After a healthy tea break on Thursday, guess what we had on Friday? Favourite SWISS ROLLS!!!
 photo 20160527_101714_zpsjpb85s43.jpg

Actually it was more for breakfast, but whichever; it’s been really long since we last had it! Only when MZ 导演 is around then we would have such 口福, because he has really long legs that can get there within half of our time ._.

Friday night was not wasted too! Had a good meal with my PPGs, thanks to Yinning’s mighty 1-for-1 app! 😛 But the initial restaurant we wanted to visit was full house, so we changed to another further down the road – Luxe Sydney!

I mean it’s true that when you look at the overly simple logo, you might not be attracted to visit. But it turned out to be quite a nice place! Super love their pretty glass that I kept taking photos of it! Haha!
 photo 20160527_201307_zps5ltz8lyo.jpg
 photo 20160527_201203_zpszph5byy1.jpg
 photo 20160527_201244_zpsy0ou9lxu.jpg

We ordered only 2 main courses to share amongst the 4 of us for a start because we didn’t wanna over-order. Both turned out pretty nice!

 photo 20160527_203038_zpssb3x9gje.jpg

Slow-cooked Pork Burger

 photo 20160527_203051_zpslxbxg5kb.jpg

Braised Lamb Shoulder with Flatbread

But the portion is not very big so in the end we ordered another 2 main courses~ After much contemplation, we finally decided on the salad that we want and I was looking forward to it! Cause I love salad and I imagined it to be a huge bowl of caesar salad kind. Not until the girls mentioned to me that there’s quinoa in it……….

I had a shock immediately because even though I don’t come across this word often, I remember it being a traumatising word. I forgot where I had tried it before (but I think I had tried something as disgusting at Nandos before?) and I have a gut feeling and deep impression that I don’t like it.

So when the salad was served, we were quite disappointed with the portion because it definitely doesn’t look like it worth 24 bucks. My $9.90 Cedele salad is so much more worth it and not to mention, so much tastier~ Because this quinoa thing totally spoils the whole dish!!!
 photo 20160527_210801_zps960xqrw5.jpg

Okay to be fair, I think quinoa is an either love or hate thing. Nad and Yinning loves it, whereas Xiao Qian and I just couldn’t stand the overly unique smell from the cumin spices. Just a taste of it made me wanna puke. OMG. I don’t wanna be racist here, but it’s really a smell that I can’t stand.

Thank goodness, the other main course – mushroom lasagne was great!!! I think mushroom just never goes wrong (:
 photo 20160527_211352_zpsk6v1rm9f.jpg

Supposed to head off to another 1-for-1 place for dessert but we got attracted by a crowded bingsu place halfway! So like Singaporeans, we just queued for it as well…LOL!
 photo IMG-20160528-WA0002_zpssy1fw8ez.jpg

Waited quite a while because there were some scumbags who were still sitting around, looking at their phones even when they had finished eating. And there were still sitting there, looking at their phones when we had finished eventually! Zzzzzzz. No internet at home meh?

 photo 20160527_225043_zps59ulogon.jpg

Mango bingsu @ Bingki!

Wefies with our super cute bingsu! Hehe! And the mangoes are super sweet and nice! Totally made up for my bad bingsu experience at Cafe Insadong~
 photo IMG-20160528-WA0004_zpsqnwqnebb.jpg
 photo IMG-20160528-WA0001_zpsho2nrgtg.jpg

Finally had a VJC outing and even though it was actually for my super belated birthday, it was the meet-up with my 2 secondary school besties that matters more. Because we only meet like 3 times a year! So 一次都不能少 😛

It’s been so long since we last met that we had a hard time recalling where did we go! Luckily I still have my blog archives to serve our poor memory~ Re-visited Boufe again and it was Joanjoan and Chienny’s first time there, but I was still looking forward to it because I love the beautiful place! Hehe!
 photo 20160528_130841_zpszztycisl.jpg

And this is the reason why Joanjoan chose this place – the colour-changing Twilight drink! xD
 photo 20160528_132253_zpsng0y7szb.jpg

 photo 20160528_132313_zpsrg0j9lr1.jpg

Transforming in progress~

 photo 20160528_132328_zpsxkgoa9x2.jpg

Indeed so pretty after the transformation!

Joanjoan and I spent quite a bit of time taking turns to take “artistic” shots of the food that Chienny was like … speechless there as usual…hahaha!
 photo 20160528_133208_zpsgxkhiiyd.jpg

Was very tempted to order the same Eggs Royale again but I decided to be adventurous this time and tried their new dish – Salted Egg Yolk Crayfish! Not bad, but it would be better if the salted egg yolk gravy can be a littleeeeeeee bit more for salted egg yolk craze like me xD
 photo 20160528_133124_zps2d5nci6x.jpg

Choice of dessert remains the same because it’s a must-have! I remember how much I loved it and I still do! (:
 photo 20160528_135500_zpsfk3iwy8t.jpg

 photo 20160528_135758_zpsxkfwmj6f.jpg

The layers within! (:

 photo 20160528_140224_zpsipwviwbn.jpg

Dessert is LOVE!

 photo 20160528_132614_zpsvaqm0fmz.jpg

Thank you for my requested pressie! Hehe!
Yes, I have very coarse feet ._.

Taking “artistic” shots with the pretty swing again before leaving! 😀 Can I bring it home~~~
 photo 20160528_141551_zpsxnic8hbg.jpg
 photo 20160528_141606_zpsvvt2hgdr.jpg photo 20160528_141659_zpsh5z9zzpa.jpg

Rushed off for MINDS outing at Bishan Park! The team had came up with some interesting station games for the residents and we ended the hot day with ice-cream for each and everyone! 😀 A pity I can’t share the photos of the happy residents enjoying their ice-cream…haha!

Everyone was damn sticky after the outing but I had the privilege of going home to shower first before joining the volunteers for dinner! 😛 Then it was the usual Mac gathering but no one brought card games this time, so we played Charades instead! Had so much fun and laughter guessing…haha!

-During Charades game and guessing the topic of BRANDS-

JY: Your dark eye circle! Your dark eye circle! Which animal has the same???!

And I got it right immediately. CRYYYYYY~ First time Hello Panda became a sad food D:
 photo IMG-20160528-WA0014_zpslcvvgx7h.jpg

Took the chance to 填 some 运 for the one who had a mishap before the outing by having a mini advanced birthday celebration for him! But obviously he could hardly smile >.< Although I only witnessed the aftermath, it was still rather traumatising. Guess I really don’t know how to handle angry people. Nevertheless, happy birthday Mr Law!!!
 photo 20160528_203836_zpsycfvl55z.jpg

My arm got vandalised again~ But whatever that curbs the anger ._.
 photo 20160528_221448_zpsqi7r7yf3.jpg
 photo 20160528_221458_zps87czr8gg.jpg

And then round 2: Swollen hands after a violent scissors-paper-stone~
 photo 20160528_231635_zpsprgxhjeg.jpg

Ended the night with a HTHT and all I can say is, we are not saints, as much as we wish we are. Just because we are volunteers doesn’t mean that we are angels and we are definitely good and magnanimous people. We can never make each and every one happy, unless we choose to be unhappy ourselves.

Resumed NDP practice after 2 weeks and at least I was looking more forward to it than previously! Partly because it’s no longer at the ulu Kranji Camp~ Even though Expo is equally far for me, the level of civilisation is different. At least the toilets are so much cleaner and that’s a big plus-point already.

Nevertheless, I still dislike the war zone and the process of shouting at each other. It’s very unhealthy and as much as I know that’s what happens at war, I’m still not enjoying any bit of it.

When I ask a question, I expect a proper answer and not hasty one like I’m supposed to read minds. Most of the time, control freaks expect others to know what they are doing and be on track, because they think that everyone should think the way he/she is thinking (so of course no disagreement and all if not you suffer an even more impatient tone).

I mean I am very impatient myself, but in order to make sure everyone’s on the same track as me, I would definitely first give proper instructions first and not expect anyone to have mind-reading power. I only get impatient when I have explained and yet one still doesn’t understand or do the otherwise. But it’s completely unfair and ridiculous when I get that impatient tone when I wasn’t even told what or how are we going to go about doing.

It’s like a sudden, “Ok, bring these 2 (participants) over there.” Like over where?! Who the hell knows how you are intending to plot it or which part you are planning to start with except yourself? And if you attempt to try your luck and guess what he/she wants, get ready to be blasted if it’s wrong. But it’s not any better if you attempt to check or ask either, cause you can expect an equally unpleasant tone. Which is what I dislike. Like being reprimand for something that’s not even my fault.

Sometimes it gets worse when you said something, then A said a different thing, and B would automatically thinks that A is correct and I am wrong, because I am the least experienced. But guess what? Most of the time, they will realise that I am right in the end (after my 3618371937th attempts to convince them), because sorry to say, I think I am the least likely to be long-sighted >.>

This is something that has been ongoing since last year – this disadvantage of being inexperienced thing. But no matter how many times I am right in the end, I still get doubt the very next time. Why? Because you will tend to think that you are definitely right, which everyone will make this mistake, so fair enough.

I mean we are all still friends and all after that, which is good, because it shows that we are 公私分明, but it’s too much negative ions for me. Shouting is never positive, so is being shouted at; definitely ain’t enjoying it. Guess I could only blame it on this race against time~

Negativity aside, it’s time for some positive ions to recharge! I think everyone is happy that we are having our practice at Expo because there’s food fair going on there!!! Hahaha!

 photo IMG-20160529-WA0013_zpsnuj5qm6o.jpg

With Dodo! Hehe!


Free food again! All thanks to the 人气王~

And after getting some food, we had our own picnic right there! 😀 Look at the huge sotong that Miss Sotong Kelly bought!
 photo IMG-20160529-WA0006_zpsim2racba.jpg

 photo IMG-20160529-WA0010_zpsjoknmlfd.jpg

Our happy reunion! ((((:


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