Impromptu Weekend!

Started the week with drinks, music and pizza at Timbre~! Tried something new this time even though I know I am not a fan of Whisky, so why will I ever like a cocktail with Whisky right??? Sometimes it’s better not to be too adventurous 😅 Boring can be good too! Haha!
 photo 20161017_201337_zpshe6tuk7l.jpg

 photo 20161017_202755_zpsyzd9devi.jpg

Custom-made pizza! 😁

Second consecutive night chilling out, but this time it’s Wala Wala (because it’s TUESDAY!!! 😝)…hahaha! Stuck to my usual choice – Midori Sour this time, after I learned my lesson from the previous night…hehe.
 photo 20161018_200024_zpsjjzthb99.jpg

Jalapeño cheese again!!! But after trying Blooie’s for 2 times, I realised I prefer theirs because jalapeño > cheese~ Over here it’s cheese > jalapeño so can get about sick from the cream cheese after like 2. But still nice and lovin‘ it!
 photo 20161018_200037_zpstrzsnuu5.jpg

Got the best spot this time! Front and unblocked view 😍 But I tried not to get too obsessed this time so no videos taken…hahaha! Awesome music, as always, just too bad I was feeling really, really tired somehow…
 photo 20161018_225339_zpszpbtctl6.jpg
 photo 20161018_225342_zpsdl2itoyu.jpg

 photo 20161019_154008_zpsv70if3mm.jpg

Highlight of Wednesday!

I shall copy and paste the story from my Facebook since I think it’s really quite a memorable incident~

Me: Can I put the garlic bread separately in a paper bag?

Malaysian staff: Okay, can.

When I went back to collect, my breads were served on the plate.

Me: Eh? Not put in paper bag meh?

Staff: Put already ah.

Me: *stare blankly at the garlic bread on plate* 😯😯😯 Huh?As in put inside paper bag…?

Staff: 😯😯😯 *after a while* Oh!!! You wanna put in a bag ah? You wanna take it away ah?

Me: Yah! What did you hear just now???

Staff: I only heard put PAPER. So I put lor.

Me: *trying to find the PAPER on the plate*

Staff: I got put 胡椒 (PEPPER) on top.

Me: 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

So that’s how my garlic bread became pepper bread 😐 And to add on, I actually blurt out “You mean PEPPER” after he said 胡椒, and he still replied YES! Com’on I said PAPER the whole time!!! Zzzzz.

Wanted to go for Hot Flow class but due to some super last minute changes from client (while I was already exporting!!!), I gave it a miss 😒 Went back home instead and it’s been some time since I am home after work anyway~ Mamemo even got shocked when I called to ask if she needs anything from the supermarket. Lesson of the night: Fruits seems easier to choose than vegetables leh. Never occur to me.

 photo 20161020_1850490-1_zps9jboc8om.jpg

Rush dinner before movie!

Caught Operation Mekong which has pretty good reviews and I thought it was pretty awesome too! I was still telling my colleague even if it’s not nice, I can just stare at Eddie Peng…HAHAHAHA! But it was good luh, especially when it is based on true events, so it makes it cooler~

Went for Friday’s Hot Stretch class instead before it was finally the weekend~!!! Had a long and impromptu Saturday so gotta recharge first! 😛

 photo 20161022_110838_zpstbli6eiv.jpg

Eating in moderation~

 photo 20161022_111514_zpsgpo3sv3p.jpg

Mee sua!!!
But a bit bland and not much 料 except veggies…

It was a really impromptu Saturday because there was no exact plans as to where to go, everything was just impromptu! Hahaha! Impromptu drop-by at the farm and sadly, the parrots were no longer there 😦 A new friend was there though! I don’t remember seeing him before~
 photo 20161022_115717_zps6qrqf0my.jpg

Wefies/selfies with the beautiful horse! 😀
 photo IMG-20161022-WA0007_zps1bzm2qym.jpg
 photo IMG-20161022-WA0011_zpszvelexou.jpg
 photo 20161022_115912_zpsnjx5v55f.jpg

Such a fine horse, isn’t it! (:
 photo 20161022_115920_zpsxxgau2vx.jpg
 photo 20161022_120114_zps87vkk0mq.jpg

And hello there, my ugly friend! You are still here! 😆
 photo 20161022_115633_zpsw50iccca.jpg
 photo 20161022_120347_zpshk36b30w.jpg

 photo 20161022_120450_zpswrnxrjzc.jpg

Miss feeding the chickens at Mommeyyyy’s place!

And guess who just got released from their cages? So chatty! Hahaha!

So cute to see them waddling around!
 photo 20161022_122059_zps5rxe4775.jpg
 photo 20161022_122136_zps0yfgrsx3.jpg

This poor fellow gotta walk with his damaged wings sticking out 😦 But quite cute right! Hehe!
 photo 20161022_122221_zpsjuvst984.jpg
 photo 20161022_122140_zpsuysdjuvs.jpg
 photo 20161022_122143_zpstqkmin9j.jpg
 photo 20161022_122224_zps6uuqlssb.jpg
 photo 20161022_122245_zpspahteurz.jpg

Actually I remember goose being better looking~ But hello there! Let’s take a wefie together! 😆
 photo IMG-20161022-WA0022_zpskomazhqn.jpg

So hard to take a solo pic with them! Keeps waddling around!
 photo IMG-20161022-WA0014_zpswmeoy3gh.jpg
 photo IMG-20161022-WA0017_zpsny7wwku7.jpg

And guess where they are waddling to this time?
 photo 20161022_122302_zpspo8oniga.jpg

To take a bath! 😀
 photo 20161022_122427_zpswigif33k.jpg
 photo 20161022_122431_zpsdzhmecvq.jpg

I missed the part when one goose was sitting on another goose in the pond 😏 Getting naughty while bathing ahhhh~

Waddling off to the next place! The one with damaged wings is really quite cute! Haha! Blessing in disguise, maybe?
 photo 20161022_122917_zpsml56gquo.jpg
 photo 20161022_122918_zpsxhezlevy.jpg

This ball of thing really is a quail???! I never really know how quail looks like; I only know quail eggs. I am quite bad with animals 😐
 photo 20161022_122802_zpsowtge33k.jpg

Off for the most impromptu JB trip ever! Really just grabbed some ringgit and passport and go! No usual sling bag, no cooler bag, no recycle bag and etc! So unlike us 😂

 photo 20161022_145216_zpscl7dbels.jpg

Spot the odd ones trying hard to blend in! Hahaha!

Shop, eat, shop, eat, shop, eat~ Finally got to eat my crepe again! I’m always tempted by it but always too full to have it. Finally I could fit it down because I did not eat lunch 😛
 photo IMG-20161022-WA0016_zpsn9hg4lg9.jpg

Finally stocked up all the stuff I need too! Shampoo, muesli, Cheezels, Vitagen, one more dress 😛 and so much stuff! Because I had not been in for some time too~ Sumptuous dinner to end off the trip! Hehe!
 photo 20161022_195238_zpsh12nwqqn.jpg

 photo 20161022_195045_zpsgsamd07p.jpg

Because tom yum is a must-have~

 photo 20161022_195041_zpsxpao4bob.jpg

Cereal prawn!

 photo 20161022_195227_zpsouhedyit.jpg

Yummy assam fish!!!

 photo 20161022_195222_zpsprw1f1ia.jpg

Buttered mushrooms!
But too oily for my liking 😐

Was in a cake mood and couldn’t resist all the pretty cakes that I see! But was too full to fit them down so it was my brunch the next day~ Mango and chocolate mille crepes + durian puff! ❤
 photo 20161023_130556_zps2g1rksqq.jpg

Missed one of the most important things for the trip though and I don’t know why I felt more gek than anyone else. Probably because I really hate this kind of regrets. It’s the kind that you see something that you really like but you decided to come back later to buy but it’s gone by then. That very very gek feeling like I should have bought it just now!!! That’s why I usually don’t let that happen to me – I see it now I must buy now (if I am really intending to buy already). Yea so moral of the story – Do it now. Because later might become NEVER. 😏 It’s good to be impulsive than fickle sometimes…HAHA!

Ended the night with an impromptu (again!) Mahjong session and I won 36 bucks~ But not a happy session because I already said wanna play Mahjong then don’t play with phone 😒 It’s not so much about the speed (though it does affect sometimes), since I am not a fast player myself and I know it. But it is more of I really dislike seeing people 一心二用。

It has very much to do with respect because it’s really rude to be on your phone constantly when you are with someone else (note: I said constantly), let alone when engaged in another activity. Like com’on, choose what you wanna do – play mahjong or use your phone???

I just feel really insulted in a way, that the person in the phone is way more interesting than me, or in this case, than our Mahjong game. Worse if it’s being compared to the game in the phone…Zzzzzz. Major dislike and annoyed that even though I set the rule beforehand, it wasn’t being followed. Maybe I shall not let that happen again. Okay, end of rant. But really, very insulting and rude.

Had an ultra lazy Sunday~ Finally started on《16個夏天》and I think I have found something to kill time, if I even have time to kill. Hope I can finish the remaining 15 episodes by the end of this year! Hahaha!

Impromptu swim in the evening at our mutual friend’s condo! 😆 Just wanted to work out a bit but the weather didn’t seem good enough to risk travelling down to the east for cycling; badminton courts were all taken; so it was left with the last resort!

 photo 20161023_191918_zpsajld5lln.jpg

Before swim!

So damn long since I last swam! Always feel so good after that~ Definitely helped to clear my mind a bit even though we spent more time HTHT-ing than swimming…hahaha!!! Reminisced about how we first started hanging out together, how we got each other’s number and etc! Aiyo~ So fast 5 going 6 years liao! Always thankful to have known her because even though she can’t swim, she was there to jump beside me as I swam…LOL. But just like in real life, even at times when she can’t help, she would be there just for me (((((:

 photo IMG-20161024-WA0002_zpspn5qraqa.jpg

After swim!

 photo 20161023_220602_zpsw2ksqvss.jpg

Got free pool to use, now got free durian and liangteh!

Off for a super late dinner in AMK and since it’s my territory, I brought the girl to try Bliss~!
 photo 20161023_230925_zpsb0nakdp1.jpg

Had the spicy wings that I used to eat with Mommeyyyyyyy! Awwww~ I think the last time I ate this was with her too. Miss those days!
 photo 20161023_230902_zpszkrtxb2v.jpg

Thank you for making my weekend a better one! 😀
 photo IMG-20161024-WA0001_zpsqbefmjbx.jpg


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