Super random MOS Burger meetup with PPGs again! But we decided to dabao over to Nad’s place so that we can drink and eat at the same time! Hehe! Thank you Nad again for yet another good wine (:
 photo 20160607_211515_zpsec6hrv6p.jpg

Had a happier week because of more quality time spent 😀 Some yummy alcoholic cakes to brighten up the week further!
 photo 20160607_090320_zpspgcyuabc.jpg

Was happy to see all my favourite dishes available so the greedy me decided to order all 3~ Thought I could finish them since I did not order the porridge, which I did finish, but I was so full for the whole day! I think my digestion is really baddddd 😦 Guess my maximum is really just 2 dishes.
 photo 20160608_131234_zpsdkorlagn.jpg


The unusual feast! =O

Impromptu decision to catch Young & Fabulous! To be honest, it wasn’t on my to-watch list but I did consider before~ The reviews seem pretty good anyway, so I didn’t mind. But after watching, ermmmmm…. I think maybe I will enjoy it more if I am into cosplay…hehe.

Had a very shiok weekly hot yoga session even though my right thigh is still handicapped since 3 weeks ago >.< Kinda pulled a muscle or something when I was practising my split at home without any warmup…Zzzzz. Have been feeling pain in the right thigh for almost all the poses, hence I can’t stretch as much as the left side. Hopefully it recovers soon, if not I will not be able to fully enjoy my favourite Hot Stretch class anymore –CRY!!!

 photo 20160610_191558_zpsqfeq2x9a.jpg

我爱黑黑 (((:

Had been wanting to re-visit this place again because I kinda love it, and I love it more when I get to share the place!
 photo 20160610_220637_zpsyx8jp7hg.jpg

 photo 20160610_200844_zpsecbkixci.jpg

Chilling with Whisky & my super nice White Peach Bellini!

 photo 20160610_204311_zpsgq5p5bhi.jpg

My beautiful Friday night!

Ending the long work week this way is simply a luxury~ I could just shut my eyes, surrender to the beautiful tune and forget all the stress from work (:
 photo 20160610_204226_zpsjlow5j4m.jpg

I don’t know if there’s any hotel bar as beautiful as Divine, but saying that it’s like a hotel lobby lounge is still an understatement to me! I think I may even compare it with The Palace of Versailles – the Singapore version 😛
 photo 20160610_204407_zpsipukma1c.jpg
 photo 20160610_205402_zpsersazdq1.jpg
 photo 20160610_204337_zpsmftclfb5.jpg

 photo 20160610_204453_zps887ozbuq.jpg

The signature wine cabinet!

And I managed to catch the fairy fly 3 times in a night! 😀

Loving the exterior as well! Simply love the whole palace! *dance around~*
 photo 20160610_220740-1_zpsugrxzdi5.jpg
 photo 20160610_220801_zps0o0cesgq.jpg

Had a long day on Saturday because NDP is officially on Saturdays now and it was a long practice this week~ But at least all the formations are done (though there are changes coming next week T.T), so it wasn’t such a stressful practice. Was still busy with the costume collection stuff after practice and only managed to leave at 7+ pm. Legs super 酸 and couldn’t wait to sit down!

So after that, I sat for the next 6 hours, because it was Mahjong time~! Haha! Long time since we last played and I think we were all pretty lucky this time – lots of 自摸-ing~ Just that someone’s a master of self-touching so I got $15 poorer after the 2 rounds x.x

Managed to sleep in on the lazy Sunday before loveboy arrived! Spent some time in le pig brother’s dark room watching Youtube videos together while Sis and Vic went to get lunch~ The boy was telling us the cartoons that he likes now and none of which we have heard of ._. Generation gap much.

Then we celebrated Mamemo’s birthday again in advance! As usual, it was nobody’s but Isaac’s task to fix the candles~
 photo 20160612_135820_zpsl2eoedty.jpg
 photo 20160612_135758_zps11loh9cf.jpg

 photo 20160612_140144_zpslg0dl5zs.jpg

All ready!

Told him to smile and he gave us this, which I couldn’t stop laughing whenever I see it…hahahahahahaha!!!
 photo 20160612_140438_zps9kgxp23q.jpg

 photo 20160612_140459_zpsxnlowpxf.jpg

Shy boy hiding behind Pooh!

 photo 20160612_140533_zpspbwwayso.jpg

Singing the birthday songs!

 photo 20160612_140614_zpspolwaev4.jpg

Blowing candles together again with 外婆 (:

Thought I would be lazing the whole Sunday away after Sis left and I even took a nap! Can’t remember when was the last time I even napped~ But anyhow, super impromptu K-session with buddy, Gui, Queen and Kai at night!
 photo 20160612_204648_zpsfrdb9zsf.jpg

I was rolling in bed when we were discussing about singing next week and I randomly said why not today. Who knows I woke up with messages agreeing to it! Hahaha! So impromptu that I didn’t even bother to put makeup because we were cabbing to and fro xD
 photo 20160612_204715_zpsqgj6nkqd.jpg

This is how you look when you have not shitted for days.
 photo 20160612_204702_zpsotz1idm6.jpg

Asking Mr LDR to sing this song while thinking of Winnie, who is in New Zealand now…hahaha! He gave gek sai face as well~ I think guys are most emotional when they shit?
 photo 20160612_205134_zpsl8rpqghm.jpg

Nice catch-up session! Especially when I had not seen le Queen for months~ Her tummy is expanding so much each time I see her….hahaha! Guess the next time I see her it would be a plus one already. Can’t wait to carry 二筒!:D


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