Hello Kitty Orchid Garden! :D

Finally had some time for my dearest loveboy! Dedicated the whole Sunday just for him, since I had been busy with my rehearsals on Sundays previously. I heard that he had been waiting for my arrival and had planned so many things to do with me, which includes playing Play-Doh together! 😀

Made him a birthday cake and he was so cute when he started singing birthday song for himself! Hahaha! He even said goodbye to all the animals before disfiguring them into the container when packing up~ Not difficult to spot which one is made by him though. (He said it’s a massage thing -_-“)
 photo 20160710_142111_zpsp4yk8a4z.jpg

The animals having a birthday celebration for Isaac when a durian attacked! Looks more like sea urchin, I know…LOL. Not enough patience to make more thorns lah.
 photo 20160710_142820_zpsmlqg9ox0.jpg

Went on a durian search after dinner but to no avail~ Guess it’s not the season yet so everywhere is either selling only Mao Shan Wang or no durians at all. Hope to find cheap durians next month!!!

It’s been quite a free and relaxing week this week; back to shake-leg days ._. Which is also why I managed to clear so many of my Europe entries! Hahaha! Caught the Legend of Tarzan and it felt like the adult version of The Jungle Book that I caught recently…hmmmm.

Visited the Hello Kitty cafe at the airport after that!
 photo 20160711_223338_zpsq7fdd0zf.jpg

It was a surprise visit because I haven’t been cafe-hopping much lately, so I was definitely surprised to be brought to a CAFE, let alone it’s the Hello Kitty cafe! 😀 Surprisingly, there was no queue at all too!
 photo 20160711_223316_zpsok1sojhs.jpg
 photo 20160711_223202_zpsy5snifdl.jpg

The interior of the orchid garden was of course beautifully-decorated with flowers, just like a real garden! The excitement of visiting the cafe is really more about taking photos in the beautiful interior and not so much about the food…hehe.
 photo 20160711_214347_zpshlchhcel.jpg
 photo 20160711_214916_zpsbazyy0wt.jpg

But I feel that the kitty-theme is not strong enough as compared to the Hello Kitty cafes in Korea and Taiwan. Over there, every thing is so Hello Kitty-ish, from the furniture to the pastries and even the toilet within the cafe is Hello Kitty-themed! But Singapore’s is really more of a garden-theme with a little touch of Hello Kitty stuff.
 photo 20160711_222849_zpshqoi5vnu.jpg

The choices in the menu are quite limited and not very creative. Still think the toppled fries with the name of “Oops! Kitty did it again~” is such a joke…LOL. I remember the Hello Kitty cafes in overseas have cuter dishes, but I was intending to have desserts only anyway.
 photo 20160711_214435_zpsjdsh9a7o.jpg

Still happy to be able to visit once in my life of course! 😀 And I managed to take nice pictures! Hehe! (Though I look kinda sickly due to flu~)
 photo 20160711_215814_zpsxk6r0lcx.jpg

Can’t get enough of the pretty garden~~~
 photo 20160711_214906_zpsf8oseu33.jpg
 photo 20160711_214559_zpsssq40bcl.jpg

 photo 20160711_223211_zpscnb5wvza.jpg

Love letter to Kitty?

 photo 20160711_220128_zpsqblbsquy.jpg

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden!

 photo 20160711_220528_zpsckoldzt1.jpg

Here comes the cakes! =D

 photo 20160711_220701_zpshcuk8b9c.jpg

Lemon tart & chocolate cake!

 photo 20160711_220858_zpsylp6dyqx.jpg

Happy girl! HEHE!

I wanted to choose something that has more Hello Kitty-theme to it, but the closest I could find is this lemon tart with a kitty on top. Taste wise the lemon filling is kinda too thin. You know when you eat a chocolate tart or a lemon meringue tart, the filling is supposed to moist the tart and create that perfect combination? This filling is not enough for the thick tart~
 photo 20160711_220627_zpsrzirg9gk.jpg

The other cakes all just come with a Hello Kitty ribbon which I feel that didn’t bring out the theme enough. Feels like a normal cake out there with a strawberry chocolate bow on top. But the taste of the chocolate cake is not bad at least~
 photo 20160711_220722_zpsukocsu4i.jpg

When I keep mentioning about the Hello Kitty theme, what I meant is this kind of cake! Like really the head of the Hello Kitty and not just its accessories (e.g. the bow). The kind that would make you feel awwwww~ 不舍得吃!That’s why I think Singapore should put in more effort if you really wanna open a theme cafe.
 photo SAM_1945.jpg

Nevertheless, happy to have visited! I remember Mommeyyyyyyy once told me when we were in the Taiwan’s Hello Kitty cafe, “Next time don’t force your boyfriend to this kind of girly cafe okay.” HAHAHA. I am glad I didn’t have to forceeeee or drag anyone to go with me xD
 photo 20160711_223153_zpsnn2ducxx.jpg
 photo IMG-20160717-WA0018_zpscrow7vgb.jpg

 photo IMG-20160717-WA0019_zpseccet26u.jpg

Hello Bye Kitty!

 photo 20160712_135639_zpspre1lqpt.jpg

Long time no bowl but I’m proud of my scores! xD
The below one lah, of course.

 photo 20160712_182637_zpsghthqkog.jpg


Something terrible and traumatising happened while I was enjoying my cakes… Traumatised and helpless because of the shouting, and because it’s my first time encountering it. And it still traumatised me till the next day, as though it’s gonna happen anytime again. *touch wood* Just so unexpected… So scary… So 心疼 x.x

Tried to lift up the mood a little with a comedy the next day – Central Intelligence! Not bad~ One of those “siao hee“!

Checked out the foodcourt after movie and was happy that there’s still ban mian!!! Lucky enough to be one of the last customers, so cannot miss eating 😛 好吃!!!
 photo 20160713_214527_zps2wmbcjq7.jpg

Ran out of ideas for lunch as usual and Ping suggested trying the Bao Makers! Supposed to have a budget lunch (everyone’s broke!!!) but we were tempted by a friend’s Instagram post last week, and after checking the prices, it wasn’t that expensive so we decided to check it out~
 photo 20160714_134942_zpsxhqubcoz.jpg

The salted egg yolk chicken bao is indeed damn nice!!! So much nicer than the McDonald burger~ But even Ally was not full after eating, let alone us. Had to spend another $1.80 for second round – 卤肉饭 after that ._.
 photo 20160714_134956_zpsv8qsiktx.jpg

Worked the calories off with yoga at night but I didn’t know there wasn’t Hot Stretch for that day, so I had to attend Hot Vinyasa in the end and arghhh…I still don’t like it. Tried it just recently and this week’s class only reminds me of how much I didn’t enjoy the class.

Not just that it’s tiring (Hot Stretch is not easy either), but it’s how fast-paced the class is and it’s not my regular class, so I don’t know the routine of the class as well as others. By the time I catch the step, others are already on the next step -_- Felt like a race constantly trying to catch up rather than work out. But also because of that, I kinda sweated extra lot. 累死了!Didn’t help that I had to conquer this flight of stairs after that…Zzzzzz.
 photo 20160714_203609_zpsmf3wji7i.jpg


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