Aussie Day 1 – Hello Sydney!

Totally not in the mood for work when the flight is right at night, but I still had a half-day slot to go~ Doesn’t help that I was rushing the residents’ video till 3am the previous night, so really mad shagged!!! 😪

Super duper sleepy and since the half-day slot started only at 2pm, I spent the first half of the day lying on the sofa in my colleague’s suite (bigger sofa)~
 photo 20160831_122004_zpsvxmkamwa.jpg

That’s what happen when you are office-alone!
 photo 20160831_122028_zpsycbj1gmq.jpg

Eventually, I decided to even skip lunch to nap. Really switched off the lights and just nap (after taking this photo luh)! Superrrrrrr tired!!!!!!! 😴😴😴
 photo 20160831_122033_zps3eyniowk.jpg

And finally, I survived the other half of the day and could officially go on holiday mode!!!!!!!!! Waited so damn long for this day to come! Mad excited but first, I had to go home to rush some changes for the residents’ video~ Really a super express edit! Hahaha! Managed to finish everything and upload before I chiong for the airport…phew! 🚀

Now, check out who’s gonna open a cup noodle stall in Aussie! LOL! Shall not say much since these noodle kept me quite satisfied during a few days 😛
 photo 20160831_232406_zps13g7elq6.jpg

全都到齐了!Time to check in~! 😀 So happy to see everyone and I was definitely excited for our very first NDPeeps trip!!!
 photo 20160831_233942_zps1ojoio6g.jpg

 photo 20160831_234938_zps9a5el11d.jpg

Ah Tiff’s luggage exceeded by 2.4kg even before flying =OOO

 photo 20160901_000441_zpsdpmf9lxm.jpg

Good bye to the 51 years old Singapore~!!!

And being the patriotic NDPeeps, of course we must take a wefie here luh! 😆
 photo 20160901_000409_zpsxvr4yxzw.jpg

 photo 20160901_002058_zps6f1ohvip.jpg

My breakfast + lunch + dinner ._.

 photo 20160901_013746_zpsepar5nk8.jpg

Finally boarded!
My first time taking Scoot, I think!

 photo 20160901_013812_zpsartxgye1.jpg

LET’S GO~!!!!!!!

It was a 8.5 hours flight and as much as I had been hoping to catch some sleep during this overnight flight, I can never quite sleep well in planes or coaches. Still managed to catch a couple of hours I think, since it didn’t feel quite like 8 hours have passed 😅

No flight entertainment for the long flight but luckily Mr Chan has loaded some movies in his tablet! Still did not manage to finish my Brooklyn because the plane chose to land at the saddest part! Imagine you are on the verge of crying liao then you heard, “Please switch off all mobile and electronic devices.” 😐
 photo 20160901_083953_zps5bqabhvm.jpg
 photo 20160901_084006_zpsj0yk5kvk.jpg

Arrived in Aussie at a quarter past 11 in the morning~ Surprisingly, the queue at the custom was pretty short and we cleared it in no time! Thought we would be stuck at the food declaration part since Aussie is well-know for it’s super strict food regulations, but neither! I did not even manage to declare my mooncake and pong piah that I brought for Mommeyyyyyy! I just happily followed behind Eric, as instructed by the staff, and ta-duh~! We are out from the gates! 😅

So while I was still in the shock mode, discussing with Eric about how we passed the custom so easily while the rest are still stuck inside, I kinda saw a lady holding a piece of paper and walking towards us. I ignored it and even thought that we booked Airbnb for our accommodation, so it can’t be someone picking us up lah. But the woman kept walking nearer and nearer to us till I felt something was wrong and turned around. GUESS WHICH SIAO CHAR BOH I SAW?!
 photo 14258275_10154478319872192_8030806713641384337_o_zps0wcxsx2b.jpg

Seriously surprised to the max! I mean I did give her our flight details, but I never expected that she would fly all the way from Gold Coast for us!!! Wah it’s the kind of surprise I love – people flying miles away for you 😍
 photo 20160901_121349_zpsgbdkraer.jpg

So touched and so happy to see her, of course! And still so damn shocked and surprised after 5 minutes…hahaha! Really only the crazy Mommeyyyyyy will do such impromptu thing!
 photo 20160901_122051_zpseimffczj.jpg

Spent a longggg time (almost an hour!) at the airport because the rest were getting the SIM cards~ So glad that I switched to M1 and can use the data-roaming for only 10 bucks! Wouldn’t have known it too if my colleague did not mention 😀 So convenient and 划算!!!

Finally settled the SIM card as well as our OPAL aka EZ-link card! Luckily we have Mommeyyyy to guide us through where to buy and etc! You can get it from the convenience store at the airport by the way~
 photo 20160901_132118_zpsnerhrb0x.jpg

Off to take the train to the city!
 photo 14352538_10154478340137192_4845002253063744142_o_zpsub1v1a7i.jpg

A pity we missed the train and gotta wait 20 minutes for the next! Guess we have been taking our MRT frequency for granted 😐 If only we managed to find the correct platform earlier, but the train station is quite confusing here! There’s no proper indication or directory to show us which platform to take which line and we gotta walk around to find each time we wanna transit. And I thought Japan‘s train system is confusing enough…..Zzzzz.
 photo 20160901_135508_zpsikzclptw.jpg

Finally boarded the next train and the trains here are double-deck!
 photo 20160901_133418_zpsbyrtdktp.jpg

With the cute mum-to-be – Karen! She cracked me up so many times with her words and confusion 😂
 photo 14352172_10154478365062192_5243237834972891510_o_zpszjokw0bj.jpg

And hello Sydney~!!!!!!!!! Loving the blue sky and buildings already! ❤
 photo 20160901_143141_zps78kgrmry.jpg

The weather was chilly at 15-ish °C and everyone loves it, but I just hope there was a little bit more sun….hahaha!
 photo 20160901_143114_zps3aw9wfsm.jpg

Took us about 15-20 minutes walk from Kings Cross station to finally get to our Airbnb apartment! Didn’t expect it to be so far actually, but also because we had our luggage and all so it took us a bit longer~
 photo 20160901_144215_zps3jcpd48k.jpg

There was no host to welcome us so we had to solve our own “secret code” to find our key! Felt like an Escape room game 😛 And jiang jiang~! Mr Chan has successfully gotten the key to let us “escape” into the apartment!
 photo 20160901_144541_zpsqfbco2ud.jpg

We were all chiong-ing in to chope rooms, hence I did not take photos of the 3-storey apartment until the last day~ This explains the mess in the bedrooms later on! Hahaha!
 photo 20160907_084636_zpstbff9byr.jpg

Living room at level 1 where we watch TV sometimes, but most of the nights we were all deadbeat, so only drank a glass and went to bed 😅
 photo 20160907_084613_zpscqq9kenq.jpg

The dining area where we had our breakfast every morning!
 photo 20160907_084647_zpstaiv7ehp.jpg
 photo 20160907_084558_zpswhqviwbb.jpg

Although the apartment is just nice to accomodate the 7 of us + June, there were only 2 bathrooms, so we had to take turns every morning and night~ This is the level 1 bathroom where I showered the first few days but refused to use it later after Mommeyyyyy said someone peed on the floor while showering cause there’s a smell 😖😖😖
 photo 20160907_085915_zpsz16bsoxd.jpg

This is why I need my own bathroom!!! My no.1 pet peeve is having to share bathroom with people who might have different bathroom habit or habit that I can’t accept. But in the first place, I don’t understand why would anyone wanna pee ON THE FLOOR when the toilet bowl is just right behind 😷😷😷
 photo 20160907_085922_zpsk5v4sima.jpg

Well anyway, there is washing machine and dryer and everything else that we need, so quite convenient~
 photo 20160907_085926_zpsmnyppvbe.jpg

Here’s the cursed stairs where Mr Chan injured his toe after a fall 😐 As much as I like multi-storey house because I get to climb up and down and exercise, it can cause much inconvenience to some, especially when we gotta lug our heavy luggage up (and down on last day)!
 photo 20160907_084654_zps8lwpmeuc.jpg

The room in between level 1 and 2 was given to our preggie Karen as well as Ronald for the convenience of them getting up and down (:
 photo 20160907_084451_zpscifettei.jpg

It was only on the last day that I find out the room actually comes with a balcony! So romantic~ But it was too cold to be chilling outside I guess…hahaha!
 photo 20160907_084512_zpsf7jbxdpq.jpg

And right outside the room is the other bathroom! With bathtub some more! But it doesn’t look very clean to be soaking in because the house is a bit old~
 photo 20160907_084538_zps2jpf0tfu.jpg

And at level 2 is my room! I insisted on having my own room because pet peeve #2, I prefer not to share my bed or sleep with air-con at 21°C and have to go through the blanket-fight at night 😐 I want my own cozy room with heater on and I can roll around the bed without being afraid that I might wake my roommate up…hahaha!
 photo 20160907_084240_zpskrhihj1m.jpg

But in the end of course I shared my bed with Mommeyyyyy for the first 3 nights that she was with us. I am glad that she doesn’t like to sleep with air-con too and there was also no blanket-fight because she couldn’t stand the heat of the heater + blanket in the end…LOL! I think it’s so nice to sleep in the warmth! 😅
 photo 20160907_084230_zpsgyadtw1b.jpg

Right beside me is the men’s room, shared by Mr Chan and Eric!
 photo 20160907_084248_zpsljtrb9or.jpg

I wanted to choose this room because of the fireplace! I never stayed in a house with fireplace before and I thought it was quite cool~ But Eric kept trying to convince me that it’s fake and etc so just let them have the room instead 😒
 photo 20160907_084250_zpsgozxyf74.jpg

He even wanted me to take the room in the attic at level 3! Attic sounds like where the maid sleeps 😑 Not saying Tiff and Leng Leng are maids ah! Hahahahahha!
 photo 20160907_084325_zpsxrexn9vd.jpg

But thank goodness I did not take this room, which I did consider at first, because there is no door!!!!!!! OMG~ Can’t imagine sleeping with open door, let alone NO DOOR! So weird and awkward!
 photo 20160907_084320_zpsslxvys1v.jpg

Done with the room arrangements and everyone was famished, since it was already around 4pm. I did plan some places for day 1, but because Mommeyyyyy wanted to meet her friend – Alana, she suggested that we join for lunch as well. So off we go~!
 photo 20160907_084433_zpsxvpd1yey.jpg

The church that we passed by everyday when heading to the train station~ Quite pretty! ((:
 photo IMG_0002_zpsdoysdq6m.jpg
 photo IMG_0003_zpsrtir4jkz.jpg

 photo IMG_0006_zpsbuhqvqbd.jpg

The cute couple strolling behind!

 photo IMG_0005_zpsfssfdzfl.jpg

With happiness of a new addition written all over their faces! Hehe!

Super in love with the blue sky! 😍
 photo IMG_0007_zpswl5kix6s.jpg
 photo IMG_0009_zpsl6zau3xq.jpg

The meeting place – Reversby was quite a number of stops away, so the tired couple took a nap in the train~ Look at Ronald’s blissful smile while napping on his comfy cushion! 😆
 photo IMG_0010_zps7usurwn9.jpg

 photo 20160901_P9010017-4_zpsdu9ygs8v.jpg

Hello from the other side (of the train)!

 photo IMG_0017_zpsqhzszufa.jpg

Mr Chan going crazy in Aussie on day 1~

 photo IMG_0015_zpsjz8swjxi.jpg

Finally no photo-bombers! xD

Met up with Alana and she brought us to her workplace, which is a clubhouse that only members can bring their friends in!

 photo 20160901_P9010029-7_zpsxgrqwa3g.jpg

Our very first meal in Aussie, with Alana!

I actually wasn’t that hungry – in fact I don’t think there was any point when I was hungry during the trip 😐 I think gluttons who travel with me might really starve to death…hahaha! Ordered a seafood basket in the end, since everything else looks too big for me to finish~
 photo 20160901_172747_zpswazsiww6.jpg

After the meal, Alana brought us around the clubhouse to take a look before we ended up in our favourite place – the supermarket!!! Hahaha! Mommeyyyyy was so amazed that we could actually spend up to hours there, and continue again at another supermarket nearby! 😆 Well, I don’t deny that I loveeee supermarkets in all countries! That’s where you get most of the goodies from…hehe!

 photo 20160901_204529_zpsperejwn6.jpg

Exclusive to BB only ((:

Alana even got her tenant to come and send us back, since we need 2 cars to fit us all! So we ended up spending even more time at the supermarket, while waiting for the tenant to come…hahaha! Mommeyyyyy said we bought the whole Coles and Woolworth – the 2 major supermarket in Aussie 😆

Saw people carrying pretty flowers everywhere! Wonder what’s the occasion…hmmmmm~
 photo 20160901_212639_zpsyoygz1ca.jpg
 photo 20160901_212651_zpsoslblpxx.jpg
 photo 20160901_212713_zpslclcjmmm.jpg

Slept throughout the ride back to the apartment in the tenant’s car~ Mad shagged! Haven’t had a good 8-hour sleep for 2 nights!!! 😣 Gonna recharge for a full day 2! Till then~!


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