Healthy Raya!

Met up with Kai Bin and Co again shortly after less than 3 weeks because Limin is getting more and more excited to meet us each time…haha! Our frequency of meeting up has now been changed from once every few months to once every 3 weeks ._. Went to Vivo for a change but I couldn’t find anything that appetise me in Soup Spoon. I remember the soup is nice there but everything is just too big for dinner; they should have kids’ size soup! Haha!

 photo 20160704_213511_zpsukhragma.jpg

My express manicure at Innisfree! xD

The ugly nail that I attempted to hide is visible in the next picture, when I finally checked out the Geylang Serai market with le volunteers! Hehe! So glad that I did not miss it this year and managed to make a short but rush visit on this last day! Even more touched that everyone started to go on the tutu kueh mission just to find it for me! Though mission failed in the end~

 photo 20160705_191640_zpszxrz2f1e.jpg

Paddlepop pudding in a bulb!

Had an extra NDP practice which we managed to fine-tune things and I have also taught another group the steps for one of the formations. I think the team has been having problem with the headcount previously so they didn’t really get to learn the steps. Thank goodness they still managed to learn it in time for the upcoming shows, just hope they get to practise and master it!

Chilling out at Highlander after the practice because it’s PH the next day! A pity there wasn’t happy hour anymore 😦 Only ordered 1 drink for the whole night even though the rest went for their 2784979th round because I need to save money… 

Had a good HTHT session which reveals the different thinking between male and female and also our generation and the younger generation these days…hmmmm.

 photo 20160705_233742_zpsxj5j7b6n.jpg

Standard drink – Midori Illusion!

There’s a revengeful story behind these cakes~ Le pig brother bought 3 of these and left them outside my room with a note, or rather an empty toilet paper roll written with “Save half for me.” It’s what I always say to him and also kinda our rule that we have to share our food half each! But because he hardly does it (and always ends up finishing everything), I decided to revenge and took everything, leaving half a toilet roll for him! I saved half for him mah! xD

 photo 20160706_133732_zpsdan43ypv.jpg

Spent the Hari Raya cycling again! Same route but different people 😀 Happy to have spent it the healthy way!

 photo 20160706_165815_zpsvdzrucb4.jpg

Unfortunately, it was like 3 times more crowded that last Sunday, so we took some time before we finally reached Bedok Jetty~

 photo 20160706_172735_zpsdbexyubk.jpg

I actually didn’t want a break, because I managed to cycle all the way without breaks the other day too. In fact I realised that it’s much more tiring when we kept stopping, getting down the bike and then up again -_- But since Eric wanted to take pictures, we took a small break to cam-whore!

 photo 20160706_172645_zpsvqi8fo8h.jpg

 photo 20160706_172336_zps988l8bc1.jpg


 photo 20160706_172451_zpssgjhlkqx.jpg

And enjoy some yummy India cookies!

Continued our journey again all the way to the canal where Eric wanted to stop to take photo again -_- He was sad that all his trees have turned into construction sites now….hahaha!

 photo 20160706_180409_zps2bfsoxob.jpg

I think we definitely took a bit longer this time round, cause we kept stopping, but we still managed to reach Changi quite effortlessly!

 photo 20160706_184551_zpsb32gm4aw.jpg

 photo 20160706_184512_zpsrxrcaxyt.jpg

Mission accomplished!

It’s not our first time completing this route but it’s Cla’s first time! So proud of you! *applause* 😀

 photo 20160706_184507_zpswkogpb1y.jpg

Continued cycling to the plane-watching spot where we camped for planes and spammed photos! Haha! Really makes me wanna fly~~~~~~~

 photo 20160706_181917_zpssprij0dp.jpg

 photo 20160706_185938_zpskuufll4n.jpg

 photo 20160706_185942_zpsbjjynv2j.jpg

Wanted to take a picture of the plane + sunset but someone ran in to photobomb x.x

 photo 20160706_190814_zpsmyorel2c.jpg

Indeed a selfie KING!

 photo 20160706_190038_zps11dgxi6l.jpg

Super failed test shot to take a wefie with the sunset! HAHAHA.

 photo 20160706_190248_zpsub7oahsx.jpg

Another failed blur wefie D:

 photo 20160706_190140-01_zpsheaqdhuh.jpg

Finally a nice shot! But no more plane ._.

Catching the sunset together! ((:

 photo 20160706_190314_zpsdt2bac5p.jpg

 photo 20160706_190415_zps9tz7robo.jpg

 photo 20160706_190423_zpsy1wet1se.jpg

 photo 20160706_190424_zps507ky8eq.jpg

 photo 20160706_190426_zpsc9x9vcvj.jpg

 photo 20160706_191744_zpskdrjmkjn.jpg

 photo 20160706_191230_zpsnlwmmblg.jpg

 photo 20160706_191800_zps2uvfmyvu.jpg

 photo 20160706_190932_zpsdskbfems.jpg

Happy workout! ^^

 photo IMG-20160706-WA0009_zps1xaz2gwf.jpg

The unknown black mark on both Lyn and my hand…hmmmmm.

Back to work and I believe everyone was having a major Thursday blues…haha! At least I got to eat my long-missed 擂茶饭!Even got a free Hakka-style eggplant because auntie was running out of ingredients~ Yay! I love eggplants!

 photo 20160707_134427_zpsw4v3iy2y.jpg

Another good news that drove the Thursday blues away was that our long-awaited 二筒 aka Zac has arrived to the world! We were all so excited with the new addition to our Clique that I even skipped my yoga class to rush down to the hospital! Hehe! But it turned out to be quite a long wait and we ended up occupying half the waiting room, along with Queen’s family…LOL! Like superstar giving birth, so many fans here xD

 photo 20160707_201018_zpsklqbdngb.jpg

I even brought along the gift I bought for him the moment Queen mentioned that she’s in the hospital in the morning! It’s something that I know Gui will love because he likes to say, “我这样帅一定 *blah blah blah*“…hahaha!

 photo IMG-20160707-WA0013_zpsiadtce4h.jpg

Waited and waited because we didn’t have the husband’s pass to go in~

 photo 20160707_195410_zpsfuf2kloz.jpg

And after about 2 hours of waiting, finally we saw Queen and the cute baby boy being pushed out!

 photo 20160707_211857_zpskm0qaop9.jpg

He was sleeping so soundly in this mad cute pose and we managed to snap a few shots before he was being pushed to the nursery. So cute please!!! And he really looks damn like Gui’s father by the way…LOL!

 photo 20160707_211902_zpskj4pdmxp.jpg

Managed to chit-chat a bit with the new mum about the whole process and experience. Can’t believe she’s a mother now!!! Proud of you nevertheless! Left shortly because it was past visiting hours. Was hoping to catch another glimpse of baby Zac! >.<

Attended the Chingay movie screening as a guest again this year and caught Alice Through The Looking Glass!


I seldom watch animation but the trailer of Alice attracted me when I first saw it. So happy to be able to catch it! Cause it turned out that for a kiddy Disney movie, it was actually rather interesting and entertaining! Love the witty lines and funny characters! Makes me wanna catch the prequel!!!

No group photos like last year because we were seated separately this time 😦 No Martini night as well because Lyn is sick. Ended the Friday night with a TCC session with 3 x 大人物 instead. Shyyyyyyyyyy~ I am 小小小人物 ._.


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