Disappointing CR :(

 photo 20160624_123853_zpsgydkr4kc.jpg

Another long-missed lunch!

Caught Xiao Qian in her spidy-woman pose when she was doing her last yoga class! A pity we didn’t manage to yoga together during her 3 trial classes~
 photo 20160624_194122_zpsj7byodud.jpg

And she also caught me in my Hot Stretch class after that! Damn awkward to have someone staring (that’s why I always chose the corner space) but oh well, at least I have gotten my very first yoga pic, kudos to her! Hahaha! Damn unglam though >.<

Met up with the 2 Sentosa-ers again after class and they actually came all the way down for my convenience! Definitely touched especially when our dear Daniel is such a 宅男! 😛

Since I haven’t gotten to treat them, I decided to get some Cake Spade cakes to share! Actually is because I had been wanting to try but didn’t get the chance luh…HAHAHA.
 photo 20160624_221351_zpshnroisys.jpg

Sadly, the staff got my order wrong and I did not get to try my passion fruit meringue cake! –CRY!!!!!– Mad disappointed because that’s the one I wanna try the most! But she gave me strawberry instead 😦
 photo 20160624_221509_zpsujpheuzy.jpg

Luckily the cheesecake was nice… But the strawberry was really so average and not my type at all. Sigh! Really tempted to go back and change!
 photo 20160624_221527_zpscwlws9ag.jpg

 photo 20160624_221515_zpsq16szm7e.jpg

Thank goodness chocolate never goes wrong!

Insisted on a wefie since we forgot to take the other day, but apparently, Herb doesn’t know how to take a wefie!!!
 photo 20160624_224152_zpsoowvoztu.jpg

Decided to take over because I couldn’t stand the weird angle and all the half-face shots xD
 photo 20160624_224127_zpsyanaho6j.jpg

Anyway they gave me new nickname – “Gong gong“, which applies more for 10 years ago. Cause I always kanna bullied and bluffed by Daniel back then! Indeed damn gullible, that’s why even kanna tricked up the cable car…Zzzzzz. But now I’m smarter okay! I know when they are bluffing me and I am also more skeptical at everything they say now…hahahaha!!!

Attempted to take a 10-years-ago-VS-10-years-later shot with Daniel but I couldn’t stop laughing at his retarded face!
 photo 20160624_224833_zpsb9ifbugw.jpg

 photo 20160624_224835_zpsursqcxa4.jpg

He has got really awkward and retarded smile! xD

 photo 20160624_225107_zps1jqeuhog.jpg

Still as annoying as ever!

 photo 20160625_004223_zpsyxpcamqo.jpg

Gift from Beijing! Hehe!

Had our first Combined Rehearsal at the stadium and I got FAMOUS tutu kueh from my sweetest group member!!! Of course not those aunties lah. It’s the egg tart boy – Bevan! Really sweet of him to have specially bought them for me, knowing that I love them~ 只有你知道我的幸苦 x.x
 photo 20160625_134635_zpsvc9nnyhe.jpg

Managed to do a run through first before heading to Sports Hub, but all the aunties started complaining about the sun. And when you try to tell them nicely, “NDP 就是这样的嘛。” They were like, “没有 lor. 我参加 XXX 组的时候没有嗮太阳的。Blah blah blah blah~Gosh. Why is there not a single youngster in my group?! I really miss training in school when sun has never been a concern to us. NEVER.

 photo 20160625_205607_zpsf2oegato.jpg

First glimpse of the stadium~
Was overwhelmed the first time I stepped in.

Unfortunately, the CR turned out to be really chaotic and it was probably one of the worst I have ever experienced thus far. First we were held up by lots of human jam, which caused us to be late for our item. We had not even reached the stage when the music started! And because it’s a CR, it’s like the actual day lineup, which means you only got 1 chance to perform, yet it went terribly wrong.

Then it was all the walking, walking + more redundant walking for our finale, which once again, caused us to be late. After walking a HUGE round, we finally reached, but the finale has ended -_- Everyone was really tired and thirsty by then, and came the next problem – not enough water to cater for everyone!

Really speechless and disappointed. I know this is our first CR at this new venue, but I thought some things were pretty basic, like WATER. Kinda felt like we wasted the whole CR plus the afternoon’s practice under the hot sun. We didn’t even manage to really perform our item because it was too chaotic by the time we got up on stage. It was like ants scurrying around.

Even though I wasn’t performing for this CR because I gotta guide and guard here and there instead, I still felt pretty disappointed, if not, even more disappointed. Because we put in so much effort and I was hoping that this CR would go well. Sigh. Didn’t help that I gotta deal with uncooperative aunties once again who just refused to listen! And even when you tried to tell her not to do it again, she acted all nonchalant, looking at her phone with a guai lan bin, pretending that it’s not her you are referring to. Shameless or too shameful, you judge for yourself.

 photo 20160625_221202_zpshxi3izis.jpg

Trying out Lyn’s Alibaba head gear! xD

Chilling out at Starbucks because the night is still young~ And we need to reward ourselves after such a hard day of work (despite the unfulfiling result we got). Took the opportunity to try out the secret drinks that I chanced upon on Facebook previously!

The poor staff gotta handle our troublesome requests but they were still so helpful! In fact they were kinda excited as well and they even said the secret drinks are nice after they tried! So we made them discover some new drinks too…hehe!

 photo 20160625_223802_zpsgsq8cmnd.jpg

The legendary pink & purple drinks!

They said we are like the first in Singapore to try it!!! But I think there may have people who have tried these customisations in other outlets, but at least we were the first in this outlet 😛
 photo 20160625_224020_zps6c7hygbl.jpg
 photo 20160625_224025_zpsdtqqjpkk.jpg

Tsk! Obviously not ready~~~
 photo IMG-20160626-WA0003_zps6x1yuwsr.jpg
 photo IMG-20160626-WA0005_zpstwedf2yg.jpg

 photo IMG-20160626-WA0002_zpso4iy17hr.jpg


 photo IMG-20160626-WA0004_zps9qsvxit5.jpg


The night only got younger as we headed to the airport to check out the Hello Kitty cafe! Unfortunately, there was still a queue going on at 11.30pm; not very long, but still not worth to queue if the menu is not very enticing (don’t mind trying once if there’s no queue). Guess Pompompurin Cafe‘s food looks better and cuter! Next target! 😛
 photo 20160625_235509_zpsgspejydx.jpg

Settled for Coffee Club instead for some mushroom!
 photo IMG-20160626-WA0006_zpsf30lwt0v.jpg

Sudden macaron crave after I blogged about my Paris adventure xD
 photo 20160626_004236_zpszkhufnva.jpg

Woke up early to cross the border despite a really late Saturday night! It was only when I dragged myself up on Sunday then I realised the night wasn’t that young anymore…HAHAHAHA.

As usual, going in on Sunday was pretty smooth, in terms of traffic jam and human jam. Settled Lyn’s stuff in City Square, together with a bit of shopping for the 2 guys before we headed off to KSL for lunch! Our Grab car fare was only RM5! I think I had never taken a cab for like S$1+ before!

 photo 20160626_135523_zpsl79s9lsf.jpg

Our super greedy and sumptuous lunch!

 photo IMG-20160627-WA0014_zpsqvbgxoid.jpg

The hungry people!

 photo 20160626_134939_zpsc0ykouyu.jpg

Missing the assam laksa! Hehe!

Did our usual shopping and we wanted to catch a movie initially, but Eric said this is censored, that is censored -.- So we changed plan to sing instead~ It’s been a long time since we all last sang together anyway!
 photo IMG-20160627-WA0012_zpscbwduj8k.jpg

 photo IMG-20160627-WA0001_zpss0x7ozzc.jpg


It’s not middle finger hor! Lyn thought it is and she actually posed with her middle finger (not in this shot) xD
 photo IMG-20160627-WA0013_zpsxideqpgn.jpg

 photo IMG-20160627-WA0005_zpsfwwu4iqq.jpg

With Eric!

 photo IMG-20160627-WA0011_zpsbyhf2v9e.jpg

With 神秘嘉宾~

 photo IMG-20160627-WA0010_zpsrxlfo4gk.jpg

End of 2 hours K!

Back to City Square and this time round the fare was only RM4! Thanks to some promo code! But can the fare get even cheaper?! OMG~~~ I think we have wasted all our money cabbing there before we discovered Grab ._.

Anyhow, checked out the DC fair and took peeeeeeektures with the superheroes! 😀 Okay the first one isn’t really superhero, so the law-by-law Eric was like, “Why take photo with 坏人?!” -_-|||
 photo IMG-20160627-WA0008_zpshgdwrltc.jpg

Spotted the same Superman that I took photo with years ago! 😀
 photo 20160626_202137_zpss8yj9hbr.jpg

 photo IMG-20160627-WA0003_zpsdpiiuhg7.jpg

With Supermen!

 photo IMG-20160627-WA0009_zpsbeaq4h1s.jpg

Green Lantern!

 photo IMG-20160627-WA0002_zpsoyku5beb.jpg

Last but not least, BATMAN!

Happy weekend and finally restocked my muesli again! ((:


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