Europe Day 13 – Rome!

2 April 2015

It’s the third last day of the trip and we went to so many places on this day that I had a hard time recalling where is where. Put in lots of effort Googling before I finally got the names of most of them~

Anyway, our guest house came with breakfast (yayyy! Can saved $$$) and we had this bright dining area that I quite like!
 photo 20150402_095948_zpsjveac681.jpg

No fanciful breakfast but just cakes and snacks~ Good enough because I like cakes and sweet stuff 😀
 photo 20150402_095415_zps3obqsrph.jpg
 photo 20150402_095434_zpsouxxznpi.jpg

First stop of the day – Neptune Fountain!
 photo 20150402_122630_zpso25rkwhz.jpg
 photo 20150402_122745_zps65q0m6kf.jpg

This is another fountain – Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (Fountain of Four Rivers)~ There are really many fountains in Rome and most of them come with clean drinking water! I still don’t dare to try it because I think we are all used to boiling our water first 😅
 photo 20150402_124047_zpss0cmk2sq.jpg
 photo 20150402_124155_zpsuowisjjf.jpg
 photo 20150402_124436_zpsqhqdbpuu.jpg

The obelisk of the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, with Chiesa di Sant’Agnese in Agone on the right~
 photo 20150402_123039_zpsaiouk5da.jpg
 photo 20150402_123440_zps6gdde1k8.jpg

I think Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone is one of the prettier churches we have seen in Rome (:
 photo 20150402_130334_zps8rw19fzs.jpg

 photo 20150402_123515_zpssyxfxz7u.jpg

The area where all the artists gather~

 photo 20150402_132323_zpsorztgus5.jpg

Back to the Pantheon!

After visiting The Pantheon in Paris, we had kinda expected what it’s gonna be like inside, so we did not stay as long for this one in Rome xD
 photo 20150402_131212_zpsn13x94k5.jpg
 photo 20150402_131303_zpswkmojsmi.jpg
 photo 20150402_131827_zpst8sbvh9m.jpg

Ceiling shots again!
 photo 20150402_131115_zpssowkcvuk.jpg
 photo 20150402_133047_zpswpsf2fmx.jpg

Next destination – Basilica of San Ignazio!
 photo 20150402_134430_zpsfdqz5r3r.jpg
 photo 20150402_135012_zpsnhfcy5yx.jpg

Like I’ve mentioned, by Rome, we had already visited so many cathedrals that I lost count, so we were already kinda immune to them ._. No longer so wowwww but just snap and go kind~
 photo 20150402_134933_zpsyjlqnpb8.jpg
 photo 20150402_135429_zpssgkl6mqp.jpg
 photo 20150402_134531_zpsr3kbhpgz.jpg

Still like the ceiling paintings though (:
 photo 20150402_134642_zpsn6nfgsrz.jpg
 photo 20150402_134752_zps2kmjwrrr.jpg
 photo 20150402_134844_zpshkr1rorm.jpg
 photo 20150402_135125_zpsxuindeci.jpg

Next stop, which is yet another church – San Marcello al Corso!
 photo 20150402_140445_zpstyokvq5g.jpg
 photo 20150402_140830_zpseyjtvfen.jpg
 photo 20150402_141013_zpswbxhhtat.jpg

 photo 20150402_141118_zpsyzgmxtol.jpg

Mandatory ceiling shot~

 photo 20150402_140658_zpsveb5fend.jpg

Virgin Mary & Jesus

Chanced upon Santa Maria in Via Lata but I think we did not go in? Can’t find interior shots of it so we must have just passed by only~
 photo 20150402_141300_zpsiz2irsqe.jpg

Altare della Patria next! I forgot if we actually went in, but I doubt so?
 photo 20150402_141600_zpsn44zdnrg.jpg
 photo 20150402_142308_zpsw9t8yszd.jpg

And I totally can’t recall where I took this. That’s the problem when I’m not the one planning the itinerary! Haha! But I remember it’s in a museum where photography is not allowed (there are a few places we visited that are like that), and these are photos that I secretly snapped~
 photo 20150402_143843_zpsgw82lnaq.jpg
 photo 20150402_144632_zpseeztnv6a.jpg
 photo 20150402_144936_zpsspv9diwc.jpg

Back to church-hopping again and arrived at Basilica of Sant’Agostino!
 photo 20150402_160826_zpsqhpul69w.jpg
 photo 20150402_125837_zpsknzdgnjo.jpg

Interior of Basilica of Sant’Agostino~
 photo 20150402_161300_zps9sk2elml.jpg
 photo 20150402_161937_zpsd4zqpxvp.jpg

We realised that most of the churches in Europe has a big organ inside!
 photo 20150402_161742_zpset4a2mqc.jpg
 photo 20150402_163000_zps7wncsitf.jpg

All the churches look more or less the same by now but I suppose these are all still taken within Basilica of Sant’Agostino?
 photo 20150402_162546_zpsmkvazxo6.jpg
 photo 20150402_161708_zpsnobw78co.jpg
 photo 20150402_161023_zpsrsrgyh6o.jpg
 photo 20150402_162826_zpsecf4oryc.jpg
 photo 20150402_160958_zpsd9bpywyg.jpg
 photo 20150402_161555_zpsyrqaaltc.jpg
 photo 20150402_161833_zpspuvylce4.jpg
 photo 20150402_162232_zpsevokkc4u.jpg

Taking a break from churches as we arrived at The Palace of Justice, which is their Supreme Court of Cassation! The exterior is quite nice ya~ It’s not open to the public hence we only took photos outside (:
 photo 20150402_164711_zpsi635quqs.jpg

Finally some nature shot! Quite pretty; I like the feel of it!
 photo 20150402_164433_zpsjq8yuywx.jpg

And from far, we can see our next destination – Castel Sant’Angelo!
 photo 20150402_165314_zpsqjtp4ee5.jpg
 photo 20150402_165625_zpsh1au9394.jpg

Again, I think we only took photos outside because you gotta buy a ticket for most of the attractions, and we figured that we had enough of paintings and historical monuments ._.
 photo 20150402_165719_zpsuarivexs.jpg
 photo 20150402_170148_zpscekc9swm.jpg
 photo 20150402_170345_zpsjkbx9z7v.jpg

Back to the pretty Sant’Agnese in Agone again!
 photo 20150402_175600_zpszdn4baei.jpg
 photo 20150402_175536_zpsmhpiphg1.jpg
 photo 20150402_174650_zpsgghtdjjx.jpg

I think it was closed in the morning when we passed by, that’s why we came back again in the late afternoon~ But the interior isn’t as impressive as its exterior though.
 photo 20150402_173812_zps3b2fzi6i.jpg
 photo 20150402_173554_zpskf4mwybh.jpg
 photo 20150402_173835_zpsympqjblj.jpg

The flowers’ market aka Campo dei Fiori Market! A pity most of the stalls were closed by then. Love the pretty and vibrant colours! 😀
 photo 20150402_180435_zps9pxcuxpr.jpg

I think we ended the day pretty early because we had run out of places to go ._. Rome is really quite boring!


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