Joey’s Farewell!

Managed to keep myself pretty occupied this week, so that time can pass faster~ But it has still been a grumpy week – not that I am feeling it but everyone’s commenting about my aura ._. Probably due to lack of sleep; haven’t been sleeping well this week. Anyhow, started the week with a hearty breakfast! (:
 photo 20160523_104102_zpswr39q4u2.jpg

 photo 20160524_100831_zps0kdpgurk.jpg

Yay! Gift from Korea!

It was Mr Ho’s last day and he gave us a treat at Swensen’s as promised! 😛 A well-deserved treat because we had all cleared a lot of shit for him~
 photo 20160524_141014_zps4fro6gfr.jpg

Ending off with a fondue! YUMS~!!!
 photo 20160524_145833_zpsllsazo2l.jpg

GP: I really think the fondue is not worth it. It’s so expensive! Honestly, I would never order it if it’s not a treat; it’s a waste of money.

J: *after listening to the repeated nagging* I really don’t know what do you girls want. I never treat, you all will say I stingy. I treat, you say waste money~ Haix!

LOLOL. I think he had also suffered a lot working in an all-female environment…hahaha! We are like nagging at him every day and indeed, for the past 1 year, I felt like I have a younger sibling who is actually older than me -_-”

Nevertheless, I will miss this next-door neighbour of mine and our daily chit-chats. I will also miss bullying him and knocking on the wall to summon him over…hahaha! He definitely makes a better friend than a colleague, which we had also told him honestly on this last day…LOL. Till we meet again, my most talkative friend! (:
 photo 20160524_151911_zpsdscmckbl.jpg

And that day came the very next day! Because he already started missing us after 1 day so he came back with mao shan wang durian for us!!! Something which he owed us for a longggggggg time~
 photo 20160525_115123_zpsbs4rux0j.jpg

 photo IMG-20160525-WA0001_zpsfyi9uxbu.jpg

Hiding at the staircase to eat because Maj hates the smell xD

One last wefie session because we didn’t do so on the actual last day!
 photo IMG-20160525-WA0008_zpsldqwkath.jpg
 photo IMG-20160525-WA0014_zps9hs4haeg.jpg

The supposed ice-cream date with Gui turned into a mini Clique outing because Kai and buddy are back from their New Zealand trip! Envy much~ Had a nice time catching up at The Snaky Wine Shop while the two of them shared a bit about their trip (:
 photo 20160525_215643_zpsyfqkicly.jpg

Oh the place which is introduced by buddy, is actually opened by an ex-Mediacorp artiste!
 photo 20160525_230619_zpsed1rlx47.jpg

 photo 20160525_211057_zpsmrgoa5oa.jpg

White wine to start off!

 photo 20160525_213350_zpsuaxvm9j1.jpg

Followed by red!

Ended off with another white because buddy didn’t have enough and I also didn’t mind having one more bottle. Still prefer white to red!

 photo 20160525_220735_zpsgpvkaqhe.jpg

My long-lost friend!

 photo 20160525_220809_zpsrw8dujki.jpg


Yes, even Miss President joined us~ But nope, she hasn’t gained weight. Somehow the angle made her gain like 10 pounds…LOL.
 photo 20160525_220934_zpsrnsx3kui.jpg
 photo 20160525_220945_zpsb5dgcxe6.jpg

 photo 20160525_232914_zpssvivwwz1.jpg

First time getting chauffeured by Gui!
Usually just a pillion~

Had my favourite soon kueh dipped in one whole packet of chilli again! 😀 Gonna miss the sweet AP, directors and all the 丰盛的早餐!
 photo 20160526_101925_zpssce0viut.jpg

Oh! Gonna miss the daily 4.30pm tea break as well! Only applicable when the glutton MZ 导演 is around! Hahaha! At least we had a healthier tea break – fruits party this time! (:
 photo 20160526_164053_zps7gjjxt8a.jpg

Catch-up session with Kai Bin & Co just less than a month after our Malacca trip~ And I’ve got pressies again! Hehe!

 photo 20160526_205822_zpsnpw5rik8.jpg

Gifts from Hong Kong and Bundung!

 photo 20160526_195704_zps9lqbekgk.jpg

My kind of dinner (:


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