This week was a free movie “screening” week! Started off from Lulu The Movie!

Hmmmm…not as nice as I had expected~ For a movie that I had been looking forward to watch, I must say that it’s quite disappointing. There is no goal, hence no real obstacle for Lulu at all, so it was basically like a “documentary” of how Lulu became famous. Quite lame actually. Only a little bit of humour 😐

The next movie was《七月与安生》! I usually catch movies that I see people rave on social media, especially those raved by friends from the same industry. 《七月与安生》is one of them and I am so glad that I managed to catch it even though it has stopped showing in cinema!

It’s not the melodrama kind that I love, but it’s still damn good! I mean it’s sad, just not the cry-your-eyeballs-out kind of sad. I did not shed any tears, but I still love it!

The story wasn’t like extraordinary but it was the way it was plotted! Twist after twist at the end, and not a single dull moment in the movie; kept me so engaged throughout. Thanks to the fantastic acting too, which also won both of them the Best Actresses in the recent Golden Horse Award 👏👏👏 That scene when 七月 just stripped in front of 安生, with anger, disappointment, and a heart full of wounds accumulated from all these years of denial. Ouch. Impressive. Very impressive acting.

I always wonder if 2 persons can ever still stay as close after they have their own family and stuff. It seems impossible. Close, maybe, but I think never as close as when you guys only belonged to each other. I think even in friendship, people get jealous and possessive. I remember when VJC first started out, I used to get jealous a lot because there are 3 of us, so one is bound to be left out sometimes 😅 So silly to think back.

But I think it’s different when it comes to friendship VS relationship – one is the one who grew up with you, the other is the one that is gonna spend the remaining lifetime with you. There are bound to be changes, no matter what. Human beings are not so noble to share everything in their lives. A quote that I like a lot in the movie – “其实离别怎么会不伤感,只是人长大了,习惯了离别。七月从安生那里学会了离别,也学会了思念和等待。

 photo 20161207_083602_zpsbziqtrso.jpg

BB & Happy Baby~

Switch night again to support TMD and the talented Benjamin after yoga class! 😍 Got a direct front view seat this time! Haha!
 photo 20161207_204931_zps9b7kwgrt.jpg

The female lead wasn’t there on this night so there wasn’t anyone to sing 不该~ But another guy from Superstar – Leon was there instead and I think he’s a great entertainer! A bit sot sot but quite funny whenever he ki siao 😂 I think Ben was also a bit stunned by his craziness at some point…hahaha!
 photo 20161207_204722_zpsczjw0ysu.jpg

 photo 20161207_205605_zpsvnugyqrv.jpg

Timbre pizza is LOVE~!

This girl got sabotaged to sing on stage by her friends but apparently it’s not her first time cause Ben even remembers her nice voice. I really admire people who have the courage to go up and sing in front of so many people! I think I can never do it, except when maybe in a foreign country when there’s less than 5 audience  😂 But never locally bah.

When Ben is around, of course must request for 想你的夜! He sings really well, I must say. Leon too!

This is the birthday boy bassist who got sabotaged to sing Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You for his fiancé~ Confirm melt if I’m the fiancé!

Another of my favourite song by Ben – 可惜没如果! So niceeeeeeeeee~~~~~

Planned to have a workout week of yoga + Piloxing + Muay Thai + Chingay in the next 4 consecutive days but too bad there wasn’t Muay Thai class on Friday, so ruined my plan 😦 But still a super tiring Piloxing class on Thursday and I think I almost killed Siew Siew…oops. Dragged the 宅女 along for the last free Piloxing class because I remember she always complains about no motivation to exercise~ In the end I got her so exhausted that her face was all flushed! Hahaha!
 photo 20161208_210557_zpssthsuliu.jpg

Hiding the redness under the moonlight~ Yay! Mission accomplished!
 photo 20161208_210931_zpsyw2lnobc.jpg

O’bean night with Shrine and buddy and we got the mirrored private seats!
 photo 20161209_203420_zpsfos95ifq.jpg

Had a debate over mock meats 😑 I think it’s damn ridiculous when people think that mock meats are created because of the crave for MEAT. So do people name hotdog because they crave for dog meat??? Zzzzzz.

 photo 20161210_114642_zpspsg6rsju.jpg

A dozen of my favourite banana milk, air-flown from Korea! TEEHEE~!!!

 photo 20161211_232930_zpsfjqkqywl.jpg

And Rila socksss for my happy feet! (:

 photo 20161210_104757_zpsyegy9hhz.jpg

The Saturday with no motivation to get up~

But I had to get up eventually because it’s our very first practice at the F1 pit! Woohooo~ Finally! Anyway, I was running late and had to take Grab. But only $4.50! Hehe!
 photo 20161210_131102_zpspdg9jefx.jpg

It was our first time practising at F1 in the afternoon because all these years, the practices are held either in the schools or at JAS, both which are air-conditioned. We only practise at the F1 during full-dress rehearsals, which are usually in the evening when the sun has already set.

Yea so despite it being only a 2-hour practice, I kept asking SL for the time because it’s so hot!!! OMG~ So hot, so tiring, so sweaty! And also so sad that we aren’t the ones performing in the water 😦 I was looking forward to that… And we are kinda positioned at the very end again this year because we happened to be absent during the “audition” week when I was in Kukup, so it was judged based on the performance of our remaining group members~

A group picture with Jamie! Because all our phones are deposited, so only her phone was available for wefie! Haha! Although we are from the same group -Starshine, we are dancing separately because half of them had went to the “slower group“, which is supposed to be easier. But need to stand on platform 😱 So paiseh!

Sweaty us after 2 hours! My butt was so wet, as usual~ I don’t know why my butt always sweat the most, even after a meal at hawker. Maybe that’s why it’s so flat. Wish my boobs would sweat as much 😒
 photo 20161210_151811_zpsana5ahhl.jpg

SL said that pose will make your face look VV-脸!HAHAHA! Anyway, after posting this picture, I got 2 people asking me the next day if PL is Mojo’s younger sister, and exclaiming that they look almost the same! 会 meh?! Why I know Mojo for over a decade but never think PL and her look that alike??? I kept staring at their photos but still don’t see thatttttt much resemblance leh. And PL is the elder sister by the way…hahaha! Poor Mojo and her 老人脸 😅
 photo 20161210_151815_zps42ddt5s7.jpg

Loitering with the 2 sisters at Millennia Walk after practice~
 photo 20161210_153508_zpsubjoqgeu.jpg

And I was so happy to see purple gu kueh there!!! Even happier that it’s from the famous Ji Xiang Confectionery 😻 So long never eat liao~ Miss it so much that I changed my mind at last minute and bought 2 instead of 1…hehe! PL said it’s nice too! Mojo decided to buy weird salty flavour and I think she regretted…hahaha! HOPE NEXT WEEK STILL HAVE! HEHEEEEE!
 photo 20161210_154655_zpsrytbu4qg.jpg

Loitered from Promenade > Dhoby Ghaut > Toa Payoh > Ang Mo Kio before ending up at the pasar malam! Few days ago I was just saying why AMK got no pasar malam and jiang jiang~!
 photo 20161210_202201_zpskfxrrbwo.jpg

But it’s a mini one luh. Got tutu kueh though!!!
 photo 20161210_202241_zpsylctzmzv.jpg

 photo 20161210_234202_zpsvviiiwo4.jpg

Drinks for the night at buddy’s!

 photo 20161211_101338_zps9d2oploy.jpg

And milk for the day!

Crossed the border to JB on Sunday with Lyn and it was so crowded! I think everyone was there to buy Christmas gifts, just like us 😐 We even bought sample to try first before buying the gifts okay! HAHAHAHA!

Caught sampling another thing now~ Actually I was just hungry while waiting for Bevan to finish his movie before he joins us 😛 So much regret for meeting him after a Lulu movie! He couldn’t stop mimicking her THE WHOLE DAY!!!! 快疯掉了!
 photo IMG-20161214-WA0012_zpsqiriusrr.jpg

Ehhh but I am not the only tam jiak gui hor~
 photo 20161211_140154_zpstmxcvgpg.jpg

Late lunch at The Catch Restaurant!
 photo 20161211_161603_zpsurpprrol.jpg
 photo 20161211_161606_zpsp4pdabvh.jpg

 photo IMG-20161214-WA0015_zps2qsv21wj.jpg

Ready to “catch”! Hehe!

There are so many of such pour-on-the-table-eat kind of seafood restaurant in Singapore these days but they are all so expensive~ I wanna experience it at least once and luckily JB offers a much cheaper option 😛 WE LOVE JB!!!
 photo 20161211_151333_zps6vakm1dv.jpg

All these for 20 bucks SGD each! Even has got lobster~ We chose the salted egg yolk sauce but I think it’s not so 入味~ Like the sauce is nice but the seafood didn’t have much taste of the flavour unless you purposely ‘gor’ a lot of sauce on it 😐
 photo 20161211_151432_zpsj3jqfbqo.jpg

 photo IMG-20161214-WA0018_zpswtlzlqn7.jpg

With our catch!

 photo IMG-20161214-WA0011_zpsqdxc6mxp.jpg

Waiting for our Grab car after lunch~
Too sunny for wefie!!!

Bevan and I both wanted to go back earlier since it’s a working day the next day and it’s bound to be crowded at the custom too. Had a rush rush shopping at KSL but it was still like 7+ by the time we were leaving. Human jam had formed up at custom by then and we took quite a while before we finally reached our sunny island~

 photo 20161211_185247_zpsh9djtwoc.jpg

Lyn’s Christmas gift for Bevan!
Snorlex x2!

 photo 20161205_085642_zpsbxfidwp1.jpg

Taiwan goods batch 1 ((:


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