Me Before You

 photo 20160613_140648_zpsqy326rs7.jpg

llaollao for lunch after IPL appointment! ^^

 photo 20160613_202212_zpshjvubxvk.jpg

Gudetama in bikini! Hahahaha!
Because round is also a shape~

Happy Mondate spent with Me Before You! I can’t even remember the last romance movie I watched~ I think it was 《我的少女时代》? It has been superheroes and more superheroes these days, because there just ain’t many popular romance movies lately. Definitely miss this genre!!!


Totally bawled my eyeballs out watching it. Okay too 夸张, but I did cry so hard that I ended up with a headache. Because you know when you cry too hard it kinda gek your muscles in the head and etc.

Well anyway, I quite like the movie, even though I am kinda disappointed in the guy. I am not disappointed in the ending of the story, because not every story has to have a happy ending, but I am just disappointed in the guy’s decision. I am disappointed that he did not live for her, and a part of me believes that his love for her is not as strong or deep enough, that’s why.

I mean I know that he’s feeling lots of pain and etc, but I have always naively believe that love can change a lot of things, and can salvage a lot of things as well. When there’s a will, there’s a way. And when there’s love, it gives you hope and determination to find the way. At least that’s what I think. And of all the things he mentioned that he wish he could do, I’m sure Lou doesn’t even mind that he can’t. It’s only his ego that is playing him and making him feel all miserable. They were and could still be happy together!

So I could totally understand when Lou bawled and said he’s being selfish, which I think he is. How does he expect her to continue to live on happily? Luckily Lou is optimistic and happy-go-lucky, but still, it’s cruel to do that. You have a girl who doesn’t even mind about all these and who is willing to take care of you, who has fallen for you and you have also fallen for, yet you just choose to push her away and worse, DIE?

To think that he was the one who told her, “Live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle.” Yet he did not live boldly for her, and with her. I’m sad. Very sad. Perhaps I really thought their love could overcome anything. And perhaps, I was really hoping for a happily ever after after all.


Anyway, received a suspicious parcel from Director Khoo again! The moment 大宝 told me it’s from him, I had a bad feeling -_-”
 photo 20160614_142448_zpsadewtrba.jpg

 photo 20160614_145006_zpsfobjkbkt.jpg

The confidential word made it seems even more suspicious!

 photo 20160614_141020_zpspo2thhzs.jpg

Even Aloy is shocked! xD

And yes, I was shocked for like 1 second before bursting into laughter once again! WTH is this?! Antique from 15 years ago?????
 photo 20160614_141504_zpsinvq6okk.jpg

And because Mr Khoo is very well-known for his recycling spirit, so don’t be surprised when you receive a CNY card in JUNE (or a box of expired chocolate) -___-|||
 photo 20160614_141530_zpsor8cp2vt.jpg

So I have got yet another card from my “Hanwei“! I really must thank this very free 导演 for all his constant effort in trying to fulfill my wish! LOL! But FYI, I think Hanwei hardly writes in English xD
 photo 20160614_141639_zpsaawar3d9.jpg

I think everyone should be aware that our broadcast station is moving to the new site soon, so I guess you know why I am receiving these whole pile of Hanwei’s photo collection! Tsk. I would like to emphasise again, I like the Hanwei NOW and not the past 《阳光列车》time >.>
 photo 20160614_141442_zpstbuc1p5k.jpg

 photo 20160614_210406_zpsxkfrknql.jpg

Crashing a secondary school gathering ((:

 photo 20160614_131501_zpshklnj95m.jpg

Soon kueh with CHILLI! Finally!

 photo 20160615_182030_zpsx4gispdh.jpg

The 4th AP caught sleeping on my sofa – our dearest 大宝!xD

 photo 20160615_223638_zpsevluxrau.jpg

My fragile-looking sunflower D:
Why you no bloom~

 photo 20160616_134603_zpsszvass6k.jpg

Long long long-missed lunch!
Even the boss said we hasn’t come for 5 years…hahaha!

Joined the boys at BBH again after y0ga because buddy said he wants some opinion for his future plans. Nice place to talk about your future -_- I didn’t mind since there’s free K there, and it was pretty empty since it was a Thursday night, so we got to sing all night long~

Checking out the wine there (which I didn’t know they have) because the guys keep insisting that I order something. Zzzzz. Not bad luh. But still prefer cocktails 😛
 photo 20160616_213032_zpsqtcroahh.jpg

Talking about future was only like 1%; the remaining time was watching “drunkard show” again, and this time round it was Gui with his silly acts. The fact that he took out his phone and took a wefie with me already shows how drunk he was, let alone posting it on Facebook (he hardly posts anything)!


That look-at-this-drunkard look~

Gonna be a father soon and yet still like a boy -.- Can never stop worrying for this dearest 姐妹 of mine. The moment he walked out of the bar drunk and almost got knocked down by a car, all of us came out one after another to lecture him…Zzzzzz.
 photo IMG-20160617-WA0001_zpsppy8ooqo.jpg

 photo 20160617_002600_zpssa2wxvgb.jpg

BBH Pool Loser~

 photo 20160617_114234_zpsusfnmfos.jpg

Mr Director bringing shake-leg to a next level xD

Was granted a free half-day off from work on Friday because there was nothing to do. YAYYYYY~!!! Although I did not manage to satisfy my cravings, it was a well-spent Fridate with lots of quality time ((:

It was raining like the whole day, so no Vitamin Sea or park, could only stay within indoors. Checked out the NTUC hub in Joo Koon first and it got me excited for a while especially with the attractive prices for the wines. But in the end I got to know that it’s a membership-only NTUC! You gotta apply for their special membership card (not the usual NTUC member card) in order to make purchases there! If not you gotta pay extra $5 for your items…Zzzzzz. I feel that it’s kinda stupid because the guy in front of me didn’t know as well and ended up having to put back his whole basket of items.

 photo 20160617_175019_zpsj92b8spa.jpg

Best for rainy days (:

Chanced upon a pasar malam after dinner and squeezed down a few tutu kuehshehe! Forgot to take picture though~ Then did some shopping for someone’s BIG sports day. It’s quite cute seeing a big guy getting all excited…hahaha!

 photo 20160617_194244_zpsxl0husgq.jpg

First visit to Buck Tile St Cafe!

 photo 20160617_194315_zpsemyktpil.jpg

Pretty exterior!

 photo 20160617_195503_zpsontiiavb.jpg

Interior is spacious and nice too~

 photo 20160617_195442_zpsamxvxjce.jpg

Raffles Place at a different timezone???

 photo 20160617_201958_zpswooyaht3.jpg

Look who’s in the cot!

 photo 20160617_195425_zpslakrzqq2.jpg

Array of cakes~

As much as I really appreciate being brought to a new place, I would also appreciate more if the decision-making part can be a shared effort. I think I have mentioned before that when it comes to food that is for sharing, I dislike having to make the decision alone. I like looking at menu together and filtering the choices together, or at least one filtering and one chooses from the filtered choices. Hmmmmm.

Couldn’t decide which to order amongst my own filtered choices (when everything looks too good!), so in the end I decided to go for the most Instagrammable choice – Blue Velvet Cake! It’s the trend now – everyone’s going for food that looks aesthetically good so that you can have a nice post on Instagram…haha. Taste is not bad too, just a little too sweet with the frosting~
 photo 20160617_195602_zpsvnj5er5z.jpg

Ended the night with grocery-shopping, since I did not manage to get anything at the NTUC hub~ Happy Friday nevertheless and definitely TGIF! ❤


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