Europe Day 6 – Paris!

26 March 2015

It’s the third and also the last day in Paris so there’s quite a bit to cover~ Ended my night with macarons and started a brand new day with them again! ❤ Can’t bear to finish them actually! But my brother was like, “You better faster finish, don’t tell me you wanna bring to Venice -.-” I think he just wanna give excuse for helping me to eat them……..

 photo 20150326_095448_zpshdoy46jg.jpg

 photo 20150326_095341_zps9cento7c.jpg

Sorry! Too in love!

The first destination and also the highlight of the day was Palace of Versailles! I remember we travelled quite a distance and also walked a bit to get there~ But totally worthwhile!

 photo 20150326_115524_zpso8msawbg.jpg

 photo 20150326_115312_zpsdynpujcg.jpg

 photo 20150326_115411_zps8nweqamw.jpg

It’s really huge and we spent like half a day here! I think it’s my first time inside a palace and everything is so extravagant! Even more grand than the Palais Garnier!

 photo 20150326_115720_zpsfu4pwjdw.jpg

 photo 20150326_122829_zpsfm2mjk7z.jpg

 photo 20150326_123216_zpsrdortijw.jpg

The pretty Royal Chapel!

The first part is mainly art paintings though~

 photo 20150326_123350_zpsjlrk1qke.jpg

 photo 20150326_123428_zpszpeygeya.jpg

I really love how detailed all the European architectural designs are!

 photo 20150326_124053_zps0xzi6w40.jpg

 photo 20150326_124243_zps0zr0v3rp.jpg

Ceilings are usually like the least significant thing or the part that least people would take note of. But the ceilings here are always not neglected. In fact most of these ceilings are beautifully hand-painted! Can imagine how much work that is~

 photo 20150326_124324_zpsb7mqkc2l.jpg

 photo 20150326_124338_zpswjligrgs.jpg

In the Hercules drawing room! They have so many different drawing rooms – Apollo drawing room, Venus drawing room, Mars drawing room, Mercury drawing room and etc that I have forgotten which is which. I just walked and snapped like everyone did ._.

 photo 20150326_124449_zpsbszen0u7.jpg

 photo 20150326_124503_zps5xdgpv3h.jpg

 photo 20150326_124554_zpsu6cv7lt1.jpg

 photo 20150326_124531_zpstg79fmrz.jpg

 photo 20150326_124425_zpspdy46mkr.jpg

 photo 20150326_124733_zpsea0qn7vs.jpg

With the nice ceiling!

 photo 20150326_125047_zpssoqxleul.jpg

Even door also has got so much details!

 photo 20150326_125158_zpsnnbwyann.jpg

 photo 20150326_125324_zpsqurp3ji4.jpg

 photo 20150326_125426_zpsc6ogvpc0.jpg

These were taken in the Mars drawing room, if I’m not wrong (:

 photo 20150326_125530_zpsd0jumdce.jpg

 photo 20150326_125538_zpsxwwlutz5.jpg

 photo 20150326_125716_zpsl9lozyag.jpg

 photo 20150326_125753_zpstync53py.jpg

One of the king or queen’s bed I suppose? So many beds there!!! I don’t know which is whose lah.

 photo 20150326_125942_zps50ydinxn.jpg

 photo 20150326_130344_zpswue7pkcq.jpg

 photo 20150326_130408_zpst4taqaav.jpg

And finally, here comes my favourite part of the palace – Hall of Mirrors!

 photo 20150326_130837_zpsdssbyaot.jpg

 photo 20150326_130753_zpsyo7hp1ne.jpg

This is the real WOW part that clearly shows the extravaganza of the place!

 photo 20150326_131106_zpse6mgkjti.jpg

 photo 20150326_131412_zpsszvvmahx.jpg

 photo 20150326_131037_zpsm0xcutgc.jpg

Photobombed by angmoh students~

 photo 20150326_131523_zpsaqypveeu.jpg

Love the chandeliers so much!!!

 photo 20150326_131537_zpsubgxqkpw.jpg


Sorry for the chandeliers spam, but it’s just too beautiful! Wish to have one at home, but I know it only traps dust x.x

 photo 20150326_131938_zpsn3s5tnfs.jpg

 photo 20150326_131906_zpszhiaxvtu.jpg

 photo 20150326_132013_zpsfepf67tp.jpg

 photo 20150326_132044_zpse7nqjcjh.jpg

Bro was like, “快点快点!后面没有人了!” Hahaha! Cause it was damn crowded in the previous shot~ But it’s impossible to get one that is completely empty of course.

 photo 20150326_131654_zpsxemva1tw.jpg

 photo 20150326_132326_zpsigom6nkv.jpg

The king’s chamber!

 photo 20150326_132906_zpskztopopy.jpg

And the queen’s bedroom!

 photo 20150326_133615_zps8ir6n9u3.jpg

 photo 20150326_133556_zpsabojidv8.jpg

Forgot which room are the above 2 pictures taken, but the next 2 are in the 1792 room~

 photo 20150326_134017_zps0utyvwgl.jpg

 photo 20150326_133956_zpslijdfc4t.jpg

 photo 20150326_134351_zpsiht0apyy.jpg

Battles Gallery!

They have like sooooooooo many rooms each for different usage that I really lost track of which is for who/what ._. They even have a breakfast room!

 photo 20150326_135853_zps06t7wuq8.jpg

 photo 20150326_135923_zpsrkzkhjo0.jpg

 photo 20150326_135943_zps9ehza2wv.jpg

 photo 20150326_140011_zpsc2irgkz7.jpg

 photo 20150326_140139_zpsotcqltcm.jpg

 photo 20150326_140223_zpsmcbl3vwq.jpg

 photo 20150326_140406_zpszgmrnhwb.jpg

Had enough of the warmth in the palace and it’s time to head out again to explore! Still within the Palace of Versailles but there is still another side of it to check out! That’s my brother shivering in the cold by the way xD

 photo 20150326_141238_zpsnlgung5z.jpg

 photo 20150326_141013_zpsg3rl8xph.jpg

We don’t really know what’s at the other end and there didn’t seem to be people heading there, but we still decided to brace through the cold and walk all the way there~

 photo 20150326_141604_zps9sjq6i10.jpg

 photo 20150326_142132_zps32sdykun.jpg

It was drizzling if you notice the top of my hood, which means it was extra cold!!! Brrrrrrr~ Selfie-ing while Bro was in the washroom 😛

 photo 20150326_142141_zpsssea12r1.jpg

 photo 20150326_142156_zpszqmaz76k.jpg

At the dragon fountain!

 photo 20150326_142803_zpsowvbuswy.jpg

And I saw swan again! 😀

 photo 20150326_142752_zpsnufrmn7w.jpg

Because my ears were numbing as the cold wind blew! Yet we actually saw people jogging! Like why would anyone come to a PALACE to jog in the first place?! So cold some more! -_-|||

 photo 20150326_142851_zps0jwzq2ec.jpg

I realised they really like fountains/ponds! 3 different fountains/ponds at 3 different areas but with 3 different feels (:

 photo 20150326_141358_zpsx8p34jmy.jpg

 photo 20150326_150052_zpsqpzy5uen.jpg

 photo 20150326_133752_zpsdajvrzxw.jpg

Glad that we explored because that’s where The Grand Trianon is! This was built for the mistress if I’m not wrong~ “(He) also housed his sister-in-law the Princess Palatine, his son-in-law the duc de Chartres and his daughter the duchesse de Bourbon” – Credit

 photo 20150326_150006_zpswgxdodbs.jpg

 photo 20150326_150122_zps1eamc5ew.jpg

The Empress’s bedroom!

 photo 20150326_150821_zps88hmo5vq.jpg

 photo 20150326_150757_zps2mpzlpgz.jpg

 photo 20150326_153443_zpsyhqabooh.jpg

 photo 20150326_153454_zpssiyrgcqv.jpg

Forgot which rooms are the above photos, but of all the rooms, I like this Louis-Philippe Family Room the most! 😀 I don’t know why but I like the yellow theme~ Not as “formal” as all the other rooms but yet still of a certain status kind!

 photo 20150326_1509230_zpspe7mh8tj.jpg

 photo 20150326_151340_zps4mnlqw1e.jpg

The Round Room!

 photo 20150326_150323_zpshqjlxccl.jpg

The Peristyle!

 photo 20150326_150503_zpswphyo5nf.jpg

And the kids thought it would be nice to play catching here -.-“

 photo 20150326_151057_zpstptwd7e8.jpg

Beautiful Cotelle Gallery

 photo 20150326_151118_zpsmkujxfeg.jpg

Finally a background with nobody! xD

Back to the outdoor and I kinda love this little river!

 photo 20150326_154212_zps15fu9iwn.jpg

 photo 20150326_154333_zps6ouhnlfn.jpg

 photo 20150326_154502_zpsupalouix.jpg

Temple of the Love!

 photo 20150326_154844_zps77luqmjy.jpg


 photo 20150326_154904_zpspniqudii.jpg

The Marie-Antoinette’s estate!

This was built for Louis XVI’s wife – Marie-Antoinette so that she can have her private space there (:

 photo 20150326_155015_zpsdtmp0hpa.jpg

 photo 20150326_154922_zpsdc2bwr9f.jpg

The Water Parterres which reflects the sunlight and light up the façade of the Hall of Mirrors~

 photo 20150326_162413_zpsyozrldzo.jpg

Finally finished the massive place! Not sure if we missed out anywhere but I think we have explored enough and it’s time to move to the next destination! 😀

 photo 20150326_162604_zpsgcfj0vxk.jpg

Chanced upon this building which I think is a school (???) but it looks like one of the schools in movies. Maybe a horror movie or some magic kind~

 photo 20150326_164136_zpsw6wofa6u.jpg

Arrived at the Arc de Triomphe which is one of the most famous monuments in Paris~ It is actually just this thingy standing there, but a lot of people still came all the way to take photos of it. It is to honour those who fought and died during the war, so I guess it holds some special meaning.

 photo 20150326_182305_zps4d77mrxy.jpg

Everybody take, so we must also take right! 😛

 photo 20150326_182638_zpsv8okrwdw.jpg

 photo 20150326_183127_zpspd9qswio.jpg

But take 来 take 去 also like look the same leh ._. One last shot and off for shopping!

 photo 20150326_183058_zpsfb1liry5.jpg

The Arc de Triomphe is located at their “Orchard Road“-like area, so Bro and I took the opportunity to walk around to see how their Orchard Road looks like! The only shop that attracted me is the Disney shop! Hahaha! Cause Bro has got international staff discount 😛

 photo 20150326_1926290_zpszk4hpikk.jpg

Back to the Arc de Triomphe for the night view! I think it kinda looks better at night (:

 photo 20150326_195600_zpsa0q0hbl4.jpg

 photo 20150326_195620_zpsezkqcbio.jpg

We actually stood in the middle of the road to take these shots! Hahaha! Risking our lives for photos~

 photo 20150326_195610_zpsjascb7hj.jpg

Last destination is also another key attraction of Paris – Musée du Louvre! We went there pretty late, just wanna snap a few pictures since it’s like you have never really visited Paris if you didn’t come here. But a pity my phone couldn’t capture the exact nice lighting no matter which white balance I chose 😦

 photo 20150326_202513_zpsux2z6nl2.jpg

I remember telling a friend that I did not go into the museum and he/she (can’t remember who) was like, “What?! How can you not go in?! It’s the The Da Vinci Code museum leh!!!” Hahaha! But like I said it was pretty late and I think it was closed by then, plus we probably won’t be able to appreciate those arty stuff inside anyway ._.

 photo 20150326_202422_zpsigybwdet.jpg

This is slightly closer to how the exterior of the museum looks like, but still doesn’t do justice to it. A lot of things you need to see it real life to know the exact beauty of it (:

 photo 20150326_202606_zpspdgvpxpl.jpg

Goodbye Paris and goodbye to our big apartment! I really miss all our microwaved-dinners, especially after we reached Italy. It had been what I looked forward to every night – comfort food in a warm environment, because our lunches were usually just biscuits or cakes grabbed and go from the supermarket~ Paris could have been more perfect if the people are friendlier and there are less potential criminals walking around. But it is still a beautiful city nevertheless! ❤


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