Canon Rilakkuma Camera!

It was a lonely week (and will continue to be) because more than half the office has gone on leave 😦 Luckily we had Ally’s birthday meal in advance at Astons on Monday!

 photo 20160816_133915_zpsyyesjxhq.jpg

Sinful lunch~

Oh I realised salmon really gives me migraine these days! Tested and proven for 3 times 😨 It didn’t used to be like that! Salmon is my favourite! –CRYYYYY!!!

Was still quite free for the week, so I finally took a stroll around the whole building, level by level~ It’s my first time to actually explore this old building after close to 3 years now…haha! Didn’t even know our neighbour actually has this nice little “aquarium” outside the office (:
 photo 20160816_161354_zpsk54brdl7.jpg
 photo 20160816_161410_zpstaw7bbf7.jpg

Impromptu decision to go for Hot Basics class for the first time! Not bad, quite a good “training” for Hot Stretch class~ Not too xiong, not too easy either; still sweated quite a bit!

 photo 20160816_191626_zpshsfu6cop.jpg

Real Food omelette again!

 photo 20160816_213009_zpska1hqvoh.jpg

Night stroll! ((:

 photo 20160816_222114_zpslly95alz.jpg

Rainbow bridge!

 photo 20160818_134004_zpsmgkfbmif.jpg

New item on the menu – Thai Tom Yum Noodle!

Went for random shopping at Sheng Shiong and found huge palm-size strawberries!!! Couldn’t resist splurging on them~ Surprisingly they were pretty sweet! 😋
 photo 20160818_164828_zpskwue4k5v.jpg

 photo 20160818_164242_zpsv74kasvr.jpg

For comparison! =O

 photo 20160818_214355_zpso4y1hydi.jpg

Dessert after gift-shopping!

It was the time of the month and I was just nice craving for something chocolatey! This promotional item from awfullychocolate was really YUMS!!!!! And super worth it! 😍
 photo 20160818_214516_zpss1kf6qdj.jpg

The melt-in-your-mouth chocolate was damn good too!!!!!! OMGGGGG~
 photo 20160818_215613_zpsxuivxujg.jpg

Spent Friday night with yoga again! Yes, went twice this week! Because I was too busy to go last week and too free this week 😅 Great session though! Sweated like pig!

And finally it was Saturday! Went for a haircut (in an attempt to save shampoo for upcoming Aussie trip 😆) before bringing Kumakuma out to collect my PRIZE!!!
 photo 20160820_124425_zpsr2v8t46w.jpg

For those who don’t know, I’ve won a Canon EOS M10 camera (Rilakkuma edition) through a Facebook contest! 😀

Cho~ happy because I think it’s my first time to win something! Okay, except for some Geláre vouchers which I also won through Facebook contest~ But this is like a camera worth $999! And it’s RILAKKUMA!!! It’s definitely my first time winning something so expensive!
 photo 20160820_125202_zpsw89rygke.jpg

I had a really unlucky July, so this surprise really made my day month! Hopefully it really means my luck is changing for the better! 🙏 🙏 🙏
 photo 20160820_124627_zpsxxfxjq5t.jpg

Thank you, Canon! Thank you, Alvinology and Asia361! ❤ This one not advertorial ahhhh 😅
 photo 20160820_124708_zpsazcwn9hx.jpg

First time win something like that, so must take more photos! Hehe!
 photo 20160820_124937_zps8dddwspf.jpg
 photo 20160820_124921_zps8kb6ynpt.jpg

 photo 20160820_142142_zps59wlbwzp.jpg

Kumakuma and his new friend!
Same same but different ((:

Off for lunch to a 老地方 and I was famished! Wanted to order everything! Hahaha! The olive beancurd is sooooo niceeeee that I really wanted to order 1 more piece! Too bad I was full after my noodle (which I gobbled up before taking photo) >.<
 photo 20160820_132219_zpsnezduh5y.jpg

Killed so time at the library (favourite place to kill time!) since it’s still way too early for the NDP Thank You party~ Somehow I find it weird to call it a party now – actually only the first year felt like a party to me 😐 I should be glad that at least Orto is better than the past few years I guess.

Anyhow, Lyn’s away and everyone else is too busy, but luckily I still have Bevan to accompany me! Just nice he doesn’t know how to go while I know, cause it’s somewhere on my to-visit list, just that I didn’t expect to visit under such circumstance. It’s supposed to be a romantic place 😦 Now become like a void deck wedding~
 photo 20160820_182537_zps6y47mb8g.jpg

Food, performance, mingle, lucky draw and some activities like prawning competition. Wanted to caption this photo “Most patient moment ever” but after much observation, errrrr not that patient after all 😂
 photo 20160820_193614_zpsl5p2qovn.jpg

Got bored at the last 5 minutes so I also took a rod to try my luck~ Zero catch! Haha! Well, at least I didn’t kill any of them then. I actually fed them instead! All the prawns here are way smarter than the ones at Kranji resort, so all managed to eat and escape 😐

 photo 20160820_190814_zpsxiz908wu.jpg

Participants challenging Lily to drink! Hahahaha!

 photo 20160820_190846_zpsgtvybw4c.jpg

She looks like an alcoholic here xD

Time for my turn! To celebrate officially end of duties aka ORD loh~!!!
 photo 20160820_220403_zpsh8tu6m3d.jpg

Lights~ Not the kind of effect I want. Will be nice if they look a bit more like bokeh though (:
 photo 20160820_224510_zps6pafg7rw.jpg
 photo 20160820_224451_zpsyus410w4.jpg

Spent Sunday doing a little packing for the trip and also having some Isaac-time cause Sis came over~ The negotiation turned out way smoother than we had expected, kudos to le pig brother! Apparently, Mamemo only listens to him because she is scared of him 😑 So using Bro’s name is usually useful in such situations!

Decided to cross the border alone in the late afternoon because I was bored and I figured that I wouldn’t have time the next week. Needed to get my Doraemon and Hello Kitty mooncakes!!! It’s been a long time since I went JB alone; quite fulfilling cause I finally managed to explore the whole of the new mall plus the renovated City Square~ I can shop and walk fast at my own speed so I managed to finish the 2 malls in less than 4 hours (:

 photo 20160821_214456_zpsjolni2zj.jpg

Loots of the half-day!


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