Clique’s Kukup Trip!

Kukup has been one of the places that I wanna visit and it finally happened! After so many false alarms and failed attempts to organise one…haha~ Finally a Clique’s trip too, although missing of the super-dad Gui this time, who insisted on babysitting at home 😐

Dragged ourselves up for the 6.30am pick-up, and thank goodness the pick-up point was at buddy’s place, so it’s extremely near for me! Haha! Indulging on 白い恋人 during the ride! Makes me miss Japan so much~
 photo 20161015_075207_zpsbaweftgl.jpg

Managed to avoid the traffic jam but there was a massive human jam at the Malaysia custom due to a super-rare baggage check. Even the staff at the custom said it’s their first time seeing them doing a scan~

We were all shocked by the queue for the bag scan because it was so so so long!!! But as expected, it was a futile effort to “do some work” 😐 The queue was like in a snake shape, zig-zag kind, and shortly after we were in the queue, the “snake” suddenly changed its shape and formed a diagonal line across! There was of course a lot of displeasure from those who are in front and while I was still feeling lost as to what’s going on, Shimin said at times like this, just follow, don’t question. LOL.

So somehow we had already conquered half the queue this way… Then all of a sudden, everyone who were facing away from the head of the “snake” just suddenly turned to the direction of the head! Min and I followed suit again and we were at the front of the rest of our Clique initially, but now we became behind them because of the sudden change in direction 😓😓😓

However, that made us conquer another quarter of the queue and I was just so amazed by the unity of these people! They just suka suka turn in a group as though it has all been rehearsed! Really like some marching parade~ And then the conclusion was the snake now becomes an army of ants, squeezing their way to the front – no more queue!

For once, I really experienced how “packed like sardine” actually means. I was really being squashed in the crowd and this little girl beside me who was pulling a small luggage kept glaring at me and saying, “Excuse me” but I had to ignore her because there’s no space for me to excuse her!!! Ultimately, the staff also gave up on the bag scan and let everyone through the declaration counter as how it has always been like…LOL. #epicfail

Stopped over at a coffeeshop for breakfast and shortly after we ordered our food, we saw a cockroach on our table, which led to a screaming war 😖 So digested after that but I had already ordered my food. Not much choices there so I settled for bak kut teh mee sua. I was more attracted by the mee sua word than the bak kut teh, cause I am a mee sua fan!!!
 photo 20161015_080412_zpsezig7dii.jpg

Reached Kukup in less then 3 hours! Fast and furious 👍 I needed the toilet so badly and was counting down on our arrival via my GPS! Thank goodness I bought extra top-up card during the previous road trip!!!

Thought we could head straight to our apartment once we reached, but the uncle who picked us up insisted that it was still early and it would be lunch time soon, so there was no point going to the apartment for that short while before coming out for lunch again~ He insisted that we just hang around the shops at the ferry terminal first.

I kept saying I wanna use the washroom at the apartment but he refused to bring us there, kept asking me to use the one at the ferry terminal’s restaurant…Zzzzz. In the end I had no choice but to settle it at the restaurant’s washroom. Luckily it was clean because I was probably the first “customer” to bomb it before they even open for business…LOL.

And when I came out of the washroom, guess what the rest told me? “The uncle is bringing us to the apartment first because we told him we are really too full to eat lunch now.” Isn’t that what we had been saying?! @£$%&$@£!!! 😒😒😒

Anyhow, I thought our apartment would be just walking distance from the ferry terminal, but we had to take a boat there instead~
 photo 20161015_093032_zpsjhbuurir.jpg
 photo 20161015_093029_zpsdrdzymya.jpg

 photo 20161015_093027_zpshmbxaoyp.jpg

Spot my shameless friend posing away~

 photo IMG-20161015-WA0002_zpsit44qbh9.jpg

On our way to the apartment!

Yes, 2 of the Na-sisters joined us – Tenna with boyfriend (Don) and Vanna! 😀
 photo IMG-20161015-WA0003_zpszlvneicp.jpg

Awesome weather! ❤ blue sky!!!
 photo 20161015_093609_zpshxcldd5r.jpg
 photo 20161015_093504_zps0lxtonnj.jpg

Arrived at our apartment – 海上度假屋!The uncle let us choose between 2 apartments and we settled for the one with more bedrooms~
 photo 20161015_111214_zpscwedt7fh.jpg
 photo 20161015_095201_zpsjtn2mrtt.jpg
 photo 20161015_111212_zpslg7wk4sf.jpg
 photo 20161015_095206_zpsiaqrgowi.jpg

Karaoke room on the right once you enter the house! And the K-group had started warming up their vocals already 🎤
 photo 20161015_111140_zpsqmmzmmgq.jpg
 photo IMG-20161015-WA0014_zpsyspvrz2g.jpg

The Mahjong group had also started their dry-swim to raise lunch fund for all of us, without knowing that the lunch is actually included…LOL.
 photo 20161015_111115_zpspubipz0c.jpg

A tour around the rooms! We had like 4 bedrooms, so there were plenty of beds! Thought I could have my own room so that I can sleep without aircon, but Miss President insisted on sharing and even choosing the room that SHE wants 😓

 photo 20161015_110954_zpsrmdv6m3q.jpg

Our room for just 2 of us!

 photo 20161015_111007_zpshyletgii.jpg

The Na-sisters’ room!

 photo 20161015_111017_zpspbovn3yb.jpg

The boys’ room #1!

 photo 20161015_111038_zpsu0nvg1sr.jpg

Boys’ room #2!

 photo 20161015_111048_zpsp7mafbaq.jpg

View from the back of the house~

Taking a tour outside! I had been wanting to experience kelong life and I finally did! Well, a bit of it at least 😅
 photo 20161015_095223_zpsbtecs0ai.jpg
 photo 20161015_111203_zps6oyrplvp.jpg

 photo 20161015_152246_zpsm9g6mz1e.jpg

Tiny dead fish on the bridge~

Kelongs are built on water, so are the houses in Venice, yet both have such different feel and culture~
 photo 20161015_095228_zpskoqisnso.jpg
 photo 20161015_112608_zpsw3ojvgtr.jpg

Time for our lunch! Waiting for the boat to come and pick us up~ (Isn’t my favourite Na-sister cuteeeee? 😄)
 photo 20161015_112632_zpsgelsekyh.jpg

The aftermath of our lunch at the seafood restaurant! Sorry that I did not manage to take a proper photo again 😐 We even warned the Na-sisters that when eating with this bunch of guys, it’s all about speed! While stock last! Hahaha! Anyway the lunch was not very satisfying in our opinion.
 photo 20161015_115646_zpsqgurlqam.jpg

 photo 20161015_122253_zpsa4bprv2h.jpg

Durian popsicle to make up for the lunch!

 photo 20161015_123934_zpsnvfn9rul.jpg

Finally found the agar-agar ang gu kueh that Lyn recommended! 👍
But le pig brother ate finished all mine…

Heading back after lunch! Everyone looks so happy here…hahaha! Okay, maybe except the one at the front and the one at the back 😐
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0004_zpsotsawrie.jpg
 photo IMG-20161015-WA0024_zpsltvry0ey.jpg

The boat uncle asked if we wanna visit the rain forest and since it’s the first time here in Kukup for most of us, we decided to check it out~
 photo 20161015_132630_zpsfhj3td9m.jpg

In the end, we paid money to scare ourselves because there were lots of monkeys walking on the same bridge as us! I mean I love monkeys, but not when they are right beside me! 😖 So we ended up in a “Halloween haunted house” state, screaming our way and grabbing on to each other on the narrow bridge! Don’s ice-cream even got taken by the monkeys! So scary!!!
 photo 20161015_132648_zpsmj8n0rri.jpg

There was nothing much in the rain forest (except trees) and I think all of us regretted going in after sweating like mad under the scorching hot sun! It was seriously HOT!!! But there is a point at the end of the short trail whereby you can go up to the lookout tower to catch the view of the place~

The view was pretty nice! Bu these photos were taken by Vanna because I did not go up! 😆 I was too lazy to climb the flight of stairs all the way up, and I figured that I can just ask for photos later for blogging purpose…HAHAHA!
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0188_zpsbgw31wxd.jpg
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0186_zps1ecer4aq.jpg

 photo IMG-20161015-WA0011_zpsgv8haaba.jpg

The siao-on group~

 photo IMG-20161015-WA0019_zps9ab1huqw.jpg

The lazy ones below 😝

 photo IMG-20161016-WA0021_zpsraz4cz9v.jpg

A boat of sweaty people!

 photo 20161015_133646_zpskzl82iwt.jpg

More kelong/houses shot!

We figured that just a house like this can earn at least S$1000 every weekend! 😱
 photo 20161015_133712_zpsnxq3sm09.jpg

Back to the apartment to nua and I think that’s what Kukup is all about – nua-ing! Haha! I am okay to nua since it’s just 1 day, but it might be boring for some who seek for more activities or scenery~

Oh actually what Kukup really is about is EATING! We ate like 4 meals a day (all included in the package), excluding breakfast, because we reached after breakfast. But if you stay like 3D2N, you will probably be fed 5 meals a day – breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner and supper! It’s like every 2-3 hours you are eating 😫

I think it’s most suited for pigs like buddy, who was eating NON-STOP – wanton mee breakfast > tibits > seafood lunch > crackers > bee hoon with curry chicken for tea break > tibits > free-flow BBQ dinner feast > still can squeeze down porridge for supper! 🐖 I skipped the tea break and supper entirely because those are unnecessary meals and I was so full after all the junk food! Really eat and eat and eat~

The Mahjong team starting their dry-swim once again!
 photo 20161015_145038_zpsfgfvyinh.jpg

And the K-team also continued with the long list of song dedications by Queen 😂
 photo 20161015_144200_zpstlkwzgdu.jpg

My favourite Na-sister is so cute, holding on to the piece of cracker throughout while she sings…hahaha!
 photo 20161015_144205_zps6lhxxdqq.jpg

As much as we didn’t wanna be anti-social, since this trip is like a bonding session, we were damn shagged from the morning pick-up, so Min and I took turn to nap! Hahaha! I napped first and shortly after I woke up, Tenna suggested renting the electric bike to go around the place. The rest got interested as well so we went to check out the bikes~
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0151_zps92xrrwsu.jpg

Everyone was excited to try biking without a license except me (and Shimin, who was napping)~ I mean I wouldn’t have mind trying if there is a wider open area without water around it. The staff even said there were indeed people who fell into the kelong water and they even had to use a car to pull the bike up with a rope! After hearing that I kept thinking that I might be the next to fall in so I refused to try 😖

 photo IMG-20161016-WA0130_zpsryi3qrq0.jpg

WJ looks like a kampong boy cum big guy playing with kids’ bike! LOL!

 photo IMG-20161016-WA0026_zpsdpbc2lig.jpg

Even the Na-sisters tried!

 photo IMG-20161016-WA0140_zpsfcgorx1j.jpg

Vanna’s legs couldn’t reach the ground 😂 So cute!

 photo IMG-20161016-WA0152_zpswhl5fafa.jpg

The most unskilled biker…ROFL!

Everyone found their biker and was ready to head out to explore~ I refused to take because I recalled being damn scared the last time I was on Gui’s bike, so let alone it being a un-licensed biker 😐 Furthermore Min was still soundly asleep when we were laughing at the guys performing their “bike skill“, so I decided to stay in as well.
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0049_zpsgheeewz3.jpg
 photo 20161015_174103_zps8ukzfp69.jpg
 photo 20161015_174130_zpspcyeag75.jpg

Those without are pillion (including Kai) were the more unskilled ones 😂😂😂
 photo 20161015_174017_zpslwhbyhao.jpg
 photo 20161015_174029_zpsfvhocgwe.jpg

Slacking at the house while the rest are out~ But see that bike there? That’s because Shrine came back after like 30 minutes cause he lost the rest of them..LOL!
 photo 20161015_181204_zpsalhrfecc.jpg

He couldn’t find the horn for the bike so while the rest are horning their way off, he was stuck behind 😂😂😂 I guess we all kinda expected that. But poor guy, he got suan-ed for biking skill, dart skill, pool skill and practically everything! Hahahahaha!!!
 photo 20161015_181537_zpsgugdmoi3.jpg
 photo 20161015_181707_zpsu8bokn98.jpg

Shimin wanted to visit her friend’s shop, which is apparently the first and only spectacles shop in Kukup! I was forced to go as well since I was the only one with 4G (the life-saving Google Map!) 😒

Figured that since the guys did not end up in the water, it should be safe. But poor TCC’s shirt almost got tore by me. Cause whenever we past by those water area at the sides, I would get so nervous and ask him to go slow, even though he was already going at super slow speed for my sake 😅

It’s damn scary because the paths are all so narrow, and right beside you is the water already! Well anyway, we managed to reach safely and found Min’s friend’s shop~ Tenna even made a specs there! Haha!
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0080_zps7hd0dbpd.jpg

Back to return our bikes before it was dinner time! Time to eat AGAIN! But the dinner was pretty good – BBQ dinner and best of all, there is someone BBQ-ing for us!
 photo 20161015_195452_zpsewzbolyc.jpg

Stayed at the dinner area for pool and darts after that~ Min and I joined in the fun as well and I had a super tyco win! I was left with 6 points to go and I was like asking the guys if I hit the 6, I will win? Then I really managed to hit it and even though the dart did not stay on the board, the hit was still detected! Hahaha!
 photo 20161015_210849_zpssivggksy.jpg

Darts can be quite a good after-meal exercise I realise, cause we all started to feel warm after that.
 photo 20161015_202359_zpsamrsvgqc.jpg

The reason why I had been wanting to visit Kukup (apart from experiencing Kelong life) is so that I can play with sky lanterns and firecrackers! I had been insisting on that since we reached and it was finally time for the 天灯! 😀
 photo 20161015_212215_zpsnqzflhxo.jpg

The uncle said there is no more big fire cracker, but I must fulfill my wish so I insisted on buying this mini firecracker as well!
 photo 20161015_212055_zpstbpdomah.jpg

Writing our wishes to ‘Ti Gong‘ (天公)~
 photo 20161015_212110_zpss389zfgr.jpg
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0031_zpsh2eaf9vl.jpg

放天灯咯~!!! 😃
 photo 20161015_213347_zps5jwxmhsf.jpg
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0076_zps9d3ypm4h.jpg
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0079_zps86vmvmhu.jpg

Vanna’s wishes are all about 二筒; such a nice aunt ((:
 photo 20161015_213357_zpsbirezhub.jpg

And because Gui warned Shrine that he doesn’t want him as in-law (LOL), Don took over the lantern 😂
 photo 20161015_213759_zps7jajvji9.jpg

Errr…2 guys releasing sky lantern together is indeed a bit gay…
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0175_zpspvexg7cx.jpg
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0000_zpsavkhff1y.jpg

With the super money-face girlfriend whose wishes are all about $$$ 😂
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0001_zps9nupj7b6.jpg

May Ti Gong popi and make our wishes come true!!! 🙏🙏🙏
 photo 20161015_213948_zps8ujedgij.jpg
 photo 20161015_213951_zpscmceh5dg.jpg
 photo 20161015_213953_zpskj3ofltv.jpg
 photo 20161015_213955_zpsv4mzke2d.jpg
 photo 20161015_213737_zpsoqufluin.jpg

 photo 20161015_213839_zpsp4fverle.jpg

Our sky lanterns flying high~

And then it was finally my long-awaited firecracker’s time! But even though I was the one who kept insisting on playing firecrackers, I didn’t dare to light them at all! I was hiding under the roof, taking videos only. LOL! In the end, buddy and Shrine had to light everything…hahaha!!!
 photo 20161015_214604_zpslbylc0xg.jpg

It’s damn scary cause the firecracker is so tiny so it pops really fast! You gotta really light and run! But given my slow reaction, I didn’t dare to risk trying 😅
 photo 20161015_214341_zps9lmbpl34.jpg
 photo 20161015_214705_zpsfdwpniij.jpg
 photo 20161015_214747_zps5ku5bbgz.jpg

A pity there wasn’t the big firecracker that I wanted. But at least we had something close! (:

Back to the house to continue on Mahjong session~ The K-session had stopped because we opened one more table for Mahjong! Te amateur table – playing at 20cents per 台 😅
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0169_zpsgolkjbly.jpg

The pro table, which converted to playing cards later so that more can join (and be victims of their drinking games)~
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0168_zpsth2ivcsl.jpg

I was the only one who had not showered because I was still stuck in the endless Mahjong game! But luckily, because still got photo-taking session 😳 Played till like 2+ am and I won 4 bucks! My sleep definitely worth a lot more~ We all admitted that we are too old for “ton nights“!
 photo IMG-20161016-WA0171_zpsgzu1yllm.jpg

Didn’t even wanna wake up for breakfast the next morning~ Told Shimin to kope my share for me and it was nasi lemak and mee siam, but not the kind that I like. The mee siam is equivalent to fried bee hoon, which I am not a fan of and the nasi lemak only has pathetic amount of 料 and very very little ikan bilis 😟

Had a short K-session before we bade farewell to our Kelong life~! I actually don’t mind being back again, though some of them gave a straight NO when asked if they would wanna visit again…hahaha!
 photo 20161016_114250_zpsfybrkaxm.jpg
 photo 20161016_114302_zpsfs7esqdf.jpg
 photo 20161016_114256_zpssjjywn11.jpg

 photo IMG-20161016-WA0088_zpsilp4hntw.jpg

Off for lunch!

 photo IMG-20161016-WA0092_zpsdby1pkhr.jpg

One last group picture! 💖

Lunch was at a Chinese restaurant and the food was quite 丰盛~ No photos at all this time round 😅 But I think S$98 inclusive of all these facilities + food is quite worth it!
 photo 20161016_122550_zpstrc7rnoq.jpg

 photo 20161016_143343_zpsace5k8bk.jpg

When you get too shagged during the journey back~

 photo 20161016_143320_zpsh3zrd9kc.jpg

And some pervert kept snapping photos of you sleeping!

 photo IMG-20161016-WA0142_zps4xjzxbmn.jpg

From the pervert’s private collection 😒


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