Europe Day 7 – Venice!

27 March 2015

Caught a flight and arrived in Venice in less than 2 hours! It’s also a place I was looking forward to visit and it had always been on my bucket list as well ever since secondary school, when we studied about Venice sinking soon~ It definitely did not disappoint me at all! So glad that I finally made it here before it sinks! (It better not sink though, because it’s way too beautiful to just sink like that!)
 photo 20150327_141325_zpspjvqelni.jpg

For your info, there are no public transport in Venice such as bus or trains or even cars. The only mode of transport is through the water so we took a water bus aka the ferry to our accommodation!
 photo 20150327_152114_zpszro8ivwv.jpg

Even their taxis are water taxis! 😀
 photo 20150327_152120_zpsxazqrou7.jpg

Here are some photos taken while I was on board the water bus~ I was so in awe of the beauty that I couldn’t help snapping some photos on the crowded ferry!
 photo 20150327_152725_zpsmdcsxotu.jpg

 photo 20150327_153612_zpsga3ltqds.jpg

Another mode of transport – Gondola

 photo 20150327_153956_zpskxwwcwwl.jpg

The “taxi stand”???

I don’t know how else can I describe Venice except to say that it’s like a painting. And to have always heard about houses being built on water, it’s just not as amazing as when you really witnessed it. I was really like WOW~!!! Wait till you see the pictures with better angles that I took later on when we were strolling around (:
 photo 20150327_153123_zpshqf9a2xu.jpg
 photo 20150327_153959_zpsouuibsu9.jpg

We had a little difficulty finding our Airbnb accomodation because there ain’t really clear road signs around. In fact there aren’t exactly ROADS there, since there are no cars why you need roads right ._. So sometimes you’re just like walking in a maze, not knowing where this corner leads you to~ Well anyway, we managed to find it eventually after asking around and it was actually right in front of us! The houses there don’t really look like houses; look like just back door to a shop that’s why we missed it.

The owner of the house was very helpful and nice! I think I wasn’t aware that our room is actually on the second or third level, and the owner was kinda shocked to see our big luggage too, but he helped us carry them up the flight of stairs eventually. The stairs was damn narrow and each step is so small! Really would have so much difficulty carrying them up ourselves! I think he really wasn’t expecting us with luggage and when we think back, I think we were the only ones carrying such big luggage in the water bus too. I guess Venice is like a JB where the Europeans come for short getaways, so everyone packed light except us =/

I forgot to take a picture of our room but here’s a messy-bed shot taken on our last day~ I think I took this shot to blog about how my naggy brother commented that I should tidy up the bed before returning the room back to them. Zzzzzz. It was just a small room with a bed, a wardrobe and a dressing table by the way.
 photo 20150329_0957080_zpsxoyxe5n0.jpg

The only bad thing is that we had to use the shared bathroom, which I didn’t quite like because you can’t lock the door. It’s apparently illegal (according to the owner) to have locks for bathroom because due to the ageing population there, the government do not want to have accidents happening inside the bathrooms…hmmmm. But felt damn uneasy showering each time. Like just wanna get it over and done with.

There is an en-suite bathroom in one of the bigger rooms and we were told on the first day that we could use if there are no guests staying in that room, but I only managed to use it once and somehow the owner’s mother locked up the room ever since then. We suspect that we have offended her in some way which we still couldn’t figure out what. But she just didn’t seem to be very happy with us the next day ._. That’s the problem with communication barrier.

Anyway, out to explore the beautiful city and this is the Rialto bridge where tourists crowd around to take nice view of the colourful houses!
 photo 20150327_172825_zpsesl2zrve.jpg
 photo 20150327_172758_zpsflwvzn4p.jpg

Joining the crowd on the bridge for some beauty shots! 😀
 photo 20150327_172959_zpstiq7vvdb.jpg
 photo 20150327_172917_zpsxohnnbjk.jpg

Cannot really capture the beautiful background~
 photo 20150327_173220_zpsuop0hpyl.jpg
 photo 20150327_173240_zpspr9nbfle.jpg

The sun was a bit too harsh for proper shots; I think I took better pictures the next day~ But still, it’s beautiful enough right! Even the sky is quite pretty! 😀 Best of all, the weather was simply perfect in Venice!!! Because there is finally some SUNLIGHT!!!!!!!! Oh I miss it so much!

It has been horrible travelling in the cold for the past few days and I think I am really more suited for summer than winter -.- Well, at least the sun wasn’t so hot that I would sweat. It was just cooling with enough warmth! Makes me love Venice even more! (:
 photo 20150327_173604_zpsjhuxmt6x.jpg
 photo 20150327_173533_zpsr0xddphe.jpg
 photo 20150327_173612_zpsiuf5lbkr.jpg

Quite like this picture somehow~ Got postcard feel? 😛
 photo 20150327_172416_zpsegg1n66u.jpg

Anyway, Bro and I did think of trying the gondola ride, since it’s quite a unique experience in Venice. But after we checked out the prices, we got scared away. Each ride was around S$100 if I’m not wrong. Maybe it’s more worth it if you have more friends to take it with you, but definitely not worth a ride for 2.
 photo 20150327_175222_zpsnnapwz6m.jpg

We seldom indulge ourselves in any good food during this trip because it’s a budget trip. Not that we are terribly broke or miserable, but we just wanna save more to travel more. Nevertheless, we kept splurging on ice-creams ever since Venice! I think it wasn’t too expensive also, which is why we were willing to keep buying. How can you resist real Italian gelato anyway?!
 photo 20150327_174724_zpswubuz1v2.jpg

 photo 20150327_174314_zps2doylhqj.jpg

I think this was Tiramisu!

We basically walked quite aimlessly in Venice because firstly, it’s not very big so somehow you will manage to walk back eventually. Secondly, like I mentioned, the no road sign thingy hence there’s no point looking at maps. Thirdly, there wasn’t many places of attraction to visit, so we kinda finished all that places that we listed on the first day xD
 photo 20150327_173813_zpspt2sh37w.jpg
 photo 20150327_172927_zpssp9pbwjb.jpg
 photo 20150327_175929_zpsgu5fsxu5.jpg

 photo 20150327_173718_zpswmktyzca.jpg

The clouds seem to form a heart-shape!

Oh, there wasn’t any microwave in our room, hence we had to eat out. And there is of course no coffeeshops there as well, so we had to dine in a restaurant no matter what. The cheapest we could find was still around S$8 – S$10 per dish kind, and the taste is really just okayyyy~ That’s why I said I miss my microwaved-food! Cheap and good!
 photo 20150327_182800_zps4w6dqwvl.jpg

Pampered myself a little with this Aperol Spritz that a friend highly-recommended me to try! Happened to recall it and I managed to find it in the menu too~ It’s apparently a very popular drink there and you can easily find people sipping on it in restaurants while dining. Not as sweet as I had thought; a bit bitter but not bad for a try (:
 photo 20150327_182840_zpspukeybjg.jpg

 photo 20150327_182900_zpsb45f1v9o.jpg


I think the pizza doesn’t look quite appetising even in this picture. I mean it’s not awful or anything, but the toppings seem to be sprinkled on top instead of baked with -.-”
 photo 20150327_182806_zpsdtwshhni.jpg

And this S$8-S$10 tortellini came in such a small portion that even I would complain that it’s not enough, let alone my pig brother -.- But at least it tasted not bad, and I know that my brother would like it. So proud that I know what tortellini is because I edited a pasta video before! Hehe!
 photo 20150327_182702_zps7xktf9uh.jpg

 photo 20150327_191006_zpshaogugmw.jpg

Good night, Venice!


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