_zpsn0o6gia4.jpg

So, it was the birthday month for Taurus babies and le pig brother happened to be one stubborn bull. His thoughtful friends had actually wanted to surprise him with a 4G phone (because the caveman doesn’t have one) and I was also excited that he’s finally gonna have Whatsapp too!
 photo 20160505_000654_zpsz6lgmgzt.jpg

But the stubborn bull doesn’t appreciate it because he doesn’t like Xiaomi phones and refused to use it -.- We had a small debate over this because I think appreciation matters more than the gift itself, but he thinks otherwise. Maybe being realistic is good sometimes, but I still prefer being having more empathy, at least it feels more human. Zzzzz.

 photo 20160505_103118_zpsab8u7r5c.jpg

Yummy lemon tart for breakfast! (:

Had a long lunch on Friday because we were waiting for the EP to come view some clips~ Even went to Ah Chew Dessert for some durian mousse! Hehe! But in the end we were kanna flown aeroplane by the EP -_-”
 photo 20160506_143823_zpsclouc2i2.jpg

Friday night was spent with le volunteers at Starkers again! Yinning joined us too since she was looking for activities for the Friday night~ She was once part of MINDS anyway, so she knows a couple of them. In fact she was the one who brought me in (:

Ordered Sex On The Beach again and I was given this red drink, which didn’t taste like what I had previously. Luckily I took photos that time and realised that the drink is supposed to be orange!
 photo 20160506_202256_zpswiqpm1he.jpg

Now this is my correct drink! 😀 Love it!
 photo 20160506_202921_zpsukjkyozp.jpg

Uncle Felix getting very emo with the songs from the live band xD
 photo 20160506_220457_zpsqmpofkjt.jpg

Oh he gave us some Chinese riddles and I was the first who managed to solve most of them! Somehow that surprised him very much -.- So insulting…tsk. I do use my brain when I have to okay, like for academics. Most of the time I am just too lazy to so I will follow blindly blur-ly.

And finally, it was the long-awaited weekend! My much-anticipated Saturrrrrdayyyyyy~!!! And it all started off well with an awesome brunch! When was the last time I had prata? ❤_❤
 photo 20160507_120807_zpsx3o77ntu.jpg

Then off to Studio M to start off the staycation that I had been excited for the whole week! 😀 It was actually an impromptu idea to book a room to surprise Lyn for her coming 25th birthday and even though it felt a bit like a wedding proposal plan (LOL), it was actually my initial plan for my own birthday this year~ But since I did not manage to fulfill it, I decided to plan it for her! Hehe!

A pity I was so busy that I totally forgot to take a picture of the entire room!!!!!!! But it’s actually exactly the same as the room I had during my staycation with PPGs here~ I managed to  get a photo of the bed on level 2 though…haha! Totally miss the big comfy bed already!!! x.x
 photo 20160507_173708_zpsqnhjyon0.jpg

 photo 20160507_140439_zpsnz3ltd7m.jpg

Decorations done!

 photo 20160507_155306_zps9eemxjyk.jpg

Snacks ready!

 photo 20160507_164120_zpseyajc7dm.jpg

Alcohol plenty!

It was really quite hard to fix a timing that everyone is available because it happened to be the Mothers’ Day weekend~ Nevertheless, everyone tried their best to make it and also arrived earlier than the birthday girl to prepare! In the end the birthday girl was 30 minutes late and made everyone waited! Hahaha!

But also luckily she was late, so she was too flustered to really suspect anything. She still thought we were going to a cafe until I blindfolded her with my hands in the lift! xD

 photo 20160507_163255_zpsgiicvfh8.jpg

The look of surprise!

I think the plan was pretty successful! Hehe!

 photo 20160507_163421_zpsrw3kzngr.jpg

Happy Birthday, little one! =D

 photo 20160507_163334_zps6ooptll0.jpg

And may your wishes come true!!!

So happy when Leng Leng chose to get the Lana Cake Shop‘s chocolate cake! It was supposed to be my birthday cake too for this year but I didn’t get it 😛
 photo 20160507_163602_zpswwakghuf.jpg

Happy NDPeeps! 😀
 photo 20160507_162412_zpsuqlvlmkk.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0045_zpsi2fqrd5k.jpg

 photo IMG-20160508-WA0005_zpsei5c7nof.jpg

With the birthday girl!

 photo IMG-20160508-WA0013_zpst3kfcjrd.jpg

大头贴 meh -_-“

 photo IMG-20160508-WA0012_zpsfmqy6hrg.jpg

3 x 臭皮匠,win 1 x 诸葛亮!

Oh did I mention how much I love the 落地窗?Loving the big wide view! 😀
 photo 20160507_173912_zpsdhnrprei.jpg

 photo 20160507_175112_zpsmefgzdrd.jpg

Ronald, 不要做傻事!

 photo IMG-20160507-WA0046_zpsnqdx4c5t.jpg

Trying out the pirate game xD

 photo IMG-20160507-WA0039_zpsdw5ivpen.jpg

Always getting geeky with Eric around~

Snacked, chit-chatted, drank, snacked, and more snackssss ._. I think we all got full from all the snacking eventually! Hahaha! A pity they are all not really drinkers, so they only managed to finish 1 bottle of Moscato~

Went to explore the pool area after everyone had left, since I did not have the chance to visit during my previous stay. It’s so beautiful! Too bad it was only a 1-night stay, so I did not bring my swimsuit and did not really have time to swim too.
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0031_zpsexdmyptc.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0030_zpsmtcc4zwt.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0025_zpsuxbhccer.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0024_zps5yvp561o.jpg

Chilling areas~
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0027_zpsrdhosenm.jpg
 photo IMG-20160507-WA0023_zps8yb4gdr6.jpg

 photo IMG-20160507-WA0028_zpsiq0avmmn.jpg

In love with Studio M hotel!

Back to the room to nua! View from upper level! So much snacks remaining D:
 photo 20160507_204537_zpscfsqlgnn.jpg

The birthday girl was not feeling very well so I have even 1 less kaki to drink 😦 But I was still thirsty to have some since I was really looking forward to the drinking part…haha~ Decided to open 1 more bottle of Moscato and it took us great effort to finally open it! Felt like we just gave birth, twice.
 photo 20160507_211112_zps1pbtorbp.jpg

Drinks in bed and stayed up till late night to watch lame Hong Kong movies xD
And then soon it was check out day already…boohooooo~ Time passed to fast!!!

 photo 20160508_104051_zpsnuh2zfue.jpg

Very full hotel breakfast, again =X

Their buffet breakfast choices are quite limited as compared to overseas hotel, but at least they extend their breakfast hours till 11am on weekends, so at least you don’t have to wake up at ungodly hour.

 photo 20160508_123350_zpsbybsxcea.jpg

One last look at the view!

 photo 20160508_110634_zpskwk8ziqw.jpg

Can even see Singapore Flyers!

Can’t bear to check out! And totally reluctant to go for NDP practice because I was still in staycation mood~ I wanna stay in my comfy room! I don’t wanna go ulu pandan Kranji camp D:
 photo 20160508_122837_zps9yrlmqqz.jpg
 photo 20160508_122845_zpssuw4wi6d.jpg


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