First ACID!

Ironically, this week was much more boring and unfulfilling than the previous 2, but I still tried to keep myself as occupied as I can~ Super dislike the virus bug! Hmph!

Sunflower Oreo mango cake to boost some sunshine for the gloomy week! But was down with a bad sore throat so it was extra gloomy not being able to swallow anything without any pain.
 photo 20160530_142215_zpsdgc3brad.jpg

Office was damn 热闹 because Miss K visited despite her busy schedule! And we decided to have a wefie session 😀
 photo IMG-20160531-WA0005_zpsf2ho2odn.jpg
 photo IMG-20160531-WA0006_zpshtw4sb3h.jpg

With our dearest Ah Gong who always buy good food for us!!! xD
 photo IMG-20160531-WA0009_zps0htfgqpd.jpg
 photo IMG-20160531-WA0010_zpsrl7pazw3.jpg

Then we had the 四连拍 which turned out like a morning workout, cause we gotta keep changing positions and etc within the short timing…LOL.

 photo IMG-20160531-WA0008_zps68k5asqf.jpg

Obviously not ready for the last shot >.<

 photo IMG-20160531-WA0007_zpsna9vditf.jpg

A successful 四连拍!

But the ecstatic smile in the last shot above reminds me of this childhood photo with my neighbours!

It’s like exactly the same except for the absence of the mop on my head >.> I don’t know why I was smiling so ecstatically, but yeah I was definitely damn tomboy back then because of all the adventures with le pig brother~

After enjoying all the tea breaks mostly sponsored by MZ 导演, it was my turn to treat everyone! Beancurd tart for tea break! 😀
 photo 20160530_163959_zpsvywktmdn.jpg

Gonna miss all the 4.30pm tea breaks and all his nonsense! Hahaha! This was taken when the unglam Ping suddenly chuckled during lunch and had some eggs flying out from her mouth, so he quickly moved to another table to siam her…hahahahahaha!!!
 photo 20160602_142738_zps5pmgrxtu.jpg

One fine day after lunch~ Paddlepop to brighten up the day! (:
 photo 20160603_152441_zpsoodjmicp.jpg

Long long long-awaited movie date – X-Men 😦 Felt like a forced deal in Monopoly~ Not a bad movie though.

And on one of the boring nightssss, I attempted to make le pig brother’s favourite Japanese dango for him! 😀
 photo 20160603_212733_zpsvofvirkh.jpg

It actually tasted quite decent with the red bean~ Looks quite decent too right! Like the ones sold in the Japan 7-11! Hehe!
 photo 20160603_220041_zpsejsb8e5w.jpg

 photo 20160603_215340_zpsk9t2jthh.jpg

Happy end of reservist! xD

And guess what’s with this mess on my sofa?!
 photo 20160603_140034_zpsxqpiyfpe.jpg

It’s because VIP Dylan is here again! 😛
 photo 20160603_165603_zpspk4fviib.jpg

Was busy rushing a project so did not have as much time to play with him the whole day~ But he was being entertained by his funny videos!
 photo 20160603_165639_zpsdi4vggkx.jpg

Dancing to the song~ So cute!

Impromptu BBH session with Gui because I was looking for activity on the boring Friday night while he happened to be thirsty! Yayyyy~ Kai and WJ joined later on with a friend and I guess they were all damn surprised to see me at their regular hangout! Hahaha!

But I was actually there just to sing free K since it’s a beer place~ Ended up watching a good show of how-egos-make-man-fall (literally). Quite entertaining though. I was appalled -.-”
 photo 20160604_010757_zpsw02ztkoj.jpg

Long-missed! Not so much of the kway chup, since it’s a new place that I had not been to, but more of the Saturday routine (:
 photo 20160604_105059_zpsbghzmf9i.jpg

Off to the Sports Hub to join le volunteers for yet another MINDS camp! But this time round it’s a bigger camp involving not just our own residents, but residents/clients/members from the other MINDS group too! It’s actually an annual camp, yet it’s again my first time joining! =X

But honestly speaking, after this experience, I actually prefer our own annual camp ._. This has got too much waiting time involved, and the games were wayyyyy too simple. I kinda feel that they have underestimated our residents’ capability~ So you can feel a bit “useless” at times actually. I prefer activities that I can be more actively engaged with the residents.

Anyhow, there were definitely still some memorable moments, like when we finally, finally completed this puzzle for one of the game stations! Hahaha! We were the last, but my dearest residents still managed to impress me. I couldn’t figure out some parts as well, but they still managed to do it in the end ((:
 photo 20160604_145926_zpspp0jmc3p.jpg

Went back to the camp site at PJC where we rested for a while before dinner~ Ended off the night with a carnival and their favourite disco night! I think the carnival games are more fun (except the queuing part) and the residents were also damn happy with all their prizes – lots and lots of snacks!!! Hahaha!

Preparing for the Photobooth station! Tiara with my new signature VV-脸 pose xD
 photo IMG-20160606-WA0005_zpsnvaltzih.jpg

Despite it being quite a “relaxing” camp, we were still kinda exhausted after walking around the whole day~ But not for the residents. They just seemed to have all the energy for the disco night! The rest of us – the volunteers were like, “We have passed the age of this T.T *sit down and rest*” Hahahahaha. 老人 max.

Left before midnight because I still have NDP the next day~ Starting with a good lunch first! Was in a porridge mood since it’s the easiest to swallow, but it wasn’t available so it was kway chup again for the second consecutive day~ Not that I mind actually…hehe.
 photo 20160605_113307_zps09igyrcu.jpg

This week’s practice was much more enjoyable because firstly, I had to take charge of my people in the centre star formation, so I get to work alone and be excused from being stuck in the middle of the chaos. Secondly, I only have like 18 people to deal with, and these 18 people that I have chosen are the most cooperative and understanding ones thus far, so it was easy to arrange them.

Thirdly, I get to “watch show” instead; not being a sadist, but at least now A understands how exasperating it feels to be completely lost when the other partner is doing his/her arrangement without proper discussion/instruction. “You have to tell me where to put these people, because I have no idea what you are doing!” *ahem* Exactly my voice-over in the head last week, except that mine probably includes some F word.

Well, I don’t really like or need to be in control, unless I have to. But between being stuck in a shouting war and having to work alone, of course I feel happier with the latter. The sense of achievement is greater too, completing something on your own~ Although no praises, you still feel happy when you heard 老师 saying that the centre star has done well 😀 Oh and to add on to the pleasant week, we have finally completed all the formations!!! YEAHHHHH~!!!

No more food fair this week, but there’s pasar malam in Tampines!!! Teeheee~! Was a little disappointed when we couldn’t find any tutu kueh there, luckily the determined Cla suggested that we check out the other side as well, which we actually doubt that there would be anymore food there since it’s mostly clothes…

BUT THERE IS!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe! TEN and the person let me have 1 chocolate one to try~ Not bad, but I still love my coconut one the most ❤
 photo 20160605_213309_zps2oiwptfl.jpg



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