VTG Cycling!

Caught 2 movies this week – Independence Day 2 and Now You See Me 2! I don’t remember catching the first part of Independence Day, so I had no idea what to anticipate. But it turned out to be not bad, cause Liam Hemsworth made it better! 😛

Now You See Me 2 was even better! I caught the first part and it was pretty awesome, so I was looking forward to catch this sequel~ Did not really disappoint me even though a lot of reviews said part 1 was better. It’s still pretty cool at least!

Friday night was quite a surprise – spent at Clarke Quay~ Surprise not so much of the location but because it’s Friday so it’s bound to be crowded. Not that I mind of course (:

 photo 20160701_185621_zpshy3d8bnu.jpg

Tried nomVnom for the first time and I like it!

Of course the sausage at Veganburg is better and so much less oily, but they have this nice and juicy mushroom too! And every burger comes with a small fruit vinegar drink!
 photo 20160701_185715_zpszydjucee.jpg

Tried the otah burger, which is something not available at Veganburg and I like! 😀
 photo 20160701_185753_zpstghenqxo.jpg

 photo 20160701_204112_zpsqzrwr0po.jpg

Enjoying the beautiful Friday night but could have been more beautiful~

First time trying out the bar by the river and it’s such a beauty spot! Ended up having a photography session with my favourite Midori Illusion 😛
 photo 20160701_195355_zpskx4rz6yz.jpg
 photo 20160701_195628_zpsxnyxsmfl.jpg
 photo 20160701_195237_zps6tsdn4ag.jpg

 photo 20160701_200012_zpssmldr58i.jpg

Same same but different (:

 photo 20160701_203324_zpsjn0nthgv.jpg


 photo 20160701_203309_zpsal5pnbtq.jpg

Enjoying the breeze and view~

Came back to burn midnight oil for the finale dance steps because I hadn’t gotten the time to learn it at all! x.x
 photo 20160702_001310_zpsxg0ut3vs.jpg

Starting CR2 with a free ice-cream! 😀 Finally they are bringing back this tradition of rewarding us with this cool treat~ I hope they bring back durian soon too!!!
 photo 20160702_122934_zpsehlinmy3.jpg

I must say that this week’s combined rehearsal was a great improvement from last week! I think it’s true that you need to make mistakes in order get feedback and be better. Although there were still a littleeee hiccups here and there, it was a major improvement already. And most of the stuff we requested for like water and better timing were all fulfilled.

More importantly, at least we managed to have a proper rehearsal, on time. It wasn’t a perfect performance – we made mistakes here and there, but it was a good practice and lesson to find out the mistakes and to improve like how CR2 improved from CR1’s feedback (:

Back to the Starbucks to pester the staff again for more secret drinks! Hahaha! (Photo-bombed by the chubby Bevan xD)
 photo 20160702_224355_zpsqmw3q1o6.jpg

Only 3 out of the 4 are secret drinks because the boring Eric chose something from the menu again ._.
 photo 20160702_224417_zps9qefibwd.jpg

Oh actually only 2 are secret drinks because this pretty pink drink – Cotton Candy is already available in store~ Just not on the menu I think
 photo 20160702_223832_zpspu6l9uhi.jpg

With my mango-flavoured drink and I love it!
 photo 20160702_224735_zps4m5vbeyq.jpg

Cotton Candy was not bad but a bit too sweet~ Mango is better! Gonna try more secret drinks next week! Hahaha! Our weekly date with the friendly staff there 😛
 photo IMG-20160703-WA0009_zps5vy43bwm.jpg

They even specially made us this special drink to try (not on menu as well!) and it was on the house! Hehe!
 photo 20160702_225850_zps1gtvogvk.jpg

Along with a free quiche because we ordered 1 and we didn’t know it was ready, so the staff actually went to heat up another one for us before she found our uncollected quiche at the counter!
 photo 20160702_224839_zpssgiknmpo.jpg

Having a cutting competition -_- Guess which is mine? Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20160703-WA0008_zpspmzzrjsd.jpg
 photo IMG-20160703-WA0007_zpseypgmgap.jpg

Weekly Starbucks session! Putting back all the calories we lost during the practice~ Oops.
 photo IMG-20160703-WA0004_zpsbunlx1js.jpg

But burned more calories on Sunday with a the cycling session! First time cycling with le colleagues! We just happened to talk about it one day when nua-ing together in office and they were all so on about it 😀

It’s been so long since I last travelled to East Coast so I totally did not know that there is no longer straight bus there! It was too late by the time I realised, so I decided to dedicate my very first Uber booking for this trip!

 photo 20160703_130742_zpspscwdjve.jpg

First time Uber-ing alone (:

And guess who’s back?! The crazy angmoh! She’s back for a short while before she starts going around the world again~
 photo 20160703_151456_zpsksuizc0t.jpg

Took the ECP to Changi route and most of our sweat didn’t come from the cycling but the freaking hot sun! Perhaps it was really a bad idea to have chosen 1pm to cycle…HAHAHA. But actually I don’t really mind getting tanned lah. Just hate uneven tan lines. Heard that it was 37-38°C that day =OOOOO

Reached our destination in less than 2 hours! Somehow the route felt shorter this time and I actually didn’t really feel tired at all! Usually my legs would start to get tired halfway through but this time round it didn’t, so when we reached, I was like, “HUH?! So fast?!?!?!” And we did not even stop to take breaks like I usually would with the others!
 photo 20160703_151518_zpsn8wlomjx.jpg

Wefies to capture our accomplishment! It’s Cheryl’s first time cycling this route by the way! 😀
 photo 20160703_151433_zps2m2mf4le.jpg

And that really dark girl is our new AP~ We had a good laugh at the photos because she seriously stands out so much with her tan! LOL. She’s 100% Chinese by the way…hahahahahahaha!
 photo 20160703_151429_zpsgakfzyfq.jpg

 photo 20160703_152920_zps5gl2nmrm.jpg

Finally some Vitamin Sea ((:

And I really love cycling and screaming along with the loud sound of the planes flying by! So therapeutic! Hehe!
 photo 20160703_152927_zpsymnikk1x.jpg

Ended the session pretty early so I decided to crash Lyn’s house, since I was already in the east. Had an impromptu Mahjong session and I had my biggest loss T.T Gonna start making more lunch to work~ Been really down with luck lately. Sigh.


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