Meals On Wheels!

Caught《从你的全世界路过》after learning that it’s the no.1 in China’s box office~ I always don’t mind some romance movie anyway 😆

Not as WOW as I had expected, but still pretty enjoyable~ The stories of 3 different couples – one broken relationship, one constantly pursuing and one hopefully waiting. I thought it could have been more touching, or maybe I would have been more touched if I wasn’t feeling so unwell towards the end of the movie 😖

Couldn’t wait for the movie to end before I chiong-ed to the washroom to let out from top to bottom, before more puking back at home. Still wondering if it’s the orange juice or the mushrooms that I made for lunch. Suspect it’s the latter since mushrooms are well known to be hard to digest and I am also well-known to have digestive problem 😔

Anyway, sharing a nice quote from the movie:


It was Wednesday and I thought it would be a good idea to unwind a bit after a lousy day at work. Just nice I had been wanting to catch this band at Switch that only plays on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and I had been asking them over Instagram if they will be playing on this and that day but I was never there~ So finally there to support them!
 photo 20161005_201606_zpsuw3yq4cz.jpg

 photo 20161005_201558_zps3zqf4ki0.jpg

Good drink over good music~

 photo 20161005_201007_zpsfrcbfxse.jpg

Sex on the beach again!

 photo 20161005_205421_zpsoy0y0gfs.jpg

Switch/Timbre’s pizza is a must!

Anyway, I was actually there mainly for the male lead singer – Benjamin Hum, who used to be Campus Superstar‘s contestant. I had a strong impression of him not only because of his nice vocal, but also because I covered their Campus Superstar event back then and it’s quite meaningful for me to see him again after so many years. It’s like seeing this talented little boy from 9 years ago become an adult now (:

I did chance upon him performing once at Switch few years ago, but I thought he was just a guest singer back then. That was the first time I heard《想你的夜》this song, which I immediately fell in love with it! So I specially requested for this song when I was there again. It’s a must because I think I actually like his version more than the original!

Another song that I spammed request for but it was only finally sang at the end of their session was《不该》。 The first time I heard this song was also when I chanced upon their recent performance on Jun Min’s Insta-video, and again, I fell in love with the song right away! That’s also how I managed to find out when they will be performing and etc, if not I don’t know when I can hear my favourite version of《想你的夜》again…haha!

Another nice song to end off my emo night~

 photo 20161007_093042_zpswsavjlmk.jpg

Memories in pockets

 photo 20161006_221314_zpsrilt0845.jpg

Free ang purple gu kueh from Min’s mum!
My first try on yam AGK and I love it!!! 😋

Woke up super early on Saturday and reached MINDS at like 8am because I had a meaningful mission to accomplish! I’ve visited old folks’ homes before, I’ve collected newspapers for recycling before and I’ve collected food for elderly before, but this time round, I was SENDING food to the elderly instead! 😀
 photo 20161008_090454_zpsyubqzrzw.jpg

But the more meaningful part of this programme is that instead of us – the volunteers delivering the meals to elderly, we are bringing our residents to deliver instead! So in other words, we are teaching them the spirit of volunteerism and we volunteer by bringing our beneficiaries to volunteer to other beneficiaries! 😊

 photo 20161008_090031_zpsikspodis.jpg

Meals are here!

 photo 20161008_090328_zpsxmiuslox.jpg

Ready to be delivered!

Each team were given a list of recipients who signed up for the meal and we had like 27 on our list. According to WC, it’s quite a lot and we spent the next 2.5 hours delivering from Balestier to Bendemeer~ The delivering part was of course easy, but through this programme, we also hope to teach the residents how to identify block and unit numbers, and that was quite a challenge for some of them, I realise, so it took a bit more time.

During the delivery, I chanced upon a few beneficiaries who left an impression on me. One elderly was blind and living alone, another has a bed-bound son and the family was cramped up in a 1-room flat (which is why I managed to see the son who was in the living room). In fact most of the beneficiaries live in areas that are meant for the low-income families, and I think I even saw some drug addict, which we were already being warned about prior the delivery… Quite scary, but quite thought-provoking too.

Well anyway, managed to deliver all the 27 meals on time before it was finally time for my first meal of the day! Totally famished!!!

 photo 20161008_125140_zpskvnc3kpx.jpg

Yummy Tom Yum noodle but ingredients not very fresh 😐

 photo 20161008_133833_zpsw1jrt0rg.jpg

After-meal stroll!

No monkey-watch so had monitor lizard-watch instead~ So big! Yuck!
 photo 20161008_134133_zpsyoxr7ofh.jpg
 photo 20161008_134203_zps88cd99al.jpg

This was even bigger!!! Damn scary 😖 Looks like dinosaur~
 photo 20161008_1347260_zps0ufxyrmj.jpg

It was an extremely scorching burning piercing HOT day and all I could think of is some cold dessert after the stroll, so ta-duh~! 😀
 photo 20161008_152402_zpssbzwn02o.jpg

Off to MINDS again for the weekly project and we played some obstacle games this week (:
 photo 20161008_171047_zpsmrjhsd0l.jpg

Got to know that there’s pasar malam near NEX so everyone actually agreed to go there for dinner, so that I can fulfill my tutu kueh desire~! 😛
 photo 20161008_190756_zpsenpujnm2.jpg

So glad to find the same auntie that makes the best tutu kueh again! I lost her after Toa Payoh and I even left her my number so that I would not miss her again! Hahaha! But sadly, she will be taking a break after this because she had been chiong-ing too many pasar malams recently 😦

 photo 20161008_190803_zpsunfnqwzh.jpg



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