Europe Day 8 – Venice!

28 March 2015

Woke up to a yummy breakfast sent to our room! We were quite amazed by the breakfast because we were expecting just toast and jam~ But there’s coffee, tea, fruit punch, pies, toasts and croissants! 😀 What a spread!
 photo 20150328_095927_zpsss9wxeca.jpg

Love the crispy toasts with Nutella spread! Love the blueberry pies too! So much that my brother actually went to the supermarket to find the pie later on -_- But I think we only managed to find it when we were in Florence~
 photo 20150328_095952_zpsmehhdn4r.jpg

 photo 20150328_095956_zpsejsj2ml6.jpg

Crispy croissants!
Would be better if it comes with raisins xD

Don’t really have exact plans for the day because my brother was supposed to plan Venice and Rome, but you know guys don’t have such thing as an itinerary in their dictionaries. So he merely folded a few pages in the book borrowed from the library and we walked around aimlessly to snap some photos~

 photo 20150328_111514_zpsgzubwqvq.jpg

Postcard stall

 photo 20150328_111452_zps0s5rjvas.jpg

Between the houses

 photo 20150328_110402_zpsazsmb9i2.jpg

A sign of the ages~

And guess what we got ourselves again! 2 scoops this time and that was basically our lunch! Our Italy highlight is seriously all about the gelatos there! And together with all the dough we chewed from the pizzas and pastas, you can see my face getting rounder towards the end of the trip 😛
 photo 20150328_112643_zpsld39dxh1.jpg

I forgot what flavour was this, probably some berries and something~ Hmmmm. But I know they have like so many flavours that you are really spoiled for choices!
 photo 20150328_112627_zpskq6ffhmr.jpg

Continued our photography walk while licking on our ice-creams 😀 We did not take any water bus because everywhere is quite accessible by foot.
 photo 20150328_112900_zpsf5crxpqh.jpg
 photo 20150328_112934_zpsi6cagtqr.jpg
 photo 20150328_112949_zpsszmhabcl.jpg
 photo 20150328_112917_zpshdair9gp.jpg

Walking on sunshine~ Woohoooo~~~~
 photo 20150328_113315_zpsghaktasc.jpg
 photo 20150328_1132330_zpsafk2ev5j.jpg

And here come my postcard shots again! xD
 photo 20150328_114032_zpsk13balxb.jpg
 photo 20150328_113646_zpstdh7b7nl.jpg

On the Rialto bridge again! It’s like in the centre where we will pass by everyday~
 photo 20150328_114527_zpsbcwypob5.jpg

And finally a tourist attraction – St Mark’s Campanile!
 photo 20150328_122308_zpsrplwfrou.jpg

The bell tower is one of the most recognisable symbols of the city~
 photo 20150328_122046_zpsevhualrt.jpg
 photo 20150328_123314_zpscavhhssj.jpg

But this area has got extra lots of people selling selfie sticks and it’s quite irritating -.- Like every few step you walk you get approached. Cannot see I already holding one meh.
 photo 20150328_133154_zpsmmldc51q.jpg
 photo 20150328_121938_zpsday9zjld.jpg

Oh the Mickey paper bag revealed that I went to the Disney shop again! Found a gift for Ah Lyn there xD
 photo 20150328_123115_zpsq1hynemb.jpg
 photo 20150328_123053_zpsefa2nrxq.jpg
 photo 20150328_123839_zpsgwmepbde.jpg.

 photo 20150328_122444_zpsyxdgpahv.jpg

Piazza San Marco

And this longgggggg building at the side is part of the Procuratie Vecchie, which is made up of 3 buildings connected together~
 photo 20150328_122722_zpsoziwocff.jpg
 photo 20150328_122634_zpsg2pikheh.jpg
 photo 20150328_124421_zps7dfgmboy.jpg

Randomly walked to this crowded area where people just sit around to smooch or relax. Love how laid back things are!
 photo 20150328_125209_zpshz3ucn5a.jpg
 photo 20150328_124336_zpsq2ck0fho.jpg
 photo 20150328_124350_zpsbrladvt9.jpg
 photo 20150328_124634_zpspeq5wsnt.jpg

Took a silly video of the surrounding because I really love Venice so much and I wish I can always relive the memories. Video is the best way to capture moments because it feels more real than stills (that’s why I prefer to be a video editor and not a photographer)! ((:

 photo 20150328_125119_zpse0u9ebfu.jpg

Free hugs, anyone?

 photo 20150328_125317_zpsu2o6com0.jpg

One of the water bus-stops

Passing by the Bridge of Sigh! Bro said he read that this is where prisoners were being brought across the bridge to the interrogation room opposite, so they would always sigh when crossing this bridge!
 photo 20150328_125031_zpsgjje8jb3.jpg
 photo 20150328_125621_zpsk69hl0eq.jpg
 photo 20150328_125804_zpsdz0vy1uv.jpg
 photo 20150328_125816_zpsbkuj505w.jpg
 photo 20150328_125907_zpsioysskwn.jpg

Checked out another tourist attraction – Basilica di San Marco! It is the most famous church in Venice!
 photo 20150328_131021_zpshjkabv2s.jpg

 photo 20150328_131116_zpsdibjrite.jpg

Spotted a seagull outside the church!

The interior is not as grand as the churches and cathedrals we have seen previously, but still a lot of work within the architectural design and paintings.
 photo 20150328_131432_zps2edhk431.jpg
 photo 20150328_131827_zps6fillf3i.jpg
 photo 20150328_131723_zps3iwmjn1f.jpg
 photo 20150328_132335_zpsogiqskpp.jpg
 photo 20150328_131927_zpsc1swj3aa.jpg

 photo 20150328_133055_zpsshvjya0b.jpg

St Mark’s Clocktower

 photo 20150328_133106_zpsjeerqw84.jpg

It’s the 12 horoscope signs!

 photo 20150328_134053_zps3gqlk1nq.jpg

Gondolier singing while rowing~

 photo 20150328_134136_zps4sqhwfcc.jpg

By the water canal!

 photo 20150328_134359_zpse4gigh0v.jpg

Cute dough faces xD

Oh I remember I was buying some eclairs from this shop above or a shop near it and I had my Singlish moment.

Staff: Just 2 eclairs takeaway?

Me: *nod* Ah!

Staff: *mimicked and laughed* Ah!

Me: *embarrassed* -_____-|||

Not exactly a Singlish but the usual slang we would use in Singapore that I realise foreigners wouldn’t use! It’s like such a common way we use for verbal replies of “Yes” that I totally did not realise it’s something so Singaporean x.x

 photo 20150328_144131_zpsjintpc7v.jpg

Just chilling out~

 photo 20150328_144736_zpsjbhew4qd.jpg

How does it feel to live on water???

 photo 20150328_145342_zpssilyziwm.jpg
 photo 20150328_150936_zpsir65ezej.jpg
 photo 20150328_151047_zpszjau5c6w.jpg

I think we really ran out of places to go so we decided to walk to the train station where we would be taking train to Florence the next day just to check it out~ Like know where is it so that we would know how to go tomorrow.
 photo 20150328_151316_zpsnldgs2u0.jpg
 photo 20150328_151352_zpsdlxgdd6m.jpg
 photo 20150328_151430_zpstcqfev4y.jpg
 photo 20150328_151542_zpsj9srrfnc.jpg
 photo 20150328_153200_zpswrnsswya.jpg

And a THIRD scoop of gelato for the day!!! I blame it all on my brother. He got excited when he saw the flavour that he wants (probably his favourite melon or banana) and I was like, “But we just ate this morning!” He replied, “It’s okay lah. Let’s buy let’s buy!” So I got tempted as well. I think it was also cheaper, that’s why we couldn’t resist.
 photo 20150328_165335_zpshwgc41kr.jpg

 photo 20150328_165322_zpszmhia73b.jpg

Kiwi flavour this time! NICE!!!!

Settled down for dinner because we were tired of walking and we had run out of places to go too. I’m really not a carbo person but the choices in Italy are all starchy stuff like pasta and pizzas! Damn sick of it already after just 2 days. Decided to go for this spinach thing since I just had the gelato and was not that hungry.
 photo 20150328_171753_zpsjlnh1vm9.jpg

 photo 20150328_171758_zpsi5180l8k.jpg

Bro’s pasta~ Forgot if it’s nice.

 photo 20150328_171851_zps5h8pf985.jpg

Dining right beside the canal!

I actually wanna capture the laid back ambience there in the selfie but failed to. It was really so relaxing, so cooling and just so nice to dine by the “river“, watching gondolas pass by! 😀
 photo 20150328_171231_zpstbzhzjz0.jpg

Ended our night pretty early because we gotta pack for Florence. I bought so many nice Kinder Bueno goodies that are not available in Singapore! I miss them now! I bought them as souvenirs for friends and Bro kept nagging that I shouldn’t buy so many because we still have many days to go -_-

Our conversation would go like this:

Me: But Singapore don’t have!

Bro: Florence or Rome sure have mah, also part of Italy.

Me: But what if don’t have?! T.T

Bro: I don’t know you lah. Later your luggage cannot fit then you know.

I think I’m the 宁可杀错不可放过 kind, cause I really hate regrets! And after he tried 1 of the cakes and biscuits that I opened, he also went back to the supermarket the next day to buy more lor -.- I think we didn’t manage to find them in Florence at all. Only saw it once in Rome but more expensive? You see!!!

 photo 20150328_195157_zpsixs84mck.jpg

Enjoying my huge strawberries in the room!

 photo 20150328_192506_zpslhsmuoqg.jpg

The easter Bunkey (bunny + Mickey) for Lyn! Isn’t he adorable? Hehe!


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