NDP2016 – Preview 1!

Third last show to go, so the reporting time got earlier and earlier….Zzzzz. Bumped into a fellow participant from my group on the way there and she passed me a bottle of Chrysanthemum tea! She said, “我买给你的!你们也是辛苦啦。。。

Melts my heart and I accepted the drink, even though I know I’m gonna have another bottle later. 终于!我终于听到一句人话了!!!谢谢你!

Had my first try on the latest craze in Singapore – the Taiwanese 纯萃。喝, thanks to Bevan again! 😀 I usually don’t go and queue or camp for such things, but I am always blessed with friends who like to share! Hehe!
 photo 20160723_132211_zps7iste30w.jpg

 photo 20160723_132144_zpsdm37nfsa.jpg


 photo 20160723_132153_zpsw8511eqi.jpg


Okay lah..actually both are taken after I tried the drink. I didn’t like it because I’m not a fan of coffee in the first place (hence that face), but still can cam-whore with it right! To show that I have at least tried it 😛

Tried to bochup again this week but still chup-ed quite a bit -.- Just that someone wants us to chup even more again. Now too much leftover food also our problem. Are we supposed to go around and check who did not eat and then interview them to ask, “Oh is it food not nice ah???” *major roll-eyes* Machiam I don’t need to eat my lunch. I was famished okay!!!

And they are adults for god’s sake! Wanna eat just eat, don’t wanna eat then expect us to force them meh? Why don’t you do it then? Every shit also wanna push to us to do…Zzzzzzzz. ANGRY! And when we push the shit back to you, all you can say is 无能为力,JOKE!

Had our private makeup session by our master Bevan again! I was doing this pose because I don’t like both other people’s hand or sponge touching my face while putting on eye shadow, so I covered with my own hand! Hahaha! Did mine in like 2 minutes because gotta rush back for some VIP’s arrival >.> 要换个衣服都难~
 photo 20160723_165358_zpsrxndlqrw.jpg

Makeup, checked! Hairdo, checked (done by Eunice 老师 again)! Costume, checked! I am ready! 😀
 photo 20160723_182055_zps2wnymabh.jpg

Ready for photo-session I mean! 😛 Finally managed to take many photos like the past! All from different people’s phones again…haha~
 photo 20160723_181104_zpssj3yowjy.jpg

 photo 20160723_181345_zpsrfobnvk9.jpg


 photo 20160723_181427_zpsiueevb61.jpg


 photo 20160723_181739_zpslwbqxg2g.jpg

With my Chingay mate – Theresa!

 photo IMG-20160724-WA0007_zpstpbwna5a.jpg

With Anne (left), my group member from last year who keeps saying she misses us! Hehe!

 photo 20160723_181634_zpsuese9bdw.jpg

Bevan can do makeup but not photography -_-“

 photo 20160723_181721_zpsabicyvj3.jpg

Favourite shot of us! Our poses so cute! xD

 photo 20160723_182112_zpsyhyzuufg.jpg

With my 伙伴 who buys me Chrysanthemum every week!

 photo 20160723_182147_zpsrrkjet18.jpg

Kelly having a “taste” of our tall hats!

 photo 20160723_182313_zpsve4rxsfu.jpg

Miss 大牌 is finally free!

 photo 20160723_182749_zps5crqbcmh.jpg

And Leng Leng is finally dressed up!

 photo 20160723_182408_zpsoj1mzokh.jpg

Bevan’s favourite pose -_-

 photo 20160723_183127_zpslaljz3bd.jpg

4 different races!
Who’s costume do you like the most?

 photo 20160723_183034_zpsnr3rayi2.jpg

I still like Western (Leng Leng’s) costume the best! (:

Got a feeling our item wasn’t as good this time. I don’t know because I won’t get to watch, but just a hunch. The finale did not screw up as badly as I thought it would though, cause the cue run in the afternoon was damn screwed. We were supposed to rehearse we were supposed to rehearse the new music, but they played the old one…Zzzzzz.

Anyhow, I’ve got guests again this week! All thanks to the one who sacrificed and donated the tickets to me ❤ Thought I wouldn’t be able to take photos with my 6 guests but they managed to sneak back in to my side!
 photo IMG-20160723-WA0016_zpsra1ck19i.jpg

My hair was in a big mess after the performance but heck! Still must take with my bros no matter what!
 photo IMG-20160723-WA0017_zps7fiheuwc.jpg

We haven’t been meeting up much partly because I’m also busy with my NDP, so I’m glad that they managed to witness my performance again after 4 years! 😀
 photo IMG-20160723-WA0018_zpsuxwbh1zt.jpg

With my other 3 guests!!! 2 years ago it was just Ping and Momo, now I need 1 more ticket because I have 1 more guest – Dylan!
 photo IMG-20160723-WA0024_zpsajeasllf.jpg

Heard that he was a hardcore fan, enjoying the whole show and looking very focused like this all the time..hehe! My fan so cute! ❤
 photo IMG-20160725-WA0007_zpsuscsngmp.jpg

 photo IMG-20160723-WA0023_zpsilnrqpk3.jpg

Dylan: I saw something!

 photo IMG-20160725-WA0003_zps3dkanbna.jpg

Dylan: Hey, 美女!

 photo IMG-20160725-WA0006_zpshu6ekpg9.jpg

With my sister from another mother!
Which means that’s also half my son right?! xD

Group photos after the show! Featuring our 皇家族~ We actually look not bad in this group photo ya! And yay! Everyone copied my 参见皇阿玛 pose! Hahahaha!!!

 photo IMG-20160724-WA0004_zpst0weuyxy.jpg

Chinese group!

 photo IMG-20160724-WA0002_zpsvt0ksedh.jpg

The working team – core team + trainers + GL + AGL!

Oh someone thought I was some participant who ran up to take photo and wanted to chase me away >.> Sorry that you don’t recognise members of your own working team, but I’m not surprised anyway. All the while you are 狗眼看人低, like literally~ So I’m not surprised if you don’t even know my name, let alone the things we have done.
 photo IMG-20160724-WA0010_zpsadaxdcj8.jpg

Got bombarded by participants asking why this and that can bring phone and they can’t again. Really sick of handling all these shit. So like how the shit has always been pushed to us, we decided to push the shit to where it belongs. We are not the ones who are supposed to deal with this shit anyway! In the end, the shitty answer the person could give was – 无能为力!HAHAHAHAHA. Biggest joke of all time! Even the participants were laughing.

That’s probably because you are a 无能 leader! And yet you tried to push the shit to us, GL & AGL, why why why, why this and that, why this participant and that participant brought phone in? 自己要当好人就叫我们当坏人!If you are incapable to do anything like you said, what are you expecting us to do? Just simply push the fault to us each and every time and we are supposed to solve it? With that 4 words, we shall close all our eyes for the last few sessions! Because we have got a 无能 leader anyway, so how much more can we do?

 photo 20160723_233101_zpswtxflwh1.jpg

My very tight bun for the day!

Had our usual Starbucks session after that and we ran out of secret recipes ._. Ordered back the same pink drink that we had during our first Starbucks session and we took photo with the girl in the sign language video for finale!
 photo 20160723_223825_zpskmf7rzan.jpg

Actually I didn’t know who is she until Lyn kept telling me…hahaha! But I realised we have the same hair (just different side)! Hehe! She’s so pretty by the way (:
 photo 20160723_223828_zps27d1kcbc.jpg

 photo 20160724_001309_zpspoyh08s5.jpg

The curls after removing my tight bun!

 photo 20160724_001319_zpszvdgf6yx.jpg

Permed hair – yay or nay?


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