Aussie Day 4 – Bondi Beach!

It’s beach day today and we were lucky to be blessed with good weather + blue sky again~! 😀 Morning view from my room’s window!
 photo 20160904_085909_zpsqwvygim2.jpg

Got the whole bed to myself after Mommeyyyy left quietly for her flight, because she didn’t wanna wake anyone up. Still managed to drag myself up to hug her goodbye before she left! Can’t wait to reunite with her in Gold Coast! (:

Headed out after our usual breakfast and it was quite a sunny day! Thought I could do without jacket but it’s still a bit chilly for me 😅 It was really quite warm at the beach though, and I think we had the perfect weather! A bit of sun, a bit of wind, a bit of clouds…hehe!
 photo IMG_0298_zpsrpjzsxid.jpg
 photo IMG_0296_zpsfj4efe6r.jpg
 photo IMG_0297_zps9kwu6det.jpg

Took the train down to Bondi Junction before catching a bus from there! 😀
 photo IMG-20160905-WA0006_zpsjztqv6ne.jpg

Spotted a fast food chain that looks very much like our Burger King, and I think it really is! But they call it Hungry Jack’s there 😅
 photo IMG_0301_zpsovaycrbj.jpg

And here we are, at the famous Bondi Beach! When we talk about beaches in Sydney, this is definitely the one that people will mention~ Just look at the blue sea with the blue sky! Isn’t it such a beauty? 😍
 photo 20160904_121359_zpsziv0wvcr.jpg
 photo 20160904_114836_zpsk6oklmjw.jpg
 photo 20160904_121340_zps4nxxfrld.jpg

It’s really nothing close to our East Coast Park at all and this is why I love to visit the beaches in overseas~ So beautiful that we couldn’t stop snapping away 😀
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0153_zpssfkwgvsz.jpg
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0134_zpsjuldlsyy.jpg
 photo 20160904_114727_zpsl0xcevrr.jpg
 photo IMG_0302_zps0duph8ds.jpg
 photo IMG_0303_zps8qkkaxhh.jpg

 photo IMG-20160905-WA0004_zpsd9dyrw9q.jpg

Wefie time~!

 photo 20160904_121043_zpse51d7m7k.jpg

Lots of LOVE!!! Hehe!

It was such a sunny day that we could hardly open our eyes! But it’s really the perfect weather for beaches~
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0159_zpskidi7vye.jpg

Transformed into a sunshine girl! 😂
 photo 20160904_115315_zpsh1o2qetw.jpg
 photo 20160904_115207_zpsogg9218x.jpg
 photo IMG_0307_zpsa4icrpxk.jpg

 photo IMG-20160908-WA0160_zpspqjo5e6p.jpg

Looking tourist-sy here~

And then we started doing plenty of jump shots, over and over again! Thank goodness it was on grass patch, which is softer, so it doesn’t hurt your feet when landing. But still, doing a jump shot with too many people is just not easy!!! So hard to synchronise!
 photo 20160904_115649_003_01_zpsucksanp0.jpg
 photo 20160904_115648_003_zpsznz4hq5n.jpg

 photo 20160904_115603_001_zps9hafe2qf.jpg

Probably take 98378972~

 photo 20160904_115603_003_zpsim3vyk8k.jpg

Leng Leng looks like she’s being washed off by some sea waves here! xD

Next team to try! Much better timing this time round because we don’t have Miss Kelly, who does jump shots like she’s doing ballet 😑
 photo 20160904_120108_009_zpsw2el7ivk.jpg
 photo 20160904_120107_001_zpsd7p1pqyb.jpg

Now the YOLO solo jump shot! 😀
 photo 20160904_120454_015_zpsz5kd2ems.jpg
 photo 20160904_120647_013_zpsouwv14b3.jpg

And this is the hilarious moment when the bird decided to “jump” together with me!
 photo 20160904_120542_013_zpsydhfwpqi.jpg

It looks quite obscene to have a bird right below me, but it was actually behind me and the amazing thing is we really jumped/flew at the same timing!!! So bird does more accurate jump shots than human beings 😝

Guess what are we doing, surrounding Mr Chan?! 😆
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0132_zpsggs3xt3k.jpg
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0163_zpsh9kphbdz.jpg
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0162_zpsfpsy5glq.jpg

Ta-duh~! Inspired by the reflection shot we took 4 years ago, Lyn suggested that we try it again! Hahaha!
 photo 20160904_121624_zpsw3cs8jac.jpg
 photo 20160904_121701_zpsdjtcunxh.jpg

Yayyyy! We are the apples of his eyes! 😛
 photo 20160904_121530_zpsls0zrpql.jpg

Heading down to the beach~! Really such a beautiful beach!!!
 photo 20160904_122011_zpsa9muryve.jpg
 photo IMG_0308_zpsikdayops.jpg

Everyone commented that I look super lack of sleep because my dark eye circles are very obvious 😑 In other words, I just look extra cui on this day~ I admit that I had not been sleeping enough for the past few nights, but I think I will be having very good sleep soon with the big bed to myself! Haha!
 photo IMG_0312_zpssaulngbm.jpg

Attempting an artistic shot for Ah Lyn~
 photo IMG_0317_zpszt70vsxl.jpg

What are these 2 kids Kor & Mei doing?
 photo IMG_0321_zpsjeu8p0v8.jpg
 photo IMG_0319_zps4necpsm2.jpg

 photo IMG_0318_zpskwaozwv2.jpg


 photo IMG_0327_zps4ornxqa7.jpg

Made with LOVE!

 photo IMG_0328_zps4mhrvqpu.jpg

We love the blue sky!!!

As usual, the super cartoon Lyn was trying hard to get her heart-shape right – freezing there with her half-heart so that she would not screw up the shape 😂
 photo IMG_0330_zpsxk12wicw.jpg
 photo IMG_0333_zpsmaplm6iw.jpg
 photo IMG_0331_zpsgkotiqrk.jpg

 photo IMG_0335_zps6ilnljc3.jpg

Sarang hae yo~!

Tried yoga on the beach but look who’s tilting to the left 😂
 photo IMG_0339_zpsta0poktj.jpg

And who’s tilting to the right now…hahaha!
 photo IMG_0340_zps9liopsid.jpg

Then who finally lost her balance! 😆
 photo IMG_0341_zpszlb3xbs7.jpg

Finally a decent shot! Hahaha!
 photo IMG_0342_zpsmgqznf4b.jpg

Guess what I am doing this time round?
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0165_zpsua58rlqx.jpg
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0167_zps9rwmvsjo.jpg

Sand shots as inspired by Mr Chan!
 photo IMG_0344_zpsiaqexyqn.jpg
 photo IMG_0343_zpstbcysoz4.jpg

But these let-go-of-sand shots were purely my own inspiration 😛 Love the fineness of the sand there!
 photo IMG_0345_zpsrrty2rcy.jpg
 photo IMG_0347_zpso3amnj31.jpg
 photo IMG_0348_zpsbppyg7ol.jpg
 photo IMG_0350_zpso8luecn1.jpg
 photo IMG_0351_zpsfzofguan.jpg
 photo IMG_0352_zpsl99yoqur.jpg
 photo IMG_0354_zpsby3puwnb.jpg
 photo IMG_0355_zpslalbfxpq.jpg
 photo IMG_0356_zps74g671rh.jpg

Busy with our own subject – Lyn with her Mickey and me with my sand! Hahaha!
 photo IMG-20160908-WA0170_zps38dxwapk.jpg

Took some nice shots for Mr Chan too! This one looks like he’s carrying the surfboard, got beach boy feel! 😁
 photo IMG_0366_zpsbvakrmbd.jpg

Beautiful clouds in the midst of the blue sky~
 photo IMG_0362_zpss3p5lion.jpg
 photo IMG_0367_zps2l9rx7ot.jpg
 photo IMG_0369_zpsy9jl1pis.jpg

Another nice shot by yours truly! Really so proud of my photography skill!!! HAHAHAHA!
 photo IMG_0365_zpsqcx2ycey.jpg

Wish we had brought our bikinis to suntan a bit or have a picnic here! Thought it would be too cold for that~
 photo IMG_0361_zps27kos3k9.jpg
 photo IMG_0371_zpsiynguuwx.jpg
 photo IMG_0374_zpsgggstk72.jpg
 photo IMG_0372_zpsb1qmwu75.jpg

Couldn’t join them at the sea area nor barefooted because I was wearing stocking~ So I could only help them take photos from a distance instead (:
 photo IMG_0378_zpssxwvy6ds.jpg
 photo IMG_0400_zpsgixvatet.jpg

 photo 20160904_125939_zpsppodxk4j.jpg

Candid shot of the emo people!

 photo IMG_0383_zpsmzykvlfu.jpg

Selfie since I couldn’t join them~

 photo IMG_0384_zpscxhodm76.jpg

Hello blue sky~!

There were a lot of people surfing because the waves were strong enough.
 photo IMG_0399_zpsuiaauws0.jpg

Even has got people jogging in bikini 😶
 photo IMG_0392_zpsoe9khavs.jpg

Capturing the curiosity and fear of a little girl 😀
 photo IMG_0390_zpsydueeh4y.jpg
 photo IMG_0391_zpsgpr6wuky.jpg

After taking so many nice pictures for others, it’s time for my turn right?! 😝
 photo IMG_0394_zps265tqa1a.jpg

 photo IMG_0398_zps9padxdln.jpg


 photo IMG_0403_zps3ytdzjwh.jpg

With the one who is always there for me! ((:

 photo IMG_0401_zpsfijvk6bs.jpg

When the rest has already walked much further to explore…haha!

 photo IMG_0402_zpsa7k9mekx.jpg


Reunited with the rest at the pavilion for lunch!
 photo IMG_0405_zpszt11gor9.jpg

 photo IMG_0411_zpsxxt7b6pn.jpg

Rainbow flag~

 photo IMG_0408_zpsrbopzwj1.jpg

Loving the clouds!!!!!

 photo 20160904_132751_zpsbjsos6a6.jpg

The hot couple! xD

 photo 20160904_132713_zpswr3j9ztp.jpg

After a boob job…LOL!

Meals are always a headache~ Some wanna eat this some wanna eat that. Here has got food for all and here doesn’t. Here too expensive there too little choices. Oh well, I’m glad we found something for everyone in the end!
 photo 20160904_140417_zpsnsvgq9yr.jpg

Again, I was not hungry (I really think I can just survive on breakfast everyday~) and I wanted something small. Got attracted by the chicken wrap at the counter so I dropped the idea of the kids’ meal! In the end, the wrap was still kinda too big 😐
 photo 20160904_140421_zps3yls0gnq.jpg

 photo IMG_0413_zpslbzlixu6.jpg

Yeah! Enjoying the relaxing beach!

 photo IMG-20160905-WA0025_zpsa6c8k9s6.jpg

Happiest moment for everyone (except me) – MEAL TIME! Haha!

Off to the next destination which we missed on Day 1 because we didn’t had enough time to go~ Glad that we managed to cover more or less everything in the itinerary eventually! 😀 Back to the Central station once again~!
 photo IMG_0414_zpsjrmx01oi.jpg
 photo IMG_0418_zps1norzzj1.jpg
 photo IMG_0417_zpsoni5drwm.jpg

With the arrival of Lyn and Kelly, there is bound to be group wefie! Hahaha! But this time missing of Ah Gong Eric because he was constantly rushing us in order to cover more places 😅
 photo 14362547_10154606676297664_1793775428564791928_o_zpsafxdw1om.jpg

 photo IMG-20160905-WA0027_zpskonuu0mx.jpg

Ah Gong is back!

 photo IMG_0416_zpsj8ffwmfs.jpg

Mr Very-Serious-Photographer xD

And despite rushing us, Ah Gong still couldn’t help but snapped some photos of the railway track 😓 So all of us snapped too! Hahaha!
 photo IMG_0419_zpssubvg8gw.jpg
 photo IMG_0420_zpsdyp6e69z.jpg

Off to the Paddy’s Market and taking beautiful pictures while walking there 😀
 photo IMG_0421_zpsvn19kexm.jpg
 photo IMG_0423_zps4trck3df.jpg
 photo IMG_0427_zpsntpml9hw.jpg
 photo IMG_0424_zpsr8fqgnn4.jpg

Nicer shots of the clock tower this time! (:
 photo IMG_0425_zpskanxmduk.jpg
 photo IMG_0432_zpsqiuet4ny.jpg

 photo IMG_0426_zpsicwcmmsz.jpg

Strolling in the good weather!

 photo IMG_0429_zpsjjkg2lkq.jpg

With Ah Tiff!

 photo IMG_0430_zpskw9nlieg.jpg

Buildings near Central station

We passed by this Market City Mall which I later discovered that it’s also in our itinerary, but we did not have time to visit because the Paddy’s Market is the priority~
 photo IMG_0434_zpsivuz1cqi.jpg
 photo IMG_0435_zpsptjbscru.jpg
 photo IMG_0436_zpsrbt553v7.jpg

 photo IMG_0433_zpsysev2all.jpg

Reminds me of somewhere in SG…hmmmmm

Arrived at Paddy’s Market! As you can see (in the background), the eager Ah Gong has already rushed in again while we were still wefie-ing away 😐

After the previous day‘s Paddington Market and The Rocks weekend market’s experience, I had little faith that we would buy anything at the Paddy’s Market as well. I thought it would be mainly expensive handmade items again, but I just wanted to take a look since it’s a recommended place~

It turned out that the Paddy’s Market is exactly the kind of market I was looking for! The kind that sells cheap clothes and etc like I had been hoping all the markets would be like! Was so busy shopping that I did not take any picture inside~ This was koped from Kelly’s Facebook 😅

A pity we only had like 1 hour inside because it closes at 6pm~ But at least I finally got something for myself!!! We each bought a jacket there which we would feature on day 5’s post, so stay tuned! 😛

Anyway, I really wished we had more time inside the market because by the time we finished getting the jackets, all the shops were starting to close 😦 Did not have time to go back to get the cute pajamas suit too~

By the time we were finally done with our shopping, poor Karen and Ronald were already waiting outside for us, freezing in the cold! And Ah Gong Eric has also went off to the Opera House by himself, because he wanted to catch the view before the sunset 😐 I think he was still a tad too late because the sun really sets very early in Aussie!

Yea so we only managed to catch the night scene by the time we arrived~ Makes it a bit hard for photography, but still managed to capture some decent shots luh 😅

Sydney Harbour Bridge first!
 photo 20160904_190617_zpsevqfbyqy.jpg
 photo IMG_0445_zpsxlp8qftx.jpg
 photo IMG_0451_zpsrh1vwwhb.jpg
 photo IMG_0452_zpsnfgxexuz.jpg
 photo IMG_0465_zpsubkurooe.jpg

The many attempts to take a nice shot with the Harbour Bridge 😅 Night shots are really challenging!
 photo IMG_0461_zpsjhobzuom.jpg
 photo IMG_0464_zpsuvi23if8.jpg

 photo IMG_0471_zpslxyzbuxu.jpg

Quite like this (:

Now the Opera House!
 photo 20160904_190607_zpsjdn2eisu.jpg
 photo IMG_0454_zpsyphsvxkz.jpg

 photo IMG_0470_zps9ivcm87d.jpg

In love with you!

 photo IMG_0468_zpsgvry2q7z.jpg

Finally seeing you in real and up close!

 photo 20160904_193541_zpsp0baiixe.jpg

Aussie’s icon

Heading nearer for more beautiful shots! 😀
 photo IMG_0479_zpsqjq2xq1e.jpg
 photo 20160904_P9040297-39_zpsnnfz1bas.jpg

Life goal – to dine in the romantic restaurant at the Opera House at least once in my life 😂 So beautiful inside! I really wonder if there’s minimum spending of like 100 per pax…hmmmm.
 photo 20160904_195315_zps8530wruf.jpg

Can only selfie outside for now~ But I will be back! 😛
 photo 20160904_194959_zpsrxiv4cns.jpg
 photo 20160904_195003_zps9avxkuud.jpg

Having a beautiful night ((:
 photo 20160904_195017_zpsjhxlhvpv.jpg

And more shots of the Harbour Bridge from Opera House!
 photo 20160904_195116_zpsjrqeipfp.jpg
 photo IMG_0476_zpsne7o585o.jpg
 photo IMG_0484_zps8wgwdocw.jpg
 photo IMG_0486_zpsad9unqnw.jpg

 photo IMG-20160908-WA0090_zpsbw1yzvbh.jpg


 photo IMG-20160908-WA0192_zps7tdxumvx.jpg


 photo IMG-20160905-WA0016_zps6fpsmqkz.jpg

Photo-bombing the two! xD

 photo 20160904_200713_zpsihhiqmwf.jpg

With her pet Mickey!

 photo 20160904_200921_zpswxnznyhc.jpg

Mei, Kor & Mickey!

 photo 20160904_200938_zpsualgbgeq.jpg

You strangle my Mickey I strangle you!

 photo IMG-20160905-WA0009_zps5nf3wsxd.jpg

Blurry shot with Lyn x.x

 photo 20160904_201209_zpsybawruws.jpg

Mickey’s photo shoot~

Wefies wefies and more wefies! By then the poor couple has retired somewhere again 😐
 photo IMG-20160905-WA0023_zpsz2lzqugf.jpg
 photo IMG-20160905-WA0007_zpsx5ch6viv.jpg
 photo IMG-20160905-WA0011_zps80jaga7g.jpg
 photo IMG-20160905-WA0020_zpst1psjezl.jpg

Attempted to find food for Mr Chan but to no avail~ Thank god for cup noodle though! This time I ain’t disagreeing on it because beggar really can’t be chooser 😅 So tired after being a whole day out, but guess what Tiff and I are still doing at midnight???
 photo 20160904_235457_zpsrxaesacl.jpg

Preparing everyone’s lunch for our Blue Mountain the next day! Dreading to wake up in a few hours’ time 😧 Less than 5 hours of sleep left! Nevertheless, it has been a happy beach day! Hehe!
 photo 20160904_235131_zps64gtzuiq.jpg


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