Mama’s Day Dinner!

So it was the end of staycation and back to “sai kang” 😦 First week at Kranji camp again and we could finally have proper markers to do our formations! Here we go again~ All my 心血 in this paper, yet I have participants telling me they lost it just minutes after I gave them! Sigh. It really pains me sometimes when they don’t seem to know how much effort and midnight oil you have burnt for all these…
 photo 20160508_172200_zpsiqqlnev2.jpg

But anyway, too bad 老天爷 doesn’t wanna help us and started raining~ Only managed to do like 2 formations before we were up at the stuffy hall again to practise dance steps. It was quite a short practice due to Mother’s Day celebration and all, so soon I was also off for my Mothers’ Day dinner!

We brought Mamemo to Woodlands Waterfront for dinner (because everywhere else is full) and at least I believe it was her first time there. But Vic and Sis were both still very full from their lunch, and I’m also not a dinner person, so we only ordered a few dishes. Just a simple dinner (:
 photo 20160508_193530_zpspcqodsz5.jpg

The cheeky boy giving Mother’s Day flower to 外婆! He held it in such a funny way xD
 photo 20160508_201450_zpsrlfq7xq3.jpg

 photo 20160508_201456_zpsbeibqvji.jpg

Heavy cheeks!

 photo 20160508_201601_zpsibgmh2sv.jpg

One for Mama!

Getting extra cheeky when he’s shy~
 photo 20160508_201607_zpsyffyacj6.jpg
 photo 20160508_201602_zpsvc7x7thq.jpg

Hug and kisses from the biggest bully of Mama!
 photo 20160508_201605_zpshddbglry.jpg
 photo 20160508_201604_zpsgjb9uibz.jpg

吹海风-ing with Mamemo and Sis after that! 😀 I don’t even remember when was the last time we had a moment like this~ Or did we ever had? Hmmmm.
 photo 20160508_202518_zpscnth2z3m.jpg
 photo 20160508_202511_zpsis57cpuf.jpg

Starting the new week with a new supply of my favourite banana milk again! Hehe! This time round my smuggler is Yinning! 😀
 photo 20160511_090627_zpsutjsy4a8.jpg

And finally, finally, finally caught Civil War! Everyone was raving about it and about Chris Evans’ biceps that made me really excited to watch it! Well, it was indeed pretty excited and funny, but maybe because it was so highly-raved, I was expecting something even more…haha~ Oh well, it was good enough though; the biceps were also good 😛

It’s the month of May again which means it’s Lyn’s birthday month! That also means it’s time for TCC again! Hahaha! (It seems like we are only there during birthday months =X )
 photo 20160509_194202_zpsl4vlqa4h.jpg

 photo 20160509_194224_zpscequgqgk.jpg

Truffle mushroom again!

 photo 20160509_194211_zpspmlrhfqj.jpg

The must-have mushroom bites!

 photo 20160509_195501_zpszbs4uij2.jpg

Breakfast set!

 photo 20160509_194711_zpsgv78d1wn.jpg

My portobello mushroom (:

It was an unexpectedly short dinner due to indecisiveness, leading to an Aries’ impatience VS a Taurus’ short-temperedness~ But in anyway, the birthday girl just ain’t very fated with TCC because she always gets sick when enjoying her birthday month discount =/

So impromptu visit to the pasar malam in Toa Payoh! I bought 10 tutu kuehs even though I was actually kinda full from the dinner~ I just didn’t wanna miss the chance of having the generous auntie’s tutu kuehs! I think she remembers that I’m the girl who went all the way to Ghim Moh pasar malam to support her! Hehe!
 photo 20160509_213439_zpsx5lkgncl.jpg

Lunched alone on a Friday because I had some errands to run and I had a sudden craving for pasta! I don’t like to lunch alone anyway so eating at a less crowded place makes me feel a little better ._. But it was a wrong choice of lunch because I could feel the indigestion right away and it lasted all the way till yoga class at night! Argh. I seriously need a stronger digestive system…
 photo 20160513_142454_zpsyxa7v9rm.jpg

Brunch on Saturdate – tom yum pasta and kong ‘bak’ pau! ❤
 photo 20160514_121538_zpsjdzlqol7.jpg

I live every moment, I laugh every day, and I definitely love beyond words. Do you? (:
 photo 20160514_121054_zps1bi8tiz6.jpg

It was a precious Saturday for running errands and for quality time! And I had my tutu kuehs again just because my remaining ones were gone the next day when I woke up! I am always feeling thankful and blissful that whenever I wanna eat tutu kuehs, I will be teleported there, no matter how far (((:
 photo 20160512_191807_zps6tt3drgv.jpg

Quality 3 hours of K-session before dinner at Fika! 😀 It’s not my first time there because I had my farewell lunch with Uncle Y and co there, but it’s my first time trying the mushroom crepe!
 photo 20160514_200049_zpspnlkb8du.jpg

Simply, simply LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! It’s so nice that I could actually finish it! But I didn’t wanna have another indigestion problem especially when my system ain’t working very well these days again~ Took half away for lunch the next day! This way I can enjoy it for both days! Hehe!
 photo 20160514_200137_zpsttsqii6g.jpg

Wasn’t looking forward to Sunday at all and wasn’t looking forward even more to the practice at Kranji Camp. I don’t know if I used to feel this way, or is it all these added responsibilities are killing my passion slowly. I used to look forward to dance, but now I am so busy every practice that I hardly get to…

It doesn’t help to be stuck in between difficult participants who try to add fuel to the fire. It’s really difficult to strike a balance between being nice and being strict anymore. The moment you get stern, you get negative remarks. You reprimand someone for not listening to instruction, you are being said to be not compassionate enough on a Mother’s Day.

I’m not the one involved directly this time, but it still feels shitty to be stuck in between when I am clearly on the ‘being strict‘ side. I usually rather be the 坏人 for the sake of the whole performance, but now that I became the 好人 and have to listen to all the rants and peace-make, it’s even more tiring. Trying to get your participants to listen is hard enough, trying explain to them our stand on why we have to be strict and stern at times is even harder. They can go on and on about welfare and it makes me sick. Really sick. You tell me you are just a volunteer, then what am I? Am I not???

So sick of all these that I actually shrugged in front of everyone when Eric enquired me about something. Simply because I really can’t seem to be bothered with anything anymore. We have tried so hard but we don’t get the result that we want, it makes me don’t know how to continue this anymore. I also wish I can joke around with everyone every practice, but that is if everyone cooperates in the first place. Yet simple things like “DO NOT BRING THE UMBRELLA PROP HOME” cannot be obeyed. To think that we are all adults, I felt truly disgusted by such inconsiderate behaviours.

It all boils down to selfishness in the end. I don’t have umbrella and it’s raining, so I use the prop to go home even though it’s not my property. I want to faster go home, so I will skip the redundant debrief and go take my stuff first. I don’t want to be under the hot sun for so long, so I shall take my own sweet time to come.

It really disgusts me so much that I don’t know how to communicate with these people anymore. I just wanna go back to dancing and not having to talk to anyone anymore, let alone deal with them. ARGH. I hate human beings.


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