Good Food Weekend!

 photo 20160618_091759_zpsyydqtnsl.jpg

Favourite prata before NDP practice! ((:

 photo 20160618_110948_zpszjchjnqz.jpg

Egg tart treats from Bevan!

It’s the same nice Tiong Bahru egg tart that he bought the other time! 😀
 photo 20160618_111305_zpsomhgj5vl.jpg
 photo 20160618_111352_zpssskyod8k.jpg

Trying to mimick his ever-confident-model-wannabe new profile picture pose! LOL!
 photo 20160618_112100_zpscjfowfyj.jpg

It was an earlier but shorter practice this week excluding the costume-fitting session. Some changes but everything went quite well and I think it’s final, so yayyyyyy~ We are ready for the new stadium! 😀 Goodbye Expo!
 photo 20160618_114957_zpsdj4v1ngk.jpg

Feast after practice! Finally have enough people to try the zichar at Zi Zai! Not just prata and assam laksa this time…YUMS~!!! 😛


Kangkong – 4 Stars


Monkey Head Mushroom – 4.5 Stars


Fish soup – 3 Stars

Not biased hor. It’s really not thick enough; there are much better vegetarian fish soup out there~ Of course minus another 0.5 star because they put 香菜 which spoils it even though I said no 香菜! >.>


Hotplate tofu – 4 stars


Eggplant with preserved veggie – 5 stars!

I seriously think the eggplant is the nicest choice leh! It was recommended by Limin and I even called her to ask which is it…hahaha! Love it! (Removed the 香菜 in time before it spoils my dish~)

Off for Mahjong session again and I won! Yayyyyy! Won $1 ._. Consolation prize for not being able to visit my Hello Kitty cafe. Meh.

 photo 20160619_115827_zpsezyytjbq.jpg

Yummy cheese tarts from Lyn!

With salted egg yolk flowing out~~~ Definitely worth the sin more than 2 plates of rice! 😛
 photo 20160619_115953_zpsjjaxc0pq.jpg

After last week’s celebration, we decided to bring Mamemo out for a birthday lunch this week! Chose the famous Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat because Bro and I had been talking about since years ago and we hadn’t checked out if it’s really the legendary Whampoa one.

We went to the Rangoon Road outlet (the one opened by the 2nd wife) because the reviews seem better, but I must say that I was greatly disappointed even before eating. We were given a Father’s Day special menu with just like 4 different set meals to choose from. Most of dishes I wanna try weren’t even on that menu!

The staff told us that they only have this special menu for today, but we can add on whatever dishes we want. So we asked for the usual menu so that we can choose those whatever-dishes but he kept insisting that they do not have the menu!

He was trying so hard to sell the set meals which are obviously “chopping your carrot” kind – $118+++ for 1 fish head steamboat, 1 pathetic serving of salted egg yolk prawn, a very-normal veggie topped with 3 small abalone (that’s where the main cost goes to I guess?) and dessert.
 photo 20160619_125406_zpsdtulxkuj.jpg

When asked why weren’t we informed about this set menu thing, he even replied, “你又没有问!” Like WTF? It’s our first time here and yet this is the kind of service we are getting?! How the hell do we know that you gonna have a special menu for special occasions??? You think we run this business?

So we continued asking for the normal menu so that Sis can see what’s there for Isaac to eat. But he went on insisting they do not have the menu, which is ridiculous because THEY HAVE MENU ON THE WEBSITE!!! So I even resort to having to go online myself to look at the menu to choose the remaining dishes and that’s when he finally reluctantly got us the damn menu! So damn pissed!

I didn’t bother taking pictures of the other dishes because the fish head steamboat is the main thing we were there for. But it turned out quite disappointing because the one I had at Whampoa market actually tasted much much better. Sweeter and thicker~ Much more fish also; this only has pathetic few pieces.

And this didn’t really taste like a fish soup. It has a slight bitter taste (not sure if it’s from the herbs or veggie), so I didn’t like it. I think all of us at the table agreed that we have tried better fish soup elsewhere before, so now I wonder what happened to all the 5-star reviews that I have read. Hmmmmm.
 photo 20160619_125320_zpsudz1m7zx.jpg

 photo 20160619_133508_zpshzlmutdr.jpg

The very mini palm-size dessert which even Isaac complained that it’s so small -.-“

So in conclusion, Whampoa Keng is highly-overrated. Poor service and mediocre soup. Only salted egg yolk sotong is not bad, the rest are really not worth the price. To make up for the average meal, Vic suggested going for durians after that! Of course I have no objection despite being pretty full 😛 It’s my turn to treat everyone!

We ordered 1 big Mao Shan Wang and 1 D24, but both consist of some seeds which are not ripe yet. So the person compensated us with 1 more D24 and Mao Shan Wang, which were both better than the ones we bought! So in the end we had 4 durians in total…hehe~
 photo 20160619_142448_zpsdz6qw92i.jpg

Unglam photo of Mamemo enjoying her durian, taken by Isaac! xD
I think this is the first photo of 3 of us together! I don’t remember having such childhood photos~
 photo IMG-20160619-WA0004_zpsukgxbzp9.jpg

And of course, it’s even more rare that we are having this wefie together!
 photo IMG-20160619-WA0007_zps9kqiores.jpg

The only childhood photo collections I have are the ones taken when I was around 3-12 years old, and they are mostly solo pictures or with cousins. Most of them were taken by my parents, hence they are hardly in the shot.

As we grow older, we don’t really go out together anymore, especially after 外公 passed away, so the more there wasn’t any childhood photos of us. Not forgetting that le pig brother is ultra-camera-shy, that means the harder it is to get him into a photo~ So to say that our Disneyland group photo last year was precious, this photo with mum is even more precious ❤

Cheeky boy taking over the selfie stick!

 photo IMG-20160619-WA0003_zpssucctckg.jpg

First, Vic missing…
(But loveboy looks extra cute here!)

 photo IMG-20160619-WA0006_zpsubbym2jr.jpg

Then Bro’s missing…

 photo IMG-20160619-WA0005_zpsdgl7dikg.jpg

Finally another shot with everyone in! ((((:

I think Mamemo did enjoy herself very much! Not so much about the food or activity, but the fact that the 3 of us actually brought her out! It’s like we are finally big enough to do so, to buy her a meal back for the years of meals she has bought/cooked for us.

And because Bro lives in a different timezone from us, he usually missed most of the meals when we brought Mamemo out~ So I think she was pretty surprised and of course happy that Bro is coming along! I think apart from Isaac’s birthdays and etc, this is the first time in my 27 years that the 3 of us did this together. So I think she definitely had a HAPPY birthday this year! 😀


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