Europe Day 15 – Rome!

4 April 2015

It’s the last day in Rome and also the last day of our Europe trip! Ironically, this last day happened to be my favourite day in Rome (in Rome only). Not because I was looking forward to finally going back, though a part of me do miss the sun and better skin in Singapore, but it was more of where we visited.

Since our flight was at night, we still had some time to explore and we visited Thermae of Caracalla aka Baths of Caracalla!
 photo 20150404_111030_zpshetcjkxi.jpg

Finally no more churches!!! Although the place is just walls of ruins again, at least it was quite nice for photos and there are some greens (:
 photo 20150404_110158_zpsxw58crhr.jpg

The place was actually quite huge – it was the second largest Roman public baths, but the views are all these stones and damaged walls now 😅 Still, I just like this place better, maybe because the structures are all in their unique forms, so it’s like same same but different~
 photo 20150404_110338_zpsp34icq3k.jpg
 photo 20150404_110533_zpscqbu5chv.jpg
 photo 20150404_110945_zpskorln7ge.jpg
 photo 20150404_110952_zps5ddln4ws.jpg
 photo 20150404_111212_zps8nnzqs8o.jpg
 photo 20150404_111343_RichtoneHDR_zps2f192tta.jpg
 photo 20150404_111511_RichtoneHDR_zps2prpbtt9.jpg

I think this was where there used to be a bathtub or something. Quite interesting if you really read up the descriptions there!
 photo 20150404_111623_RichtoneHDR_zpsm2mtw3hi.jpg
 photo 20150404_112341_RichtoneHDR_zpsrik1fhrs.jpg
 photo 20150404_111645_RichtoneHDR_zpswavgnlz8.jpg
 photo 20150404_111735_RichtoneHDR_zpshgdrxnbu.jpg

 photo 20150404_111943_RichtoneHDR_zpsgqnizac7.jpg

Kinda like this kind of view (:

I think the other reason why I quite like this day is because I took quite a number of nice pictures here! I think I hardly have any nice pictures in Rome (except all the selfies at The Colosseum) because there are just nothing much in Rome ._.
 photo 20150404_112012_RichtoneHDR_zpsx5u3qnpp.jpg

 photo 20150404_112437_RichtoneHDR_zpsmoyly19j.jpg

Another nice view but dark clouds!!!

 photo 20150404_112617_RichtoneHDR_zpsqs0w6y3a.jpg

Ambassador of Rome~

 photo 20150404_112737_RichtoneHDR_zpspz4n6la1.jpg

Welcome to ROME!

 photo 20150404_112919_RichtoneHDR_zpslvfjbryz.jpg

Another nice shot! -self-praise-

All shots of me are by le pig brother! So thankful for his patience in getting the nicest shots for me ((:
 photo 20150404_113135_RichtoneHDR_zps4oeebbd0.jpg

Overall view of Baths of Caracalla!
 photo 20150404_115142-1_zps1mehosqv.jpg
 photo 20150404_115604_RichtoneHDR_zpsxvnnzrpl.jpg
 photo 20150404_113902_zpsb368thmk.jpg
 photo 20150404_114514_RichtoneHDR_zpsgxmtrzeq.jpg
 photo 20150404_114624_RichtoneHDR_zpsnjdykoct.jpg

Love these pictures taken on the rock!
 photo 20150404_114246_zpsfctxkk0l.jpg

The rock is actually quite shaky and high, and it was quite scary getting up and down it, but all for these nice shots! 😀 The PRC woman that walked past tried to copy me after that, but she couldn’t get up…bleah.
 photo 20150404_114347_zps6uvietzf.jpg
 photo 20150404_114308_zpsfxvoiiio.jpg
 photo 20150404_114232_zpsj2ti6vjm.jpg

Loving the greens amidst of the brown structures (:
 photo 20150404_114907_RichtoneHDR_zpsclkve4v2.jpg
 photo 20150404_114811_RichtoneHDR_zpsuo4tqnux.jpg

Headed off to our one last destination and I chanced upon Sakura tree again! ❤
 photo 20150404_120056_zps5avdskng.jpg

I forgot where exactly did we go after Baths of Caracalla, but I remember we walked quite a long way and probably climbed some steep slope before we arrived at this beauty spot!
 photo 20150404_124351_zpspatez1gn.jpg

It’s somewhere that we managed to get an overview of Rome!
 photo 20150404_124320_RichtoneHDR_zpsykxye4hn.jpg
 photo 20150404_124418_zpsdcuiqxsi.jpg

 photo 20150404_125320_zpsvsr8tchq.jpg

Looking like a puffer fish x.x

Nice shots by le pig brother again!
 photo 20150404_125955_zps8dvbvsuo.jpg
 photo 20150404_125905_zpsotk8msqo.jpg

Went back to our area for dinner before preparing for our departure~ We wanted to try a Chinese restaurant, but I am quite skeptical about having Chinese food in an European country, so we settled for our usual place, which is this fast-food restaurant called Chicken Hut!

It’s the cheapest food option that we could find, and the food is also not bad (:
 photo 20150404_143626_zpsuxrmfgt3.jpg

We probably clogged up our arteries eating like this, but we were really, really sick of pizzas and pastas!
 photo 20150404_142822_zpsu3jkv5l1.jpg

I think we ended up eating there almost everyday, until we turned from foe to friend with the staff! Hahaha! At the start, I think he didn’t like us very much because we asked a lot of questions about the menu. And we tried to change our soft drink to mineral water (Bro and I are both not fans of soft drinks) which he finds it weird and did not allow.

But the more we patronise, the friendlier he became and on our last day, he even gave us this huge bottle of mineral water because he knows how much we love mineral water! LOL! He also had a hard time trying to guess where we are from and I promised I will reveal the answer if I see him again xD
 photo 20150404_152146_zpsljrftvak.jpg

Yet another super long overnight flight, transiting at Dubai again~ But at least there wasn’t any weirdo sitting beside me this time, if I remember correctly. And I really really like Emirates‘ food!!!!!! I was actually waiting eagerly for it to be served, because we were both famished by then…haha!
 photo 20150405_113230_zpsbana6rse.jpg

 photo 20150405_003515_zpsgqeolokz.jpg

Second meal, after transit! YUMS!

And just when you thought the 12-hour (excluding transit time) is bad enough, wait till the jet lag kicks in. I swear that I was like a walking zombie everyday; insomnia at night and feeling like shit in the day! And it actually lasted for like 2 weeks! Super horrible feeling and it was really hard switching the body clock back from GMT+2 to GMT+8 @.@

I think that’s the “price” for travelling, but it’s definitely all worthwhile. So despite the terrible jet lag and the big hole in the pocket, Europe has been a great experience and I am still so glad that I fulfilled my own wish, with my hard-earned money! That’s my motivation for working – to see the world!

I am also so glad that Bro was steady enough to agree on going with me right away and as much as many might think that it’s weird to travel with your sibling, I actually think it’s not that bad! I had someone to carry my super heavy luggage for me, someone to feed me well, take care of me, take nice photos for me and etc, it’s almost like travelling with your boyfriend! Hahaha! Sounds like incest now, but it was definitely a good bonding session for us, I would say (:

Now, here’s my humble review for the various countries!

Best shopping: London

Best accommodation: Paris

Best bargain (for branded goods): Florence

Most worth a visit: Cinque Terre

Most beautiful city: Venice

I did not give Rome any “prize” because honestly, I don’t really like it ._. It’s nice in its own way, but I guess I’m really not a fan of history and stone-age stuff. Plus I really can’t think of anything that I really like there – food not nice; accommodation staff racist; worst service at the tax refund in airport.

We don’t regret going Rome of course, but Bro and I both think that we have too many days in Rome and we didn’t really need so many days. I mean for all the other cities, I think we have spent quite enough time, which is why we allocated our remaining days for Rome. But if I had known that there’s not much in Rome, perhaps we would have spent 1 more day Cinque Terre.

I must make sure that the next time I visit, I gotta stay at least one night there so that I can finish all 5 villages without rushing! 😀 Well at least we had managed to visit this time, but Cinque Terre would have probably deserved a longer stay amongst all the places that we visited!

Thank you to the Wright brothers for inventing airplanes!!! Looking forward to explore the next destination, always! 😉


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