NDP 2016!

It’s finally the big day of the year again but as usual, I don’t really feel the excitement, or rather, the fact it’s THE day already.ย  I usually feel it only after that, but this year I kinda feel happier that it’s over than feeling ไพไพไธ่ˆ๏ฝž Guess the aunties have really tortured me too much that I can’t wait to wash my hands off them…haha!

 photo 20160809_095641_zpskioluurg.jpg

Breakfast! ((:

 photo 13939509_10154345126336774_3914480279493469123_n_zpsa2sudvax.jpg

Annual tradition again!

It becomes such a tradition that I think Mr Chan is not longer surprised at all anymore ๐Ÿ˜›
 photo 20160809_121924_zpstdpj9yrn.jpg
 photo 20160809_121926_zps9b82dy8l.jpg

Doing it discreetly because we are tired of “extra” people joining into our group photos and eating our cakes >.>
 photo 20160809_121932_zpsgdeuhwy4.jpg

 photo 13920868_10154345126506774_509921871202160822_n_zpsw3bojl6f.jpg

Must be a very “hiao” birthday wish!

 photo 20160809_121938_zpso9hodg9j.jpg
 photo 20160809_121944_zpsvymtdcf7.jpg

 photo 20160809_122536_zpsabzrrhb7.jpg

HAPPY Birthday!!!! (((:

 photo 20160809_122146_zpsaxzxpy0z.jpg

Group photo with ONLY NDPeeps!

I actually asked Ronald to help the 4 of us to take a group photo but he misheard it and joined us for the photo…LOL!
 photo 20160809_122349_zpsrb2jzvdw.jpg

 photo 20160809_122314_zpsjoe5yjoc.jpg

The flowers & dung!

Individual photo according to age xD
 photo 20160809_122705_zpsvfo1xohw.jpg
 photo 20160809_122618_zps5kzuuodi.jpg
 photo 20160809_122649_zps1bb57rsk.jpg

 photo 20160809_122757_zpsce92t9yu.jpg


 photo 20160809_122816_zps6ktaayqr.jpg

Happy man!

 photo 13924896_10154345127276774_629412355579525386_n_zps3ozbuwh7.jpg

Lao niang cut this without table, quite pro liao!

 photo 13879389_10154345127381774_7087032303965096691_n_zpsw1ju8knr.jpg

3 x helpers – 1 cut, 1 hold, 1 take serviette~

Gotta serve ourselves cake because the birthday boy only served to the ๅคงๅ’– ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
 photo 20160809_124714_zpsnuyymawl.jpg

But we are ๅพˆๆœ‰ๅฟƒ็š„ๅฐๅ’– who celebrated for him ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
 photo 20160809_124719_zpscrorzkxq.jpg

 photo 13903219_10154345127456774_7960603868747347852_n_zpscfaqlibn.jpg

Caught with kiwi!

Tried another flavour of ็บฏ่ƒใ€‚ๅ–Mandheling!
 photo 20160809_143759_zpsykp9m3es.jpg

Although it’s coffee again, it’s only available in Taiwan and Bevan actually kept it to share with us again! So sweet (:
 photo 20160809_143900_zpstmgxophj.jpg

Because someone said I never take photo of her drink ๐Ÿ˜
 photo 20160809_144302_zpsavzremfu.jpg

 photo 20160809_144318_zpswioz4025.jpg

Thank you Miss Lim for the honey lemon!!!

 photo IMG-20160810-WA0029_zpszgjtafjc.jpg

With my ไน–-er aunties (:

 photo 20160809_150738_zpszbdhj282.jpg

Private makeup time!

 photo 20160809_150744_zpssivt4gja.jpg

Master Bevan at work again~

 photo 13879295_10154345127896774_7383850679088478315_n_zpsrxo5itdj.jpg


Wanted to have a private photo session with costumes on but this man was sooooo busy every year that I had to literally drag him and personally escort him out of the hall! -_- If I don’t do that, our turn will never come because the queue is endless! ๐Ÿ˜ก
 photo 20160809_163743_zpsalimq1zp.jpg

Anyway, the point was to avoid anyone from disturbing our photos again, but we still couldn’t help bumping into people outside…sigh.
 photo IMG-20160809-WA0013_zpsxgykuttt.jpg

 photo 20160809_163507_zpsd5hnox1b.jpg

Finally, just us with Mr Too Busy + Too Popular~

To make up for the unsatisfactory shot last week ๐Ÿ˜›
 photo 13906704_10154345128196774_3599759109332771803_n_zpsxudjc6rl.jpg

Another Miss Busy who was busy scolding her “little kids“!
 photo 20160809_181121_zpsokkqpwsy.jpg
 photo 20160809_181123_zpsodp0quff.jpg

I forgot why we started hugging each other but it reminds me of Teletubbies “big hugggggg”~ Hahaha!
 photo 20160809_181134_zpsygxmsjsa.jpg

 photo 20160809_181022_zpsqhtudvpq.jpg

The male version – ๅ››ๅคงๅคฉ็Ž‹๏ฝž

 photo 20160809_180932_zpsga4db5rf.jpg


I forgot when I actually took this but I think I look not bad in the Western hat! Aiyah any hat but my ugly hat lah -.-”
 photo 13903160_10154344742081774_4115035426906836427_n_zpsr4jcgxcc.jpg

With JJ – our intern of the year! Although I always bully him and he always nags when I ask for safety pins or hair pin from him, he would always help me in the end, even for under-table matters! Couldn’t be more thankful to have him this year! (:
 photo 20160809_164807_zpsvuvtlbar.jpg

Another great help of ours – YZ! The one who has to handle the shitty registration and signing out process every week and also a shitty boss. I do hope she leaves for a better and happier environment because she deserves better for her hard work!
 photo 20160809_165537_zpskrzelzbl.jpg

 photo 20160809_165601_zpsx2zudnvv.jpg

She looks a bit Korean here, isn’t it? Haha!

 photo 20160809_183612_zpsbis0nyxu.jpg

From NDP to Chingay and to NDP again! (:

A mandatory shot with my favourite Ah Eng auntie! Didn’t have much time to talk to her this year but she would always still offer me extra Yakult or snacks โค
 photo 20160809_165038_zpsliraw0f3.jpg

 photo 20160809_183114_zpsiki613aj.jpg

With our mentor – Lily!

Although I complain about my group members (the aunties) like every week and I also ranted about how much I dislike the war zone amongst the 3 of us when doing the formations, I still can’t be more thankful that I picked this lot 4 months ago which landed me in this group and under the guidance of Lily again!

She has been the most patient mentor ever and if there’s one thing that I really admire her for, it would be her tolerating skill – something which I haven’t managed to pick up from her. It’s like I have never seen her really angry before.

I mean there were also times when she ranted to me about this and that participant, but she would smile or laugh as she rant agitated-ly.ย  I don’t know how she does that, she’s just agitated yet able to treat it as a joke each time…hahaha! I guess that’s how she managed to survive being a group leader for so many years (:

I’m glad that I managed to say my words of gratitude to her at the very end of the day before she left. I told her that she has been really nice to me these 2 years when I’m under her and I am very lucky, but I am unhappy working for whoever up there. We ranted about the times we both got shouted at for nothing, but she still put on a smile again when she was ranting. I, on the other hand, feel that I can’t smile if I were to continue~ Guess I am really someone who ๆŠŠๅ–œๆ€’ๅ“€ไน้ƒฝๆŒ‚ๅœจ่„ธไธŠใ€‚

She’s really cute by the way! She takes a photo of my gift every year along with a group photo of our group. She showed me the picture for last year and I was pretty surprised! (((:
 photo IMG-20160810-WA0008_zpsz0zrzj9n.jpg

In anyway, I just wanna say how blessed I am to be a team with them again. I really hope I have been more of a help than nuisance or trouble. Nevertheless, ่ฐข่ฐขๅธˆๆฏ๏ผ((:
 photo 20160809_183135_zpsmaozcrii.jpg

Finally managed gather my 17 beauties from my triangle group for a photo-shoot! It’s not easy for this shot because every time we found 1 person, the other goes missing…haha! Glad that I managed to take these shots with them and passed them the brownies! (:
 photo 20160809_171315_zpsg341kgop.jpg

Did not really manage to say everything that I wanna say (because it was too hot outside) but I think my “I would be happier if I only have to manage the 17 of you” kinda summarised everything…haha! Though I really wanted to express how thankful I am to have them always being so cooperative and understanding towards me.

You know, part of the reason I don’t wanna continue this role anymore next year is because I don’t see why I wanna waste time on people who are obviously not here for the same reason as me. People who are here for other superficial reasons like photos and free food, or even media attention. People who are here not because they purely enjoy performing. People who think that it’s okay to make mistakes because it’s the fun that matters more.

But these bunch of ladies here, no matter how much I nag or pick on their mistakes during performance (I am quite strict with that), they would never get angry but worked hard to put up a good show instead. These are the people that I can really feel the passion and whom I know I have not wasted my time and effort on! โค
 photo 20160809_171506_zps3lkm4irz.jpg

 photo 20160809_1716540_zpsapgztsau.jpg

Thank you, ladies! ((:

I don’t know how the show went because I still haven’t watched it yet, but I heard it was quite screwed, especially the last formation… Slightly disappointed, but I have also learnt to accept that what happened has happened, these are things that you can’t change or control. Oh well~ Might as well enjoy the party after that!
 photo IMG-20160810-WA0002_zps2b2nipoj.jpg
 photo IMG-20160809-WA0024_zpsvwvnrxrf.jpg

Goodbye, Chinese group!
 photo IMG-20160810-WA0032_zpsi4schdap.jpg
 photo IMG-20160810-WA0031_zpse1h6tt3t.jpg

Attempted a group jump shot but somehow only I was in focused and only I managed to jump! LOL. Actually Eric also jumped (at the extreme right) but he got cropped off by the photographer…hahahahaha!!! My legs are up ahhh, those are not my legs~
 photo 20160809_202347_003_zpsjlqdfoef.jpg

Guests of the week!!! Okay, technically they are not my guests but they just happened to have the actual day tickets! Happy to see my Muay Thai partner again after so long! Definitely miss kicking those pads! And he’s always so sweet to remember to take a photo with me after the show! ๐Ÿ˜€
 photo 20160809_203350_zpsgnpgeepc.jpg

The annual tradition of Polaroid shots! Thank you Lyn for remembering! I had so much to remember this year that I forgot to bring my camera…

A pity we did not manage to take individual Polaroid shot with our ็‰›็ฒช because the post-party was damn short this year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Didn’t help that Eric was nagging and nagging at us to go back. Sigh. Not like we can re-take it again any other year with the same costumes and setting…

Luckily still have the usual group shots! โค

The show may be over but not for Lyn and I! We have got another ๅœบ to ่ตถ and it’s time to transform!
 photo 13906857_10154345143001774_53835923793268077_n_zpsxezfcgo9.jpg

Jiang jiang jiang jiang~!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
 photo 13906766_10154345143631774_1329295619989901636_n_zpsppsz7skf.jpg

Candid shot of me teaching her how to pose…LOL! As usual she was pretty lost…hahahahahaha!!!! Thanks to Leng Leng who came along with us (actually we dragged her along) and took these epic shots for us! ๐Ÿ˜†
 photo 13921073_10154345143176774_1992617424570366833_n_zpstbhdijqt.jpg

From Indian to Chinese and Chinese to Indian! ๐Ÿ˜€ We didn’t manage to do this before because out of these 6 years, most of the time we were in the same group I think?
 photo 20160809_215458_zpsp5vgkdhs.jpg

I think I kinda suit the Indian costume whereas Lyn looks so funny in the Chinese one! Can’t imagine if she had ended up in this group! LOL. The hat is just hideous by the way!
 photo 13880140_10154345143331774_473824779011769018_n_zps5hc2nrrr.jpg

 photo 13901506_10154345143481774_7694893014016448510_n_zpsq5tye650.jpg

Miss ไธƒๅไบŒๅ˜ teaching us how to pose~

 photo 13876242_10154345143961774_4613340951795738780_n_zpsvlrokwbl.jpg

With Leng Leng!

 photo 13873173_10154345143556774_7966582831657963605_n_zpsiwpxuina.jpg

The last photo of us in this costume ever again!

 photo 13939506_10154345144036774_8481203769074689393_n_zpswxzzfadx.jpg

I am the snake in the turban! xD

Had our very last Starbucks session at Kallang Leisure and look who are here! The 2 mighty NDP fans! They were here for the fireworks…haha!
 photo 20160809_223625_zpsbrbei28c.jpg

In case you are wondering, Xiao Qian + Me = Primary schoolmates; Siew Eng + Me = Polymates; Xiao Qian + Siew Eng = Secondary schoolmates; that’s how we are connected ๐Ÿ˜›
 photo IMG-20160809-WA0032_zpsdpvs2vou.jpg

Trying to take a picture of my blink blink eyes, done by one of my 17 beauties! I didn’t get to see how it looks like because it was done right while walking over for our show…haha!
 photo 20160809_224028_zpsepzlno7i.jpg

 photo 20160811_090400_zpstfob0dou.jpg

Gifts from friends and group members! (:

Finally completed my 4 races!!!!! Thanks to whoever who helped me achieve this accomplishment in just 6 years ๐Ÿ˜› 2 of the years were non-racial costumes, which means I was really in a different ethnic group each year…hehe! Might not have been the nicest costumes, but it’s an achievement and milestone for me! (((((:
 photo IMG_20160731_213559_zpsue7be0zl.jpg

I don’t know how should I end this off…hmmmmm. Although it hasn’t been an exactly happy year, I still appreciate this journey and the things I have learnt. I may not be the most tolerant person or one with the best temper, but my tolerance has definitely been trained and increased in “capacity“. There are things that I would have done if it was the past me, but I did not, because I have learnt to endure.

But there are still things that are beyond my endurance level and I’m not giving up, I just refuse to be a puppet anymore. I’m just accepting the fact that my minimal effort is not helping as much as I hope to, and that there are other things that are worth more of my time and effort, including bonding with my real friends and focusing on my own performance.

I might have been ranting every single week, but it’s not that nothing good has happened at all this year. There are still good memories, fun moments, but it’s just that I am someone who rant a lot. Like a lot. Even like when I had a stressful day at work, I need to rant out all my displeasure to someone. I don’t like to bottle things up and explode all at once. I need to type it somewhere no matter anyone’s reading or whoever’s reading, and this is my space to do so.

There are a lot of drama happening during these 4 months plus of training. At the start, I try to resolve them. At the end, I only try to put a stop to them.

I have watched group members turned from good friends to enemies – left me thinking about it for the next 3 days because it’s a pity. I actually felt sad for them. I do hope at the end of all these they would be back to friends again. I spoke to them privately because I do hope my words to them have helped to resolve the problem, even though it might not remove the scars in them. My point is I do have feelings for these people. They are still part of my group and whatever happen to them would inevitably affect my feelings. But I turned a cold shoulder to them in the end… And I regret not salvaging this friendship for them, because my feelings for all these people have gradually diminished over time and incidents.

I am sorry that I did not jot down the sweet memory when a participant shared her really nice homemade pandan cake with me, or when another bought us snacks from her hometown. I am sorry that I was too busy ranting and forgot to blog about the more meaningful incidents. I am sorry that I was too caught up with my anger and did not give credit and attention to those who have been really obedient and nice to me. I hope people forgive me if I haven’t done a good job, or if I haven’t been a good AGL. But I hope they know that I have tried my best. I hope they remember that I am a part of them too, that I am just a participant, like them too.


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