Europe Day 9 – Florence!

29 March 2015

Bro and I were wondering (and hoping) if we would have the same yummy breakfast provided before we leave to catch our train. Thought our chances are slim, since we might have offended the owner’s mum in some way that we still couldn’t figured, but she still brought breakfast into our room for us!!! Hehe! Bade farewell to the beautiful Venice and here we come, Florence!

 photo 20150329_115109_zpsb2ewu7de.jpg

My luggage VS Bro’s ._.

 photo 20150329_114234_zpsisuq0cnf.jpg

While waiting for our train~

It was yours truly’s birthday eve and it was also the day where thousands of Singaporeans were sending our founding father off in the heavy rain. I may not physically be in Singapore, but I was still aware of all the news happening there and wore black for the day as well.
 photo 20150329_113956_zps5mtff66o.jpg

Anyway, arrived in Florence after a 2-hour train ride. Bro almost brought me on the wrong direction while we were finding our way to the apartment! Luckily I realised it, if not we would have made an even longer detour with our luggage -_- I realised it happened a few times when he actually got the directions wrong and I got it right instead~ Guess it’s true that I really can navigate better abroad somehow! Lyn will definitely agree! Haha!

Found our apartment and this time round, it’s on the third floor of a the building without lift again!!! Thank goodness the owners helped us with our luggage again~ The apartment belongs to these 2 friendly guys (we were wondering if they are gay couple) who are both designers! They both work from home, hence they are around most of the time. As a result, we also hid in our own room whenever we are back ._. Very shy to mingle with angmohs!

But because they are designers, their apartment is so beautifully-designed!!!
 photo 20150329_154012_zpsdvskvjkq.jpg

Bedroom looks nice and comfy too! 😀 More importantly, it has an en-suite bathroom~ Yayyyy!
 photo 20150329_150606_zpsfdb8poqq.jpg

Oh! I forgot to introduce another of our roommate! Okay, technically she’s just a housemate, but she likes to sneak into our room to sniff this and that, super cute one!
 photo 20150329_151216_zpsx8gbscfj.jpg

Checking out the rubbish bin now~ Very curious cat! Kitty kitty, haven’t you heard that curiosity kills the cat? But don’t worry, you are too adorable, I will not harm you! ❤
 photo 20150331_091252-1_zps9icttxba.jpg

Bro was against the idea of letting her in, but I always let her sneak in on purpose by leaving the door ajar 😛 She’s too cute and I miss her!
 photo 20150331_091007_zpsekqh5p9b.jpg
 photo 20150331_091012_zpse9eqkm01.jpg

Headed out to explore the nearby area and there actually isn’t much in Florence; it isn’t exactly a tourist-sy place. We merely included it as a city to visit because Nad said it’s the best place for outlet shopping! Haha! Told my brother it’s a MUST for me to visit 😛

It was a short day because there wasn’t much to see or many places to go for the day. We just walked around randomly to the central area while my brother was busy looking for bridge, which is supposed to be a tourist attraction spot~
 photo 20150329_120104_zpsvbk839uk.jpg
 photo 20150329_163159_zps3athgfqb.jpg
 photo 20150329_163452_zpsdbmcspnu.jpg

 photo 20150329_165232_zpseqhrs5eo.jpg

Spotted Nad’s shop! Haha!

I think after a long walk, he told me that this is the bridge -_- Which part looks like tourist attraction ah???
 photo 20150329_164021_zpsn2dbe5we.jpg

 photo 20150329_164532_zpsmchmycve.jpg

Spot the YOLO pair sitting there~

In the end, it was actually this bridge further down – Ponte Vecchio!
 photo 20150329_164615_zpsyapimsbd.jpg

 photo 20150329_164804_zpsb1zwgvsx.jpg

Windy day!

 photo 20150329_164632_zpslrtoh6q4.jpg

Nose peeling due to the dry weather though x.x

Continuing the long walk~~~
 photo 20150329_165600_zpsvg98odjw.jpg
 photo 20150329_165653_zpswa9okyyw.jpg

Finally reached the bridge!
 photo 20150329_165309_zps3kesvtlm.jpg

Nothing really special or beautiful about this bridge to me, but still must take a tourist-sy shot on it 😛
 photo 20150329_165840_zpsn5aygmcn.jpg

And my brother was eager to take a photo of this old window somehow -_-|||
 photo 20150329_170026_zpsndruiqfq.jpg

 photo 20150329_170723_zpsrjljnff6.jpg

Palazzo Vecchio

 photo 20150329_170832_zpslvho1ikq.jpg

Piazzale Michelangelo!

 photo 20150329_170956_zpsx9m7lebx.jpg

Sculptor Michelangelo’s artwork

 photo 20150329_172408_zpsfhqjasaf.jpg

Carousels are always so pretty!

And that’s really all for the day. I remember we ended the day with an early dinner (cum lunch) at a random cafe/restaurant which is the cheapest we could find. Spent like S$5 – S$8 on really awful sandwich and pasta. Maybe I should have chosen the pizza, but I was really sick of pizzas and pasta by then! Damn sick of Italy’s food in other words -.-“


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