I figured that I probably will not have time to finish up the Aussie posts so soon, since I might be going on a hiatus soon, so I should probably clear the post-trip entries first.

Suffered from a little jetlag for 1 week ever since I came back~ Auto-waking up before 8am and feeling tired by 10pm 😴

The first thing I wanted to do after I came back was to give this place a last visit before it closed.
 photo 20160913_140835_zpsl2wysjgn.jpg
 photo 20160913_140839_zpsgebev976.jpg

So glad that I fulfilled my wish and gave these yummy food a try!
 photo 20160913_141639_zps95fbtisl.jpg

Miss the beancurd a lot~
 photo 20160913_141629_zpsolikuccl.jpg

Tried the mee sua this time and it’s really yummy! But I had no confident to finish it so I asked to be put in a container 😅
 photo 20160913_141459_zpsgboilway.jpg

 photo 20160913_140851_zpsn0yyv0bf.jpg

Goodbye, 老地方 and till we meet again (:

It’s the mooncake week so had a lot of mooncakes as well~ Gave Peony Jade a miss this year but I still had Raffles Hotel champagne truffle mooncake!
 photo 20160913_221028_zpsmq3uiqow.jpg

Tried it once last year and I love it! So glad to have it again this year, even though it’s not durian mooncake 😅
 photo 20160913_221059_zpsth0qbyen.jpg

Every piece is so precious because it’s so expensive. But super nice!!!
 photo 20160914_091551_zpsmjg9wrua.jpg

Gift from Aussie! Hahaha! Lyn and I still bought each other gift even though we travelled the same country 😁
 photo 20160915_001041_zps9lwdguhd.jpg

Had yet another NDP appreciation dinner at Park Royal’s Si Chuan Dou Hua, but this time round mainly to “appreciate” the GL, AGL and logistic team. But appreciation 归 appreciation, protocols and rules still apply 😒

Please order only a SIMPLE drink.“I think it’s quite a turn-off hearing that first thing during a dinner treat. Like you wanna treat someone to show your appreciation yet you set rules and say can only order this or that. Who will still have the appetite to eat ah?
 photo 20160914_200148_zps4kys8ysz.jpg

We couldn’t even choose what to eat already because it’s a fixed six-course meal. Leng Leng said the nicest thing for the entire night is the tofu, so you can kinda judge 😐 I’m not a fussy eater so my conclusion is – not exactly not nice (except some dishes), but nothing fantastic or leave an impression.

 photo 20160914_195121_zpskgwcocwd.jpg

Looks like algae soup but not as bad as it looks lah

 photo 20160914_194319_zps5imijnaj.jpg

Some tough meat

 photo 20160914_203229_zpsyik1f8ob.jpg

Fish, but I like the black fungus more

 photo 20160914_201447_zpsffh2lvny.jpg

Nuts are a turn-off

 photo 20160914_210219_zpsklyys3aa.jpg

Untouched noodle

 photo 20160914_203726_zpsvcy5bb3x.jpg

Leng Leng’s favourite dish

 photo 20160914_212145_zps6xhzumkj.jpg

The signature 四川豆花, but not a fan of it

 photo 20160914_213824_zpseznfd4n8.jpg

纯萃。喝 green tea latte from Hong Kong!!!

 photo 20160915_143218_zpsdckyeci3.jpg

One of the day’s lunch
Because I missed spicy food so much when in Aussie!

 photo 20160915_163557_zpsytjwp4kr.jpg

Mooncake galore!

 photo 20160915_163629_zpsl0popjka.jpg

Rainbow (:

 photo 20160916_192820_zpsb9ieka2s.jpg


 photo 20160916_193638_zpsciy833bc.jpg

The same yummy Absolut pasta

 photo 20160916_193844_zpsy7rxpsgm.jpg

The $18 magic mushroom~
Portobello is always ouch, but yummmms!

 photo 20160916_212517_zps9dvhmgvr.jpg

Wish granted!

 photo 20160916_212622_zpsgtntosvt.jpg


 photo 20160916_214017_zpsftjq8f51.jpg

Attempting to take a pic of the round moon~

 photo 20160916_215805_zpswrsprtx1.jpg

A moment to remember

 photo 20160916_220512_zpsicofohdk.jpg


 photo 20160916_220334_zpsqkimwqtc.jpg

Always love a stroll~

Started Saturdate with a good breakfast and I did not succumb to the prata temptation this time! Opted for carrot cake instead but it’s the big big piece kind 😦 At least it’s still not too bad in terms of taste.
 photo 20160917_111543_zpst7mxeosj.jpg

Off to work off the calories and extra KG from Aussie!
 photo IMG-20160918-WA0007_zpsgttc5n4o.jpg

 photo 20160917_135154_zpsmse3zx65.jpg

Taking a 1-min break~

 photo IMG-20160918-WA0004_zpspuyu733k.jpg

To enjoy the breeze!

 photo IMG-20160918-WA0013_zpseahszshe.jpg

Changi > ECP > Changi

 photo IMG-20160918-WA0012_zpsaaoiyhcr.jpg

After 3 hours!

 photo IMG-20160918-WA0010_zps1mi80gue.jpg

With the 2 stubborn kids – Miss Stubborn Bull 🐗 & Mr Stubborn Lion 🦁

 photo IMG-20160918-WA0005_zpsjoz26ytv.jpg

天天这样开心, 不就好吗。

 photo IMG-20160918-WA0006_zpsapw563pz.jpg

Cannot sit plane but can watch plane~

 photo 20160917_1459410_zpssfjkcggo.jpg

When is my next flight? Hmmmm.

Supposed to be a long fun-filled Saturdate but I ended up in shock. Like really really shocked, and scared. It’s what I had been worrying would happen and I watch it happen right in front of my eyes. That kind of at a loss of what to do feeling with lots of “what if” in mind. Lots of shouting as well. It was just a frantic moment for the other unharmed two.

Was just 1 second away from pressing the dial button for the ambulance. I would have been really mad if it has been a joke, like how it happened so many times. But I was still angry when it wasn’t. Because my heart really almost skipped a beat. Really 吓死了。。。

But that’s the thing about stubborn people, they don’t really care or think about the people around them worrying for them, they will still do it for themselves. And I happen to be with 2 stubborn kids, remember? 😒

 photo 20160917_173149_zpsuajrtkua.jpg

Shattered, like literally 💔


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