二筒’s Full Month!

Been pretty busy these two weeks due to a new short (but stressful) project~ Deadline and EP added on to the stress; producer was nice though, worked with her during my intern days! So glad it’s all over anyway, though it didn’t end as pleasantly as it was supposed to, I think? But at least the feeling is mutual. Hallelujah!

 photo 20160801_214159_zps4wfg0fiv.jpg

Tutu kueh Monday ((:

 photo 20160802_203716_zpswxjzgjkd.jpg

Wala Wala Tuesday!

Because I miss……
















 photo 20160802_203651_zpszgtv7npe.jpg

My jalapeño cheese! xD
So so so in love with it!

Of course 顺便 gaze at the handsome drummer luh 😛 It’s been many Tuesdays since I last supported him okay! The previous trip was a failure because he wasn’t there~ So sorry if I seem like a stalker snapping at him continuously, I’m helping my girlfriends to have some 眼福 too! Hahaha!
 photo 20160802_225330_zpsfpaaoqm5.jpg
 photo 20160802_225436_zpsljsoohgo.jpg
 photo 20160802_225450_zpsdx4x1wtc.jpg

 photo 20160802_231930_zpstugoa1ob.jpg


By the way, I admire him not just because he’s cute, but because I really think he’s pretty zai in drumming okay~ Which makes him extra charming 😍😍😍

After photo spam, it’s now video-spam! But do take a listen to this because I really think Tabula sings the best version of Yellow! I didn’t even like the original as much as theirs!

Caught the drummer smiling at around 00:24!

Damn cute one, looks like hamster 😍 A pity the lighting was bad though~ It’s clearer in the video!
 photo 20160802_225606_zpskcxxjo3f.jpg

One last video of the drummer’s band’s live performance!

This is the previous band singing Training to be Soldiers dedicated to the army guys in the house…hahaha! I think you will hardly hear this in a live band performance xD

Went for Hot Flow class this week and I can’t remember the last time I went for it, but I know every time I am doing that class I will be like, “Ahhhhh I miss my Hot Stretch! Why did I come for this x.x” Haha! Hate the push-ups and planking! But of course the aftermath still feels good~ No regrets kind.

 photo 20160804_211249_zpsp8htoqkq.jpg

Handle Bar Thursday (:

 photo 20160804_211103_zpscfnxl5c6.jpg

Sex On The Beach again!
Second choice when there’s no Midori~

 photo 20160804_211343_zpslpmzkutl.jpg

Munchies for the fat tummies!

Friday night was spent for NDP, not practice but durian feast! Yayyyyyy~!
 photo 20160805_193939_zpsbcdrxilz.jpg

The food stalls indoor which I skipped because I wanna save my stomach for more durian! 😀
 photo 20160805_193422_zpsozvyqgcf.jpg
 photo 20160805_193429_zpsmzeu7l3n.jpg

But it was a long wait for the durians because there were still games and etc. Zzzzz. Honestly, I was there just for the durians, not to play games, bond or do extra work again -_- I really hate all these team-building games since young anyway. Got so bored of waiting that I ended up 吹-ing air-con in the office~
 photo 20160805_202049_zpslrlb9jbv.jpg

And finally, finally, FINALLY! ❤ I ate like 2 boxes because a kind Chan gave me his share~ But actually I only ate 1.5 box because 1 of the boxes is sour! –CRY!!!– Apparently a lot of them got sour durians. So unethical of the vendor if they really hid spoiled durians amongst the fresh ones!
 photo 20160805_203412_zpsvzurquxm.jpg

 photo 20160805_203915_zpsohpfjjrf.jpg

Durian at PA~

We are the anti-social group who stayed away from the games…hahaha! It’s our way of LIFE! 😀
 photo 20160805_205854_zpsez8kptti.jpg

And more durians awaiting at home! All thanks to Sis and her father-in-law, who really knows how to choose cheap and good durians! All are normal grade durians but taste damn good!!!!!! Better than the ones I just had ._.
 photo IMG-20160805-WA0007_zpsubvcmt66.jpg

Last Saturday practice so the NDPeeps decided to meet up for a good lunch before that! Actually it was because we were having a vegetarian food conversation and I highly-recommended OBean! Haha! Seriously miss the $2 kway chup and I also finally, finally, finally tried the legendary soy bean milk!
 photo 20160806_125433_zpsxbtr8orh.jpg

I was too full during all my past visits that I had to give it a miss. This time round I purposely ordered just a kway chup so that I can try this! It was so good anyway that Lyn regretted not dabao-ing…hahaha! Glad that everyone loves the food! 😀

 photo 20160806_192207_zpsbovnrllp.jpg

Last week~

As expected, the practice was more of waiting than anything else. Waiting time means dealing with aunties time, which I dislike. They never fail to impress me, not in the good way though. Like PH auntie kindly gave me a free tuna puff she got from the Old Chang Kee there, cause she has got extra, and I got comments that I 自己吃, never take for them, whereas other group leader is taking for their group (he just happened to have extra puffs from the others that he had to give away). Eat one tuna puff also got 罪 now -_-”

Left early from the drama and off to see my 二筒!!! It’s his full month! 😀 Finally an end to Queen’s tormenting confinement too! Hahaha!
 photo 20160806_185550_zpsyquixmhg.jpg

 photo 20160806_202859_zpsvn3slljj.jpg

King, Queen, and the Prince!!!

Everyone kept commenting on Gui’s way of carrying the baby, he just doesn’t look quite pleased, the baby I mean! LOL.
 photo 20160806_203558_zpsce2cntaq.jpg

I think his facial expressions are all so emoji-like! Hahaha! So cute just watching him!
 photo 20160806_203602_zpszxk7lqln.jpg
 photo 20160806_203604_zpsqif6n0rp.jpg
 photo 20160806_203841_zpsqvrf55ox.jpg

This looks so 😦😦😦, isn’t it?! xD
 photo 20160806_203853_zpsvx7o1x1f.jpg

Definitely not pleased with the way his dad is handling him! LOL.
 photo 20160806_203843_zpsgtsvwqtw.jpg

 photo 20160806_204010_zpsto3a3fjk.jpg

Time for some green curry! xD

 photo 20160806_185737_zpsnwn1rhwv.jpg

New addition to Clique!!!

 photo 20160806_193211_zpsjxzxf2yu.jpg

Soundly asleep~

 photo 20160806_193304_zpsuakik1ct.jpg

Finally my turn to carry!
Cause everyone is snatching to carry….haha!

 photo 20160806_205711_zpsrnsdpyqc.jpg

My 姐妹 is now a father!

 photo 20160806_205752_zpszsk4dfyn.jpg

With Shrine and his screwed-up hair…LOL.

 photo 20160806_205809_zpsi5pbhuc5.jpg

Sis and Bro for life ((:

二筒 in the romper that I bought him!!! Hehe!
 photo IMG-20160807-WA0010_zps6g4glulz.jpg

 photo 20160807_135334_zpstzrifexp.jpg

Real Food Sunday!

I have way too many Leo friends that I ended up having many birthday treats in August; broke bee 😭 Haha! This was Chienny’s birthday treat, along with Joanjoan’s super belated birthday treat! Just a quick recall, I can think of 6 Leo friends already ._.

 photo 20160807_135353_zps2r6jssym.jpg

Mushroom omelette!
Not the kind I imagine but still nice (:

 photo 20160807_134402_zpsb3g6bfyv.jpg

Pressies from Taiwan!!!
I also wanna go Taiwan to visit Rilakkuma cafe………… Sigh.

 photo 20160807_202255_zpssqtiya97.jpg

So pretty!

Back home to bake for the big day~ Was still worried that I wouldn’t have time to bake for this year’s NDP, since it’s on a Tuesday, but luckily I still managed to!
 photo 20160807_193319_zpsh5mreznf.jpg

Decided to bake brownie this year even though I suck in baking cakes. But cookies are way too time-consuming and I wouldn’t be able to finish in time… I personally think that the brownie is not that bad leh. One of my more successful cakes liao ._. All thanks to Winnie for sharing the recipe!
 photo IMG-20160810-WA0000_zpsy4g6252k.jpg

Pre-NDP feast at Harry’s on eve of National Day! 😀
 photo 20160808_204443_zpsv0fduzmo.jpg
 photo 20160808_204451_zpsqoamnnac.jpg

 photo 20160808_203915_zpsfiykna10.jpg

Sunset Paradise! ^^

 photo IMG-20160809-WA0000_zpsm5j7boj0.jpg

While the rest are busy with their pool battle!

 photo 20160808_230622_zpssfh0ewxq.jpg

True that!

Group pic! Face looking super bloated after the feast! Think I gained 3kg that night. Just kidding~
 photo IMG-20160808-WA0013_zps2xqiaabl.jpg

Anyway, thank you 老大 for the treat! I do know who appreciates us and who does not, but that still doesn’t make me wanna continue the next year ._. Unhappiness > Happiness. So 加油 guys!!!
 photo IMG-20160808-WA0012_zpsw4rmz6tu.jpg


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