Europe Day 12 โ€“ Rome!

I’m quite dreading to blog about Rome because it’s quite boring to me ._. But oh well~ It’s the last city so I might as well finish up and fulfill my resolution for this year! Hahaha!

1 April 2015

Bade farewell to the cat, the 2 nice owners, the cozy room and Florence before we took a train to Rome. Arrived after less than 2 hours! Oh those who are taking the train, always remember to validate your tickets manually. I am glad that I read about this on some blog beforehand, so I did all my ticket validation, which is like punching a hole on your card using the machine so that you won’t reuse the ticket. You will be fined if your ticket is not validated; there are train conductors checking~

We witnessed a PRC group being fined when we were on the way to Cinque Terre or somewhere. The train conductor was nice enough to reduce their fine amount, but they were still unhappy and kept arguing that they didn’t know about it -.- Damn annoying. But the point is no chance will be given, so please do your research and always verify when unsure!

Didn’t take us too long to find our Rome accommodation; all the accommodation I booked are very conveniently located! But it’s on level 2 again and we had to take this very old school lift to transport our luggage up. Gotta close the lift door on your own kind! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I took it once for the sake of the luggage and decided to take the stairs for remaining days ๐Ÿ˜
 photo 20150401_211535_zpsfzlgknzl.jpg

It’s not an AirBnb house this time but a little like guest house~ Our room is not very big but comfortable enough ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally can have our own single beds!!!
 photo 20150401_131956_zpscy0xo3pq.jpg

More importantly, it comes with an ensuite bathroom! Yayyyyyy!
 photo 20150401_132003_zpsqdjb2mg3.jpg

Settled down and headed out to our first stop pretty soon; it’s none other than Rome’s signature Colosseum!
 photo 20150401_144117_zpsykpxzxk6.jpg

It’s huge, so you gotta stand pretty far in order to take a full shot of it. If not you can only take parts of it like below~
 photo 20150401_143848_zpsuquxwepq.jpg
 photo 20150401_143732_zpsgmoknjs7.jpg
 photo 20150401_144543_zpshabq1zyz.jpg

 photo 20150401_144318_zpsrgt11437.jpg


 photo 20150401_151229_zps0wie8v5c.jpg

The interior~

It’s basically all the rugged views made up of stones and rocks ._. But I think those who watched the Gladiator movie (e.g my brother) will be intrigued by the place~ I, on the other hand, felt like I have been taking the same pictures over and over because all the views look pretty much the same – ruined and rugged!
 photo 20150401_150553_zpsdsr9h0pn.jpg
 photo 20150401_151145_zpshieet2jz.jpg
 photo 20150401_150728_zps0kngks9u.jpg
 photo 20150401_151211_zpsvkxkbep7.jpg
 photo 20150401_151336_zpsb9dmvd4m.jpg
 photo 20150401_151348_zpsbuvptiwj.jpg
 photo 20150401_151414_zpsfgfiw0ey.jpg
 photo 20150401_151405_zpsw23jippj.jpg
 photo 20150401_151441_zps48umosrr.jpg

The history of it makes it a little more interesting though (:
 photo 20150401_152457_zpsuz8bd2sv.jpg

Panoramic shots and lots of selfie with my selfie stick~
 photo 20150401_151458_zpsnlxknrkm.jpg
 photo 20150401_153101_zpsmx4w0bio.jpg
 photo 20150401_151753_zpszrmn7mj1.jpg
 photo 20150401_152959_zpsxxoblz6z.jpg
 photo 20150401_153329_zpsttm7bp4p.jpg
 photo 20150401_153250_zpsvndaxedn.jpg
 photo 20150401_153028_zps1wde79gx.jpg
 photo 20150401_153123_zpsichumqak.jpg

Under the roof~
 photo 20150401_152736_zpsuoukpimz.jpg
 photo 20150401_152829_zpskngeegoi.jpg

The ruins make the view outside looks nicer! Haha!
 photo 20150401_153935_zpsoejxrpme.jpg
 photo 20150401_155223_zpslt7hulnm.jpg

Artifacts from hundred of years ago including animal remains!
 photo 20150401_154526_zpsjby7ueze.jpg
 photo 20150401_154515_zpsfr0nqplr.jpg

 photo 20150401_161719_zpswzgbvvrc.jpg

One last shot with the Colsseum!

Moved on to the next destination and guess what le pig brother is bringing me to see? (He “planned” Italy’s itinerary.)
 photo 20150401_164608_zpslovorfxa.jpg

It’s not the fountain above, though I think it’s maybe famous as well. But the real reason we are here is because of this stairs!
 photo 20150401_164707_zpsamxtvyzq.jpg

This long flight of stairs made up of 135 steps is apparently known as the famous Spanish Steps! People just sit around to rest, eat and chat there and to be honest, there’s nothing really special about it ._. But it’s just famous.
 photo 20150401_170037_zpsgddmmxlu.jpg
 photo 20150401_165415_zpsvm3ukliv.jpg

 photo 20150401_165516_zpsopq96ama.jpg

Spot me!

 photo 20150401_170647_zpsa8k3j13p.jpg

 photo 20150401_170411_zpsn27rx7rp.jpg

Column of the Immaculate Conception

In Piazza del Popolo for the the tallest obelisk in Rome –ย  Popolo Obelisk!
 photo 20150401_172738_zpsnccsrk1z.jpg
 photo 20150401_173000_zpsyasyegol.jpg

The churches of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto~
 photo 20150401_173722_zpslz5av9n7.jpg

 photo 20150401_172650_zpsfvomfvpd.jpg

Santa Maria in Montesanto

 photo 20150401_172719_zps0crop0ow.jpg

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

 photo 20150401_173554_zpsgtaa4caf.jpg

Errrr…forgot what’s this ._.

The Roman architectures or structures are not that impressive to me, so I was kinda more attracted by this lady entertaining the kids with huge bubbles!
 photo 20150401_173255_zpsethc18a4.jpg

It’s really a joy watching them because I love bubbles too! ๐Ÿ˜€ Secretly wish I can join the kids and chase after the bubbles…hahaha!
 photo 20150401_173257_zps28l7pt81.jpg

Love these happy candid shots more than the still buildings actually =X
 photo 20150401_173310_zps0gfjrmz4.jpg
 photo 20150401_173309_zpslp89uozr.jpg
 photo 20150401_173313_zpsx5hcyjyr.jpg
 photo 20150401_173311_zpsdkgi82v6.jpg
 photo 20150401_173328_zpszvpuzsp1.jpg
 photo 20150401_173327_zpsiw9h8klm.jpg
 photo 20150401_173958_zpsis9tts1c.jpg

I think this was a church that we just randomly walked into to check out but I don’t remember the name~ Too many churches in Europe!
 photo 20150401_180524_zpsdp1yr83n.jpg

Did a little shopping at the huge H&M there but I think I bought nothing. On the other hand, le pig brother was listening to these buskers and bought a CD from them. It’s the pirated kind of CD packaging and I laughed at him and told him what if he brings it back and realised it can’t be played ๐Ÿ˜‚ย  He was like ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ
 photo 20150401_180915_zpsfvokp852.jpg

Apart from busking, there are also lots of street arts going on and they are all very impressive!
 photo 20150401_181248_zpsgohhzvvq.jpg

We spent a while watching this guy do some painting from scratch using spray paints and Bro was so impressed that he almost bought one. It’s really damn pretty and awesome, but it’s like 10 euro for one (around S$15). This guy is way too talented!
 photo 20150401_181643_zpsdlziklzw.jpg

Another tall structure but I don’t remember what is it~ photo 20150402_155238_zpsqdgljjyo.jpg

When we talk about attractions in Rome, I believe many will mention Trevi Fountain as well. Unfortunately, prior the trip, Nad has already told me that it’s under renovation when she went a few months ago… We still wanted to visit nevertheless, because it’s an attraction not to be missed when you’re in Rome after all~
 photo 20150401_191019_zpsys7k5rkk.jpg

The pretty Trevi Fountain now looking like a construction site ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
 photo 20150401_190626_zpslcaszhmu.jpg
 photo 20150401_191100_zpskanrj1sr.jpg

I think it would have been really prettiest tourist attraction site if it’s not under construction. Saw the pictures on Google and it’s really nice! Oh well~ At least we visited!
 photo 20150401_191643_zps0uhmpt2n.jpg

 photo 20150401_194529_zpsl1ryzjod.jpg

Pinocchio seems to be very famous in Italy! xD

Spent the night walking around randomly and we chanced upon The Pantheon~ Yes, another Pantheon but it’s the Pantheon in Rome, though it looks quite similar to the one in Paris!
 photo 20150401_200012_zpsdnixd14k.jpg

Did not go in because it was closed by then; saved it for the next day instead (:
 photo 20150401_200657_zpsu00dop3f.jpg


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