Europe Day 14 – Rome!

3 April 2015

Down with just 2 more days! Had the same breakfast before heading out to visit Basilica of Saint Mary!
 photo 20150403_102423_zpsybl1rilz.jpg

As usual, notice the detailed ceilings?
 photo 20150403_102715_zpsqwgcatim.jpg
 photo 20150403_103654_zpsz65b2uhc.jpg

This is the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome by the way, hence we stayed a little while more~
 photo 20150403_104243_zps3neyculx.jpg
 photo 20150403_104457_zpschg7c5qu.jpg
 photo 20150403_102949_zpszitepkgz.jpg

 photo 20150403_103355_zps2m2vy4ye.jpg

Nice ceiling again!

 photo 20150403_103754_zps6igy4t0s.jpg

And pretty stained glass window~

The years of hard work spent on the interior (:
 photo 20150403_104512_zpsaqy26dtq.jpg
 photo 20150403_104547_zpstgaakhfs.jpg
 photo 20150403_105047_zpsw99nwrvs.jpg

 photo 20150403_105700_zpsfbwsyqm4.jpg

Seriously, who will wanna receive this postcard ah???

Next stop, which is another well-known spot of Rome – Vatican City!
 photo 20150403_144914_zpsqe1bmslp.jpg
 photo 20150403_144538_zpswkua8vrj.jpg

 photo 20150403_131023_zpsrhxacm5f.jpg

Spot the Pokeball!

 photo 20150403_125424_zps1kauss21.jpg

Candid of le pig~

Now it’s time to explore the interior! But sorry, it’s gonna be lots of ceiling again because I am impressed by how much work they put in, climbing the ladder and all! Hahaha!
 photo 20150403_125947_zpspoczqz30.jpg
 photo 20150403_130009_zpsjasis7p8.jpg
 photo 20150403_130149_zpseietxwor.jpg

The ceiling resembles the one in Rome’s Pantheon!
 photo 20150403_130332_zpswbs1arnu.jpg
 photo 20150403_130337_zpsfoal6buu.jpg
 photo 20150403_130825_zpsglcdmvaw.jpg

 photo 20150403_131934_zpsszrurotn.jpg

Looks like Spongebob’s friend – Patrick!!!!!

Ceiling, ceiling and more ceiling! xD
 photo 20150403_132659_zpsw8w87c0q.jpg
 photo 20150403_132824_zpsajlqalui.jpg
 photo 20150403_133258_zpsedmx4vmh.jpg
 photo 20150403_133719_zpsn4rsxw2f.jpg
 photo 20150403_134148_zpslv3znzpo.jpg
 photo 20150403_134547_zpsumxjt7us.jpg
 photo 20150403_134621_zpsdpipvlei.jpg
 photo 20150403_134917_zpssndyc8my.jpg
 photo 20150403_135254_zpsd2utjjje.jpg

 photo 20150403_140926_zpsvjjwamod.jpg

Spotted my horoscope!

 photo 20150403_142048_zpsy4oavbp1.jpg

Will be a nice artistic shot with wider lens!

Back to the exterior and we saw lots of people queuing up~ We did not know what’s going on but the queue was really long!!! We almost wanted to queue as well but after asking one of them, it’s actually people queuing to go in for some pastor/pope’s service ._. Heng we asked.
 photo 20150403_144223_zpsbzxcl3di.jpg

So happy to see a post office there! And it’s the van kind, pretty cool! Managed to get a stamp to post my one last postcard I think (:
 photo 20150403_150702_zpsdk5zpbaz.jpg

Saw a Sakura tree again on our way to the train station! Okay, I don’t know if it’s really cherry blossom but whatever, it’s pink!!!
 photo 20150403_152812_zpsouriv2sj.jpg

And guess what, it has my birth date with it 😛
 photo 20150403_153039_zps50vxloi0.jpg

 photo 20150403_153010_zpsvrmbmhw9.jpg

30.03 (:

If you realise, most of the nights we didn’t really explore anywhere because either the shops are closed or the churches are. The only ones open are restaurants and bars, which we could only walk past and admire, before going back to the same fast food chain that we went every day, because that’s the cheapest food.

It’s not that we are too poor to eat, but the food in Europe are just really expensive. We grow up eating cheap food and we don’t believe in splurging on food, at least not for every meal. Food is something that we can compromise on, in other words, so we rather save and scrimp every day to spend on other things.

I even remember that there was once during our trip (I forgot in which city) when we splurged on some McDonald’s nuggets or something because we were too hungry, then Bro happened to drop one on the floor (Europe is quite dirty by the way) but he picked it up and eat because it’s too expensive to waste! LOL! You may find it disgusting but I find the moment hilarious and so significant~ Like how extreme we went xD

So on the last few days in Rome, Bro actually suggested that we should splurge on a good meal, if we have got money left! I was kinda looking forward to that meal because I would love to try too, for the experience! Haha! So on our last night in Rome, we went fine-dining at this popular area full of restaurants~ The kind that is beside the fountain and has got busker performing for you! It was difficult choosing which restaurant to try, and they were all quite competitive, but in the end we settled for one that looks quite decent and has no service charge.
 photo 20150403_184049_zpsuxoxvx92.jpg

We sat outdoor of course – alfresco style, but the interior of the restaurant is actually damn pretty too! Chanced upon it when going to the washroom 😀
 photo 20150403_165736_zpsczurg4xx.jpg

Oh in Italy, the people usually eat a full course meal, from appetisers, entrée, main course to dessert. And their entrée is like either pizza or pasta kind! I really can’t imagine how they finish the main course later on, which is usually more of the meat~ Obviously being very Singaporean, we jumped straight into the main course…hahaha!

 photo 20150403_175220_zpsad2th2ue.jpg

Drinks to start off first! (:

 photo 20150403_175347_zpsvocwfik6.jpg

Fine-dining of course must drink wine right!

Bro got himself a mixed grill platter, and from the look of it, you can tell that it’s not very nice already -_- Quite normal taste, if not the meat is too tough.
 photo 20150403_180520_zpsn9hjcdc2.jpg

My lamb shank was not any better; I can hardly find any meat. And it’s so dry, as you can tell from the picture! Although I can’t recall the price, I remember this meal wasn’t cheap (I think around S$80+), and it was definitely not worth the price at all! Quite disappointing 😦 Our supermarket microwaved food actually tasted so much better~
 photo 20150403_180512_zps8dbbr6mu.jpg

Expensive experience! But still an experience (:
 photo 20150403_180552_zpsfyzqxkb0.jpg

To make up for the unsatisfactory meal and unfulfilling stomach, guess what we got again! 😀 Chocolate and mango flavour I think!
 photo 20150403_190327_zpsdy9g664f.jpg

Ahhhhhh I miss my gelatos~~~~ >.<
 photo 20150403_190421_zpsawt9yvcl.jpg


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