NDP 2016 – Preview 2!

Tutu kueh delivery again from the bad egg who always bullies and 凶我 😛 I am easily bribed. Tsk. But I miss my tutu kueh! And so much 椰 inside!!! So I 伸手 to take before it was even given to me~ 😅😅😅

 photo 20160725_162632_zpsmhtskzac.jpg

Finally caught 寒战 2! I didn’t catch the prequel when I watched this, but it just looks promising~ I like it! Haven’t watched an exciting Hong Kong 警匪 show for a long time! And why is Aaron Kwok forever so charismatic??? Is he really 50?! 😱


Favourite quote from the movie:

我问的是你的建议, 不是你的意见。😍😍😍

Impromptu chilling session at 5 Drunken Rabbits~ The Fantasy of Sex On The Beach, which led to a Wet Dream – a story that summarises our drinks…hahaha!

 photo 20160725_232525_zpsluut0upn.jpg

 photo 20160725_232211_zpsgxdfd76h.jpg

Nachos with 4 different sauces!

 photo 20160725_232803_zpsttyebwtb.jpg

Basil vegetable pasta; so much nicer than we thought!

Supposed to be a de-stress chill-out session, but the bill was a stressful figure 😐

 photo 20160726_131327_zpsjpfbvfys.jpg

$2 Budget lunch!
One question I get often – You eating chilli or soon kueh? xD

Had extra practice again and it was yet another race against time~ Gotta re-adjust positions within such limited time again. How to achieve perfection like this…sigh. Gotta adjust all 81 pax one by one for 3 different formations, which means 243 adjustments in total…Zzzzzz. It’s easy to say just adjust the prominent points and the rest can follow, but it’s mission-impossible for the people to do so.

Movie night again but this time round it’s a private session 😛 With cider, drink, cheese sticks (substitute for my jalapeño cheese) and snacks! Hehe! Because I felt like watching 寒战 1 after watching the part 2! Still think the sequel is better~ More exciting. Part 1 is more like just building up the story for part 2…hmmmm. But Aaron Kwok is still 😍!


Highlight of the week – Sacrificed 1 day of AL on Thursday to fulfill my road trip wish! 🚗 SG > Yong Peng > Batu Pahat > SG! 9 hours plus of driving randomly from day to night, exploring places, and shopping at the malls chanced upon! So glad that my research was not wasted after all and managed to try one recommended place – 婆婆妈妈!:)

 photo 20160728_160414_zpsaiktabet.jpg

The food there are so value for money! Most of the main dishes like fried rice and noodle are only RM 4.50 – RM 5.50, that’s like less than S$2! And they all tasted damn good! No regrets for ordering my super sinful curry omurice! So dope!!!

 photo 20160728_152346_zpsiwi7f2i6.jpg

I really think it’s fated that the eatery in Yong Peng was closed, hence we get to find this gem! If only I have 4 stomachs like cow, then I would be able to try the olive fried rice, tom yum fried rice, baked pasta and etc! 😛 Fulfilling road trip nevertheless! But also a 提心吊胆 one, because of all the car theft incidents…hahaha! And one regret is that I didn’t take many pictures! Meh!

 photo 20160728_160438_zpsip26tnur.jpg

Did you spot what I spotted? (:

Friday night was spent with hot yoga before heading back for an early rest because of the stupid meeting on the next day morning. The only incentive for me to attend was really just that Burger King breakfast, other than that I would really like to give it a miss.

But in the end, as I expected, I woke up early to wait there like an idiot for 30 MINUTES. Starving (because the person that is paying is not here yet) and no discussion (I don’t even know what we were supposed to discuss about in the first place), just a bunch of people shamelessly choping the tables, waiting and waiting for that ONE person to come!

After so many lessons, I have really learnt and expected this. I wanna be the smart ones that are always late but still able to buy their ways through. I don’t wanna be that hardworking and punctual one that always ends up sacrificing my sleep for nothing. For what??? No one’s gonna appreciate in the first place, let alone anyone feeling ashamed or in anyway apologetic that 15 people are waiting for him to arrive.

Seriously I don’t care what’s the excuse. Being 30 minutes late is way too long and inexcusable. And 30 minutes of my sleep is fucking precious! If it’s 30 minutes for a person that you love, it’s almost nothing. But 30 minutes for such a person is simply unforgivable. One who asked for the meeting should be the FIRST to arrive in the first place and set an example! If not it really gives you no rights to reprimand anyone for being late the next time, even if you are the boss, because no one’s gonna fucking care or respect you anymore.

Really regret being treated like a fool. In the end there wasn’t even any time left for any discussion. We merely rushed through the breakfast and left because all the participants were already there waiting for us…Zzzzzzz. Really wasted my time on this redundant breakfast-meeting! So damn angry that I ordered a lot to revenge (but still way too little to compensate for my precious time 👿)!

 photo 20160730_111626_zpsemawucua.jpg

This meal kept me full for the whole day, not bad.

 photo IMG-20160730-WA0001_zpsebky9ul9.jpg

Prop in BK!

It’s the second last show already so we have all agreed to be more chillax on our people and close all eyes. I also tried to be in my nicestttttttt form, refraining from scolding anyone (I just don’t wanna chup anymore lah) and saying PLEASEEEEEE to every thing I instructed. I have come to realise that no matter how much we say, those who don’t wanna listen are never ever ever ever ever gonna listen. I feel happier too by pretending that I don’t know anything, just chit-chat with the nicer participants (:

One of them was telling the other that her impression of Eric and I last year was that we are very fierce. But after knowing us personally this year, she realised we are not that fierce after all. Quite surprised by that, cause I think 80% of our people probably still think we are too fierce…haha! Oh well~ I could only thank her because it only shows that she’s understanding enough towards us. She could understand why we got so angry at times because there are just too many 害群之马 in this group. And if we do not stick to the rules, we will be answerable to the people up there. Yet when we are just going by the books, we get uncooperative, if not, unhappy participants. It’s seriously 很难做。

Sometimes I really think I might be happier this year if my group wasn’t made up of 90% aunties. Not being ageist, but my age gives me a huge disadvantage when it comes to this. Being the youngest in the entire group, whatever I say holds little power, especially to the old birds who have joined us for decade and beyond. And when I try to warn anyone for any mistake, it will only appear that I am being RUDE to the senior/长辈。Would we really wanna scold anyone if we really don’t have to? Do we still need to if everyone cooperates in the first place? All these shouting made me feel like I am 10 years older than any of them, like I am a naggy old hag and I don’t like it too. Yet there are just people who think that they are VIPs (Very Important Participants)

To be honest, I wasn’t surprised at all when I heard that the complaint from downstairs regarding our participants’ rude behaviour are actually people from my group. It’s not that I really look down on my own group so much, it’s just that I have been disappointed by them way too many times to be surprised by such act. I have in fact witnessed them with my own eyes – snatching food as though the hungry ghost gate opened early, shouting and arguing with us over rules and rights, so why would I be surprised to hear them shouting at other people or doing something shameful again? 我说我不失望是假的,我是彻彻底底的失望!It’s an understatement to say that I have given up on them.

I know I have been ranting about them and it seems like I am very unhappy each week. I am indeed unhappy. I am unhappy with the person I am working for and I am unhappy with my group members for the endless problems they give. It makes me lose the motivation and morale to continue next year. There are of course still good and nice members out there, but it’s still not enough to make me continue. I am way way way too discouraged than encouraged by now. Nevertheless, I am still very touched to receive this handmade autograph book from them last week!


Although it was made up of 99% unglam candid photos of me, I still love the gift a lot, especially when it’s handmade! It contains messages from them and I hope they are all genuine feelings ☺ I really hope they appreciate our hard work as much as I appreciate this gift.


One of the glam-er un-candid shot

感性的话 aside, look what I’ve got! The Taiwanese milk tea this time! 😀 Thanks to Bevan again! Can’t believe he woke up at 4am to camp for them!!!

 photo 20160730_1525580_zpsjqgksjfs.jpg

No more coffee and weird reactions…hahaha! But a reason to cam-whore again 😛

 photo 20160730_152547_zpsbfkdkzv5.jpg

Private makeup session again! Hehe!

 photo 20160730_155427_zpsiqiwoc1d.jpg

Bevan is also Cosmoprof-trained and I definitely trust him more than the trainees there~ I was in the washroom when this girl from SOKA asked the girl beside, “Is my face very red?” I looked at her and burst out laughing! I know it’s damn rude but I couldn’t help it!!! Her face looked like she got PUNCHED! I’m serious! That’s how red bad the blusher application was! And before the girl could answer her, the super red face girl already knew the answer and walked away giving the T.T face. Oops.

Yea so I’m not gonna let that happen to me. My face is not for experiments and neither am I guinea pig. I don’t care if it’s against the rule or whatsoever. It’s not as if anyone’s gonna compensate me if I have a sudden outbreak from the makeup brushes used by 32917429739217 people. As long as we get my makeup done (in same colour and etc some more), I think that’s good and cooperative enough~

Wanted to take a wefie with Ah Tiff while Lyn was doing her makeup and she suddenly opened her eyes! LOL. Damn scary!

 photo 20160730_155451_zpsuvmcrjdi.jpg

 photo 20160730_155503_zpslkgi2k1i.jpg

After changing + some VIP’s visit againnnnnn, it’s photo time! 😀 But did not take as many photos as last week…boohooo~ I forgot what Lyn was saying about me so we had a fighting wefie again! Look at my evil face…HAHAHAHAHA!

 photo 20160730_164855_zpsu8n0pplu.jpg

 photo 20160730_164856_zpsyfjnnzkh.jpg

Trying to block 我灭口!

 photo 20160730_164854_zpszzkcozoy.jpg

Dislike people photo-bombing during our OWN group wefie >.>

 photo 20160730_164906_zpswalkzdac.jpg

Finally a wefie of our own people!

 photo 20160730_164953_zpskfyyvvpu.jpg

One little, two little, three little Indian now! xD

 photo 20160730_165022_zpsgnhqhnoh.jpg

Miss Kelly is missing again -.-“

 photo 20160730_165059_zpsnwrjzbzo.jpg

With the “literally black-face” Mr Milo!

 photo 20160730_181807_zpszdnuquhu.jpg

With Eunice 老师, who helped me tie my hair neatly again this week! Hehe!

 photo 20160730_181758_zpsvxxxbqni.jpg

With my ever-favourite Steven 老师!

Know it wasn’t a perfect show this time because I already spotted mistakes in my group 😦 My minimal expectation is zero mistake at all! Adding on liveliness, smiles, sharp movements, precision and accuracy in timing, then that will be my highest level of expectation cum definition of perfection, which I haven’t seen these years~

Anyhow, I have got guests again this week! 😀 Thankful for the pair of tickets once again, I get to invite more friends to come and watch my performance! As much as I would wish to, it’s impossible to invite ALL my friends to come every year, so I can only try to have a few from each group~ This time round it was Kai Bin and Limin! Hehe!

 photo IMG-20160730-WA0010_zpsl3yhbuc7.jpg

I know Limin will be ever-excited to come and watch and I’m glad that Kai Bin agreed to accompany her! I think it’s my first time inviting them for NDP! Always have limited tickets~ Hope they both enjoyed the show! ❤

 photo 20160730_203615_zpst9jzzmpl.jpg

 photo 20160730_203757_zpsb82n5syh.jpg

 photo 20160730_224905_zpsqlqngwwo.jpg

New tattoo for Lyn again! xD

 photo 20160730_223141_zpsmqxjeu3r.jpg

Our weekly Starbucks session!

 photo 20160730_223213_zpsfopmmbep.jpg

Second last week here!

 photo 20160730_233802_zpsglg0wmdl.jpg

Curls after the bun again~

It was more curly! Too bad I didn’t capture that before my itchy hand went to brush through them 😦

 photo 20160730_233951_zpsh1uy6lww.jpg


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