Goodbye, Mr Ling.

Had a relatively busy week but I guess that’s good news too. At least I am not project-hopping and can focus on one that I have figured out the client’s style or preference.

Anyhow, had a pretty good lunch amidst of the busyness~ There are times in life when you felt like – This is one of my best choices in life! And this feels like that! Hahaha! Love 枸杞子!:D
 photo 20161031_134912_zps1fuqiarl.jpg

Went for a 3-hour K-session at the fully-revamped Manekineko~ Probably the last time for 3 hours K since they gonna change the price pretty soon 😦 For once I have got less songs…hiak hiak!

 photo 20161102_212501_zpsoocneubg.jpg

Even car goes for eyelash extension now!

Caught Monster Calls and the reviews seem promising, but made me pin high hopes on it. But didn’t turn out as great as I had expected leh. Was a bit too draggy until I can’t feel much of the sadness or touching part anymore. Maybe I am more of a romance person than fam-mance? 😐

Checked out Timbre+ once again after the movie but this time round it wasn’t for free show! 😛 Super love my passion fruit cider!!!
 photo 20161102_215803_zpsdql0c9jm.jpg

It was the same drama-mama band because it’s Wednesday again! The female lead did not sing as many songs this time, probably because she had sung the first few sets already. But they were still so rock, so high!!!
 photo 20161102_225033_zpsi0urtfxe.jpg

Hyping everyone up with Zombie!

 photo 20161102_223000_zpsvqoghdhv.jpg
 photo 20161102_222926_zpsrhxs4xix.jpg

And they got so high that the funny male lead started his drama again, climbing onto the chair to dance! Haha!

A pity they did not manage to do all my song dedications this time, but at least they sang my Yellow! 😀

Le colleague is back from U.S after weeksss, with LOTS of chocolates!!! Not all for me lah, eat until diabetic meh. But I figured that most will end up in my tummy since I am the only chocolate fan in office! HAHAHA. #fatdieme

 photo 20161104_101253_zpslgh43wp4.jpg

Is my turn coming? 😔

 photo 20161104_135049_zpscjrm3jgl.jpg

炸酱面 still nicer, and only half the price 😩

Woke up with an extremely hungry tummy after a strenuous Hot Stretch class the previous night~ Had the nice carrot cake to kick off the Saturday but not full enough 😐 Yet you can’t order too much because it’s too oily for my weak digestion, so the usual portion is good enough.

But that’s good also, saved some space for dessert! TEEHEE~! Supposed to be Creamier but it was not opened yet. Got attracted by the pretty cakes next door at Niche Savoureuse instead!!! Sorry Creamier, but I can’t resist pretty cakes.

All the cakes there are so Instagrammable so I just gotta keep snapping from all angles before digging in! 😛 Such a pain to eat with me…HAHAHA!
 photo 20161105_113628_zpsswogzh5e.jpg

TOO CHIO ISN’T IT?! I think we gotta give some credit to whoever who put in so much effort to create such beautiful cakes right?
 photo 20161105_113638_zpsibx45ksz.jpg

Lychee Bed of Roses to start off! Nice texture with lychee bits inside! A bit too sweet at the moist cake layer, but I am still okay with that 😁
 photo 20161105_113702_zpsuqqbz8nj.jpg

Next, the signature Black Diamond! I can’t resist glossy chocolate and this reminds me of the super nice glossy chocolate cake at Boufe! What’s more, it’s alcoholic! With some brandy cherries inside 😍 Super satisfied now!
 photo 20161105_113728_zpsw5lc5ryg.jpg

 photo 20161105_120012_zpstjggqco4.jpg

Pretty in pink!

 photo 20161105_120021_zpsfdhd9jfz.jpg

Never knew there are such pink baby breath!

Off to the east for Chingay practice and I was so lost since it’s been like ONE MONTH since the previous time I rehearsed! Missed once when I was in Kukup, and they didn’t have practice on the remaining Saturdays~ Just when I was saying the steps were quite manageable during the first practice, it got so damn fast and complicated now! 😫😫😫

I almost considered going to the slower-pace group with the “senior citizens” since I was afraid that I can’t catch the steps. But thankfully I decided to stay on and try with more rounds of practice! Managed to have a better grasp of the steps after the 3-hour practice~ Only left with one part that I still can’t catch – the hand swing! Argh. Why must swing so many times? I have coordination problem! Looking forward to practise more and more and more!!!

Headed down to support the Purple Parade at Suntec after the practice. It’s my first time joining the annual event! Sadly, most of the volunteers were done by the event by then and the residents had mostly gone off too. Only managed to catch a few of them.
 photo 20161105_174458_zpsyw3ek0rb.jpg

Insisted on buying the food coupon as a form of donation but ended up having a hard time finding things to buy, because most of the stalls had sold out their food and were done for the day! 😭 First time got money but don’t know what to buy. Settled for some mediocre sushi and a cup of Starbucks iced tea that I waited 10 minutes for.

Not satisfied with the sushi and I was also getting hungry after the dance burned up all my carrot cake and cakes. Went for the Korean stew because I was in a mood for spicy food! It’s been such a long time since I ate this in food court; used to have it so often with Uncle Y and Reiko~
 photo 20161105_182428_zpsodiahmxj.jpg

Asked for extra spicy and the chef was really out to kill me! This is the amount of chilli padi I dug out from my soup 😱 Okay lah, is I kay kiang. But super shiok please!!!! Even though it took me almost an hour to finish and everyone was waiting for me…hahahaha!
 photo 20161105_185458_zpshsdmkqnh.jpg

Headed off to attend Mr Ling’s funeral – one of the staff at MINDS who passed away recently due to cancer. It was really sad enough when I learned that he got diagnosed, because he’s like one of the nicest person I know, and within just like 1 week, I got to know that he had left us.

Although I had never worked with him before or have any close interaction, everyone in MINDS or even from various other VWOs would have known this great man, because he had done so much for not just the residents, but many other community services .

I first got to know him when he added me on Facebook, I accepted because many of the volunteers are mutual friends with him, so I figured he must be someone from MINDS. Later on during some of the events and projects, I did meet him and we managed to recognise each other, because of Facebook. He is always so friendly, always carrying a smile, always busy but always still stopping by to say hi to the residents and us. The residents were always happy to see him too, always shouting, “Mr Ling! Mr Ling!” when he is spotted.

When I first got to know the news that he is unwell, my first reaction was – Why him? He’s such a kind person, why him??? 

But I guess that’s the thing about reality. Life is never fair. There’s no such thing as 好人有好报 because sometimes even the kindest person can suffer a fate like this. So no matter how many karma points  you have earned, it wouldn’t really “save” you from anything.

Of course I am sure Mr Ling didn’t do all these for the sake of karma points, he genuinely helped and cared for these people. He has definitely touched many lives and been a great inspiration to many. So I wanna believe that there’s another place far far away that needs a great man like this, that’s why he had been taken away…

Anyway, the volunteers were discussing about whether we should let the residents know about it. Most of them agree that we should. But I have always felt that ignorance is bliss, at least for them. Maybe I still feel like I wanna protect them from this harsh world and cruel reality. Maybe I just hope they can always be happy by not knowing anything 😔

 photo 20161105_232908_zpsmcryqdeq.jpg

Korea goodies from Mojo and 太阳饼 from WC! 😍


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