Christmas Wonderland 2016

The thing about clearing backlog is you gotta use 当时候 that week’s mood to blog about that week. So if you’re not in the same mood or are in the exact opposite mood as that week, it becomes hard to do a backlog. Hmmmmm. Nevermind, I think no one understands what I am saying…haha.

 photo 20161130_101923_zpszoy9bfer.jpg

Welcoming the week with beautiful blue sky~

But actually it wasn’t such a pleasant week because a close friend of ours just suffered the loss of his mother. It was really a shocking news early in the morning… We usually joke and laugh at each other, but when it comes to times like this, we will still offer the much needed comfort and companionship. For privacy’s sake, I shall not reveal who is it. But it’s someone from the Clique.

 photo 20161130_192252_zpsaarxaywi.jpg

AT-AT attacks Vivo!

Yinning gave me an idea of buying different Groupons to try out different kinds of food so that you won’t always have to be troubled over what to eat or where to go each time…haha~ Bought the Bakerzin Groupon because it’s been a long time since I last ate that!

Rose macaron as the starter! Used to buy this often from Bakerzin because it was the only place that I could find $1.60 macarons. And of course because it’s nice too luh. But it became 2 bucks so I stopped buying liao 😦
 photo 20161130_200500_zpsji96clet.jpg

 photo 20161130_200912_zps6gfqvh76.jpg

The mains!

I generally love salad but I seldom order because it’s always pretty expensive and damn boh hua~ But I really didn’t mind having one, just that I prefer salads with enough dressing 😕
 photo 20161130_200805_zpsvgwlxlud.jpg

The mushroom pasta was pretty bland too, which makes me conclude that Bakerzin is still more of a dessert place~ Should have used the whole Groupon to order cakessss 😍 But I think they used to have better mains leh.
 photo 20161130_200825_zpsh4aggnud.jpg

Dessert to end off! Thank goodness the dessert was still good~ Any alcoholic dessert is just 😍!
 photo 20161130_202608_zpsrdkacdtg.jpg

Timbre+ again because it was Wednesday~! Trying out Raspberry lime cider this time! Not as flavourful as my passionfruit one…hmmmmm. But I seriously think Timbre+ should expand their drinks menu to beyond beer and cider!
 photo 20161130_214803_zpswkvtqdne.jpg

SuperSonic rocking the night again! 2 high-fives and 1 fist bump in a night 😄 They are really good at interacting with the audience I think!

I don’t know if I was staring at her pretty face or her pretty MK bag 😍 Tempted buy during Black Friday but I resisted it…
 photo 20161202_094551_zpshitp0fgm.jpg

Another blue sky day on the way to the wake~ May auntie rest in peace up there.
 photo 20161202_181625_zpsob5ugxm8.jpg

Last Chingay practice at the Changi school before we move to F1 pit / JAS! It was supposed to be a 3-hour practice but the sensei forgot and released everyone after 2 hours 😔 It was too late by the time they realised…

Trying out Starbucks’ Christmas drink with Mojo and sister after practice!
 photo 20161203_160023_zps7y3yztg4.jpg

Peilian was hungry so I recommended her my new-found love – the Oreo cheesecake! Actually it’s Chii Hian’s new-found love which she kept raving in her blog and I like it too after trying 😅
 photo 20161203_155916_zps2xlr9x6i.jpg

The Christmas special drink ain’t very special; just my usual green tea frappe with some raspberry syrup which doesn’t go well at all 😕
 photo 20161203_160125_zpsodb5nrs6.jpg

Loitered, loitered, loitered, before it was finally time for the night activity! So long since the last Dempsey visit! Caught sight of a perfect crescent with a bright star beside, but a pity you can’t see the star from the shot~ Makes me wanna sing NDP song “See the moon and the star, look how far we have come” 😂
 photo 20161203_192849_zpskrbgi10a.jpg

The trip to Dempsey was to support JJ! Not JJ Lin but the JJ from NDP, who was working there..hehe. Despite being excited for 2 weeks, lesson learned for the night was: Not everyone likes surprise 😔 But I like…

Anyway, the lighting was bad for photos, so all the food and drinks look un-appetising but they are actually nice!!!
 photo 20161203_200707_zpslhalievn.jpg

Super love and super crave for this super spicy wanton now 😍
 photo 20161203_201902_zpssg5fu4ce.jpg

Cheese sticks! JJ just kept feeding us with food..hahaha!
 photo 20161203_214300_zps2lsgnovq.jpg

By the time it was the main course, I was already kinda full~ And I am not a fan of creamy pasta 😖 The truffle smells damn nice, but I was just too full! Cause we had nachos too, which I forgot to capture.
 photo 20161203_214217_zpsdvy2rpcb.jpg

The live band wasn’t the rock band kind but it was still great! In fact it’s not easy to find places that sing Mandarin songs nowadays except like Switch and maybe Hoodbar?
 photo 20161203_213615_zps2aie1alr.jpg

They played so many nice songs in a night! Most I have heard before (so I can sing along) even though I don’t know the title 😅 The singer is Sylvester Sim from Singapore Idol by the way!

Supposed to have a Clique’s Christmas gathering cum birthday celebrations on Sunday, but due to the recent 伤事, it wasn’t appropriate to celebrate anymore~ Still went out in the end, just that only half the Clique was present.

Big bears! I would love to take pictures with such mascots too, but I think I have reached the age that it becomes embarrassing to do so 😔
 photo 20161204_141046_zpsr9gfkhxn.jpg

Was in a salad mood somehow, while Queen was in a 美人锅 mood. Just nice they have got salad there too! And it’s so nice! Looks simple but SO NICE!!! ❤ veggies!
 photo 20161204_142241_zps1iwu2qbw.jpg

Tried this rice roll thing but in the end I was kinda too full to eat~ The salad was huge!
 photo 20161204_142906_zpschgsptbs.jpg

Off for K because it’s been some time since we last sang together~ And it’s been a long time too since I last brought my camera out while hanging out with them! Buddy reminded me that we (Queen & I) used to bring our cameras out and snap lots of unglam photos of Clique…hahaha! Thanks for the idea, buddy! You shall be my first victim 😛
 photo IMG_1266_zpsnvszn43v.jpg

He insisted on singing at the mic stand area and he actually fiddled (and almost spoiled) the mic for like 2 hours before he finally got it working 😂
 photo IMG_1275_zps3bixl2eq.jpg

Wanted to take some rock star shots for him but his face no rock star feel leh~
 photo IMG_1271_zpsknpmpymr.jpg
 photo IMG_1274_zpsawwynv42.jpg

 photo IMG_1272_zpsvbg6nxvg.jpg


 photo IMG_1276_zpsvybekdom.jpg

The silly couple!
The term has been missing from my blog for some time…haha!

The must-点 song whenever we sing together, because they are always damn high when singing this song!

 photo 20161204_190620_zpsrkftralh.jpg

Ubering our way to the next destination!

Last year when we visited the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens By The Bay, we had an important mission to carry out – Silly Couple’s proposal~ This year, we are back here again! But no mission lah, just that I really wanna visit 😅

It’s one of the rare days I actually brought my camera out okay, especially for this! In fact I started snapping away excitedly while the rest were busy trying to locate TCC…hehe. Too pretty!
 photo 20161204_191902_zpsbierg1mn.jpg

Night photography is such a challenge so I gotta keep switching between my phone and camera, to see which turns out better 😐 But of course most of the shots are still from my camera~
 photo 20161204_191805_zpsvuu9na2o.jpg
 photo 20161204_191816_zpsdjiosprr.jpg

 photo IMG_1281_zpsela0koo1.jpg

Pretty Christmas tree! 💖

 photo IMG_1279_zpsuz20odu1.jpg

Pretty Christmas tree & my Ah Tiong-looking friend 😐

 photo IMG_1280_zpselnpwf1g.jpg

Pretty Christmas tree and my crazy friend 😑

Finally found TCC so we could finally enter the Wonderland with our pre-purchased tickets! Time to be spammed by my pretty pictures~ 😛
 photo 20161204_195452_zpsl4sjxlve.jpg
 photo IMG_1283_zpsipynawcz.jpg
 photo IMG_1291_zpspabuj1fu.jpg

Kinda missed the light up moment because it took damn long and the guys weren’t really here for these 😐 They were here more for the food and game booths, hence we were walking around hunting for food to satisfy the hungry ghosts~

Still managed to catch a bit of the “light show musical” though. But a bit hard to capture ALL the super trees dancing along with the colourful lights and music.

To be honest, the show wasn’t that fantastic and the Wonderland also looks pretty much like last year… But I still spammed pictures of the Spalliera because it’s like the main highlight of the Wonderland 😕
 photo 20161204_195651_zps3sqgy4zm.jpg
 photo IMG_1300_zpsljngawgj.jpg
 photo IMG_1298_zpsde8bxttn.jpg
 photo 20161204_195819_zpskpl94f19.jpg
 photo IMG_1305_zpsfnqisszk.jpg
 photo 20161204_202229_zpsupupls1v.jpg

Spotted another nice Christmas tree! 🙂
 photo IMG_1306_zps7m5hou6f.jpg

Failed reflection shots~
 photo IMG_1307_zpsqspb0mtd.jpg
 photo IMG_1310_zpsnh4kejmd.jpg

The guys headed to the game booths while I took the opportunity to walk around and explore on my own. Need to make full use of my camera! Hehe!
 photo IMG_1301_zpstcnkpup1.jpg
 photo IMG_1318_zps5whpqjrr.jpg
 photo IMG_1315_zpsriekl3vo.jpg
 photo IMG_1347_zpsbxpu0hh4.jpg

Went back to the Spalliera for more pictures because the guys didn’t even step into it! 😱 They were seriously not here to enjoy the beauty of the place~
 photo IMG_1330_zpsdhx0eiv9.jpg
 photo IMG_1331_zps3gnxpljy.jpg

How can I leave without taking a selfie in the Spalliera? 😛
 photo IMG_1328_zpsavw83phy.jpg

The pretty ice palace for ice-skating!
 photo IMG_1339_zpsidpycayz.jpg
 photo IMG_1335_zpspmatwipy.jpg

 photo IMG_1352_zpsqgerpswq.jpg

Supertree & MBS

This would be a nice place to take photos! Very mystic feel~ Too bad I didn’t have photographer to take for me 😐
 photo IMG_1343_zpssudp2eip.jpg
 photo IMG_1342_zps0nfphaga.jpg

Reunited with the boys and off we went for some drinks and desserts at Paul! The staff highly-recommended this HOT wine and I decided to give it a try~ Ermmmmmm. Unique. But not to my liking. Reminds me of 养名酒 + hot water 😖
 photo 20161204_212409_zpspt2bsfs2.jpg

 photo 20161204_212558_zpsyenuukpr.jpg

Both my favourite – big big macaron and lemon tart! 😍

The guys won this from the game booths and Gui gave his to a little boy who was going to cry because his brother didn’t wanna share the Nemo prize with him…haha! Looking forward to Christmas~!
 photo 20161204_212346_zpsbhzcl7db.jpg


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