Love More

Crystal Jade with Kai Bin & Co! Only managed to take picture of the salted egg yolk xiao long bao because we ate too fast…haha~
 photo 20160620_193837_zpsakaiamz6.jpg

And part of the reason why we ate so fast is because we have round 2 – dessert to go for! The dessert place that Limin brought us to has this cute wishing well box and of course the silly me immediately took out a coin to throw! xD
 photo 20160620_221907_zpskg0credp.jpg

Bingsu again!!! 😀 We wanted cheesecake flavour but I chanced upon a girl eating this mango one and the staff said this contains cheesecake as well; best of both worlds! Hehe!
 photo 20160620_202039_zpsen3vlai3.jpg

Shuning was rushing off to the hospital to look after Nick, who just had a minor surgery. So inspired by his cute welcome gesture the other time, we decided to 礼尚往来 back a Get Well Soon “card” for him! Sweet people get sweet 报!Haha!

 photo 20160620_222127_zpsnf2nm2y3.jpg

Love more and bee-loved more! (:

 photo 20160620_232637_zpsfrc4qkva.jpg

Gifts from Ah Lyn again!

 photo 20160620_232640_zpsk0mwtg4t.jpg

Dango!!! ^^

Sometimes, I really prefer to be brought somewhere than to be the one suggesting. I like the surprise of not knowing where to be brought to, even if it’s not a new place, it can still be a pleasant surprise (:
 photo 20160621_204418_zpsqkiugtql.jpg

Happy to be back! It’s been almost a year since the last visit that I actually forgot if they had these lights previously. Love the shadows from the lights and enjoyed watching it dance when the light spins!
 photo 20160621_204514_zpstdcvnazn.jpg

 photo 20160621_210735_zpstd33h3r5.jpg

Hello Blooie’s!

 photo 20160621_195644_zpsrtoywpxt.jpg

Happy hour round 1 – Sex On The Beach!

 photo 20160621_200055_zpstzvdj9bh.jpg

(Because spent enough time looking at menu =P)

 photo 20160621_200044_zpsh8wojx3u.jpg

The must-have Portobello mushroom burger!

And trying out something new – Jalapeno cheese! It’s not something new to me of course, since I have eaten it at Wala, but it’s the first time I’m trying it at Blooie’s! I was actually damn delighted when I saw it in the menu!

I think I used to imagine it to be disgusting that I didn’t even bother ordering…hahaha! Now I’m simply addicted! It’s so shiok!!! And even though the ones here are tougher, it’s spicier, which makes it even more shiok~! LOVE IT!!! ❤
 photo 20160621_195910_zpsv5nqihr6.jpg

Happy hour round 2! I actually mixed up my usual order – Midori Illusion with Melon Ball, so in the end I ordered the latter. Not much of the melon smell as compared to Midori~
 photo 20160621_205543_zpsi3jdspt4.jpg

Early morning mess on Wednesday when I took a big gulp of Chrysanthemum tea and my throat felt an itch at the wrong timing! Now imagine a Merlion splashing Chrysanthemum tea all over the monitors -.- And Ping, who was in my room burst into her super loud laughter for the next 1 minute!

I was trying to shut her up before it attracts the attention of boss, who was in the next room, but she just couldn’t stop laughing…Zzzzzz. It was indeed an epic moment that even I did not expect! It just came too sudden!!!
 photo 20160622_104759_zps32itwhbd.jpg

Satisfying my Cedele salad crave! But I can never finish it >.< Can save it for the next meal, very worth it~
 photo 20160622_141132_zpstvhxajih.jpg

Rushed down after work for our very first NDP practice at the stadium! Everything was in a mad mess and a mad rush because we had very limited time. It doesn’t help when you have uncooperative members who really behave worse than my residents at MINDS.
 photo 20160622_210324_zpsa0shohe3.jpg

The in-charge, who rarely shouts, also got into a pek chek mode and resort to shouting when the stubborn participants were fighting to go off. It’s really like a bunch of stubborn bulls charging at us. All dying to go off first; don’t you understand that there are only limited lifts???

And when you tried to stop people from walking ahead of you, you get idiots poking umbrella at your armpit, thinking it’s very funny to tickle you with a dirty umbrella. So old already but still so damn rude! I really wish I could use my umbrella to smack some face. I don’t expect respect because I am of a different “status” now or whatsoever, but please at least respect the hard work and midnight oil I have burnt to prepare all the shit for you.

Really dislike seeing all the selfish and ugly side of human beings every week like that. Sheesh. Couldn’t wait to go off to join my girls for a drink! So sorry to have made them waited for long because my practice got extended plus all the debriefs and issuessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Heard the shouting-war at the other side was much worse than mine.

Rushed down to Balaclava to meet them and somehow Balaclava seems to look like a nightclub now ._. No longer the same kind of feel as when it was at ION~
 photo 20160622_231115_zpsc1emnw6z.jpg

But anyway, we were actually there for the ladies night because each lady gets 4 free drinks! Yes, FOUR EACH!!! That would mean 16 free drinks for us, but I did not use mine because I just used the remaining tickets from the girls to redeem. Still drank 3 glasses in the end because Nad had to leave for her movie~

 photo 20160622_231559_zpsqzren60n.jpg

3 x cranberry vodka & 1 gin tonic!

I think it’s super worth it and I can see ourselves back on a Wednesday again soon! Hahaha! We only paid for like a side dish and we got so many drinks for free! (Not compulsory to order food but we just ordered.) But almost died in the Uber car. Mad smelly plus the super reckless driving…Zzzzz.

Homemade brunch after splurging on the salad the previous day~ I miss my Portobello mushroom wrap anyway! 😀
 photo 20160623_132011_zpsrh1e1sf1.jpg

Maybe I should wake up earlier often to do this! Save money and yummy at the same time~
 photo 20160623_132022_zpsjohel4xc.jpg

A throwback photo when we were still at Expo~ The awkward gek sai pose because I was being “forced” to join in at the last minute -.-”

Anyway, these are (some of) the people that I have been dealing with every week. They may look all smiley above, but they have also been the ones driving me crazy each practice~ So much that our group has been blacklisted to be the “scary aunties group” now by the admin and logistic peeps. Why am I not surprised >.>

Maybe it has been a mistake to have put all aunties in one group. Really spells nothing more than a disaster. Doesn’t help that I ain’t getting the support that I need but more scoldings instead… Sigh. Can’t find anymore strength to continue doing with this, really. It’s killing my passion slowly.


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