Duck Tour & River Cruise!

Finally a meet-up with PPGs and we had late lunch over at Toby’s Estate as our Sundate! Thanks to Yinning’s 1-for-1 app again, we get to explore more exotic cafes and food places…hehe!
 photo 20161009_144547_zpsrao6pnmr.jpg

 photo 20161009_144123_zpsovikmk10.jpg

Because we are all salad lovers!

 photo 20161009_144248_zpsvnymdcxc.jpg

Pulled pork burger~

 photo 20161009_144542_zpsggbvj8ki.jpg

Confit chicken burger?

 photo 20161009_144311_zpslifhbb86.jpg

My very mainstream choice – Eggs Ben!

To be honest, there isn’t a wide variety of food choices in the menu, so we had a hard time choosing. Yinning likes the food, but the rest of us think it’s okay only~ Nevertheless, great catch up session for me to clear my second last batch of Aussie goodies! Haha!

 photo IMG-20161009-WA0004_zpsyivaunwn.jpg


Off for the next outing and it’s gonna be a tourist day again! So get ready for the photo spams! Especially with my new camera now 😛

Starting off with a sinful indulgence first! More sinful for the wallet actually…hahaha! But it’s so niceeeeee~!
 photo 20161009_171903_zpsrzipe7lb.jpg

 photo 20161009_170015_zpsy6udjxhf.jpg

Hello again, Cookie Monster! 😊

Off for our very first duck tour, thanks to Lyn’s staff pass again! Hahaha!
 photo 20161009_185021_zpst3gbx4jk.jpg

Boarded Katrina the duckie and ready to dive into the water!
 photo IMG_1121_zpsgfruij4l.jpg

 photo 20161009_183019_zpscljb57xi.jpg

Off we go!

 photo IMG-20161010-WA0013_zpsurn3ltgt.jpg

Probably the only Singaporeans on board 😂

Even though most passengers on board were tourists, I think this is also an opportunity for the locals to see our beautiful city from angles that you usually can’t see on the land~
 photo IMG_1122_zpsnlzchudm.jpg

Chio shot while on the water! Good weather for photos (:
 photo IMG_1124_zpsbfa62f0x.jpg

This bridge always reminds me of Chingay because that will always be the “meeting point” since it’s the easiest landmark to spot 😅
 photo IMG_1125_zps2qmpvfnd.jpg

More chio shots with the blue sky! Okay lah not so chio because the duck was moving quite fast, so there’s no time for proper composition. Once you miss it means miss it~
 photo IMG_1127_zpsjr5mxpws.jpg
 photo IMG_1131_zpsca8w6sqg.jpg
 photo IMG_1133_zpsy7duwifq.jpg

You know, I’ve been asked several times what is this bowl-like thing and today, I finally got to know that it’s a museum! It’s the ArtScience Museum! I actually overheard it later on at the River Cruise – one of the local uncle telling the China lady…hahaha! Sua gu much!
 photo IMG_1135_zpsw3rhlrlv.jpg
 photo IMG_1136_zps1lvazcsa.jpg

I think this shot is not bad! Quite chio right? For a last-minute composition 😛
 photo IMG_1137_zpsaiix61mo.jpg
 photo IMG_1138_zpseo3neuzp.jpg

And more MBS shots! Really act like tourist 😆 But when can I stop taking photos of just the exterior and get to stay inside as well~
 photo IMG_1139_zpse93mkwvu.jpg
 photo IMG_1141_zpsiviagbka.jpg
 photo IMG_1140_zpsvwib8zcw.jpg
 photo IMG_1144_zpsdhjqemkm.jpg
 photo IMG_1142_zps5h46ub1s.jpg

A very 勉强 shot of the Merlion because we were sitting on the wrong side, so only managed to take this shot when the boat made a U-turn 😐
 photo IMG_1146_zpsphehevhj.jpg

The cloudy blue sky before the sunset!
 photo IMG_1143_zpsza7hvxxc.jpg
 photo IMG_1150_zpswmwmulgj.jpg

We took the ride at the right timing because it happened to be the sunset timing! But did not manage to take a nice shot of the sunset though~
 photo IMG_1151_zpsaai9tqga.jpg
 photo IMG_1152_zpsy9hkbcyu.jpg

Some beautiful shots of our flyers before getting back to the land!
 photo IMG_1157_zpsjoqku6dj.jpg
 photo IMG_1161_zpsukef3aeg.jpg

 photo 20161009_182701_zps7fklskry.jpg

Favourite (:

Travelled down to Clarke Quay for the next ride – River Cruise! Gotta make full use of the pass since the girl failed to use it so many times already 😅
 photo IMG_1164_zpssdzqbgua.jpg

 photo IMG_1170_zpssl7mxpvr.jpg

Third time cruising! 😄

Night shots are still quite a challenge for this camera~ Sometimes I miss the beauty spots while trying hard to focus or get a clear shot 🙁
 photo IMG_1175_zpsgtax4oag.jpg
 photo IMG_1173_zpsc1sczwwg.jpg
 photo IMG_1171_zps3c9gugp7.jpg
 photo IMG_1178_zps04j6p1xe.jpg

 photo IMG_1188_zpsdpea4tth.jpg

One of my favourite bridges in Singapore (:

 photo 20161009_204852_zps5qyf3wfd.jpg

Merlion again!

And our beautiful Fullerton Hotel! (:
 photo IMG_1205_zpswjy52ue6.jpg
 photo IMG_1203_zpsva7ev8an.jpg
 photo IMG_1221_zpsfpc1gymo.jpg

I never notice this mini Changi airport thing here before! You see~ Sometimes you need to be on the water to see it 😆
 photo IMG_1229_zpsj4huhvk9.jpg

Our pretty night scene and skyscrapers!
 photo IMG_1256_zpswctanutz.jpg
 photo IMG_1198_zpstmddrvvs.jpg
 photo IMG_1200_zpscmczjsfz.jpg
 photo IMG_1195_zpsetv5naep.jpg
 photo IMG_1233_zpsmxckzqhw.jpg

And of course our signature MBS again! (:
 photo IMG_1228_zps4k1war0q.jpg
 photo IMG_1223_zps2oev2vgn.jpg
 photo IMG_1242_zpsn6guhg0s.jpg
 photo IMG_1226_zpszonl1i0z.jpg
 photo 20161009_205639_zpsanebbrdx.jpg
 photo IMG_1250_zps643eszys.jpg
 photo IMG_1252_zpsjl3lkmjy.jpg

Another signature – the durian shell!
 photo IMG_1253_zpsloi6et5c.jpg
 photo IMG_1255_zpsbudnl0lk.jpg

When we passed by the Elgin bridge earlier on, Lyn was asking about when it will have the rainbow lighting. So on our way back after the boat made a U-turn, I saw that the bridge has lit up and I exclaimed, “Lyn! Your rainbow! Your rainbow!!!” 😅 Cause I know once you miss a shot of it, that’s it~ Hahaha!
 photo IMG_1257_zpsvaqyzu61.jpg

Riding back to shore~
 photo IMG-20161010-WA0029_zpsi31l61j7.jpg
 photo IMG_1259_zpsdosnxqy8.jpg

Done with our tourist-sy day! 😀 Thank you, little one!
 photo 20161009_211423_zpsdtq1clkm.jpg
 photo 20161009_211419_zpsrwvgftsf.jpg

Back to being a gian-peng-gian-sai Singaporean, by enjoying the 1-for-1 dessert at Harry’s! 😂
 photo 20161009_221343_zps4z0bap7f.jpg

I love how they incorporate alcohol in most of their desserts too! Like this Baileys sundae shot 😋
 photo 20161009_221003_zpssjlafhqo.jpg

And the best best best lava cake I have ever eaten! Because there’s alcohol in it and it blends so damn well with the molten chocolate! YUMS!!! Too bad it’s pretty expensive if without the 1-for-1, if not this gonna make my day like anytime! 😍
 photo 20161009_220837_zpsyqinxsiw.jpg

 photo 20161009_232102_zpscmlbntwy.jpg

This is why I love to travel, though I still feel broke after leh…HAHAHA.

Caught Middle School after seeing the trailer for 37194719 times~ I thought it would be good since they had been doing so much publicity for it, giving out notepads and screening the trailer for so many months. But it reminds me so much of Aloysius Pang’s Young & Fabulous and I didn’t like it.

I just find it hard to feel the emotional aspect of the movie when you incorporate animation/comic/cartoon/all the virtual stuff in it. Chio computer graphics for enhancement or effects is okay, but not cheesy-looking animation 😐

Was having an intense craving for yam gu kueh after trying the one Min’s mum gave me and ta-duh~!!! I was surprised with a box of rainbow delight!
 photo 20161011_190130_zpsanpoj4k9.jpg

The best part is it’s even nicer than the one I tried the other day; so much filling and so soft! OMG~~~ 流口水 while singing K 😆 The yam ones are enough to satisfy me, though it’s nice trying the coconut one for the first time too! Hehe!

 photo 20161014_131534_zpssdjwfzru.jpg

Another food donation from le colleague – Chocolate cheese tart!
Taste much nicer than it looks!!!

Went for Hot Flow class again this week and I forgot to mention that I went back for Hot Stretch the previous week and realised that after going through Hot Flow classes for consecutive few weeks, Hot Stretch class seems like nothing now…hahaha!

Not that it’s easy, but because Hot Flow is way too torturous. I always ask myself why am I here…LOL. Sounds rather SM~ Like you feel good to be tortured, in a way 😳

Went for another workout the very next day because there’s some free class at the Community Centre! My first try on Piloxing – something which I had been wanting to try and now I got a free chance to 😃

It’s indeed a bit like Muay Thai, except that you punch in the air instead of the pads. I’ve always thought it’s not so shiok to punch in the air (and it looks retarded), but it’s actually not that bad. Definitely not as shiok as striking on pads, but it’s still sibei tiring!

The first 20 minutes I was already looking at the clock, counting down to the end of the 1 hour…LOL. Cause it’s like aerobics + boxing, so it was non-stop movement, punching and all. But only the start of the session was more intense, and it got better later on. Still quite a shiok workout; sweated quite a bit 🙂
 photo 20161013_210356_zps8f5tyahn.jpg

Oh the only thing that I dislike is that it’s being held in the hall, so everyone outside or walking past can watch you punch like a retard or trying hard to find your coordination between your hands and legs (which happened to me so many times)! 😑

And there was a part that we gotta find a partner. But since I was there as a lone ranger and I really dislike talking to strangers (if I have a choice), I decided to play it the cool way. I walked away to drink water till everyone had found a partner then I walked over to this other lone ranger as though she had already agreed to partner with me. HAHAHA. Doesn’t seem like you’ve got much choice left anyway 😼

Satisfying my intense craving for jalapeño cheese because it’s TGIF and it’s time to celebrate the end of a lousy week! Even dressed up for the day because I just felt really lousy this week, or maybe these 2 weeks… Received the most compliments in a day and also the best one ever 😊

 photo 20161014_185057_zpsstxyssmp.jpg


 photo 20161014_185129_zps74w3bbwg.jpg

The shrunken Portobello mushroom burger~

 photo 20161014_185207_zpsqw2f68sq.jpg

Thank god for a becoming-rare good night ((((:


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