Had a horrible Sunday fighting with cramps! Haven’t had such a bad cramp for a longgggg time! Almost fainted in the bathroom because the pain was just too excruciating. Stand also pain, sit also pain, lie down also pain. I secretly think that all these months and years of menstrual pain is actually to train us for the day we gonna give birth…Zzzzzz!

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-18-09-43-57_zpsetrvefvk.jpg

A friend in need is a buddy indeed!

Yea so a whole Sunday wasted at home in the end~ Wanted to have a movie marathon at home when I felt better, but couldn’t find all the shows that I want 😦 Settled for The Purge: Election Year in the end and I think le pig brother and I watched the part 1 together as well.

It’s a scary show, but it really makes you appreciate the law and safety in Singapore. Basically Purge Day is a day (fictional) when all crime is legalised for 12 hours and people get to do anything without getting arrested. Yes, that includes murder, so people take the chance to revenge on people they hate and etc.

 photo 20160718_113358_zps6wadp0gw.jpg

Berries Monday (:

Quite a free week this week, as you can see, that’s why I managed to catch up on so many Europe posts! =X

 photo 20160719_093627_zpsm10a9a8l.jpg

Grabcar Tuesday!

My fare was only $1.80, thanks to the Grabtaxi promo! 😀 If only they have such promo everyday, then I can sleep like 30 minutes longer and have a comfy ride to work! Can even make lunch!

But the lunch, or rather, the breakfast caused me to have a bad day~ Not sure if it’s the ham, but it started with a headache, followed by 1 x diarrhoea and 3 x puking! >.<

Me: I just went to the toilet for the third consecutive time and I think I’m gonna puke again now.

Maj: Oh shit, what happened to you?!

Me: I don’t know. Just now I puked and my vomitus was purple …

Maj: PURPLE?!?!?!?!

Me: Oh because I ate a box of blueberries just now ._.

Maj: Oh scared me!!! I thought purple then there’s something really wrong!

Hahahahaha! But the purple vomitus is probably the chio-est vomitus you will ever see~

Anyhow, dragged myself down for NDP after work and still feeling nauseous every now and then. Advertising for 100Plus because Lily said it would help to feel better xD

 photo 20160719_184058_zpsleg8bksq.jpg

Looking damn cui but this is probably the only chance I can get to take a photo here~

 photo 20160719_184244_zpsuuo11mmh.jpg

Feeling like a preggie on stage, except apart from wanting to puke every few minutes, I kept burping as well (due to the 100Plus) ._. Eric kept asking me to sit down and rest but since I was already there, I really don’t wanna just sit down and do nothing. That’s such a waste of my time.

 photo 20160719_213636_zpsskigjz92.jpg

Nauseous face

Waiting and waiting~ An army guy taught me a phrase recently, “Rush to wait, wait to rush” xD

 photo 20160719_213913_zpsxwxxd32n.jpg

 photo 20160719_213609_zps9y0f9yfm.jpg

 photo 20160719_215258_zps8ixgnbfq.jpg



Throwback photo from X weeks ago’s Tuesday rehearsal~

Movie again for Wednesdate; I think it’s been a movie marathon month this whole of July ._.


Never thought I would be able to catch this new Taiwanese film so soon, but I’m glad I did of course. The start of the film felt very similar to 《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》’s plot (how a bad student turned good over a girl), and I think the overall is still not as good as 《我的少女时代》, nevertheless, I still enjoyed it and had a good tiny cry~

The ending is different and hence the “moral of the story” is also different from the other 2 Taiwanese hits. While《那些年》and《我的少女时代》is about reminiscing (a childhood love), 《六弄咖啡馆》is more of expressing the pain and heartbreak of a relationship being defeated by distance and differences.

Although both movies are about long-distance relationship, I would say that《那些年》is more light-hearted, whereas《六弄》is simply heart-wrenching. I actually felt that the casts’ acting were average, until the scene in the cafe when the guy finally expressed out all his pain and struggle in keeping this relationship going. That was really … ouchhhhhhh </3

It’s that kind of pain no one (no even the other party) can understand, except for one who has really been in your shoes before. That kind of agony that no matter how hard you have tried, it’s still not enough eventually. You will still be defeated by uncertainty, which is what I really hate too. That’s why I can never be in a LDR.


Anyhow, the movie didn’t really explain the meaning behind the name of the cafe – 六弄。So I did some research and found that the explanation is actually in the book~ It’s a piece written by the main lead (spoiler ahead):











 photo 20160720_095940_zpsvc60e4jp.jpg

Chilly Thursday -brrrrrr-

Went for 3 hours of K-session but before that, some food to fill the tummy first! Huge plate of carrot cake! I love carrot cake with a lot a lot of eggs…hehe! But would be better if the carrot cakes (the kueh) are chopped smaller because I don’t like the kueh as much 😛

 photo 20160721_184452_zpswtknvk6p.jpg

Finally went for my Hot Stretch class again and I felt that my muscles are all so tight again after not stretching for 2 or 3 weeks! Guess I gotta really make Hot Stretch a regular class to maintain! But my right thigh still hasn’t recovered after so long D:

Rushed down to Starkers to join le volunteers because everyone’s waiting for my cake to arrive! Jiang jiang jiang jiang~!!!

 photo 20160722_220711_zpspidvym55.jpg

 photo 20160722_220546_zpss5f90vqv.jpg

Happy Birthday, Jenelle!!!

 photo 20160722_225528_zpsu5h2ceir.jpg

To console him for being the oldest eldest xD

 photo 20160722_233156_zpsiu7mf3cr.jpg

Borrowing the balloon to cam-whore! Hahaha!

Tempted by the Sex On The Beach but I stayed alcohol-free in the end…weeeeeee~ Saved money! 😀 Only stayed to chit-chat and catch up a bit with them before rushing off for the last bus. Saved on cab fare too! *a pat on my shoulder*

 photo IMG-20160724-WA0012_zpszqe3v5t8.jpg


Part of the reason for leaving early is also because gotta wake up early the next day for NDP~ But I shall leave the Preview 1’s post to one post on its own and fast forward to Sunday!

It was a rainy Sunday but it was a well-spent one. Finally visited 二筒 again!!! ❤ Finally get to see him real close up and carry him as well! Hehe! So tiny and fragile but so cute!

 photo 20160724_140207_zps4nmldcax.jpg

Glad that he has got Gui’s eyes, which makes his iris so damn big! And he’s such a curious baby, kept looking around~ Very obedient too! Only cries when hungry, if not he can just stare around the room the whole day unattended too! I am amazed! Such a huge difference from Isaac -_-”

 photo 20160724_134637_zpsrz9b8nbj.jpg

And he’s in the same pose again as when he was being pushed out from the delivery ward! Apparently, Queen said Gui loves to sleep in this posture too…hahaha! So amazing!

 photo 20160724_140106_zpsm0kimc4t.jpg

Watching him slowly fall asleep on his own~ Super cute one!!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo 20160724_140155_zpscryjd9az.jpg

Harassing him in his sleep while Queen was heating the milk xD

 photo 20160724_141452_zps578str3j.jpg

 photo 20160724_141450_zps56tb5ce8.jpg

 photo 20160724_141438_zpscscpsc5y.jpg

 photo 20160724_141736_zpsypfdswhi.jpg


 photo 20160724_143120_zpsby66aeid.jpg

So soundly asleep! So nice to be a baby! (((:

He woke up after a short while but too bad I had to rush off already. Wish I had more time to spend with you, baby Zac! (Zac is his real name; 二筒 is just a nickname given by Gui xD)

 photo 20160724_140458_zpssg7o4ybd.jpg

Went off to meet le pig brother and Sis to discuss some family matters over durian. A lot has happened in this 1 month but I just don’t like to talk about them. 所谓家丑不可外扬~ But we have definitely come to the stressful age whereby the burden on our shoulder starts to get heavier, mentally and financially as well. Guess I really gotta save up even more now…

 photo 20160724_154446_zpsj9i0q5bv.jpg


Impromptu Mahjong session and as expected, my luck hasn’t changed since the previous round. So much for just saying that I need to save…sigh~ I have just been pretty suay this whole month and I don’t know when or how things are gonna get better.

But you know being suay is not something that you can change or control. Suay is like you only 胡 twice in the entire Mahjong game (not this time but the previous time) – you know this is not about skill but pure suay already. Suay is also when you ask an innocent question but get blasted. Yea so it all boils down, lady luck, when are you gonna come back??? Shouldn’t it supposed to be a lucky year for snake this year? 😦

Anyhow, had my very first gua sha session by Lyn’s mum! Heard about the benefit recently and I decided to try~

 photo 20160724_190252_zpspqt33jgt.jpg

It’s not as painful as I thought, but the aftermath is scary!!!!!! 小小 auntie said I am way too heaty, that’s why. Maybe it’s the effect of the durians ._. But really look like kanna abused!

 photo 20160724_190715_zpsegcfsi8c.jpg

My back is better, not so red. I still wanna try it next time because it’s actually quite 舒服, the scrapping feel~ And I think it helps to remove all the heat and toxins inside (:

 photo 20160724_191446_zpsdhja8a6j.jpg

That’s not blue-black, that’s my birthmark!


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