Europe Day 5 – Paris!

25 March 2015

The good thing about travelling alone is – you get to sleep as long as you want. The good thing about travelling with your pig brother is – you get to sleep as long as you need too! 😀 Finally can wear my $5 pajamas too! Hahaha!
 photo 20150325_081642_zpspqyrntrz.jpg

Heading out for our day 2 adventure in Paris!
 photo 20150325_115949_zpszvdc6ntj.jpg
 photo 20150325_115851_zps6sdr5sc6.jpg

Loving the buildings there~
 photo 20150325_115141_zpscyckw2o8.jpg
 photo 20150325_114934_zps3iks17ky.jpg

 photo 20150325_115549_zpsh9s9hmlp.jpg

Train or car???

Chanced upon a nice-looking church so we decided to go in and take a look~ No photography inside, so I did not take any pictures of the interior. Can’t remember how it looks now, but the more you see, the more you feel that the churches all look the same inside ._.
 photo 20150325_115302_zpsahs3g9eh.jpg

I think we had quite little places to visit in the day time, so we decided to drop by The Pantheon as well, even though it was only on our KIV list.
 photo 20150325_120606_zps4eacnmyv.jpg
 photo 20150325_120515_zpswao3efsz.jpg
 photo 20150325_120714_zps107nx0fu.jpg

Unfortunately there was some renovation going on, hence it kinda spoils the exterior =/
 photo 20150325_115932_zpsxqppj5nt.jpg
 photo 20150325_115134_zpsthronquq.jpg

Interior was nice, but not impressive. There was actually nothing much inside, pretty empty, so I don’t know why we actually stayed inside for so long…haha!
 photo 20150325_121227_zpsgfiavlqi.jpg
 photo 20150325_121237_zpsjg8aymuw.jpg
 photo 20150325_121535_zpsic8c4zjf.jpg
 photo 20150325_121907_zpsd9baxpqx.jpg
 photo 20150325_123645_zpsbozxd5d4.jpg

From the website:

The Panthéon (Latin Pantheon, from Greek Pantheon, meaning “Every god”) is a building in the Latin Quarter of Paris, France. Paris’ Pantheon was originally built as a church dedicated to St. Genevieve, modelled after the Pantheon in Rome, but after many changes now combines liturgical functions with its role as a famous burial place.

 photo 20150325_122447_zpsvwdw6bmc.jpg
 photo 20150325_122524_zpsz73kdyoh.jpg
 photo 20150325_122944_zps1zaxahbr.jpg
 photo 20150325_123900_zps99kxzcws.jpg

 photo 20150325_121517_zpssgqlg4xu.jpg

Overly-artistic sculpture =X

And the paintings and more paintings…
 photo 20150325_122155_zpsekebwwr0.jpg
 photo 20150325_124700_zpskuqwaylu.jpg
 photo 20150325_121336_zpsqsfnq7ht.jpg
 photo 20150325_121316_zpspf2pfirr.jpg

 photo 20150325_124400_zps3het4k9d.jpg

Appreciating the paintings? xD

Some of them are really quite nice!
 photo 20150325_125306_zpsv4wpktte.jpg

Again, I didn’t ask for all these photos. Most of the time my brother was like, “You go stand there“, so they are automatically taken by my photographer 😛
 photo 20150325_124141_zps4dnqcors.jpg
 photo 20150325_124212_zpsqqqrxb2n.jpg
 photo 20150325_122750_zpsjc2mnwuh.jpg
 photo 20150325_124801_zpslwefhpap.jpg

 photo 20150325_124905_zpsgak4pssb.jpg

Joining the masses xD

Oh this is how the exterior is supposed to look like by the way~ So the dome part was the part under renovation.
 photo 20150325_125437_zpsuxp9j3a2.jpg
 photo 20150325_125857_zpsht7qogxa.jpg

 photo 20150325_125610_zpsis7slohx.jpg

The interior design!

 photo 20150325_125533_zpsygqs50cn.jpg

From being a dwarf in front of the building to giant now! xD

Down to the basement! But it was actually equally empty as well ._. I think this is where the burial place is.
 photo 20150325_130359_zpsb5owvbc8.jpg

 photo 20150325_131018_zpsghrv95bh.jpg

Bro told me to take this picture and then said it looks scary -.-“

 photo 20150325_131355_zpsotl8xady.jpg

Alpha & omega~

Left the boring Pantheon and I forgot where we headed next. I think this was just another church that we chanced upon? At least can take picture at this one 😛
 photo 20150325_135229_zpsqaamv7pu.jpg
 photo 20150325_135333_zpstdaqgbj8.jpg

Loving this foreign feel (and view)!
 photo 20150325_144136_zpsmbypkpcx.jpg
 photo 20150325_143636_zpsivstm6sk.jpg

Next destination – Palais Garnier!
 photo 20150325_143758_zpswblyram7.jpg
 photo 20150325_143952_zpspmoopibp.jpg

It is actually a opera house and I was excited to visit because I remember (from pictures) the interior is damn pretty! And indeed, it didn’t disappoint me; it was quite an eye-opener! Like wowwwwwwww~ So grand!
 photo 20150325_145620_zpsvgjdxcqj.jpg
 photo 20150325_145504_zpsvejfz1dw.jpg
 photo 20150325_145758_zps100fsyk5.jpg
 photo 20150325_145326_zpspokevopc.jpg

Even ceiling also so pretty~
 photo 20150325_145417_zpsvskvonnz.jpg
 photo 20150325_145434_zpskv6uhc1p.jpg

But I swear that it looks much much better in real than in photos, even after I tried changing the white balance and all. I just can’t capture the actual lighting of the place and it’s really damn nice! Simply majestic!
 photo 20150325_152839_zpsyr9kg6he.jpg
 photo 20150325_153336_zps9kblfohw.jpg
 photo 20150325_152649_zps4miu8xif.jpg
 photo 20150325_150134_zpscotzx1et.jpg
 photo 20150325_152937_zps5zy7yg4y.jpg
 photo 20150325_152955_zps48xkhbe9.jpg
 photo 20150325_160510_zps54jjrbpq.jpg

But that’s still not the most WOW part, the real eye-opener was when we explored further…
 photo 20150325_151238_zpssmhad2ta.jpg

LOOK AT THE GRAND FOYER! Simply beautiful and magnificent!!!
 photo 20150325_151447_zps8sbbdzdv.jpg
 photo 20150325_151702_zpswehtp766.jpg

Too bad I wasn’t able to capture the beauty with it in selfie mode~
 photo 20150325_151512_zpsyhj56bpm.jpg
 photo 20150325_151711_zpsnlmaszmi.jpg

Everywhere, every corner is so intricate~ And the extravaganza really makes the place looks like it’s a palace, not a opera house!
 photo 20150325_151845_zpsew3cbskl.jpg
 photo 20150325_151753_zpswhifz7uz.jpg
 photo 20150325_151937_zpsmqja1pcj.jpg
 photo 20150325_152016_zpspe82x4io.jpg

 photo 20150325_151324_zpsczbpo1a7.jpg

Different white balance, different feel~

Taking a few shots at the beautiful place! Simply adore its beauty! ❤
 photo 20150325_152300_zpssbufyqsj.jpg
 photo 20150325_153915_zpspo4tlefk.jpg
 photo 20150325_153809_zpsqaczgyeg.jpg
 photo 20150325_154210_zpsguggyztu.jpg

Heading to the outdoor to snap more pictures! 😀 Corridor also so pretty!
 photo 20150325_155120_zpsc5jr307a.jpg
 photo 20150325_154754_zpsictev4v1.jpg

Love the city view from here too!
 photo 20150325_154445_zpszzdyv0jb.jpg
 photo 20150325_154946_zpsgg9upjse.jpg
 photo 20150325_154604_zpses8pthdt.jpg

Headed back indoor and by right, most of the opera theatres were closed and only opened for ticket holders. But I managed to find one that happened to be opened and I sneaked in for some pictures!
 photo 20150325_155915_zpsvue75p94.jpg

Again, it actually looks much more grand in real than in pictures~ But of course I still like the grand foyer more! (:
 photo 20150325_155713_zpsk5mq4yme.jpg
 photo 20150325_155952_zpsexo2gjwa.jpg

The elegant lights and pretty ceiling!
 photo 20150325_160631_zpsamfishg4.jpg
 photo 20150325_155318_zpsdyi7fuke.jpg

Despite the pretty interior and nice ambience there, somehow I still like this black and white photo the best (:
 photo 20150325_160500_zpsqdeg9mul.jpg

Done with Palais Garnier and it’s time for the next destination! But before that, I had to drop by an important place first! MUST!
 photo 20150325_1631590_zpsxms2m5qh.jpg

Jiang jiang jiang jiang~! How can we miss out indulging in the real FRENCH dessert when we are in Paris, let alone it being my favourite MACARONS!!!
 photo 20150325_164412_zpsikccc25u.jpg

It’s like the most famous macarons in Paris, so even though these Pierre Hermé macarons cost me like 28 euros (S$41.58), I just had to splurge on them! Call me crazy, but it could be once in a lifetime you see! And I don’t like to let such opportunity slip! At least I am mad happy!!! 😀
 photo 20150325_164352_zpsncvlep08.jpg

So finally off to the last destination of the day and also the highlight of Paris – Eiffel Tower! Get ready for the spam since it had been my DREAM DESTINATION since young!
 photo 20150325_180437_zpsxnutjiaf.jpg

Even though many said it’s overrated, I still think everyone should visit at least once in their lives!
 photo 20150325_180454_zpsjmgyqqu7.jpg
 photo 20150325_180703_zpsybhrwkla.jpg

Bro and I decided to visit it slightly earlier so that we can catch both the day view and night view~ Luckily the weather was good on this day, and the sky was in quite a pretty blue!
 photo 20150325_180801_zpsgj2toibv.jpg
 photo 20150325_180834_zpsyemowemf.jpg
 photo 20150325_180950_zpszq3jfcph.jpg

It may look somewhat similar to Japan’s Tokyo Tower, but the Eiffel Tower still wins in terms of the overall design and details. It’s really pretty and I love it! Who cares about overrated 😛
 photo 20150325_181237_zpsy8sawvie.jpg
 photo 20150325_182025_zpslqm8vapz.jpg

Taking endless selfies at my dream destination using my selfie stick! Oh I wore this “Follow Your Heart” shirt on purpose because I followed mine and it led me here ❤
 photo 20150325_181732_zps4nflhsvi.jpg
 photo 20150325_181547_zpswhitqvci.jpg

Bro refused to take a wefie with me, hence I took it with my macarons! Bleah~ Enjoying the Eiffel view with my favourite dessert! 😀
 photo 20150325_181637_zpskgkvotfc.jpg
 photo 20150325_181647_zpsuurdfxuj.jpg
 photo 20150325_181722_zps1ybncue8.jpg

Sky starting to turn dark~ The sunset in Europe is pretty early! But the Eiffel remains such a beauty ((((:
 photo 20150325_182332_zps7vf68r0u.jpg
 photo 20150325_182417_zpstvxksnqr.jpg
 photo 20150325_182335_zpsedc3clzc.jpg
 photo 20150325_182436_zpsykanoyul.jpg
 photo 20150325_183533_zps7zegccga.jpg

Then suddenly, there was this dance troupe performing and dancing towards us. I must admit that I got paranoid for a while whether they are potential pickpockets ._. After all this tourist attraction is one of the well-known places for pickpockets! And there were also a lot of “scammers” touting there, selling all sorts of stuff. It’s like every few steps you see one…Zzzzzz.
 photo 20150325_182647_zpsdaem0tsx.jpg

But I think they are real performers luh…haha~
 photo 20150325_182714_zpscnupjkrm.jpg

Got our tickets to go up after a longggggggggg queue! There were security checks going on as well, which slowed down the queue further. We were kinda used to it by then, cause it was only shortly after the Charlie Hebdo shooting incident, hence we gotta go through security check at almost every tourist attractions that we visited in Europe.
 photo 20150325_190741_zpsauhx12wg.jpg

View from the Eiffel Tower~!
 photo 20150325_191523_zpsiu7jdmvz.jpg
 photo 20150325_191516_zpsixd8pllj.jpg
 photo 20150325_191529_zpsbr1ski9k.jpg

 photo 20150325_191718_zps10ttn3ym.jpg

Panoramic view!

The sunset wasn’t very obvious, but it would still be nice to have taken a time-lapse here~
 photo 20150325_192715_zpsnf9pvuwk.jpg
 photo 20150325_192823_zpsiwuxe5nh.jpg
 photo 20150325_193125_zps6vzskjeg.jpg

Went up to the top level to check out the view but it turned out to be an outdoor area! Which means you can literally feel the super strong wind blowing at you and I swear it was damn damn damn colddddddddddd!!!!!!!
 photo 20150325_195632_zpsmtlzggpd.jpg
 photo 20150325_195750_zpsrujlzkpe.jpg

Giving a very stiff smile because I was freezing!!!
 photo 20150325_200118_zps3lnu1oql.jpg

Hands were trembling as I took these shots! >.<
 photo 20150325_195830_zpsz73h5ixs.jpg
 photo 20150325_200214_zps724zfxld.jpg
 photo 20150325_200423_zpsdvmhumea.jpg
 photo 20150325_200439_zpsqgiez6b0.jpg

And after trying very hard to snap a few shots, Bro was like, “Shall we go down already? It’s damn cold here!” Of course I agreed right away, so in the end we only stayed up there for like 5 minutes or less…hahaha! Such a pity, because we queued so long! Would have been a better experience if it wasn’t so ccold~~~

Time for the spam of Eiffel Tower’s night view! Such a beauty!!!
 photo 20150325_193103_zpscvobcoou.jpg
 photo 20150325_203415_zpsbfjua7rc.jpg
 photo 20150325_202742_zpsnwaf0cnx.jpg
 photo 20150325_202749_zpsmuahpu0o.jpg
 photo 20150325_202826_zpsph4tkmaj.jpg
 photo 20150325_203104_zpsbt9cgkty.jpg

Back to the apartment for some warmth and to enjoy my yummy macarons! 😀 (I look mad shagged here~)
 photo 20150325_214041_zpscfyb44lf.jpg

 photo 20150325_214146_zps4lklfimn.jpg


 photo 20150325_214451_zpsgvui5d4b.jpg

Miss my macarons now x.x

 photo 20150325_214504_zpsjh2jorto.jpg

Look of bliss! Hehe!


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