Aussie Day 3 – Sydney Tower Eye!

Rise and shine for day 3~! The early birds having breakfast together again ๐Ÿ˜€

 photo 20160903_P9030075-22_zpse7bb8wtq.jpg

Waiting for the late birds~

Finally heading out and passing by the same church again! ๐Ÿ˜… But yay to blue sky!!!
 photo IMG_0088_zpspp25ocmk.jpg

Did not have a good sleep hence I look weird in almost all the photos for the day ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
 photo 20160903_P9030136-23_zpsttjrluyf.jpg

 photo IMG_0091_zpsbqnsp45t.jpg


 photo 14291650_10154448870291774_8580062328699758717_n_zpsuc6m794r.jpg


The first stop of the day was Paddington market, which happens only on Saturdays! But first, we gotta change take a bus from the Museum station~
 photo IMG_0126_zps2nbume3z.jpg

 photo IMG_0098_zpsfzfag7mv.jpg

Street of Sydney

The Paddington market is located beside a church, so don’t surprised if you thought you have alighted at the wrong stop ๐Ÿ˜…
 photo IMG_0099_zpslr5gp39y.jpg
 photo IMG_0102_zpsp0xxbcvt.jpg

The market opens from 10am to 4pm, selling mostly accessories, clothes and some food. When I first heard the word “market“, I imagine it to be like flea market, lots of cheap clothes and etc. But in the end they are mainly handmade items or clothes by local fashion designers, so all are quite pricey kind.
 photo IMG_0101_zps4mtdhvz1.jpg
 photo IMG_0103_zpsuvw5dcf6.jpg

Took it as a chance to practise photography instead ๐Ÿ˜…
 photo IMG_0107_zpsnqbbmgfk.jpg

Tried some macro shots on the plants but failed~ Still not quite satisfied with the macro function of the camera. But then again, the lens is not a macro lens in the first place, unless I choose to invest in one. Hmmmm.
 photo IMG_0113_zpsjka2vrwu.jpg

Finished all the stalls in just a short while, so I went to get the gelato that I contemplated earlier on!
 photo IMG_0116_zpsngbfe6tk.jpg

Passion fruit gelato! Could have been a nicer shot if the camera didn’t fail to focus so many times and I also have no hand to adjust ๐Ÿ˜
 photo IMG_0117_zpsp2t1ivr8.jpg
 photo IMG_0119_zps7blvqzsv.jpg

The weather was really pretty good for the day, so it feels damn relaxing to just sit under the big tree and ๆ”พ็ฉบ~ Just don’t think of anything but the gelato! Haha!
 photo IMG_0122_zpshchrvz4f.jpg
 photo IMG_0121_zpspqmicp3p.jpg

 photo 20160903_20160903_130455-25_zpsubjuuvtp.jpg

Chilling under the tree~!

 photo 20160903_130919_zps7bomoeic.jpg

Quite like this chillax photo! (:

 photo 20160903_130855_zpslwlezmrj.jpg

While waiting for the rest~

Took the bus back to Museum station to meet Lyn and Kelly, who have finally flown over to join us after settling their work!
 photo IMG_0125_zpsuhmhd49m.jpg

But I figured that since their hotel is pretty near the station, we could drop by and visit and also to use the bathroom ๐Ÿ˜› Ta-duh~! The big reunion of all 9 pax!
 photo IMG-20160904-WA0003_zpsn6miccll.jpg

And off we go to our next stop!
 photo IMG_0128_zpsynqezdti.jpg

Arrived at the same station as the previous day – Circular Quay, because we were heading to The Rocks again~ But this time round, it was for The Rocks weekend market ๐Ÿ˜…
 photo IMG_0131_zpsdyhtiuw9.jpg

I don’t know what is this (maybe a school?) but I like the the feel of it~
 photo IMG_0129_zpsrrf8laiw.jpg
 photo IMG_0130_zpsep0m1vyb.jpg

Took more shots of the Harbour bridge this time round to make up for what we missed out yesterday when it was raining! Haha! Loving the blue sky~!!!
 photo 20160903_144511_zpsb0yf18hw.jpg
 photo 20160903_144521_zpsvvgbxo0b.jpg
 photo 20160903_144106_zpshnf8j9tq.jpg
 photo IMG_0132_zpsvrpgr6la.jpg
 photo IMG_0141_zps6pdnqcp5.jpg

 photo 14316837_10154606302592664_1752739831241560499_n_zpswrl7xrxl.jpg

Hello again, Harbour Bridge!

 photo IMG_0135_zpshnwav5xj.jpg

Street painting~

 photo IMG-20160908-WA0140_zpsv8qclpwo.jpg

Communicating with the birds aka gong jiao wei! xD

I think the locals must be wondering why we are all so fascinated by the birds, so busy snapping away…hahaha! But the birds all look so white and clean, unlike our birds!
 photo IMG_0145_zpseizx1pk7.jpg
 photo IMG_0143_zpsnmke5gyd.jpg
 photo IMG_0146_zps8qg4exhb.jpg
 photo IMG_0148_zpsocvnpjcj.jpg
 photo IMG_0147_zps1zuzchrv.jpg
 photo IMG_0149_zps7jonwr7k.jpg
 photo IMG_0150_zpszsx0uvda.jpg
 photo IMG_0153_zpsdfeyrvkd.jpg
 photo IMG_0154_zpsd54qyk0s.jpg

And here comes an ugly bird~ Definitely look like the “ugly duckling” amongst the “swans” ๐Ÿ˜
 photo IMG_0151_zpsd98luolo.jpg
 photo IMG_0152_zpsqmzfl2yx.jpg

More CDB shots!
 photo IMG_0156_zpsjbptud5b.jpg
 photo IMG_0157_zpsflbwkbon.jpg

And we made up for the gloomy Opera House shots that we took too! The grey sky definitely didn’t do justice to the Opera House. This is the kind of sky it should be taken with! ๐Ÿ˜€
 photo IMG_0163_zpscmec3fon.jpg
 photo IMG_0158_zpsfhdtoew8.jpg
 photo IMG_0162_zpspyvfgufl.jpg
 photo IMG_0160_zpsc0aoosib.jpg
 photo IMG_0159_zpsfg4gyrdx.jpg
 photo IMG_0164_zpscrdirnsd.jpg
 photo IMG_0165_zpsfetgmauy.jpg
 photo IMG_0166_zpswg8r1f32.jpg
 photo IMG_0167_zpslwyp5eej.jpg

Off to the weekend market!
 photo IMG_0168_zpsczdeeafx.jpg

Some of the stalls were the same as the previous day, but at least there were many more stalls today, since the weather was good.
 photo IMG_0173_zpsjrqbsneo.jpg
 photo IMG_0170_zps081rxppv.jpg

Did you see what I see? It’s kangaroo meat! ๐Ÿ˜–
 photo IMG_0171_zpszvk09enq.jpg

Recommended the prata-like spinach to Lyn, since she did not get to try the previous day. Good that she likes it! (:
 photo IMG_0174_zpskoo3gxxs.jpg
 photo IMG_0175_zpskg6jph8r.jpg

Although there were more stalls, most were also selling expensive accessories and clothes like the Paddington market, hence I finished the first half pretty fast and took a break to take some photos while waiting for the rest~
 photo IMG_0177_zpsojlblska.jpg
 photo IMG_0176_zpswogdg0dn.jpg
 photo IMG_0183_zpsv7yeoe9f.jpg
 photo 20160903_154014_zpszcxr0ysk.jpg
 photo IMG_0184_zpsqnbxoggs.jpg

 photo IMG_0182_zpshmyj5kgj.jpg

Selfie while waiting~
But looking weird again @.@

Was looking at the itinerary and I suddenly recalled that I was supposed to visit a cafe – La Renaissance Cafe and Patisserieย in this area for the best macarons in Sydney! Hurried my way to find it but sadly, they have run out of macarons, not for the day, but for the entire month! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Got this cake which the staff recommended instead~ It’s really pretty, but I forgot that I’m not a fan of white chocolate and I just didn’t enjoy the cake for some reason.
 photo 20160903_160217_zpsd08hdb0z.jpg

Maybe some things are meant to be viewed from a distance, untouched. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
 photo IMG_0187_zpss0ig3uw0.jpg

 photo IMG_0186_zpsik1foeox.jpg

Castle-looking building with the pretty blue sky!

 photo 14355049_10154449100406774_3954729373975145469_n_zpslzt32mys.jpg

Off with the market, where’s next!

 photo IMG_0191_zpsjk7faq8m.jpg

Pretty flowers, bloom for you and me~

Back for more shots of and with the Opera House! ๐Ÿ˜€ After all, we have been seeing it on postcards or TV, so it’s a different feeling seeing it in real! Couldn’t resist snapping while walking back to the train station~
 photo 20160903_150037_zpsucp1c9fg.jpg
 photo 20160903_150030_zpsdfusm85p.jpg
 photo 14368709_10154448872581774_5713416528373736411_n_zpsuoktkfeo.jpg
 photo 14333716_10154606293317664_395720459342587318_n_zpswqrwncyo.jpg

 photo 20160903_150839_zpsieio25hu.jpg

Dung, flowers & the Opera House!

It was quite windy so it really wasn’t easy taking a proper shot…Zzzzz. Hair looks so screwed and messy in almost all the pictures!
 photo 14291758_10154448872426774_5619398739370914248_n_zpsw9q7jkfx.jpg
 photo 20160903_165159_zpsky6mnf3s.jpg
 photo IMG_0196_zpsbjxa0wts.jpg

And it was also sunny at the same time so I could hardly open my eyes! Small eyes + messy hair, what a bad state to take photo ๐Ÿ˜‘
 photo 20160903_150632_zpstlguem2c.jpg
 photo 20160903_P9030156-28_zpsqpkx2jhc.jpg

Finally a better-looking shot with the Opera House!
 photo 20160903_151005_zpsdnu3mjzl.jpg
 photo 20160903_P9030149-24_zpswq76rppz.jpg

And then we tried doing jump shot, but again it wasn’t quite synchronised ๐Ÿ˜ That’s why I said I would only try it once because it’s really hard for all to synchronise and everyone will end up having to jump again and again~
 photo 20160903_151607_008_01_zpslgaqmiet.jpg

The ladies by the bay! Clinging on to Lyn because the wind was blowing and it was freaking cold!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
 photo 20160903_P9030185-30_zps8v5jvzrq.jpg
 photo 20160903_P9030186-31_zpsw7iog43w.jpg

Tried to take a Train To Busan version with Karen being the victim! Hahaha! Look who’s the hungriest ๐Ÿ˜†
 photo 20160903_P9030190-33_zpsw4cuno5t.jpg
 photo 14264884_10154449100091774_6178649013425244671_n_zpsus0tjtip.jpg

 photo 20160903_170533_zps8azvjhtw.jpg

Golden shot @ golden timing xD

And a few more shots of the Opera House before we finally set off ~!
 photo IMG_0201_zpsr9kbtwjj.jpg
 photo IMG_0202_zpsupwa32f0.jpg

Our next destination was the Sydney Tower Eye, another icon of the city!
 photo IMG_0206_zpsw7kyik4q.jpg
 photo 14344294_10154449102516774_6622596556120962353_n_zps1oohz2yv.jpg

The area was mainly all the branded goods and atas shops~ Even the buildings and streets look so atas aready!
 photo IMG_0208_zps5rogue5t.jpg
 photo IMG_0209_zpsuxaedju3.jpg
 photo IMG_0212_zpswfpooivx.jpg

Busy woman at work again~ Really never-ending calls! ๐Ÿ˜จ
 photo IMG_0214_zpsedx8avza.jpg
 photo IMG_0215_zps0uwdsgms.jpg

Most of them voted to go up to the Tower Eye to take a look, hence up we went! The ticket price has increased with the addition of some lame 3D show. It’s compulsory to watch it before we could head up the observation deck~
 photo 14344085_10154449102101774_7118935842547334498_n_zps2q4uwsuk.jpg

Felt very much like Japan’s Tokyo Tower and Paris’ Eiffel Tower, but of course different country has got different view and it was definitely nice to see Sydney’s night view from a bird’s eye view ๐Ÿ™‚
 photo IMG_0217_zpsn6s3rnxy.jpg

 photo IMG_0218_zpssmjotdfo.jpg

 photo 20160903_180137_zpsyvlbfkls.jpg

I also managed to take nicer pictures this time round, thanks to my Canon camera ๐Ÿ˜ So many postcard shotsssss!!! Hahaha! A pity we missed the full sunset because the sun really sets damn early in Aussie!
 photo IMG_0222_zpsbl3xlvjg.jpg

 photo 20160903_180323_zpskj5gxiwd.jpg

 photo IMG_0216_zpsug5hat9z.jpg

 photo IMG_0221_zpsizihetmb.jpg

 photo IMG_0229_zpsbdkvai4e.jpg

 photo IMG_0232_zpst3pdirps.jpg

 photo IMG_0227_zpsjkfhr32z.jpg

 photo IMG_0224_zpsr9cxztxj.jpg

 photo IMG_0233_zpsy9c44ha3.jpg

 photo IMG_0238_zpshmleuwd9.jpg

 photo IMG_0239_zps3ywyxkgs.jpg

Testing shots for one another because it’s never easy to take portraits in low-light condition! Always such a challenge no matter what camera you have~
 photo IMG_0243_zps9iugs3ve.jpg

 photo IMG_0246_zps0ow289oc.jpg

 photo IMG_0244_zps3uheemmj.jpg

We even tried all ways like using our own lights and etc but I still didn’t quite get a perfect shot for myself~
 photo IMG_0247_zpsbq9rw3yb.jpg

On the other hand, I think I took pretty nice shots for the 2 gentlemen leh! ๐Ÿ˜›
 photo IMG_0257_zpsiilhuzs9.jpg

 photo IMG_0262_zpszhdu2lgc.jpg

It’s always difficult to direct someone to achieve exactly what you have in mind…hmmmm. The woes of photographers! Not that I am one luh ๐Ÿ˜…
 photo IMG_0258_zps4ijq4war.jpg

 photo IMG_0260_zpsvz5b1jqn.jpg

Well anyhow, more shots of the beautiful city~! โค
 photo IMG_0250_zpspc6apovt.jpg

 photo IMG_0251_zpsytveond8.jpg

 photo IMG_0264_zpsbkqimgj4.jpg

 photo IMG_0263_zpsbextt1kx.jpg

 photo IMG_0265_zpsqlqu515w.jpg

 photo IMG_0267_zpslbgbr3do.jpg

 photo IMG_0269_zpsfonekcya.jpg

Ending off with a group shot! The couple has retired to a corner with chairs by then ๐Ÿ˜… I think we really over-exhaust them every day~
 photo IMG-20160913-WA0097_zps2jvifkzj.jpg

Had dinner at Din Tai Fung because I think they really miss Asian food? Hahaha! Again, I wasn’t quite hungry and I don’t know why people say you tend to eat more when it’s cold, cause your body burns more energy trying to keep you warm, but it’s just not the case for me. I usually get less hungry when I am cold; same for when I was in Europe ๐Ÿ˜•

Night photography after dinner, while walking to Darling Harbour to catch the fireworks!
 photo IMG_0280_zpst3e8gmtu.jpg

 photo IMG_0276_zpsrp2dcqos.jpg

 photo IMG_0279_zpskscaulvs.jpg

 photo IMG_0278_zpsyvorhsls.jpg

 photo IMG_0272_zpsfpd1w2fd.jpg

 photo IMG_0270_zpsjfpvuqvz.jpg

 photo IMG_0271_zpsms1bxcfp.jpg

 photo IMG_0277_zpstvvpr85u.jpg

Love this shot!!!

The lovey-dovey who walks hand in hand no matter where they go ๐Ÿ˜Š Super sweet one!!!
 photo IMG_0274_zpsz76e8wup.jpg
 photo IMG_0275_zpsiw2y8guy.jpg

Finally arrived at the Darling Harbour and it was sooooooo coldddddddddddd!!! The wind at night was really merciless and it totally reminded me of Europe ๐Ÿ˜–
 photo IMG_0282_zps3v9xhzix.jpg
 photo IMG_0283_zps1ju6jglg.jpg
 photo IMG_0295_zpssfifiybm.jpg

The lovebirds retiring to anywhere with seats again ๐Ÿ˜… Poor Ronald was so cold that he even bought gloves! And Karen also walked till her legs were swollen…
 photo IMG_0286_zpsdrln8udi.jpg

The fireworks started before we managed to walk over to the spot, but still managed to capture it at least! (:
 photo 20160903_203637_zpsv0exx8z8.jpg

 photo 20160903_203613_zpsfq3bkn7a.jpg

 photo 20160903_203607_zpsxv4h6d32.jpg

 photo 20160903_203608_zpsknzx7bdo.jpg

 photo 20160903_203619_zpsqax7b57s.jpg

 photo 20160903_203620_zpsfb9yvkpg.jpg

 photo 20160903_203632_zpsw3judbqt.jpg

 photo 20160903_203627_zpsr3oifpwh.jpg

Just a small-scale one since they have it every Saturday, so I guess it makes sense. Every year, Singaporeans are complaining about their tax being used for NDP fireworks, so imagine this is like a weekly thing ๐Ÿ˜ Can’t be expecting much.

 photo IMG-20160904-WA0004_zpsb2nmbvlx.jpg

The flowers!

 photo IMG-20160904-WA0015_zpsmmulbv85.jpg

With the dung!

 photo IMG-20160904-WA0016_zps919e4eln.jpg

The hoodies!

Mr Photographer spoiled our picture by keeping his cool ๐Ÿ˜’
 photo 14352583_10154449103841774_8137991008562432239_o_zps5rf8cqo3.jpg

Group shot (with a photobomber) before Eric accompanied the couple back to the apartment to rest, since they were really exhausted after a whole day out ๐Ÿ˜” Really not easy to accommodate to all because some might be tired while some still wanna hang out~
 photo IMG-20160913-WA0102_zpslbkbzhyl.jpg

Anyhow, the rest of us stayed to look for a place to chill out because the alcohol is supposedly cheaper than water in Aussie. And it would definitely be nice to experience chilling out in a foreign country, since you are here to relax and all! (:

But I think only the wine in supermarket or wine shops are really cheap. Those in the bars especially the cocktails are quite the same price as Singapore ๐Ÿ˜

 photo 20160903_211701_zpsde4smmyp.jpg

Opting for cider instead!
Thank you Mr Chan for the treat!!!

Lyn insisted on taking a picture with the Darling Harbour sign even though it was freaking cold and we couldn’t wait to get away from the sea!
 photo IMG-20160904-WA0008_zpswbfowscq.jpg
 photo IMG-20160904-WA0010_zpspnvzyjys.jpg

In the end we were so cold that we resort to hiding behind pillars and each other! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ The wind was really a killer!
 photo 14368821_10154449104961774_3915406457276692955_n_zpsvgqxbvbw.jpg

And look which happy bird just found a street that he owns!ย ๐Ÿ˜† I ย wanna go to New Zealand to find my Vivian Street too!!!
 photo 20160903_222440_zpsfappndw8.jpg

A group pic on Mommeyyyyyy’s last day with us before she flies back to Gold Coast the next morning! Despite the disgusting toilet and all, I really love how we stayed under one roof, eating together and laughing together! So much love!!! โคโคโค


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