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Ultimate Monday blues~

Taking the opportunity to rest a while before director comes in! It’s a busy week doing the new drama opening as well as editing with director~ The latter is still okay, it’s more of the opening that exhausts me. It’s my first time doing drama opening aka the MV you see before every episode starts and I’m not satisfied with it 😦 All I can say is different opinion, different taste…Zzzzz.
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Not really a week to look forward to but my AP totally made my day when she did her umbrella stunt! So it was raining by the time we finished our OT and my cute AP took out an umbrella from her bag and did a Harry Potter stunt by swinging it front like a magic wand. She swang it real hard and guess what? The umbrella flew off, leaving her with the umbrella stick and an ultimate stunned face! LOLOLOL!!!

 photo 20160516_191217_zpsnhvvgaku.jpg

大宝 trying to fix it…

In the end, my cute AP had to do it the Doraemon style and walked with her umbrella like this xD
 photo 20160516_191510_zpsmxgunikd.jpg

Inspired by Lyn’s homemade Portobello burger, I had the sudden urge to try it myself too! Especially after having the mushroom crepe. Made the wrap version since I’m not a fan of bread/bun~
 photo 20160519_233715_zpspmkdtkiy.jpg

Turned out to be pretty easy! Made it for lunch for the next day! 😀 (The veggie is gone because this is another wrap…hehe.)
 photo 20160519_235801_zps6ak3g1zt.jpg

Added an egg and it’s all done! Oh my egg is in an odd shape because I used my mini bear-shape frying pan ._.
 photo 20160519_235916_zpsudadygjm.jpg

It actually tasted pretty good!!! 😀 I didn’t know Portobello mushrooms are actually so cheap and easy to make! Now I feel cheated for all the ones that I have eaten~ But I still love it!
 photo 20160516_212301_zpsuuev3bg7.jpg

Jio-ed my 2 long-lost drinking partners to Wala Wala on the Tuesday night to catch the cute drummer! Actually to be honest, I miss the Jalapeno cheese more lah~ Really!!!
 photo 20160517_212453_zpsfgfjhst6.jpg

Tried something new but I forgot the name ._. I like it though!
 photo 20160517_212924_zpsdxjoqenu.jpg

And very, very sadly, the band wasn’t quite the same on this night! I mean it’s still the same band, but the cute drummer wasn’t around and so the lead singer became the drummer and someone else whom I had not seen before became the lead! –CRY!!!!
 photo 20160517_215505_zpstnci5gqk.jpg

Although the lead singer doesn’t make a bad drummer, I still prefer him singing than hearing that new guy keep screaming -.- Still damn sad by the absence of our main secondary motive of coming (my jalepeno cheese is the main motive remember?) and felt bad for asking the 2 along~ Too bad, 没眼福!
 photo 20160517_215459_zpsaw8wokdd.jpg

 photo 20160518_230442_zpsfctwp6ze.jpg

Highlander on a Wednesday night again!

 photo 20160518_201838_zpsbldznhxw.jpg

Enjoying my Illusion alone first because I’m too thirsty!

Le volunteers finally joined and we ordered the Scotch eggs again! Together with white bait~ Thanks Mr Mah for the food!
 photo 20160518_211103_zpsa7a1ylsb.jpg

And of course Highlander on a Wednesday night means $6 nett Moscato!!! 😀 But still must control the wallet; only had 2 glasses~
 photo 20160518_205924_zpstywaffu8.jpg

Was craving for my soon kueh again and guess what? When I reached office, there was already a soon kueh and 算盘子 feast awaiting, all thanks to my dearest AP!!! ❤ 真懂我的胃口~ Hehe!
 photo 20160519_102913_zpscqiosnvl.jpg

 photo 20160520_103347_zpsytcn5sah.jpg

Blueberries; because strawberries no promo ._.

Decided to check out the Super Japan Matsuri fun fair at Esplanade with Lyn after my yoga class! It turned out to be super failed and boring.
 photo 20160520_212513_zpsqexcpc6t.jpg

Super small with a super limited number of stalls~ One can easily finish in like 3 minutes if you are not intending to queue for anything.
 photo 20160520_212507_zpsjkrbcipz.jpg

Only bought le pig brother’s favourite dangos! But not very nice also >.>
 photo 20160521_014044_zpsqtlayalr.jpg

 photo 20160520_214021_zps1yabpfnr.jpg

Night walk in our beautiful city!

 photo 20160520_214822_zpslnuphkgx.jpg

Backup plan – Lady M!

 photo 20160520_214906_zps4u9txoot.jpg

New flavour – Citron!

 photo 20160520_214923_zpsxfmbissh.jpg

And my favourite chocolate mille crepe~

Spent Saturday finally having my first eyebrow embroidery! I had been contemplating on it for a while because drawing my eyebrow every morning is really become a chore, especially when you can’t get the shape right on certain days. So I finally did it and OMG~ It was fucking painful!

My initial thought was that since my Sis, who is damn scared of every little pain can take it, it shouldn’t be a problem for me. But it turned out that the pain was so intense that for a moment I wondered if embroidery means cutting open your skin and inserting the colour in. It was really really painful!!!

And after finishing 1 side, I felt like saying I think I do 1 side enough lah ._. But of course I did not. Luckily the other side wasn’t as painful because by then the numbing cream has been on for like 25 minutes? Whereas the first side only had it on for 15 minutes. I guess the 10 minutes make a big difference. At least now I know. Gonna put it for like 30 minutes the next time!

Anyway, I survived and I’m pretty satisfied with my brows! 😀
 photo 20160521_135055_zpswug2mnkh.jpg

Went through so much pain to get it done, okay to have 1 more selfie right? Hehe.
 photo 20160521_135523_zps0h5drqif.jpg

Off to MINDS after that and I lugged along a huge bag of clothes to donate! Finally had the motivation to clear some space in my wardrobe because our residents needed some clothes~ Hope they can be put to good use! (:

Had lots of new volunteers joining us this week due to the upcoming camp. Didn’t feel as useful myself but still felt the warmth when residents started sticking to you and dragging you around, saying that they miss you…awwwww~

 photo 20160521_165901_zpshjdot84y.jpg

Our Mr Popular aka 小鲜肉 teaching the camp dance xD

Finally hit JB again on Sunday (to stock up my Vitagen :P) when there is no NDP practice! Is it wrong that I actually felt a bit happy that there isn’t practice this week? Hmmmm. I really think I didn’t used to feel this way… Anyhow, surprisingly, there was no queue at all at both the bus-stop and the custom! Managed to get in pretty early with Lyn and Bevan and the latter bought yummy egg tarts for us!

Initially when he said it’s atas egg tart from Tiong Bahru Pau, I was kinda skeptical because my favourite is still Tong Heng‘s. But it turned out to be really quite nice!!! Hahaha!
 photo 20160522_114529_zpsndwlapkh.jpg

Didn’t had curry fish head this time because the fussy boy doesn’t want, so they brought me to try IT Roo Cafe instead~ They are actually famous for their chicken chops, but I find it so-so only. Maybe I was feeling too hot to eat after the long walk =/
 photo 20160522_123917_zpsiu0lra4t.jpg

Waiting for our grab car chauffeur after the meal and off to KSL!
 photo IMG-20160522-WA0011_zpsdmz4pmcu.jpg

Had a record-breaking short trip this time and we actually finished our shopping at KSL before 5pm! Not a lot of loots in quantity but a lot in terms of the weight ._. Back to City Square for dinner and to shop a little more before finally heading back!

Good to be back to rest a little while before “welcoming” the Monday blues~ 1 more week to go! x.x


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